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This is the reboot of the 2009-2011 Changeling: the Lost Game.
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Early in 1997 oil was discovered off of the coast of the Pacific North Western city of Port Angeles, Washington. Drilling started within months.

The oil caused a economic boom for the city and county around it, bringing big companies, oil tycoons, and more. The city flourished as the water become more and more polluted. The city expanded until it started spilling over into its neighbor of Sequim, until Sequim was slowly becoming a suburb of Port Angeles. The smaller towns and cities being gobbled up in the spiraling growth that Port Angeles was becoming.

In 2007, Port Angeles started becoming a metropolis. But the environment around it suffered, the forests being cut back to make more room for the city. The waters polluted, oil spills happen far too often, the fishermen are suffering as the fish and Dungeness crab disappear.

In 2018…. Port Angeles is a rather large city now. Sprawled out along the coast, and even some man-made islands starting to be built out onto the Puget Sound.

One day you wake up and it is … approximately seven and a half years since you last remember looking at your calendar. Somewhere near where you sleep is a new smartphone— shiny and ultra-tech (to you) —that you just barely know how to function if you rely on muscle memory. You have things that you soon discover are considered "modern" for your level of wealth and general place in society.

The last nigh-decade is a blur of mediocrity. You went to whatever your work was, you go by however you get by. You lived a life so mundane that you apparently forgot it…

Those memories of mundanity are interspersed with the feeling of absolute terror and the need to keep your head down and at night the sound of wings…

Always the sound of wings. Feathers through the air. The shriek of a bird…

What has happened?

Where did the last seven and a half years go?

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