Audgrim's Vitals
Name: Audgrim Larsen
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Tall, tanned, darkhaired, intense.
Position: None
Fame: None
Temperament: Lazy but intense
Themesong: N√łkken by Lumsk (
None as Audgrim Larsen


Audgrim is fresh out of the hedge, and though lost in time and space quite literally, he's doing his best to adapt to the strangeness. He comes from the Duke's crew like so many other Lost of Port Angeles. Right now he's just trying to find his place in the world, but he doesn't seem to have any rush and seem to enjoy being as lazy as he can possibly be.

The Real World
He's always carrying around a violin case, and can be found playing on various street corners, making some money that way.

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