Bea Bramble
Bea's Vitals
Name: Beatrice Bramble
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Red headed hippy
Position: Busy Body
Fame: Everyone knows Bea!
Temperament: Obnoxiously optimistic
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Janice Joplin as Beatrice Bramble

"Many times Death has come for me, but finds me always in my beautiful garden, and leaves me there, I believe, as an excuse to return." Robert Brault


*Forks Info: Bea Bramble has been a long-time resident of Forks. A local fixture in Forks, once you hit that town, even today you can pretty much find your way to her and the 'Busy Bee Farm and Apiary' if you ask for her name. Though many rumors good (she's always there when someone needs her), bad (she's a witch that ritually sacrifices cats!), and ugly (she's a drug dealer who uses local kids as mules) abound, very few actually hold a low opinion of Bea. Perhaps it's the endless supply of candy, fresh veggies and honey. Perhaps it's the fact that she'll clear out a person's garage, plan their wedding reception or bring chicken soup to any sick person. She's inordinately protective of the kids and younger folks in town. She can often be found in the woods wild-crafting and hunting small game or just enjoying nature, and she'll happily take anyone along who asks.

*Port Angeles: A local business owner of some standing, Bea has been running the 'Gingerbread Witch' Ice Cream and Confections shop for several years now. She is a local fixture that many will point to as proof that Port Angeles still has a 'small town' feel, largely because Bea seems to know everyone, and thus 'everyone' feels they know each other in a way. A consumate gossip, lover of parties and friendly face, she's often seen taking the GingerBread Witch ice cream truck out for a spin.

*Changeling: Springy Bea is one of those folks who seems to get her hands into all the freehold business. Though she never held a position, she seemed to have her fingers in every pot. A ray of sunshine in even the darkest times, Bea has proven herself time and again as a helpful, solid member of the Changeling community. Known for her impressive knowledge of hedge flora and fauna (she'll tell you all about the book she seems to endlessly be writing, if you give her half a chance), she's a good person to go to if you need a hedge guide. She seems to have a very impressive and exotic array of hedgefruit that she grows, and she's quite free in giving them out to anyone who asks, seems like they might want some, or just strikes her fancy. As a member of the Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue, she is always eager to show off her culinary prowess, much to the distress of many members of the area. Word on the street is, NEVER ask Bea what's in the soup.


  • Changeling: Bea Bramble is a Spring courtier, member of the Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue, super hedge-knowledgeable and overly generous with her time, knowledge and hedgefruit.
  • Spring: She's a member of the Spring court. Her own desires range toward good food and good drink, so you can expect that any party she joins in at is going to have the tastiest (and strangest) things.
  • Farmer: She lives at, owns and runs a small organic farm and apiary in Forks. They seem to have a lot of things available, even in the worst of winter.
  • Candy She also owns a candy shop/ice cream parlor in Port Angeles called the Gingerbread Witch. Rumors suggest she sells drugs out of the ice cream van, but no one has yet to prove it.
  • Helpful: If you've got a problem, a need, a desire, she's there to help whether it's with time, resources, advice, the number of a guy who can help or just someone to listen.
  • Bees! Bea has a long, ongoing campaign to save the bees, one that started in Forks, but has since expanded to Port Angeles. She seems to have a goal of having a bee-hive in every yard and public space. If you are interested in having a hive (or 5) on your property, she'll happily install it, maintain it, and leave you with half the honey that's produced.
  • Hedge bounty Bea is a purveyor of all the weirest, most exotic goblin fruit, along with the regular healing and glamour-filled fruits. She also has a fascination with the creatures- hobs, hedgebeasts, stranger things, that live in the thorns. She'll trade rather handsomely for information or specimens of creatures or plants from the hedge that she hasn't seen before. She gives away or sells/trades her goblin fruit regularly, and seems to have a rather abundant supply of them. Just ask and she'll likely give you a handful of blushberries to see you through, at the very least. Even better, she turns many of the fruits into candies!

Noteable stats

  • Fame 1 Local legend- Everyone knows Bea!
  • Goodwill 1 Bea has Court Goodwill with each of the 3 other courts (Summer, Winter and Autumn) due to general usefulness/helpfulness/likeability
  • Mantle 5 Springy Spring is very mantley
  • Allies 1 Though apparently she hasn't been keeping up with them very well during the time of non-remembering, Bea does have contacts throughout Forks and Port Angeles: Homeless, Organic Farmers, Forks, Local Business Owners and her Employees all can be called upon when she needs help, or wants to help others.


  • Tyla: Trouble. Mean. Needs more honey than even my bees can make to sweeten her dumb face up.
  • Eddie: My favorite project…person…friend.
  • Penny: Always fun and good for some laughs, and not as spooky as most Autumns.
  • Velvet: Candy collaborator! Also, she gives me dead things, and that's nice.
  • Audgrim: A little lazy, but a good friend.
  • Ida: So pretty and nice.
  • Gwen: I hope she is okay someday.

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