Buck Flowers's Vitals
Name: Buck Flowers
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Light brown hair, green eyes, 30.
Position: Park Ranger
Fame: The White Stag
Temperament: Let's run!
Themesong: tbd
Sam Claflin as Buck Flowers

Buck Flowers

The Man
Buck Flowers is a new arrival to Port Angeles, a transplant from Portland, Oregon. Seems he's been transferred to Washington by the U.S. Park Service and is working as a ranger in the Olympic National Park.

The Changeling
Buck is a Beast of the Spring Court, drawn to Port Angeles by the siren call that is pulling so many other newcomers into the memory-challenged town. As a member of the Emerald Court, he is particularly interested in the way desires define us, and is passionate in his encouragement of others to seek their heart's desire now that they have the (relative) freedom to do so.

The White Stag

Buck is an oneiromancer. The form he almost always takes in the Dreamscape is that of The White Stag. Buck spent his durance being chased, and as horrible as it was, the thrill of being pursued has embedded itself as a need for him in his return from Arcadia.


Unruly blond hair caps this changeling's head, hiding the origin point of his most notable feature: the pair of antlered horns that rise from either side of his head. Graceful and white, the branch into three tips on each side, curving lightly inward above his head. His eyes are a large and luminous green, the only bursts of color in his otherwise pale visage, resting above sharply angled cheeks, a long nose, and a wide mouth. Stubble of pale wheat lines his jaw and chin, disappearing down his neck.

Other than his pale coloration and the horns on his head, he appears remarkably human. He has an athletic look to him, standing just under six feet in height, with the lean build of a runner. A light, off-white button-down shirt is worn open and the throat and tucked into a pair of faded blue jeans. A brown leather belt keeps those jeans low on his hips and are matched by a pair of battered brown boots. (SL: 4)

RP Hooks

Parks: Buck is a ranger in the Olympic National Park. Something going on out there that you need to report? Or keep hidden? Outdoorsy RP of all kinds encouraged!

Changeling: One of the newly arrived Lost, can Buck be trusted? Why has he come to Port Angeles? What are his ambitions here?

Spring: Desire takes many forms, and Buck thrives on inspiring people to pursue theirs. On a somewhat darker note, this also means he likes enjoys being pursued…and remaining illusive.

Dreams: Buck spends a great deal of time in the dreamscape. If you'd like to encounter him in a dream, let me know and we will set something up! He is also open and enthusiastic about teaching other Lost about how to engage with the stuff of dreams.

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