Eric Jones's Vitals
Name: Eric Sebastian Jones
Race: Psychic
Shortdesc: Average, late 20s.
Position: Bureau Scientist
Fame: None
Temperament: Awkwardly geeky
Themesong: None
T.J. Thyne as Eric Sebastian Jones

The short of it

Eric Jones; he has a bland name, looks are average and his whole life seem like a stereotype. He's that geek that works in the science division - but he's not even a cop. He's a civilian contractor for the PAPD. His social skills have something to wish for. He is OCD and way too proud of his work - he's not fond of being told he was wrong.
He doesn't hang with his work mates - partly cause he barely has any. He likes it just fine, having the lab and the computers mostly to himself.

If people knew he could talk to and summon ghosts, they might think he's a bit cooler, perhaps. Or if they knew he worked for a secret organisation that investigates the supernatural and tries to keep them in check.

RP Hooks

  • Scientist
  • Hacker
  • Bureau


Average height, average build. If not for startlingly large and blue eyes, nothing about him would stand out. He is late twenties, has curly brown hair, a face that is easily forgotten and a body nobody will look twice at. Shaving is optional, so is a haircut - he's often wild-haired and stubbled.

He wears T-shirts with movie or gamer quotes, jeans and sneakers. Everything is well-worn and comfortable.


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