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A job to investigate the fetch of Sergeant Miller.

Some easily found notes, since it is a still very open case, and this would be accessable to any Bureau people:

  • Sean Miller, age 30, disappeared last week on tuesday evening - last seen leaving work. He didn't return to work morning after. Nobody could get hold of him and his cellphone is dead and can't be tracked.
  • Interviews with colleagues come up empty. Miller wasn't even that well liked by most and never spent time with his colleagues after work any longer. This didn't used to be the case - Miller had an abrupt change of character about a year ago, after he was involved in a serious event of a building that got blown up when they were about to arrest a dangerous lunatic
  • His ex-wife has nothing to tell. They divorced about half a year ago. Miller basically does not keep in touch, doesn't even come see his three year old son.
  • Millers car did show up just the other day, it was found not too far from where Syd and Harris found the fridge; it was a burnt out husk amongst some large containers near the river. No body inside, of course.

Audgrim added on Thu Mar 29 11:45:03 2018: Mail sent to Harris, Sydney, and Audgrim:

Hi there. I'd like intelligence+investigation rolls, extended. I don't know which one of you has the highest dice pool, but the one that has should roll. The other can make one roll and the successes on that will be bonus dice on the other person's extended roll.

This to signify investigations, legwork, talking to witnesses and so on.

Audgrim added on Fri Mar 30 06:34:38 2018: Mail sent to Harris, Sydney, and Audgrim:

1. The abrupt change of Miller's character a year ago happened after he and 5 other police were on the scene of an explosion, or very shortly after. An old derelict and abandoned office building, sometimes used as a squatter house, was the center of attention when an old military veteran called in and said he had to blow the place up, because of 'the gateway to hell' that was in the basement there. Miller knew this veteran and was asked to join with the bomb squad. There was no sign of the veteran and everything seemed calm enough. They found no people in the building. Just as they were leaving, the whole place blew up.

None of the officers died. Three of them got serious injuries however and 2 of them - amongst them Miller - miraculously were dug up from the basement area with not even as much as a scratch on them. The reason this never came up on Bureau radar is because they also found the veteran's body in the rubble, and nobody else died. It was chalked up to PTSD and mental issues, basically.

Either or, Miller became aloof, insensitive and callous after that, you learn from your police allies and contacts. He left his wife and had become known to sleep around - there's a few murmurs of prostitutes even. One officer in internal affairs admits that they've started an investigation on Miller. All this is pretty much the complete opposite of how Miller was before that building blew up on him - before that he was a very well liked colleague, he cared about people, he doted on his wife and his son (whom he pretty much left immediately after the explosion).

2. Research on the abandoned office building come up with some interesting things. It had not been used for over ten years, and it was the on and off home of squatters and homeless - when the police didn't shoo them away. The homeless community claimed that 'people disappear' in there. That 'gateway to hell' that the veteran was raving about - maybe it really had some truth to it? Either or, most of the rubble has been removed from the place now, but it might be possible to examine the site itself.

3. Thanks to Sydney's earlier experiences with the Lost, and your interviews with colleagues and family, you also learn something very interesting - when you put two and two together.

There was one other police officer that came out of the basement completely unharmed. Her name is Felicia Schwartz, a young woman of German ancestry. There's not much to learn about her, she's still low rank, worked at the same district as Miller, but the two were just colleagues although she was just recruited to bomb squad. However, what little there is to find suggests that she too might've changed in some ways; for one thing she's risen in ranks and shown quite a lot of brilliance, whereas she showed only mediocre skills before.

Tali added on Fri Mar 30 15:21:08 2018: psychometry roll on one of his items coming first, then clairvoyance using his badge for second.

Audgrim added on Fri Mar 30 15:36:35 2018: Mail sent to Tali, Harris, Sydney, and Audgrim:

Tali finds out some very… disturbing things, using her psychic powers.

1. Clairvoyance: You see a few very intense things: 1 - Miller walking in a dark damp basement with a young woman at his side . both of them in uniform. Then there's a black pool of water? he's seeing his own reflection in the pool - and then you get a shock of sheer terror as he plunges in, before it all blanks out

2. Clairvoyance: At first you really struggle to see - it's like you're being pushed back. Like having to penetrate a slimy rubbery wall to get anything at all. Then it snaps, you push through mentally - and find yourself in post-apocalyptic city scape. There are no colors, tall derelict buildings rising high above you. There's an odd buzz in the air, like of some humming machine in the distance. The sky is gray. Not gray with clouds, just gray. and yet there's light here, enough to see - and shadows stretch unnaturally across the ground. The ground is various shades of gray and nothing grows, it's just dust or ash.

You're not alone - further down the street there's a line of shuffling people, covered in rags and old cotes. Gray. Black. Not a single color. One of them looks up and stares your way with dull blue eyes - it's Miller. Or enough likeness to still be recognized as him, as he's been turned into something else…

here's a booming voice suddenly, a barked command. "GET IN LINE!" - and Miller shuffles onwards with the others.

And then the Otherness pushes you out, violently - you will have a severe headache for 24 hours, suffering a -1 to all intelligence and resolve rolls, and suffer from nightmares along the lines of the place you visited.

Tali added on Sat Mar 31 17:47:29 2018: Tali will likely want to do some mundane research on the building's history and missing person's reports for people who lived or worked in it, to get an idea of how many people might be trapped there.

Audgrim added on Sun Apr 01 06:50:29 2018: Mail sent to Sydney, Tali, Harris, Guy, and Audgrim:

1. It's not hard to find history of the building with the right digging. You learn that prior to the office building, there was a hotel on the spot. The laundry room you found belonged originally to that, but in the 70s when the office building was built they kept it standing to continue to use as a laundry room, offering the service to the offices in the house. But it never really took off, and was abandoned after a few years.

Originally though, long before the hotel was built, there was large brick industrial building on the spot and in its basement was an actual laundry where many people (women) worked for decades, starting in the mid 1800s when the brick house was built. It was in turn torn down to make way for that hotel, but they kept the laundry room intact and used it as an extra basement/drying room.

You do find an interesting note about buildings like that and you remember there was a coal shute in there with the black pool: it's likely you could find it on the bank where Harris was looking outside, though you'd probably have to dig. It'd make for easier entry for you - or for someone else nosy. So far you have no indications that anyone's found it however.

2. Perhaps to your relief, you can't find that many missing person's reports. In the last decade, there's only about 3 that seem to match. /However/ - the Machine realm did replace Miller and Schwartz. There could've been others. You find no indication of people going missing in the area in any significant number prior to 2007 however. It's likely the Black pool gate opened after that, after the office building had been abandoned (it was closed down in 2007). If the pool was there before that, there's nothing to indicate such.

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