Jim Harris's Vitals
Name: Lt. James Richard Harris
Race: Psychic
Shortdesc: A rumpled, weary cop.
Position: Detective, PAPD
Fame: A hardassed, grizzled veteran of the force.
Temperament: Gruff and surly.
Themesong: 'Veteran of the Psychic Wars, Blue Öyster Cult'
Tom Selleck as Lt. James Richard Harris

Jim Harris was born with what some might consider a gift—the ability to hear the thoughts of others. Maybe it was the experimental vitamins his mother took when she was carrying him. Maybe it was something else. He's never really understood how or why it happened. Only that, with a moment of focus and a wrench of will, he could reach out and find the deepest thoughts of others. As a boy, he learned to conceal his gift quickly, using it to keep one step ahead of the bullies who, even then, could feel something wrong about him. He had dreams of using his powers for good, and applied himself towards the goal of joining the police department.

The World of Darkness, however, dashed all those dreams to pieces. Jim quickly learned just how evil people can be. Diving into the minds of some of the worst scum in humanity took its toll on him. But nobody could deny that he was an exemplary cop. He rose quickly through the ranks, earning his gold shield after five years on the beat. He continued to hone his abilities, solving cases that seemed impossible to his peers on the force. Eventually, he attracted the notice of The Bureau. One night, he found himself taken for a ride in the back of an unmarked black sedan, and given a choice—put his powers to work for the good of the American people, work to protect them against the things that threaten them, or suffer a convenient 'accident'.

Given the choice, Jim took the former. Not much has changed. He drinks a little harder now than he used to, and try as he might, he can't seem to kick his smoking habit. And if he uses his powers to get himself laid once in awhile, well hell, he's earned it, right? He tells himself that he's doing good work. He's protecting people. But every time he digs into another inhuman mind, and he sees the things for what they are, his resolve crumbles just a little. But if he didn't do it, then what would happen? How can he stop now? He's only glimpsed the surface of the World of Darkness. But for now, he stands strong. He's not perfect. He's not a good man. But he swore an oath to serve and protect, and that is what he intends to do, even if it kills him.


Worn. Rumpled. Tired. These are all words that describe this middle-aged man well. But even despite his constant air of weariness, he carries a sense of firm, unyielding strength. His once coal-black hair has faded to a dark gunmetal gray, worn cut short and combed back. Eyes of dark summer blue are deepset beneath scowling brows, framed by deep lines. His jaw may have once been a solid square, but the years have begun to soften those firm lines. Beneath a strawberry nose, a thick gray mustache obscures the thin line of his lips. His voice is a low baritone rumble, made gravelly by plenty of whiskey and a pack-a-day habit.

He's not a small man, standing a couple inches over six feet, with a broad, thickset build. He is broad-shouldered and barrel-chested. He seems to have given up the fight against his waistline, however, as he carries a good-sized spare tire. But the soft layers do little to hide the sternly-built strength found beneath. His attire, like the rest of him, seems rumpled and worn. An off-the-rack sport coat of charocal gray is worn over a white suit shirt. His black tie is worn casually loose around his neck. Matching slacks and scuffed black loafers can be found on his feet. When he moves just right, the strap of a shoulder holster can be seen. A spicy aftershave mingles with whiskey and tobacco in a distinctly masculine scent.

This man does not walk. He lumbers. Moving about his business, often with his hands tucked into his pants pockets or resting on his belt. A stern, gruff expression seems permanently etched onto his craggy features, although he remains unfailingly polite in his interactions with others.

RP Hooks

  • Thin Blue Line - Jim is a 25 year veteran of the PAPD. He's known to his co-workers as being a hardassed son of a bitch who gets the job done, no matter the cost. Sure, he's rough around the edges, and isn't the friendliest sort. But his ability to solve seemingly impossible cases has earned him a reputation as a damn fine detective. Do you wear the badge? We may know each other.
  • Psychic - Jim was born a potent telepath, with the ability to read even the most difficult minds. Even the thoughts of the supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness are open to him. Whether a gift or a curse, he has put his powers to use in the line of duty. Are you gifted with powers of the mind as well? Let's talk.
  • Bureau - Jim's abilities have brought him to the attention of the local arm of the FBI's Bureau of Occult Phenomenon. He's been an asset of the Bureau for about five years, dutifully checking in with his handler every week. So far, he's been on the up and up. Are you part of the Bureau as well? We may have things to discuss.


  • Audgrim - You're one of Them. Are They all as weird as you are?
  • Eddie - You're one of Them too. How do you keep turning up when I'm around?
  • Sydney - New boss lady. Seems all right so far.
  • Tali - Fellow officer. Fellow Bureau 'asset'. Fellow psychic. We got a lot in common.



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