Kenning is now available to all changelings, no matter their clarity. However, your clarity roll for kenning will be modified by your clarity bonus or penalty.

So if you have a clarity of 5 and you want to roll for kenning you will roll four dice since it is clarity (5) - 1.


Any time a contract is labeled as 'affinity' that would not normally be an affinity (e.g. Darkness for Shadowsoul, Manikin's with Artifice) it is at a price of New Dots x 5.


All Entitlement requests must be put in at character generation, or have a plot to join run by staff or a muse.

Entitlements from the core Changeling book have no other prerequisites but those stats prerequisites listed in the book.

Entitlements from any other book also require the applicant to answer the following question:

  • How do you plan to play up the drawback of the entitlement?

(Such as the Blackbirds tending to go insane, themselves.)

The question does not need to be answered in great detail, simply to let theme staff feel you understand the problems inherent in the Entitlement. If theme staff feels that the Entitlement or your answer does not fit thematically with the game, we reserve the right to turn down requests to join one on a case-by-case basis.


You may only have one bonus per type. e.g. If you want to boost a skill you cannot use two contracts that give you a bonus to it and stack them— you take the larger bonus of the two. Or if you have two hedgespun items for the same skill, you use the one with the higher bonus.

This goes for armor or damage as well.


A few of the Changeling: the Lost books state that ghosts cannot exist in the hedge. This is based off of the idea that ghosts exist on a different plain "in twilight". However, Darkwater staff are of the opinion that twilight is not on another plain. It is a state of existence. Ghosts exist in a state of twilight. Perhaps they are the last vestages of a soul, or perhaps they are an echo left behind by a very strong emotion.

It does not matter what a ghost is, it does not really matter where a ghost goes after they are no longer here. No one will have that answer until they go the way of the ghost.

Ghosts can and do exist in the hedge. It is far more rare because to continue existing a ghost must have an anchor. One stable object or person that they are bound to that is unchanging. The hedge is always changing, always moving, it is full of chaos. This is not a very suitable environment for a ghost to exist.

You are more likely to find a ghost in a Hollow than in the hedge at large. As Hollows are just a little bit of sanity imposed on the chaos of the hedge.


The Ask-wee-da-eed blessing, "Taste of Ill Luck":

  • Once per day, by spending a Glamour point, force another to re-roll a successful roll at -1 die in the hopes that the re-roll fails. This re-roll is as if the original roll did not happen, so all other modifiers, including willpower spends, apply without needing to re-spend them. Players may not change their actions between rolls.
  • Take a +2 on touch attacks when activating the Hearth contract. The kith can curse (or bless) someone this way with even the most glancing touch, even a very near miss is enough for the Wyrd. This replaces the original "+1 to Hearth rolls" kith ability.


The Autumn mantle bonus for 1, is that you get a +1 to occult rolls, rather than +1 to any court contracts that use occult.


Apostle of the Dark One get the See Spirits merit rather than the Second Sight merit as it makes no sense for a tradition that is restricted to working with spirits to be able to see ghosts, but not spirits.


The Flaw Sanction is now in two levels.

-2 a temporary flaw, for the duration of the pledge.
-3 a permanent flaw.

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