Ida's Vitals
Name: Ida Redd
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Mask: 6', tawny hair, strange glacial blue eyes, golden skin, 1940s garb.
Position: Gal Friday at Brundle Investigations.
Fame: Plausible.
Temperament: Courteous and reserved.
Themesong: More like Ida's OST: Save Me and (I Always Kill) The Things I Love and Guilty and Riddles and Lies and Trouble Comes Calling and Terrible Things
The Gibson Girl as Ida Redd

Baby you know I'm guilty
while you're my Clyde I'll be your Bonnie
I could pretend, I'll be good again
but why, lovin' you is the charge I'll never beat
cause baby you know I'm guilty.



  • Changeling: She was in town and left again a while before the years of weirdness. Now she's back. A few of the Lost that stayed around may recall she was in the Autumn Court back then, but that's no longer the case. She's clearly a Fairest but with enough bug like traits to be an honorable Beast in some ways.
  • Courtless: Ida apparently belongs to no Court.
  • Former carnie: When she first came to town it was as a member of a carnival that was passing through. Apparently she worked as a…
  • Knife Thrower: And she is very, very good at it, still. Apparently the lady is somewhat gifted with blades in general.
  • Striking: The six foot plus Amazonian height, the ample curves, the scintillating colors, that hair and that smile and those legs all combine into a knockout that has been known to stun even the most jaded lech and hardened crime detectives. (Striking Looks 4)


  • Eddie: It's complicated.
  • Bea: We are so similar yet so different. I am very fond of Ms Bea, she is one of my oldest friends.
  • Denver: I do look forwards to getting to work more with Ms. Denver. We will cleave right through any opposition.
  • Penny: A charmingly monstrous and friendly woman. I look forwards to us becoming more acquainted.
  • Audgrim: Amusing, charming and very earthy. He and Ms. Denver are getting along wonderfully. He also seems somewhat easily spooked by me, which I do enjoy.
  • Gwen: A delightful blue lady, whom I am very fond of, and who makes for the best conversations, especially when it comes to coat racks.

Desc - Mien

A Gibson Girl lookalike just over six feet tall, Ida's considerable endowments only accentuate her voluptuousness, with legs to make holy men forsake their vows and curves to make them forget their guilt. The still shapely hands sport thin, long, curious fingers terminating in sharp points like the limbs of some carnivorous insect. Shimmering, darkly gemstone iridescent hair has been gathered into a high french braid with the thigh-length excess left loose, silky ringlets dangling to frame her face and play off her metallic gold skin.

Slightly oversized, her eyes have black compound spheres in lieu of iris and pupil, the sclera still white but opalescent, caught in a mesh of laugh lines as fine as gossamer. Severe cheekbones hollow her cheeks, faint dimples by the corners of sumptuously full lips. Her teeth are shockingly white and flawless, albeit sharper and more numerous than the human norm.

She wears a perfectly tailored 1940s walking suit in pearl grey virgin wool with black silk lining, its pencil skirt pleated strategically for beautiful movement. A white silk blouse shows some ruffle at the cuffs and collar, tiny mother-of-pearl buttons glimmering. The sturdy block heels of her shiny black little leather shoes adds a few inches yet to her height, while still allowing quick movement. When out in the rain a distressed crimson leather trench with a profusion of pockets helps keep her both warm and purseless. Her only jewelry is an cut-rate chain around her neck with a double pair of viciously bent and twisted gold rings as ghoulish pendant.

List of Ida RP Logs - Click to Show

She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
A smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside her shell

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