(2018-01-06) Back Again at Dockrats
Back Again at Dockrats
Summary: Three reawakened Lost find each other at Dockrats and talk about it.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-06)
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Player Characters: Jack Eddie Penny

It's a cool rainy Saturday night. Not much seems to be happening out of the ordinary in Dockrats. A pool game is in progress, with money being exchanged. There's a darts game too. Drinking is occurring, socializing of the rougher kind. The jukebox is playing "Bad to the Bone". All so typical.

And over in a corner, a woman in her early forties, still hanging on to that goth fashion from back in the day, is slumped in her seat, clearly on her fourth whiskey and second beer, if all the glasses and bottles on her table is any indication. She blearily glares around the room. "I missed it. I missed it ALL!" She slams a fist on the table, making a few patrons jump and the bouncer glance over.

On this cool, rainy Saturday night a figure darkens the doorway, a figure with a guitar case on his back, a cigarette between his lips, a pair of blocky glasses on his face, a swanky looking 1950's suit and… yeah. There's a damn monkey on his shoulder. A capuchin clinging to him. The grin on his lips is downright shit-eating as he saunters into the bar with all the swagger of a man on top of the world, though a practiced eye might see the tired look in his eyes and the way his shoulders slouch slightly as though he's spent a long time carrying a heavy weight. Penny, though, Jack doesn't spot. The monkey does. A tug on Jack's ear and a little furry hand points in her direction. Jack's head turns and he spots her there. Appraising her coolly for a moment before he ambles over to her table. "Ever have one of those days where you feel like the world collectively shit the bed when you weren't watching?"

Penny rears up as if she is about to cuss out the man approaching her. But then she peers and smiles sadly. So sadly. "Hey. Siddown. Come and join me. And hell yeah." She slides over to give Jack and the monkey room to sit. "I rolled over this morning and it was like some Groundhog Day wackiness. Was so waiting for Sonny and Cher on the alarm clock."

Jack is standing near a table where Penny sits. Jack, for his part, looks like the Jack of old. The Jack of, well. Jackness. He hasn't aged a day. Or maybe he has. It's pretty hard to tell with his kind. There's a capuchin monkey on his shoulder though, and a guitar case on his back. THe man slides his case from his back and props it against the table beside him as he slides in, Azazel the monkey remaining on his shoulder and looking, well. Grumpy. "Really? I woke up today and wondered why the hell I let the band break up and why the hell I got a job doing penny ante covers of Elvis and Buddy Holly in dives like this."

"I have a ten year pin from my job. Why do I have a ten year pin? The kids are doing new dances, I don't even remember these kids." Penny is just rambling at this point. "What is this new Running Man? That's not the Running Man. I see a newspaper, which is way thinner than it used to be, with January 6, 2018 on it. Twenty Eighteen." She glares. "Somebody took something from me. And you too?"

"Nah… I wouldn't say somebody took anything from me." Jack begins. Azazel chitters angrily in his ear and he frowns. "Yeah, yeah. I guess. He says I was pretty giant dick for a few years. Tossing him treats. Taking his cigars. Not listening to him." The man clears his throat, adjusting his glasses. "That kind of sounds like the way I always am though. I don't remember the band breaking up though…"

There's some asshole in the doorway letting all the warm air out. It's getting to the point where someone's about to throw something before he steps inside, and when he does he seems to bring the rain in with him, and a draft of air as cold as a Gentry's smile. The rain goes away in a second, was never really there to begin with. The cold air sticks around, looks for a good appendage to coil around, settles in for the evening. Whatever else has changed, it seems like Eddie's still bringing Winter inside with him. He stands there, just past the doorway, for a while longer, just looking around with that dazed look a lot of people must have right now.

"Yeah, the lady in the apartment next to mine was surprised I actually said hello to her this morning. Says I've been in and out like a damn zombie." Penny drains the last of her whiskey. "Good news, nothing in my mail box about the IRS breathin down my neck. Bad news, I'm about to get evicted. I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off to keep from getting kicked out and the lights on." In the midst of her rambling, Penny sees Eddie at the door. She bolts up out of her seat, listing a little to the left, and waves like a man on a deserted island. "Hey! Come over here!"

"Sounds like a real problem, yeah?" Jack doesn't look all that upset, given the smile on his lips. If anything talking to Penny so far has made the man seem more… vivid. "I can't say things are all bad, though. I took a bite of an apple earlier and it tasted like fucking -magic-. I wonder if getting laid is gonna be the same way. We're living in technicolor now, baby!" He says with an amused laugh before he gives a sharp twist in his seat of discomfort, clasping his ear. Azazel has a little bit of blood on his lip as he scampers onto the table. At least the monkey's smiling too, now.

Eddie's head snaps up in response to Penny's invitation, and he stands there, really thinking about it. "Just a second," he finally says. He stares at the bar. Watches it, like a magic eye painting, trying not to make a weird face, and failing. Kenning. When he's convinced as he's going to get it's not a monster, and the bartender's not a monster, and none of the tables and intervening chairs…;;"Hey asshole, get out of the way!" Someone's trying to leave. Eddie finally marches over to the bar, and orders a double, and finds out he has the money to pay for it, immediately, because the bartender has lost all patience with him. He stares at the drink for a while, too, before he takes it and finally joins the table. "Sorry, it's…" he trails off.

Penny looks up at Eddie and mournfully nods in completed understanding. She scoots to give him room to sit. "I don't know how, but it feels like…Rip Van Winkle slash Brigadoon slash Groundhog Day slash a damn acid trip." She takes a deep breath, lets it out. "I'm Penny, just in case you don't remember me. Because that would just be par for the course, to just be forgotten."

"I don't forget anything. Mind like a steel trap." Jack taps on the side of his temple for emphasis. Azazel… just rolls his eyes. The man fishes out a cigar from his pocket and offers it over to the monkey as an act of contrition. Azazel… just rolls his eyes. Again. "Look, you little sh…" Jack begins before a wicked gleam appears in the monkey's eyes. "Look, buddy, come on. This is all they had, alright? I'm sorry." A little flash of steel disappears from Azazel's hand. Maybe it was a trick of the light, but the capuchin takes the cigar and clasps it in his small hand, moving to gingerly perch back on Jack's shoulder.

That sad little stinger about being forgotten seems to wake Eddie up. He quits looking at his drink, and he cracks half a smile. "Hey," he says, "who could forget that smiling face? Listen, I don't know what's going on, hell, I don't know what day of the — is that a monkey?"

"It's January Sixth, Twenty Eighteen," Penny says. "Eighteen, man. It's like the world up and left us for a little while and put us in on ice." She glances over at Jack and his friend. "Yeah. That's a monkey. That's the most normal thing that has happened today, that monkey. Bless that monkey."

"I'm not a monkey." Jack replies, even as Azazel opens his mouth as though to speak up as well. He jerks his thumb at Azazel. "He's not a monkey either, except when he feels like being one. My friend here is Azazel. He is… was our band manager." Jack's tail twitches as Azazel tries and fails to snatch it. "He's still mad I kept trying to make him wear a diaper." The man turns to his monkey, shaking his head. "Hey man, don't blame me. You're just lucky I didn't have you put to sleep like that girl kept wanting me to. Brothers before mothers, man."

"Jesus Christ," Eddie says, grasping at the bridge of his nose. "No offense," he adds, half-heartedly, directly addressing the monkey. He swallows half his drink, and the other, one-two. "New Years. Right?" He looks between the three— Penny, Jack, Azazel— for confirmation. "You'd think this shit would have happened on New Years."

Penny is finding it pretty difficult to think, what with all the booze. But she frowns up and ponders. "I don't remember exactly when things stopped being fuzzy. I mean, I really got clear headed today. I'll have to see if my more Harry Potter minded friends have some ideas." For every scary Autumn like Penny, there is a more occulty Autumn, and she's hoping to contact them. "New Year's would be the perfect day for this to break, though."

"And I'll… shit." Jack slumps a bit in his seat and barks out a laugh that surprises even Azazel. "I would say I'll get the band back together, but I don't even know where they went. Things are fuzzy like that. I remember I punched a True Fae, though. With my -fist-. Damn that felt good. You put one of them in front of me and I'll make 'em feel the lightning though."

"I've been looking around, trying to find…" Eddie shakes his head. "That's the thing. I don't know who to look for. Who was even around when… when…" He gestures his frustration. "I woke up in a car. My car, I guess, or at least that's what it says on the insurance. I don't even know if I was working or if that's just what I do now. Have you had any luck getting in touch with anybody? I can't figure out this fucking phone."

Penny nods her head some more. "You guys are the first ones I've seen so far, first ones I've talked to. I haven't even thought about heading to the clubhouse to see if anyone has been taking care of things, if you get my drift. Hate to go back and find out that it's empty and cobwebbed like a haunted house. And I love haunted houses."

"Spoiler, babe, you're gonna find it empty and cobwebbed." Jack remarks with a snap of his fingers and a grin. "That's the way these stories go and the Enemy is nothing if not really big into telling stories." Azazel leans in close, muttering something in Jack's ear. The man frowns, then. "Shit. I forgot. I promised Zazz…" Azazel slaps Jack on the cheek. "Azazel. I promised Azazel I'd take him out to dinner. And it's getting late." He scoots to the edge of his seat, picking up the guitar case and preparing to sling it over his shoulder. "I come here all the time. We should use it as a meetup spot. Until we know the 'Hold stuff is safe."

"Yeah," Eddie replies dismissively to Jack, then seems to listen retroactively to what he said. "Yeah," he repeats, but he actually seems to mean it. "This is as good as any place. I'll look for you." To Penny: "I could go with you, but i don't have my jack-o-lantern merit badge anymore. Anyway, I'm headed out tonight. See if… we're where it looks like we are. Maybe Forks."

"It's all good. He deserves dinner," Penny says to Jack with a faint grin. Then she looks over to Eddie after Jack and Azazel leave. "Yeah, this is a good spot for HQ until we get an idea of what's going on. I'll look for my people, you look for yours. I guess our simian duo will find the rest of their band. And I need to leave a hell of a tip here."

"Christ, I hope I have money back at the office." A beat. "Christ, I hope I still have an office." A whole new species of worry hastens to infest Eddie, and he rises from the table, almost leaves without saying anything else. But he stops. "Look," he says, looking a little uncomfortable, "Just. Keep your eyes open. Be careful. Assuming we remember any of this past tomorrow, I expect to see that smiling face when I get back." And then he's gone, sparing either of them the discomfort of a response.

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