(2018-01-10) The Next Morning
The Next Morning
Summary: Survivors of the bird attack make plans, eat breakfast, and try to figure out what to do with their new hat.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-10)
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Player Characters: Eddie, Joachim, Liska, Tyla, Velvet

| Tyla's Apartment - Sit n' Spin Lofts - East Port Angeles |

Somewhat on the cosy side, the lounge of this small apartment is decorated in a riot of colour and texture. The walls are painted a light violet, with the outlines of pansies and orchids stenciled on in slightly darker paint as a mosaic about halfway up the wall. The floor is clothed in beige corduroy carpet, the hard-wearing fabric mottled and dappled in lighter shades rather than being uniform. Furniture comes in the form of a long couch upholstered in light blue, smaller cushions resting on it that are royal blue and embroidered and sequinned in intricate shapes. In front of the couch a coffee table rests, simple in pine and supporting a purple glass vase with a large bunch of colourful silk flowers in. There is a tv set up against the far wall, with various gaming systems scattered around.

Off to the right of this seating area, separated by a thin breakfast bar, is the kitchenette. A tall grey fridge presides over this zone, complimented by mottled granite-effect work tops and pale pine cabinets. There is A small electric stove and oven, as well as a microwave and other appliances on the counter, placed under a large window that looks out over the suburban delights of East Port Angeles.

Other rooms lead off from here; two doors at the back and one to the right suggest two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The apartments had everything Tyla promised; clean sheets and towels. Shampoo of the musky and the flowery kind. Beds with extra pillows and blankets. Cable too if that's your sort of thing. Pretty much everything a person could want. Except food. Well, there is probably some food around, cans and boxes and not all that appealing. - At least not as appealing as Bacon. The smell wafts down the hall like a siren's call, partly because Tyla's door has been left cracked open.

And when people arrive, there is a spread. Bacon and ham, steaks, fruit bowls, scrambled eggs, pancakes. There is enough food there to feed a small army. And of course, coffee. Tyla is so intent on getting enough food before people show up she's still in her bathrobe, a towel wrapped around her hair.

Liska had returned to his own home after the events of the previous night, but has returned. Apparently, just in time for breakfast. When he approaches the cracked door of Tyla's apartment he pauses, knocking on it before going any futher.

Never one to sleep in, Velvet has been up and moving for a couple of hours already. In fact, she's already left to go home, change, grab a few things and then make her way back. Just in time to get smacked in the face with the smell of bacon as it drifts through the hallway. She nudges the door to Tyla's place open with a hip, carrying a wicker basket on each arm. A grin is offered to Liska as she passes him, but she pivots quickly to check out the spread. "Great minds think alike. Though mine are all baked goods. Mind if I add them to the pile?" One of the baskets is set down nearby as the other is hoisted up, lid lifted. It smells like warm vanilla heaven.

Into the room comes Joachim, he's ditched his coat, and his trilby, and his tentacles are hanging down and free today as well. He glances about the assorted brunch-goers and nods, "Mornin'." he greets, "Anyone have any strange dreams, or unusual visions overnight?"

"Morning. Sure, I buy it," Eddie says, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "but what year is it, this time?" He's down to his slacks and undershirt, the rest of his mudstained clothes washing downstairs, and he still looks about half asleep when he comes in. "No dreams. Just lucky, I guess. Uh, I might have left some footprints on your ceiling," he says to Tyla apologetically. "Didn't know where I was when I woke up and sort of went up the wall. I'll take care of it after breakfast."

"Oh yeah, of course." Tyla gestures to Velvet as she starts getting out plates, silently counting the number of people who are coming in. "I thought about muffins, but I d-didn't get up in time. I um… had dreams, but nothing unusual for me. I mean they were weird because they are d-dreams, but you know." Tyla babbles and she sets plates, much more relaxed than she was the night before. Eddie's comment gets a little "Oh." but she doesn't miss a beat and continues on, "There are cleaning supplies in the hall closet, if there isn't anything in that apartment. Um.. did I make enough?" Tya is probably wondering if Jack, and his monkey are showing up.

Muffins, pastries, and croissants are pulled from the basket and scattered around through the other plates of food. There's chocolate, almond, coconut, you name it. "I'd say there's more than enough. Besides, I felt bad always eating and drinking your stuff without repaying the kindness." Velvet steps out of the way and dusts off of hands. "No strange dreams here, just the normal. Why, did something happen to you last night?" That's wondered of Joachim before she glances to Eddie at the mention of footprints on the ceiling. "I don't think I've ever heard that one before."

Since everyone else seems to just be going in, Liska eventually does the same. "I did not have dreams I would call unusual." He muses. "I did dream of what I saw yesterday, but since I had already seen it I don't think it was that strange to dream of it."

"No, nothing since I made it into town." Joachim says to Velvet in response to her question, "Infact it's felt really peaceful, well, except for last night's little incident that is." He says, making his way to take a seat at the table, leaning in a bit with a little hmmn.

"Me and Azazel sent Jack out for smokes," Eddie says, picking up on Tyla's question. He falls into his chair more than he sits down, but once he's at the table the smell of food seems to bring him back around a little. His wings quiver a little as he takes in the spread, and the spare joints at the ends of his fingers. He shakes his head and reaches for a coffee to start out with. "I guess I'm just original that way," he cracks a crooked smile at Velvet.

Tyla starts to hand out coffee after bringing some extra plates for Velvet's things. The table easily could seat several more people and it really sticks out against the coziness of the rest of the apartment, but it looks like Tyla does the breakfast thing often - at least maybe when there are people in the apartments anyway. "Oh d-don't feel bad." Tyla says with a grins. And then she realizes Liska is here. And about a half second after that she realizes she is still in her robe. She let's out a surprised little squeak and starts to blush, as she flees off in the direction of the bedrooms.

"You'll get no arguement from me," Velvet offers with a little laugh in response to Eddie's crooked smile. "So nobody had any weird dreams about last night. Which is a good thing." Velvet moves around the piles of food, picking at the meats and making a small pile on her plate. "But we all slept around here, where the crown is. Which could mean something, or it could be nothing. BUT, we do need to start figuring that thing out if it's going to help against the birds." Her eyes slide back towards Eddie, brows lifting. "You're the only Winter that I've seen around, so far. Which means it might fall on you not just to guard it, but to put it on when the time comes. Or however it's activated."

A curious look follows Tyla's rapid flight from the room before Joachim turns back to the others, nodding at Velvet's remarks, "It can't be a coincidence that the crown was given to him for safeguarding, I can't imagine."

Eddie's crooked smile widens into a grin as he watches Tyla squeal and run off, though it never straightens out. Liska, huh? He files that away for future reference. Then it comes back around to the crown, and he's not smiling anymore. "That might not be such a great idea. Last time I tried using something like that to solve a problem it didn't turn out so hot for anybody. Ask Tom if you don't believe me." He takes a slug of coffee to fill his mouth with something less bitter. "Anyway, I don't look any good in a hat."

Tyla comes out eventually in jeans and a tshirt, still blushing though, but not quite as much. "N-nothing happened when I touched it by the way. When I p-put it in the safe anyway. Didn't feel anything, or see anything. It was cold b-but like normal metal cold, you know? D-does anyone need anything?"

Velvet grins as Tyla steps out all dressed, but she has the descency not to say anything about the squealing from earlier, or the current blush. "If you're the only Winter in town, then we may not have another choice. You heard what Liska said, it belongs to Winter." She settles into a seat and starts to pick at the food. "Besides, last time was last time. This is a new time. If you were the time to let the past keep you down, you never would have made it out, would you have?" She points towards Joachim as he makes his point. "Exactly."

"I wonder if there are other crowns out there, or if this is it, given the current season." Joachim muses as he considers the others, giving Tyla's return a little nod as she offers her insight into the item. He reaches to take hold his own cup of coffee, bringing it up to sip at it.

"How d-do they work anyway, d-does anyone even know? Should I maybe draw it so we c-can ask more people about it but keep it safe and hidden at the same t-time?" Tyla asks as she sits down and starts filling up her own plate. But then she's up again getting her coffee mug by the stove. It's one of those large ones that looks too heavy for Tyla to logically hold it up. "I d-don't even need to see it. I want to d-draw that woman t-too." She ads, moving back to her seat.

"I guess we'll find out if we live til May," Eddie shrugs at Joachim. He takes another drink of his coffee. He hasn't eaten anything yet. "I'll do what I've got to do if it comes to that. It's better for everyone if it doesn't come to that, though, so just keep your eyes out for someone sadder than I am, alright?" His eyes twitch over to Tyla. "It's not a bad idea. Didn't know you could draw. Didn't know you blush the same color I do, either."

"Well, if it's a token, then that means it could be triggered any number of ways, since they're all different. We'll have to ask Liska, since he was the only one to manage to trigger it before during his vision. Said it chansed off the birds." Velvet snacks on a piece of bacon as she considers. "There might be more, but it seemed like this one was built for this purpose. For the birds." She shrugs. "There's so much we still don't know."

"Oh I d-draw." Tyla admits, blushing even more at Eddie's comments. "In fact I think I might be starting up a tattoo shop… or d-did? Found a lot of drawings in my office up here and letters." She piles eggs on to her plate and gets some bacon as well. "I hate n-not remembering things. It feels like I am missing a p-piece of me. The fire was fun, but I wasn't as used to it. B-but I always remember. I wonder if it works on these b-birds… all birds. You know, like THE Bird?"

Eddie leans forward against the table, cradling his forehead in his hands. Defeated? Depressed? Maybe, but mostly just working up the nerve to say something he really doesn't want to say. Finally he spits it out. "Autumn used to have a hell of a library, on the other side of the theater. I used to go there sometimes back when I was still part of the pumpkin patrol and I wanted to get the willies. If it's still there…" He lets that hang.

You know how a doll's head kind of creaks in a horror movie when it's slowly turning to look at it's potential victim? You could almost swear that that's the exactly noise that shivers in the air around Velvet as she turns to stare at Eddie. The kaleidoscope that is her eyes have settled on a strange burnt orange as she just kind of stares at him for a long, silent moment. "I was actually hoping to get Tyla to come with me to go there soon, so that we can figure out what's going on with the Freehold. You're welcome to come if you'd like. The more help the better, yes?" She looks towards Tyla to ensure that the other woman is also okay with it. "I think the birds are somehow an extension, or servants of THE bird. I would hazard a guess that it will help again it as well."

"Are you s-sure that will be okay? I mean I can still remember recent things." Tyla explains, looking back and forth between the two Lost. "Just not the things everyone else can. I mean if there are s-secret things or something in those books?" Still, Tyla's gets wider and there is a certain sparkle at the thought of access to learning well, any thing really. "I d-don't want to get anyone in to trouble."

"Secret things are kind of the point. Anyway, it seems to me we're all in trouble already. What's a little more?" Eddie answers Tyla first, because her question is easier. Velvet's takes more thought, and he occupies himself finally making a plate while he chews it over. "I'll go, if we can find somebody to keep an eye on what's in the safe. Either way you're going to want Tom there, if you can get him. He knows the place better than anybody. And whatever other help you can get, really, the place was full of giant spiders even back then and who knows what's moved in since."

"I'm out." Tyla says with a shake of the head. "N-NOPE!"

"We need answers right now. I'll risk getting in trouble to get them if it means making all of us safer because of it." Velvet's eyes swirl again, but they land back on that same orange shade. "Hm. Do you have his contact information? I've only spoken with him the once." Brows tick up at the mention of spiders, a laugh splitting her lips at Tyla's comment right after. "How about you come help after the potential spiders, and wheatever else, have been dealt with?"

"Okay, yeah I c-could do that." Tyla agrees as she takes a big swig of her coffee. "And I think I have his information t-too. I mean assuming he hasn't ch-changed it in the past seven years." She takes another huge drink of coffee, and she looks like she's wishing it was something strong. "Like how giant exactly is giant?"

Eddie gives Tyla a look of appreciation at her outburst. You and me both, sister, he draws just short of saying. Spiders. His wings give a little buzz. "He'll be back around before long. He's too smart to leave me alone with what we've got. Anyway, he still works for the paper, we can reach him that way if we've got to." He thinks back, not really wanting too, then makes a gesture with both hands boxing off an amount of space roughly equivalent to a big dog. "OF course, those are just the ones I noticed. I kind of tried not to, at the time."

"I don't know why you two are so afraid, I'd love to have a giant spider as a hedgebeast companion. Can you imagine the beautiful thread it could spin? The clothes I could make!" Velvet is practically drooling at the thought. "Plus, I mean, they're adorable." Autumns really are weirdos. She glances back towards the others and clears her throat. "Sorry, wrong crowd I suppose. Either way, we'll have to get something together to clear it out and then we can start digging."

"Yeah that is still way too giant for me. There's a reason I've n-never gone to visit Australia." Tyla shudders a little and stabs at her bacon, maybe as a proxy for spiders. "P-probably a good thing we c-can't go back in time either." She mentions idly. "Maybe I should try and d-draw the bird t-too so maybe we c-can find out what type they were? I m-mean if they were normal b-birds and something or someone was c-controlling them, or…Hedge…Birds?" Clearly a question, she doesn't know if birds other than The Bird are possible. "Or maybe in that library t-too? Or am I over-thinking n-now?"

"Spiders and flies have a complicated history. Wouldn't expect you to understand." Another buzz, and he seems to get a little annoyed with himself. He forces his attention toward his plate, and becomes obvious pretty quickly why he waited. Eddie's appetite has a way of putting other people off of theirs. He does his best in mixed company, but it's still not great. Once he's fit to talk again, he talks. "They've got birdwatcher's guides at the grocery store, right next to the Archie Digests. Might save some time that way."

Velvet has a stomach for the strange things, not seeming mind Eddie's ways at all. The birdwatcher's guide comment gets a laugh, however. "Somehow, I'm not sure it'll help us out when it comes to hedge birds, but if they're normal, sure." She waggles a piece of bacon towards Tyla. "Don't forget that Jack and I are going later today to check out the playground. I'll grab a bird or three when I'm there for us to poke at."

Tyla has been seeing Lost since she was a young girl, she's seen all sorts of things, and while she may blush at the drop of a hat and can't really help it, if she's nauseous over the way Eddie eats, she's had enough practice not showing it - or at least not drawing attention to it. In fact she just continues on eating as if nothing weird happened. "Right, I forgot you g-guys were going to g-get some b-birds. Um. d-do you have some place to keep the d-dead b-birds?" That gets a look from her. A 'please not here' face.

Eddie seems a little relieved when his table manners pass without comment. He wipes his mouth on his bare arm and looks up at the ceiling, giving Velvet's plan some thought. "I don't know if it'd help," he finally offers, "but maybe you ought to put your other face on before you ride up that way." He waves one greasy hand in front of his face, and he's different. No wings, no bug eyes, none of it, just a scrawny tired looking guy in his middle forties. "You can dump the birds off at my office, if you've got to. It's already unsanitary."

"That's a good idea. Not one that I had thought of. It might keep the Bird from tracking us." Anything is worth a try at this point. "I'm still a little injured, so I'd much rather not take chances that I don't have to." Velvet's head tilts as she studies Eddie with his Mask in place. "I think I like you better the other way. Much cuter," she offers. "To answer your question, Tyla, yes, I actually have a— uh, well… I have a dungeon for just this sort of thing. Also, I work with bombs and stuff, so I kind of need a place to do that safely and out of the way."

"I d-don't get how dungeons and bombs go together." Tyla admits. No judgment here, just confusion.

Eddie's turn to blush? No, not quite, but it's a nearer thing than he'd like to admit. He looks at his hands, pink skin and stubby human fingers. He hasn't seen them that way in a long time. "Everyone's a critic," he grins his crooked grin. "I wish I knew who was still in town. We could get you fixed up in a minute, if I just knew how to get ahold of Bea or Liv or Gwen or…" He trails off, seeming a little sad.

"No windows, hard to find, out of the way. It isn't something that I can have people stumbling upon. Plus, thick walls in case of little explosions." Velvet is caren't not to mentioned the rest of what she does down there. Not after the reactions from yesterday to the mention of cages. "Oh, we did see Gwen. She did a pretty great job helping Ty and I both mend a bit. I still have a ways to go, but it'd be a rough haul if she hasn't helped."
"Besides," Eddie pipes in, "you haven't really made it in the Autumn Court until you've got a dungeon of your very own."

"It's true." Tyla nods in agreement. And rather than looking half dead and bloody, the FaeTouched looks half dead and bruised! Eddie's comment gets a head tilt. "So d-did you have to give yours back? How d-do you give back a dungeon?" Tyla doesn't seem too bothered by talk of dungeons. "I've always felt c-comfortable around Autumns because the one who found me and t-took care of me was an Autumn. But I d-don't think he ever had a d-dungeon."

"I never rated one," Eddie says, putting on a regretful face, "why do you think they drummed me out? Anyway, I thought you both looked better, but I wasn't about to say so. Good to know there's still someone around who knows that trick. It's a good trick. Have you got a car?" He asks Velvet. "Your or Jack? I don't know him. Don't know you, either, I guess, but you don't rub it in so hard."

"Autumns are delightful if you understand them well enough. Too many are simply too scared to bother understanding. But that's just the way of the world, isn't it?" Velvet doesn't seem too broken up about it. Like it's something she's fairly used to. She glances from Tyla and back towards Eddie, studying him. "Used to be Autumn? I knew I liked you." She winks, the look playful. "No car, but I can get us an uber. I found a link to it on this new phone of mine. It's delightful. It's like a cab, except it's a normal person driving you somewhere. Velvet looks at her phone for a moment before putting it back down. "I think with everything going on, we should all be getting to know each other. If we're going to stay safe, anyway."

"I have a Prius." Tyla offers, munching on some bacon. "I c-can't do that. At least I d-don't think I can? B-but at the same time I d-don't think I need to?" Tyla muses to herself. "I wasn't always like this though even though I c-could see. That was pretty new and then I ch-changed again. We should look and see if anyone else has gotten… rewound t-too? I wonder if I c-could help p-people and heal? I really n-need to sit d-down and figure out what I can do… I already t-told Lucas he wasn;t allowed to t-take blood though!"

"I'm glad someone does," Eddie patters back, "it saves me the trouble of doing it myself." Velvet's phone gets a skeptical look, and he looks like he's got an opinion to share on the marvels of the modern age, but it'll have to wait. Something Tyla said just stole all his attention: "Did you say Lucas? As in Lucas Ambrose?" He thought maybe he hear that name last night, but he had other things on his mind last night.

"But I mean if you don't let him take any blood, then he can't do any research on it. Which might actually help. He seems like a standup guy." Or maybe it's just the Autumn thing. "But where your blood goes, you go. Then you take it back after the research and get rid of it properly. That way there's no bits of you left behind." Velvet offers the suggestion with a big grin. See, she's helping!
"Oh y-yes! Apparently he had the c-crown at some point t-too. Or he remembered he d-did. But not like one you could hold like the one you have, b-but the other kind." Tyla explains and takes a big drink of coffee. "I g-guess you are right." Tyla agrees but sounds a little disappointed. "I just thought you g-guys could just wave your hands and know…"

Eddie actually looks happy to hear that. It happens, every ten years or so, like snow in September. "We might figure this thing out after all. Excuse me, I've gotta go make some phonecalls." He pushes up from the table. "Thanks for breakfast."

"Man, I wish I could just wave my hand and know things. I can glare at things and make them wither and shrivel? Is that close enough?" Velvet's wide eyes focus on Tyla as if that was an earnestly made question. Eddie diverts her attention as he gets all excited and stands up. "I'm guessing that this Lucas guy was a pretty big deal if he's getting all excited about him, huh? Bye Eddie! I'll let you know when we head to the library!"

"I d-do it every morning, if you have a request for something and you stick around the apartments?" Tyla offers, unsure. "He lets me hug him." Tyla offers as a way to explain how cool Lucas is.

Eddie gives a wave without looking back on his way out the door, and that's all the response he gives before he's gone, a weird spring in his step.

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