(2018-01-11) Here I Go Again
Here I Go Again
Summary: Finn and Jamie wake up in their old Port Angeles apartment, missing the last few months of their memories. They discover the Freehold isn't where they remember.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-11)
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Player Characters: Finn, Jamie

It's early in the morning, and still dark this time of year, as Finn Walker gets the annoying urge to get up and pee. It blows getting older. He rolls out of his bed groggily, scratches at the backside of his boxer shorts, and heads for the bathroom doorway from his bedroom like he usually does. WHAM! He walks face first into a wall.

"What the hell!?" he grumbles. He never closes that door when he goes to sleep. He fumbles in the blackness for a doorknob and turns it, swinging the barrier aside and stepping through into… WHERE THE HELL DID HIS BATHROOM GO!? He blinks, as his eyes begin to adjust slightly to the light coming from the streetlamps outside. Wait, what streetlamps? He has a little beach house on Galveston Bay. He trips his way in a clattering cacophony of breaking items and stubbed toes, peppering the air with curses, until he locates a light switch and flips it on.

Blink. Blink. Blink. "JAAAAAAAMIEEEEEEE!" he shrieks as he drops to his knees in the middle of his living room and kitchen area. Of his old apartment. In Port Angeles.

Jamie tends to sleep like the dead.

The figurative dead, of course. Not the real dead, which are sometimes alive. And sparkle. Especially out here in Washington.

So when Finn shrieks like a siren (or like a little girl, take your pick) it drags the tall man out of that dead sleep and stumbling about in a heavy *thumpthumpthump* of broad hooves.

*SMACK* followed by a groan of "Oooooh". A bit more thumps as Jamie pinballs his way out into the now-lit living area of the Port Angeles apartment.

The tall man is squinting a bit with sleep, and blinks. An ear twitches back. He blinks again. He turns around, looking back at his room and then turns *back* around to blink at the living room again.

This can't be happening! How is this happening?! The last thing Finn remembers was crashing out after a long late autumn day of teaching his 7 year old granddaughter, Olivia, how to surf in the mild little waves rolling into Galveston Bay. It was still stupidly hot down there that time of year. Her mother, his daughter, Callie had come to have dinner with them before bundling Livvy off home to their place further into town. Then he'd crashed out. Jamie had a paramedic shift so he didn't bother waiting up for him. Now he woke up back in this place, and from the chill of the floor his currently liquid knees are hugging, it's winter. WINTER. And cold ass winter to boot.

"What. The. Actual. FUCK!?" Finn blurts out, his leafy green hair a rumpled mess from sleep. They'd left this place years ago. Like over seven years ago. Eight maybe? Something like that, and stayed in Texas to be near their newfound families.

"I musta got way more drunk than I thought last night…" Jamie says, tail twitching. "Which, y'know, is impressive since I don't remember drinki—" He turns to look at Finn with those sleepysquinty eyes. "This is an awful practical joke. And if it's not… well. I blame you."

The large Lost ambles into the room, head swiveling to look back and forth rather suspiciously. He gets to the kitchen, lays a hand on a cupboard… and then jerks it open, as though expecting something to jump out at him.

Captain Crunch. OK. Less diabolical than expected.

Finn scrambles over to the first reflective surface he can find, the television screen, and blinks at it. Still looks the same. If they've lost more time, it hasn't been enough to leave its mark on his face. He pushes at his features with his fingers a few times just to be sure this is all real. "Speaking of drunk, check the booze cabinet for me will ya? I need some Jim Beam. Stat."

Finn gets to his feet, his pointed ears poking out from his hair like he belongs in a Lord of the Rings movie. "I need to find my phone and call Callie. She's got to be worried sick about us," he says, before stalking back into the bedroom only to fine some brand spanking shiny new phone he doesn't recall seeing before. "Where did this come from, and why is my name on it?!"

"I know you're askin' yourself because *I* do *not* know what the hell is going on." Jamie hollers back after giving Finn's mirror-mirror-on-the-wall bit a roll of his eyes.

Contrary to direction, Jamie starts to put coffee on. Somehow, he doesn't think getting drunk is going to help either of them figure out what's going on.

"Maybe she knows more than we do!" Jamie calls back as he glares at the coffee pot in an effort to make it peroclate faster. To himself, he adds, "Wouldn't be the first time…"

Finn comes back out with slippers and a hoodie added to his boxers ensemble because it's cold dammit. He pokes at the phone and seems surprised when his first guess at a password works to unlock it. "Huh." He quickly dials his daughter's number and heads out the front door, down the stairs, to see if, yep, the studio is there too. Kind of just like it was before they left. Wouldn't it have been sold by now? Something? The conversation with his daughter is short and he comes back into the apartment with a frown.

"Callie says we headed back here in early October for a business opportunity. She was angry we hadn't called til now. I told her we were having more of those memory issues." She still thinks they got in an accident in college and had amnesia for two decades or so. "I told her we'll keep in touch with everyone. You should call your kid too."

Jamie has poured them each a cup of coffee now, gaze following the ill-clad elf as he shuffles out the door and then back in. He holds out the mug to his roommate and slurps at his own. "Will do, dad." His manner is a bit mocking as Finn acts all grandfathery. That fades away after only a moment though, and one of his ears flicks back again in annoyance.

"This doesn't seem like we just lost a few months." Jamie's words are a soft murmur. He nods about the place, "It's… like we didn't leave." Sure, a few things have changed. Mostly newer versions of things they used to have. But… "Everything's in the same place."

Like clockwork, Finn takes the cup from Jamie, as he's done most every morning as long as he can remember. Well the parts he can remember. He shoves the phone into his hoodie pocket and grunts as he sips from the mug. "Right? The fucking studio is even down there. The camera equipment is newer, but it's all there. My Jeep is there instead of the old truck but it's where I used to park it in the garage."

"Sooooo… Should we head over to the Freehold and see if someone knows what's going on? If nothing else, they should have noticed us rolling back into town, right?" Jamie says, blunt fingers scratching at his chest. He has a bit more insulation than Finn, given the pale, dappled coat.

"Yeah, yeah that's probably a good idea," Finn agrees, though he's looking on edge. The only other time he lost, well, time, was when they were taken by their Keeper. He runs a hand through his hair. "I should put on pants," he decides. He stalks off to finally pee and get some winter-appropriate clothes on, and run his head under the tap to try and tame his hair. Then he emerges, a frown still marring his features.

Pants would… probably be a good idea. Jamie doesn't move terribly stealthily, his hooves sounding against the hardwood as he heads into his room. There he finds uniforms for his old job which is… good. Eerie, but good. He comes out a few minutes later looking somewhat more awake. He rummages around in the closet for a coat as well, glancing over at Finn. "Don't stress until we have a better idea of what we're stressing over." He chides the Fairest.

"Man, I'd totally gotten my chill back down in Galveston. This is really wrecking my calm," Finn mutters. He bundles up in his, well it's his old peacoat and scarf. This is like a bad case of deja vu. He looks over at the door and, well, there's the little side table with the bowl with their keys in it. This is really kind of creepy. "Well, at least we were well prepared before we lost our damned minds." He grabs his keys and heads down to the studio and garage.

Jamie doesn't reply to that, because he has the distinct feeling that they didn't prepare for any of this. C'mon, this is Finn and Jamie we're talking about!

Instead, he clomps after Finn and will ride along in the Jeep. He sure as hell doesn't want to be driving his bike in this damned weather.

Cold and raining. Really raining. It brings back memories, that's for sure. "It sure hasn't changed much, has it?" Finn asks, peering through the windows of the Wrangler as he navigates towards where he remembers the entrance to the Freehold to be. (Which the player does not because - old).

Jamie worries his thumb a bit as he stares out into the rain, giving a soft grunt as Finn keeps up the background chatter. For all he told the Fairest not to stress… Well, he's worried himself.

Finally Jamie turns to look over at his roommate, the short, bristly mane of his hair brushing the ceiling of the Wrangler. "Can you think of anything that we did that might have done this?" A beat. "You don't think moving away and all that was just… Nah, you talked to Callie. *That* was real…"

"That was all real. I mean, it had to be, right?" Finn asks, looking over at his best friend with real worry, and his eyes look younger for a moment, like the old pre-Galveston Finn. No, he grew up a little in Texas. Not a lot, but enough to enjoy being a kid again with his granddaughter. After getting over the initial freak-out that he is a grandfather. He parks in a place that gives them just a short walk to the Freehold's entrance. Or it would, if the Freehold was there. Where they remember the entrance is just something ordinary and mundane. "Um….." is his less than brilliant response to that discovery.

"Callie picked up and answered, so that makes it seem pretty real to me." Jamie points out. Usually your delusions don't answer phone calls. At least, in his experience. Things might have changed.

As they arrive, he peers out through the rain towards the… not-an-entrance and blows out a long breath. "Well. Fuck."

"If our studio is here, maybe Cranston's club is?" Finn posits. "The one with the pool remember? Atlantis?" he rambles as he starts the Jeep up again. "Won't be open this early probably, we can go grab some pizza and try tonight?"

"Yeah." Jamie says, with rather less enthusiasm than pizza deserves. He scrubs a hand back through his mane and then nods, trying to sound a bit more empathic. "Yeah. Let's do that." Damnit, it's like starting over again. They're never gonna get their act togeter at this rate.

"Man. What have we been doing since October?" Finn mumbles. "If we knocked up more women, I am totally checking out of this life, man," he quips with a smirk. He drives them home.

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