(2018-02-15) Good Decisions
Good Decisions
Summary: Sometimes you do a crime wrong.
Date: 2018-02-15
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Player Characters: Eddie, Penny, Scorse, Sue

| Main room - Shutterfly Studios - Downtown |

The main room of this business is an open space with a pseudo wall made of a black hanging curtain that can be pulled across to separate the reception area from the studio itself. A desk is set up near the front door, across from a sleek but inexpensive set of white leather couches with white, painted wood framework. It looks like all the furnishings were purchased at one of those "assemble yourself" Swedish superstores.

The walls of the reception area are painted white and covered in track lighting to shine on the many photographic portraits hung on them, the bread and butter that pays the bills and lets the owner do his fine art Photography in his off hours. The floor is wood laminate and a few floating shelves on one wall display a variety of sculptural works.

The studio half of the room is painted grey with a changeable backdrop at the far end. Equipment lines the walls for lighting, measuring, shots, and other bits and bobs. A door with a red light bulb installed over it is marked with a sign that reads, "Dark Room - Do Not Enter if red light is on." Another door leads to a small sculpture studio with a deep sink, long tables, wooden shelves, masses of art equipment, and several blocks of stone, granite, and clay to work with. Stairs behind the backdrop lead up to the door of the apartment above the studio.

It's one in the morning on the day after Valentine's day, and Eddie's lying across the hood of his car waiting for people to show up. Smiling. He's been making phonecalls tonight. The usual stuff at first, something in the tune of we-need-to-talk, call-me-back, sounding in a pretty nasty mood. Then a few hours later things got strange: a set of directions, somewhere downtown, meet me there. He sounded happy.

Penny was blearily woken up by Eddie's phone call. But a few muttered curses and on energy drink later, she's on her way to the location. She's in her usual gothy black, toting a gym bag and looking comparably cheery. Must've been something Eddie said on the phone to her. Or the energy drink.

Sue probably didn't get a call from Eddie, but she was out all night keeping herself amused. So many trinkets on Valentine's, so little time! Or maybe Eddie did call her and she forgot, she's a little flighty. Well, easily distracted. The raccoon girl walks down the street, tail swishing happily behind her as she shakes a snowglobe and watches it. Shake it up, get disappointed as the sparkles settles so she puts it in her bag. Take a couple of steps and remembers she has a snowglobe. Pull it out and shake it. Rinse and repeat.

Scorse got the call, took a few minutes to remember who Eddie was since he was deeply lost in this whole new Mantle thing. After shaking himself into some degree of clarity, he heads out with the intention also of tracking down his favorite thief, since they can't have managed to get /too/ far away yet. He shows up at the front of the studio behind the others and takes puff from a pipe and then thumps out the leftover tobacco and puts the pipe into his pocket. He stage whispers, "So, what's the deal-i-o?" And yes, Eddie and Penny would notice that Scorse suddenly has a Spring mantle, along with it the sweet scent of rich, dark chocolate melted into caramel.

"You made it," Eddie beams, sitting up. He smells like a distillery, which might explain the change of mood. He slides down off the hood of his car without stumbling, He eyeballs Penny's gym bag and looks like he's about to tease her about something, then he takes in a breath and smiles wistfully. "I wish someone loved me, that much. Pennywise, glad to have you along. Might need your help with something else, later." He waves at Scorse, faltering just a little as he takes in the new mantle. "It suits you," he says, after a moment's consideration. "I wanted to do a dry run for the apartment. Some place with no birds, where nobody'll press charges. And I've got just the place."

He spins on his heels and points up the street, into the darkness. Penny knows where, but it takes him a moment to realize nobody else does. "Finn's place. It's up there. Who're you?" That last part at Sue, who he finally notices.

Penny claps her hands like a giddy fool. "You know me too well, Eddie. I had to do somethin, even if it's a little late." She glances back at the new comers. "Um, hey and…you smell really gooooooooood, congrats on the smelling good," she says to Scorse, and then blinks at Sue. "Yeah, what he said."
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Sue shakes her snowglobe a couple of times. Her mantle is earthier, like after the rain on dry earth (petrichor), and lavender. It's pretty strong even when it's just sort of there. It takes her a moment to realize that people are talking to her at all, her tail stops swishing, and her ears perk up and she looks up and smiles. "I am Sue!" She says it with conviction as she raises her first to punctuate it. "Like Sancho, but Sue. In case no one has seen that movie." She explains going back to her snowglobe.

"She's good people, Eddie. I vouch for her. Might want to keep your hands on your wallets and rings, but otherwise, she's with us." Scorse walks over to Sue and looks down at the snow globe whose home until recently was his own shop. We're talking no receipts for purchase here, people. He stops next to her, as if his presence should also attest to her good nature. "She… uh, helped me with the court stuff, too."

"I know everybody too well," Eddie says, preening a little. He looks at Sue for a little while, kind of skeptically, then at the snowglobe. He seems to decide that's a good omen. "Well if this guy I just met says you're okay, why not. How do you feel about breaking and entering, Sue?" He doesn't wait for an answer, already headed up the street. The weather seems to get a little worse, the fog a little thicker, the streetlights dimmer.

Penny just grins from ear to ear as Sue introduces herself. "Your name is Sue. How do you do?" She waves. "I'm Penny. Sometimes Pennywise." She looks at Scorse. "Is she with you, Dessert?" When he mentions wallets and rings, specifically rings, that grin turns a tad sinister. "Touch my stuff and we have to have a talk with Wonderboy, okay?" With that, she turns and follows Eddie, clearly down for whatever like Ice Cube.

Sue sighs a little, her ears flattening to her head. "I can't help what I need." She grumbles up at Scorse with a grin on her face even as she's digging through her own large bag, and producing some little trinket she picked up from the shop that he missed her taking and hands it over. But even as she's holding it out, she's already over it. "Only sometimes?" She asks of Penny and gets excited. "Ooh who is Wonderboy?" she asks as she starts to follow Eddie, still offering Scorse the trinket. "He sounds fun!" Her ears flatten again though. "Don't like breaking in, takes too much work. I prefer to go straight through the wall." she proclaims honestly.

Scorse takes the offered trinket from Sue and glowers a little, but not too much. It's like being mad at the cat for leaving fur around. It is what it is. "Sounds like a plan." Scorse follows along with them, letting Eddie and Penny keep their lead and following at more of a saunter than a jog. "Not my specialty, but I'm better and the talkin' when y'all get busted after." Scorse grin and looks over to Sue again as she moves up to Penny, a wry grin spreading over his face.

"What, like, 'oh yeah!'?" Eddie asks, looking back over his shoulder through the gloom. He sways, just a hair, so he puts his eyes back in front of him. "I don't want to bust anything. I can't afford to replace it." He parked a ways off, so it's kind of a hike, but they get there after a while. "I've been here once before. Photography studio down below, apartments I think, up above. The garage. Anyone have a preference or should we just throw a rock through the window?"

Penny places a hand over her heart. "What Eddie? Break his window? I mean, I'm totally stalking right now, but even that might be a bit much. Can't we just, you know, climb up and pop the window open?" She tilts her head and puts emphasis on the word "climb", giving Eddie a look. She then looks at Sue. "If you meet Wonderboy, you won't be happy."

"I don't like being not happy." Sue proclaims. "Guess I'll never meet him then!" She doesn't seem to be too hurt by the thought though. "Still say he sounds fun though!" She grins, tail swishing happily. "I used Kool Aid once to tie my hair, which was really hard, because I didn't bleach it first, so I sort of had this green glow for a while, like chlorine. But at least it didn't smell. Also, you can't use sugar. That's how you get ants." She doesn't wait to throw a rock or anything though, just puts her hands on the wall of the building and passes right through it. Hopefully there aren't too many lenses out it plain sight!

Scorse pinches the bridge of his nose, fighting back an oncoming headache and just shakes his head. The other hand rises, palm out toward the others. "Well, she's also a bit of her own thing. I vouched, but did not guarantee the absence of crazy…" He looks up in time to see her pass through the wall, Kitty Pryde-style and winces a little, thinking of how he's seen that trick go badly once or twice. "So, uh, that is one way?:

Eddie looks around at Penny's suggestion. There've passed some people coming in and out of the bars, but things seem— he breaks off his assessment when Sue sticks her arm through the wall. He blinks one of his rare blinks. "Seems a little like cheating," he says, "but I never let that stop me before. Could you get the door?" He gestures deferentially, by-all-means. He doesn't even seem to notice the chatter, but he's been friends with Bea for a long time.

Penny gets that wide facesplitting grin on her face again as Sue does her thing. "Oh now we're cooking with microwaves," she snickers. "Hey Dessert, I'm fine with crazy, especially crazy that gets the job done, as Shadowcat has just done." She does a little wiggle of happiness, waiting for the door to open.
Sue does eventually get to the door, probably right around the time people might give up on her and think she was distracted by something else. She unlocks the doors, ears flat against her head, tail drooping. "Boooo! This place is BO-RING." Sue gestures to all the white, flat sculptures sadly. "Why would you want to come here anyway? You said there were pictures." She pouts petulantly and steps aside to let the others come in. "False advertising!"
Sue didn't turn off any alarms that might be there though.

Scorse smirks as the door opens and Sue's head pops up. He stays back, letting the more skilled go in first but will follow along dutifully once the coast is clear. He fidgets with his pipe, fingers needing something to do as he stands watch, sort of, but not very well near the street. He waves them on, staying quiet like a Halloween costumed ninja.

Eddie fishes into his coat while he waits for Sue to to find the doorknob. It doesn't take him as long to find the little steel hip flask he carries around. He downs half the contents, then raises it in salute on his way through the door, handing it back to Penny. He rubs his hands together that way flies do. "I'll handle the security. Scorse, kind of keep an eye out on the stairs. Penny, go collect Finn's hair, or whatever you're here for. Sue," he reaches into his coat a gain, and this time he comes out with a magic marker, "start drawing mustaches on the statues." He goes off along the walls to do his part.

Penny giggles like a schoolgirl as she enters the building. "Sneak sneak sneak," she says, tipping through the house like a cartoon thief. She takes a box out of her bag. Then she lays her present on a table: A dozen roses that were clearly pulled from a dumpster, wilting petals and brown edged leaves, crammed into a cracked vase. She arranges them a little, then steps back. "Perfection!"

Sue looks like she could hug Eddie right about now when he hands over a marker, but then she gets distracted by the marker and takes it, scampering off gleefully towards a sculpture, but as she looks at them there isn't really anything that leads to drawing moustaches on - not really any discernible faces. She moves towards something that looks like a stag and shakes her head. The marker goes into her bag, hope Eddie didn't want that back, and she wanders over to a photograph of a pool of water reflecting the sunlight, tail swishing contentedly.

Scorse slips in and closes the door quietly behind him. Suddenly the straight man in room full of maniacs, he turns to follow then to the stairs up to the apartment and he plants himself at the last step, his long jacket opening and a small hedgebeast climbing out and up from one sculpture to another until Jasper rests on the hydraulic hinge atop the front door. "We all set. Eyes and ears. Y'all go on."

"What the hell is—?" Eddie narrows his eyes, leaning in to study his work. He hasn't done this kind of thing in seven years, and apparently there've been some new technical developments. Then, like figuring out the answer to a crossword: "Oh." He raps the side of his head, of-course, and goes in confidently for another approach. A little too confidently. "Oh," he says again, a different way completely. "Uh, just, just give me a second, I've got this."
Penny hums happily as she dances around the place like a housewife in a 50s commercial. "Oh, do you need your shirt ironed, honey? Of course I can do that, and I'll help you with your tie! Don't forget we have canasta with the Smiths tonight.."

"Oooh Jasper!" Sue clicks out of her being distracted by the picture to being distracted by the movement of the small hob, to somehow the light twinkling off of the red lightbulb over the door of the darkroom and she squeals excitedly, trying to go for it. She jumps up and down, clawed hands reaching for it, but she is just too short. "Help?" She asks of taller people in general, but mostly the Hob, Eddie's confidence, or lack thereof doesn't bother Sue. Are alarms even a thing?

"Sue, quiet, darlin. We're sneakin' in here, not havin' a party." Scorse lets out in a harsh whisper towards the raccoon girl. His attention seems more on wrangling her than Eddie's attempts to deactivate the security, leaving that to the self-avowed professional. He glances over to Penny, an eyebrow rising and he just shakes his head. What else can you do? The Goblin Market seems absolutely tame compared to all of this. He chitters up to Jasper, who bounds across the room in a gave of lave, never touching the floor and the little hob jumps to the red light bulb and starts unscrewing it.

Eddie works faster, starting to sweat. "Flask might have been a mistake," he mutters, fighting the urge to look back and see what the hell Sue is getting up to. "Yeah, that's what the mistake was." His wings are starting to buzz. "Uh, you guys might want to wait by the door. Just in case, like."

"I feel pretty, oh so - " Penny's little dance show is quickly brought to a halt when she hears those wings buzz. "Oh boy." She drinks a little from Eddie's flask (hey, he did hand it to her) and says to the others, "Party's over, wacky funsters. Let's clear the area and start considering ways to get bail. C'mon…" She reluctantly blows a kiss towards her roses and starts to make her way out.

Sue's ears flatten as she watches Jasper intently. "Laaaaame." She proclaims about the whole situation as she watches the hob unscrew the bulb. "Why did I even come here anyway?" She wonders as she tries to be a little more quiet, at least. And oh, that picture is still so nice and reflective. "Oooh. Want." Sue says reaching out, but stops herself, tail drooping as she heads for the door, arm reaching out and picking up something from the reception desk as she gets to the door. "Laaaaaame."

Jasper needs no encouragement to blot, but he got that danged bulb and he clutches it tightly while bounding over to Scorse's shoulder. The old man makes his way to the door easily, as he was already closest to it and waits with his hand on the knob , waiting for the call to run. Since it hasn't come yet, Jasper jumps over to Sue and hands her the red bulb with a little bow, then chitters loudly.

Eddie gets it. He does. Just a second too late. He closes his eyes. "Shit." He looks around a minute. He quirks his head to one side, hearing something. "At least it's not sirens. You guys can go, but I think we're okay. Just ruined the surprise, is all." He looks up at a spot on the ceiling. He waves at it. He reaches into his coat and pulls out a brown paper envelope, and he shows it to the camera. He goes over and dumps it on the desk.

"Oop. I spy with my little eye…" Penny notices the camera too. She blows a kiss to the camera. "Darn, I really wanted to surprise him. Well, at least he got my Valentine's Day present," she decides, and walks out the door, waiting for the others to exit."

Cameras? Quiet? Sue doesn't care about any of these things. When Jasper presents her with the lightbulg she squeals happily and jumps up and down clapping her hands excitedly again. "Oooh, thank you Jasper!" She proclaims and takes the lightbulb holding it up to the closest light so she can see the twinkle better, and completely involved in it. "I need to get so many more of these." She tells the room.

Scorse runs over to grab Sue's upper arm and drag her towards the door way, pulling her through it with him, Jasper making his way back into the coat and hiding as they hit the street outside. Scorse lets go of Sue and turns to watch for Eddie to come out. "I think…we might need a little brushing up before the real thing?"

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