(2018-01-16) Exposition Round Up, Pt. 1
Exposition Round Up, Pt. 1
Summary: Prophecies, mysteries, liquor cakes. The Lost meet at Velvet's bakery to discuss their findings.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-16)
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Player Characters: Eddie, Gwen, Lucas, Sidney, Velvet

| Bakery - Sugar High - Cherry-Oak |

The bakery is warm and cozy. The second someone walks into the door, the sweet scent of brown sugar and vanilla rushes to greet them. A large bay window allows lights to sparkle into the room, accenting the silver trays that hold all the goodies. Everywhere you look there are treats in every shade of the rainbow. Candy and cookie bins line the walls, tall red tables holding cake displays and examples of previous work. Well above child's reach are shelves with signs dangling over the edge, indicating that the cake and cupcakes held above contain liquor of all sorts.

The employees all seem to be female and dressed in a fashion similar to 50's housewives, straight down to the frilly white aprons and matching high heels. They all wear smiles on their faces and have a small line of stickers dangling from their pockets.

It's been a long long day. But when Grayson finally manages to get some sleep, it gave Velvet enough time to slip out and not play mama-bird for a while. So of course she uses that time to go get into trouble, because that's just who she is as a person. Sugar High was closed for the day, the front door only opened right now because the woman just got back home. She steps through the front door, angling straight towards the counter. Her attire is less frilly today, with a pair of black leggings and a white, sheer top with a black cami underneath. And are those sensible shoes? Who knew that she even owned any. There's a burn mark down the right side of one arm, having eaten through the fabric. She forgoes the cleaning, though, moving to grab a bottle of vodka from under the counter.

"Vodka," Eddie says from the doorway, disapprovingly. "The ghost of a dead potato." He called a while back, to see when she'd been in. He hasn't been watching the door. Not for long, anyway. He steps inside without waiting for a proper invitation. His nose is still and interesting shade of purple, but he's giving the tissues a rest. He and Velvet have known each other for about a week, now, and by now she's probably noticed something: He's wearing the same thing. Not the actual outfit that got ruined in the Hedge, but one just like it. Cheap, ill-fitting, powder blue. He must have a closet full of them, somewhere. Like Einstein, or the Incredible Hulk.

"A damn useful ghost." Velvet laughs, grabbing a glass to pour into. If she's noticing the cloths that Eddie's been sporting, she's polite enough not to say anything. Well, she hasn't said anything yet. "Your nose is looking a bit better." She makes a little 'help yourself' gesture around the room, inviting him to indulge in whatever. "I'm glad your here, though. I spent the day stalking all the Lost I could find, trying to get information about the state of the Freehold, and really anything I could get my hands on. Whatever this weird fugue state issue we've gotten over is? There are still a lot of us out there who are still under the effects.

"Thanks, I've been working on it," Eddie says, rubbing the side of his busted nose. He paces around the place while she talks, looking around, considering his options. He looks back over his shoulder and starts to say, "You mean, as in==" But then his phone starts ringing, and he holds up one finger as he checks the number and takes the call.

|+phone| Lucas dials a certain Winter's phone number. Ring!

|+phone to Lucas| Eddie , slightly distracted, "Doc."

|+phone| Lucas replies briskly, "Eddie. Are you busy?"

|+phone to Lucas| Eddie says, "Checking in with Velvet. She's got news, sounds pretty big. Why, what've you got?"

|+phone| Lucas says, "I also have news. Perhaps we should all get together somewhere and discuss our news."

|+phone to Lucas| Eddie says, "We're at her place, the bakery. Know where?"

|+phone| Lucas breathes out a faint sigh, "Laundromats and bakeries. Whatever happened to the days of discussing terrible curses in a mouldering library, or my kitchen table, or somewhere else with gravitas. Yes, I know the bakery. I'll be by in a little bit."

|+phone to Lucas| Eddie says, "Swell. See you in a minute."

Eddie clicks his phone shut. "Sorry. That's the Doc. He's got news of his own, I told him to swing by. Hope you don't mind."

"Have you had someone actually take a look at it? Have you been icing it? It'll keep it from swelling worse." Velvet grabs her drink and takes a long sip from it. Eyes close, and she sighs. Looks like she's been needing that for a while. "Yeah, I mean that for whatever reason -we've- snapped out of it, but it's not the same for everyone. Like, they could recognize me for what I was but just kept on like they were on some kind of drugs. Some of them actually just ran screaming from me. Which, granted, normally would warm my heart. Like this? Not so much." Her nose wrinkles. But there's an ear twitch just like yesterday as the phone rings. Another when Eddie hangs up. "I think we established last night that I do not mind."

"It's fine. It has a lot of practice. You'd be surprised how many doorknobs I walk into." Eddie walks over to the counter and leans back against it, looking up at the ceiling as she explains the rest. Maybe it helps him think. He stays like that for a while once she's done, just chewing it over. "Well," he finally says, "at least they're not dead, or… you know, the other thing." He doesn't sound too relieved, still.

"Right. Doors." Clearly still not buying that excuse, Velvet can only smirk. But she does offer a cheers with her glass before taking an even longer sip than the first one. "This is not going to be enough," she mutters. "Yeah, I mean, there are worse fates for them to suffer. But this still isn't a good one and I damn sure want to find a way to snap whatever is controlling it in half. Or who. Either way, I want something in two or more pieces." That part comes out a little snarl as the air around her cuts with a sharp breeze, pumpkin vines twisting around her limbs for a moment before fading back out of sight.
The shop looks like it's closed for normal business, but Eddie and Velvet are inside talking.


That is the sound of Gwen slamming up against the front door at a run. Splat. She bounces off the front door and scrambles to get inside, assuming, it isn't locked.

Eddie's head snaps toward the door and his hand reaches into his coat, but he relaxes when he sees it's just Gwen. The hand comes out, empty, gives a lazy wave. "Wondered where you got to. Glad you made it out." He slumps back into his thinking posture for the night. His mouth hangs half open, tongue sliding across his top teeth. He sounds reluctant, when he speaks again. "We woke up. It stands to reason they could, too."

After Gwen has decided to give the door a good faceprint, another stranger comes to the front. Dressed in shabby, dark clothes, the slim, queer, shambling form of a Winter shadow comes up to bay window and peers within. Maybe it saw the sprinter make a sudden stop. Maybe it knows her, and is checking in.

Man, it's cold out there.

Now, Winters are known for being a hardy sort, but when the wind and chill makes your face hurt, everybody cries. The store's closed, so the sensible thing is — well, someone was let in, but — the miserable, dark thing at the window puts a hand against it, and looks inside pathetically. Like a sad, green fish.

Gwen scrabbles in and tells Velvet, in a very pained voice, "I need to pee /now/." And then she disappears into the back somewhere. Chanting as she goes: Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee. …there might be somethings knocked over in the back before Gwen finds the rest room.

The thwap is a good way to get a girl's attention. Velvet's head snaps in time with Eddie's at the noise, eyes narrowed for a moment before she realizes that it's Gwen on the other side of that glass. "It's back th—" She gesture towards the direction of the bathroom as Gwen is already taking off. Amusement lights the woman's features for a moment, but then, there's a mess, so she's grabbing the windex and a rag. Messes and Wizened don't like up. "That's the hope, EddieKing, that's the hope. But that's not all I found out, either." She lets that hang in the air as she approaches the window, just in time for an Sidney to rest his hand against the glass. Her lips purse and the windex raises, squirting right in front of where his hand is. "Come inside, just stop mucking up my windows!

"Yeah? Well, save the rest til the Doc gets here, so you don't have to tell it twice." Eddie watches Gwen rush for the back and chuckles, shaking his head. He pushes back up off the counter and goes over to the door to let Sidney in. "Come on, come on. You're breaking my heart."

Chattering teeth and shaking hands accompany Sidney as he shuffles in. Politely, he does stop to wipe his feet outside on the mat (presuming the existence of one), before making entry without going body-first into the door. Eyes alternately blink and flutter.

"C-C-Cold." Sidney looks like he's been out there too long. Ah well. He'll endure. "Hiiiiii." And there's a pause after. "Do you have w-w-w-waffle?"

It's not long before the good doctor himself makes an appearance, Lucas's expression rather long-suffering as gloved fingers grasp the door's latch to draw it open. "Really," he suggests dryly as he steps within, a few crisp autumn leaves blowing in with him only to slowly fade from existence, "Can we find somewhere to work that isn't a laundromat, or a bakery, or some other banality? If the next time we all gather it's at a Starbucks I'm going to begin murdering people…" The hem of his coat stirs and rustles as he looks over the room with a somewhat dubious expression. "It's all so…" A pause, "Colorful."

Gwen comes back from the bathroom after a moment. Her bronze hair has been braided and pinned up, and she's dressed in jeans and a sweater underneath a black leather jacket. A glance is given all around and she smiles a little bit. "Mmmn, cookies." She might be trying to pull some cookies off of a shelf… or cupcakes, or…

"Color draws the children in. Or haven't you read Hazel and Gretel?" Velvet offers in quiet, dulcet tones. It's offered a little too sweetly, the underlying meaning hanging thick in the air. The door is held open for a moment so that the wizened can clean off the face and hand marks that have been left on the glass. "Besides, Starbucks doesn't offer goodies like these." She gestures to the higher shelves and the baked goods listed with their alcohol content. The lower shelves all seem to be for the kids, but the higher shelves are all for the grownups. And the locked case behind the counter? That's really for the grownups. "Best cookies are back there," she informs Gwen with a grin. The door swings shut behind her. "Now, good doctor. I hear you have news?"

Meanwhile, Sidney is just kind of standing around. He shoves his hands in his pockets, and is clearly listening to the conversation. Yellow eyes track Gwen as she looks around for cookies or cupcakes or goodies. Or, he may be looking for waffles all on his own, y'know? Because that's apparently what he was aiming for not five seconds ago.

"Like a corpse flower," Eddie grins at Lucas, taking in a deep breath and gesturing expansively, "it even almost smells as good. Anyway, it doesn't raise as many eyebrows as a black mass at the local graveyard." He locks up the door behind the doctor. He heads for the back of the room, stops when he passes Sidney, looks the fish up and down. "Come on, we'll find you something. Us snowflakes have to stick together. It's physics." Resuming his course for the back, he starts examining the top shelves, with the good stuff.

It's with a sniff that Lucas answers the reactions to his opinion of their latest choices of meeting place. "Yes. Quite a bit of it, actually…" A gloved hand unfurls to gesture to Velvet, head cocking just a touch to one side, "You have news as well, though? Yours might take less— explanation than mine, if you'd like to go first."

Gwen finds herself some cookies, not pot-cookies, and flops down on the floor. Flat out on the floor somewhere to the left of Velvet. A plate of cookies she has helped herself to her lap. Cookies frosted in bright pinks and blues. She starts nibbling on cookies, while looking between Lucas and Velvet.

"Indeed." Velvet glides past Lucas and makes her way back towards the counter where her rather large glass of vodka is sitting, just waiting for her. "I don't have waffles, but there are muffins?" She adds that in passing as Eddie helps Sidney look for something good to eat. Gwen confiscating an entire plate of cookies just gets a grin as Velvet scoops up her glass. "As I was telling Eddieking before you all arrived, it appears that there's still a few of us in town who are still under the effects of whatever the fugue state is. But I managed to find someone fairly coherent who informed me that the Aurelius Redoubt went up in flames. Black flames. I tried to verify the information, of course, but I couldn't get past the rubble and the nature. Acid trees are a pretty hefty deterent."

Sidney looks confused. And then upset. He draws a hand along his face slowly, and sighs, shaking his head. It's probably not because of the lack of waggles.

"Gone." Beat. "Redoubt gone." Sigh.

The enigmatic feesh mosies over to the bay window, and looks out of it. Thankfully, he does not touch it. His hands always look a little clammy, a little slimy. Kind of gross.

Eddie walks along the shelves, reading off percentages under his breath. One long gray finger squeals along the glass as he goes, after Velvet says the King word again. He arrives at the highest number and opens that display, but he seems to lose his appetite a little at Velvet's news. He only grabs one cupcake, picking apart as he talks. "AFter what we saw the other night I guess I'm not surprised. Doesn't bode well for the library. You couldn't, you know…?" His face pulls into kind of a mean squint, apparently his impression of Autumn's plant withering gaze.

"They still burn." Lucas steps along over to gaze out through one of the windows to the city beyond, hands clasping at the small of his back, the hem of his waxed leather coat twitching now and then with the flick and squirm of the many trailing tails. He's silent for a few long moments, gathering himself before he speaks once more. "The Hedge shall become the Wild Hunt's domain while the Darkest Flames burn," he says in the manner of someone quoting something, voice sonorous in the moment, "And the Hedge shall only be reclaimed through the dousing of the Flames."

Gwen quietly eats cookies. Her diamond-cut sapphire eyes shifting between Lucas and Velvet and then back. A glance is given toward Eddie and she faux-whispers toward him, "It's so creepy when he prophecizes…"

"No, I'm afraid that giant acid dripping trees are a little bit beyond my glower power, alas." Velvet offers a ruffled sigh. "Besides, venturing any further without a lot more backup would have ended in this place going up for sale." She taps the counter. The glass is brought to her lips, but it just sort of hovers there for a moment before slowly lowering as she listens to Lucas speak. Her lashes flutter for a second before the woman shakes her head to snap out of whatever that was. "Visions?" she wonders of the man. Gwen's comment gets a brow tick before she glances back to Lucas with a head tilt, studying him. "Really? I think it's kinda hot."

Sidney remains standing at the window. Quiet. Staring outside. Being his own fish.

"Backup." He half-turns his torso, looking in Velvet's direction. "Next time." He gestures at himself. "I'll go." Shrug. "Must douse Flames. The Wild Hunt, dangerous."

He turns his eyes back to the nothing that is unfolding outside. "Mm. The Wild Hunt," mumbles Sidney to himself. "Must find Kaer Morhen."

"If it gets too spooky," Eddie suggests conspiratorially, "remember he's reading them out of some old lady's horoscopes." That doesn't keep him from pulling a little notepad out of his coat and scribbling down the prophecy himself in some inscrutable shorthand. He reads it back to himself, lips working silently. "Well, my poetry ends at highschool, but that one seems pretty straightforward for Faye. The Wild Hunt, huh? Those're the ones who got the old King, way back, weren't they?" Bug eyes dart to Lucas, and he suddenly feels the need to get off that subject. "Kaer what, now?"

Lucas's lips twitch in a faint, thin line of amusement, his head tilting slightly as he looks over a leather-draped shoulder to Eddie. "Giving away all my secrets, Eddie, how dare you…" It's not actually angry, though, more the tolerant amusement of an old friend. He draws in a slow breath, then exhales it, "It was easy to find the prophecies. I've found them before. Again. And again. And again. Over the passing of years…" He looks back out the window, "There was one… core prophecy."

The lights dim, flicker like candlelight in grinning pumpkins as his mantle surges outwards for a moment, and he recites, "And the time of birds will come, the stroke of their wings will block out the sun. The world be hushed and empty. Silence, but for the flight of feathers. The world will be hushed unless the five sovereigns are one."

Gwen makes a small noise when the lights dim, and candlelight flickers around Lucas. She scoots a little bit, so she's more behind Eddie than anything else. Although after a moment she pops her head out from behind Eddie's legs and asks, "Wait.. /Five/ sovereigns? Are you sure you read that right? There's only four kings or queens…"

Velvet leans in against the counter, propping her head on her elbows as the rest of the prophecy is told. The flickering lights don't seem to bother the other Autumn in the least. She looks enthralled, maybe a little swoony. But she snaps out of it at Gwen's question, her own brows knitting together in curiosity. "Took the words right out of my mouth, Gwen. Are there the four seasons and then some sort of mecha-season?"

From the window, Sidney suggests, unhelpfully. "Uncourted King?" Whatever that means. He shivers, still looking out the window and apparently engrossed in whatever nothing is happening outside. Which is nothing, really, nothing at all.

"I'm not a mathemetician, but," Eddie trails off, gesturing at Gwen. The rest of it takes a second to sink in, and he sinks with it. He looks at the cupcake he's been picking at and makes a face and nearly drops it in the garbage. Nearly. He crams it into his pocket, instead, frosting and all. "We went through two or three sovereigns a season, sometimes, back in the old days. Maybe that's to do with it?" He doesn't like the way that fits. He tries on another one: "Or those jokes who talk up Solstice, like that's a thing?"

It seems that Lucas isn't even done yet. The Plague Doctor is just chock full of prophecies today. Someone's been busy. "And a pact will be made with the Smoking Mirror under the nocturnal sky, one life time of memories for the extension of civilization." A pause, gloved fingers flexing, "Twice blessed, and thrice cursed, the stalking horse holds the keys to the sky's downfall." His hand lowers, then, and he shakes his head slowly as the lights brighten to their normal state once more.

"I did. I don't know what it means…" He cants his head in the direction of Sidney, and Eddie, "The Solstice would be the closest that I know of, but… there's no way of knowing, yet. It remains to be deciphered."

Gwen puts her plate of cookies down onto the nearest counter and clambers up to her feet. A glance is given toward Lucas and she blinks several moments. "Twice blessed and thrice cursed. Is that maybe a loyalist that's gone back and forth on sides?" A little shake of her head is given but she pads over to FEESH. And hugs the FEESH. Because the feesh looks like he needs a hug. Lets hope he doesn't stab her.

"Excuse me a moment." Velvet glances around the room for a moment before she straightens and starts to shuffle into the back room.

Whaaaaat? Sidney tenses up when he gets hugged, and kind of twitches. His eyes go wide. His hands tighten into little fists. It's like he is afraid of being hugged — or something like that. His tension lasts for a second only, before he makes some odd meowing sound, and grumble-sighs to himself like an old lug.

"I don't like riddles." Sidney sounds apologetic. "Slow mind, quick knife." Shrug. "Still, available. My knife, available." He probably means that, if there's a fight coming or an escort needed, he's willing to serve as such. Not that he really looks like much of a guardian, mind.

"It means someone's going to get a pretty raw deal," Eddie says, grim faced. He slumps back against the wall and comes out with the notepad again, writing more slowly, now. He stabs the last line down with an air of finality and heads back behind the counter to rummage for liqueur. She can't keep it all in the back. "I don't guess," he calls out to Sidney, from out of sight down there, "you've ever thought how you'd look in a tiara, have you?"

"We may well need your knife yet," Lucas admits, his tone rather dark as he inclines his head to the fish-man, "We will not get out of this without blood… there's always blood. Always."

Gwen lets go of poof Sidney and steps away. A little shake of her head is given and she says, "There's always blood, always a little death." A hand rubs at her chest, knuckles against her sternum underneath all those layers. She frowns a moment, "Let me know if you need a healer … or someone to make you weapons. But, um. I'm not really into prophecies or research.."

"Ah." Sidney's eyes widen for a second, and he then gestures vaguely at everyone. "Prophet. Smith." He gestures around. "Knight. All of us. Go together? M-m-make party?" The fish-thing gestures between everyone, as if to suggest a connection. "Five. Good number."

"And tiara? No. Alex wears tiaras. I do not." Whoever Alex is.

"No? No, I didn't really think," Eddie mutters, making an awful racket behind the counter. "Ahah." He comes up with a little round bottle of something syrupy, made for cooking and definitely not for drinking. He twists off the cap and tucks in. "Which one am I, again?" A beat. "Don't answer that. I'm in."
Gwen shrugs her shoulders a little bit and says, "Wait… now? Want to go… to the Aurelius Redoubt now?" A glance is given about, rocking on her heels.

"I rather think we should prepare first…" Lucas's bloodied lips purse tightly for a moment, his brow furrows, "…but soon, yes. Absolutely. And as many of us as we can gather…" He brings his hand up, rubbing against the side of his face, "So much to do. But we understand too little."

That seems to be the plan. Whatever kind of plan it is.

"Orders. Preparations. Yes." Sidney nods his head. "Will sharpen knives. Look for others. Gather — gather?" And then, he gestures out the door. "Hotel Em. Blackbirds, then Alex." He frowns and rubs two fingers against his temple. "Blackbirds, then Alex."

"Maybe meet again. Soon. Two days? Plan?"

"I've got a hat, a coat, and a gun," Eddie says, not wearing a hat, "I'm about as prepared as I get. I take your meaning, though." He takes another drink of his stolen cooking liqueur, goes to set it down, then slips it into his coat. He's been drinking straight from the bottle. Nobody's going to want it anyway, right? "Two days sounds as good as anything. In the meantime, maybe I can do something about Velvet's thing. Looking for people is kind of my thing."

Speaking of Velvet. The woman steps back out from the back room, looking no worse for the wear. She grabs her glass of vodka again and takes a sip. "I am really up for anything, anytime. Just point me in a direction and I'll have my bow ready." She grins a little. "Are we talking about doing something right now?" She might sound a little excited.

"Thursday, then, we'll meet and finalize our plans…" Lucas cocks his head slightly to one side, "Does anyone know any adept dreamwalkers? Penny had a… rather clever idea, but I'm no oneiromancer, I'll be honest." He sweeps gloved fingers off to one side, "Not now, Velvet. But soon." A twitch of his lips, "Very soon."

Gwen wakes a moment and she says, "Oh. Eddie." She digs around in her pockets and pulls out a plastic baggie full of … bullets. She holds them out toward him and she says, "Um, I found these. In a drawer in the back of the clubhouse. They said 'bird slaying' on the box they were in… and um, well I imagine I made them for someone who is a better shot than I am…"

"Mm-hmm. Thursday. Hotel Em." Which is in Cherry Oak, and just down the road. Sidney looks back at Gwen, and makes moon-eyes at her for a second. Twinkle-anime-twinkle. "Thank you."

And then, the feesh-thing pulls his sweater against himself tightly, and heads on out the door.

"Thursday," Eddie says, taking a second to remember what day it is and do the math. He'd kind of lost track of that kind of thing. When it checks out, he nods. He takes the bullets from Gwen, shakes the bag, frowns. "I guess I'd still qualify at the range. Anyway, I can hold onto them until we find someone better." He opens up the bag and plucks out a bullet, holding it up between Lucas and Velvet: "You think you might learn anything useful?" Over his shoulder to Sidney, as the fish is leaving, "Stop by the laundry, again. I'd feel better if there was someone like us around when I'm not. Just in case."

"Hotel Em." Lucas's chin dips in a nod to Sidney, "I'll see you there." His hands spread briefly, and he crooks a faint smile, "Once more into the breach, eh, Eddie? Just like old times…" Despite the grimness of the doctor, there's a spark in his eyes like a candle lit somewhere behind his pupils.

"I'm going to go home and make chilli and cornbread." says Gwen, and then she's sweeping out the doors! Bye gone!

"Thursday it is. Doesn't do anything for my nerves right now though." A wistful sigh from Velvet. "Oh, that reminds me, I did get some of those birds from the other day. They were perfectly normal. But like Lucas, I am no Oneiromancer, so there could always be something someone else might be able to tell outside of my more scientific scopes." She shrugs, glancing between Eddie and Lucas, almost in offering. Who wants dead birds?

"Let's hope they don't run us out of town this time," Eddie says, and for all his grousing he can't keep a smile off his face. He rolls up the bag of bullets and shoves them somewhere in his coat. "With as many Autumns as we've got around you'd think there'd be at least one headfucker. Well. Maybe I can find us one. Velvet, you think you can make me up a list of who you ran into, and where? It'd be somewhere to start."

Lucas's dark brows lift ever so slightly. "Oh? Well…" Split lips curl in a smile as he regards Velvet, "You should bring them by my place. I'll break out my tools and we'll see what secrets I can pull from their feathers and bones."

"I have no names, but I can give you locations and descriptions at the very least. Just remember, some of them may run screaming from you like they did me. So you might draw attention." A good warning to have, at least. Lucas' invitation has the Wizened's head turning towards him, the swirling colors of her eyes settling briefly on a deep shade of lavender before returning to the swirl. "You'll have to give me the address. I'll bring them by."

"I'll make sure to put my face on before I go out, then," Eddie nods. He looks at the door, seeming antsy to leave. Probably eager to do something like his job, instead of sitting around a laundrymat. He bites down on the urge long enough to remember something, though. "I don't guess you found a body, when you were out collecting poultry? We still don't know anything about the lady in the park."

A hand dips into Lucas's coat and emerges holding an off-white business card, which he offers out to Velvet. It's an address on Baker street, with nothing else on the card at all. "I have things to do right now, but I'll see you soon," he allows, turning for the door, "Make whatever preparations you can. I don't think some mirrors and glass will do the trick this time."

"No body. There was a bit of blood though. Jack was looking more into that than I was, though. We poked into the hedge a bit, but again, everything was too thick, and we weren't going to venture too far without a group of us." Velvet offers a little shrug, hands turning palm up in a helpless sort of gesture. One of the hands reaches out to take the card with a dangerous lift in the woman's smile. "Very soon," she assures with a nod.

"If nothing steps on me," Eddie says, giving the doctor a wave. He sticks around just long enough to get that information out of Velvet, and then he darts.

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