(2018-01-16) Exposition Round Up, Pt. 2
Exposition Round Up, Pt. 2
Summary: Tyla shares the results of her research.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-16)
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Player Characters: Eddie, Jack, Tyla

| Sit n' Spin Back Room - East Port Angeles |

A small, well lit hallway leads into the back area of the building. To the right are the washrooms, to the left is perhaps a closet. The end of the hall has door marked "Employees Only" and is locked with a keypad with a key card mounted to the left of the door.

The room past the lock is an office as well as a store room. Coming from the hallway anyone entering is confronted with a maze of stacked boxes containing presumably laundry and vending machine supplies. The back of the room appears to be the "office" part of the room - there is a desk with a computer, and a small safe on the floor next to it. There is a couch back here, presumably for the employees to relax on. A small mini fridge is tucked between the couch and the desk. There are a few things off about this office area though - the computer seems to be a bit more fancy than is really needed for a coin operated laundromat, and the room feels smaller than it should be - although it is a bit difficult to tell with the shelves on the wall and the boxes taking up so much space.

It's pretty late at night, but that's okay, Tyla is a Darkling after all. Still, there is only so much cleaning and preparing one can do in a 24 hour laundromat out front. So she spends a lot of time back in her office. It's not always work though, there is a monitor so she can watch the front just in case, but right now she is playing on her beefy computer. "What the hell happened to Stormwind?" She mumbles to herself. Eddie, having a crown he keeps in the safe, has been given a keycard, as well as the passcode to get back in here. Which is probably a good thing because she isn't watching the monitor to the front at all. "And where did that moon come from?"

Eddie came back from Velvet's full of a weird energy. He went upstairs without a word, without hardly a look around, to wash his face and load his gun and put on a fresh outfit. He comes back down clean and dangerous and in a jacket that's maybe a shade closer to eggshell blue than powder, but otherwise identical. He pops into the back office with the crown in one hand, apparently meaning to drop it off before he leaves. There's a bounce in his step. His slouch is gone. Even his bruised head and busted nose doesn't seem to bother him as much. You'd almost mistake it for enthusiasm. When he spots Tyla, he even smiles that crooked smile of his. "We've got something."

There is no Azazel, not right now. No, there is only Jack. Monkey King Jack. The man hasn't been putting on airs or anything but he has been wearing the crown whenever he gets the opportunity, and sleeping with it on his bedstand. There's a knock at the door and, well. Outside it is Jack. Same suit as always, guitar strapped to his back and… no Azazel. No monkey, no pot. Zounds.

Tyla starts to cover up the screen, but then realizes Eddie isn't likely to care. She turns and beckons Eddie, then Jack both in with a smile. "You did?" She looks back and forth between the two men not sure if he means he jack, or the royal we… which could still apply. "C-come in, have a seat. I actually have something I wanted to show you g-guys t-too. Also, I have some news, I was waiting for Lucas, but it affects you both so…"

"Well, -I- don't," Eddie says, hating to admit it, "but Velvet and the Doc had some luck, and I might as well clue you in before I head out." He comes inside and looks at at a chair, pulls it out, pushes it forward, plays around with it before he can force himself to sit. Once he does he can't stop fidgeting. "What have you got? Hate to waste time telling you anything you already know."

Jack steps in, adjusting his crown with a goofy grin on his lips and a pair of finger-guns pointed at Tyla and Eddie. "Heeeeey, guys. Beautiful night, isn't it? Things are lookin' up!" Jack exclaims, closing the door behind him and leaning against the wall. "If you talked to Velvet then you probably know everything I do already, anyways."

"Well I was with Velvet when she went researching… took me researching, I should say, so I might know some of it already, but I read a lot, and I might know what's happening… or maybe how to fix it." She looks up at Jack and smiles. "Are you sure we c-can't c-convince you to put your c-crown in with Eddie's" She asks hopefully, standing up. "You know it attracts those b-birds, right?" She heads over to the back of the room, move her camera, and reaches up to one of the shelves in the back. There is a soft click, and the shelf and contents swing a little closer to the faetouched.

"If it attracts the birds then they'll come at it even if it's in the safe, right? And if it's locked up in a room we can't use it to kill the birds. Birds can't get in here… maybe, but they can peck us to death and just carry it off later." Jack explains with a knowing nod, as though he's got life figured out.

"Best night in years, as far as I know," Eddie says, agreeing with Jack for perhaps the first time on record. Then he goes and spoils it. "If she can't convince you, Velvet might have to." He gets up and puts his own crown in the safe by way of demonstration and goes back and sits down and wants to get back up again. The toes of his shoes bounce up and down on the carpet. "You haven't been reading Lucas' diaries, have you? Something about five sovereigns, any chance?"

"But Jack, if the birds just attacked the crown anyway, they would have already attacked this building while Eddie had his his the safe, and they haven't." Tyla points out and tugs on the shelf, pulling it forward. Since she's actually asked each Lost to open jars for her (the price of rent), there must be some sort of mechanism involved. She does look a little disappointed though. "Bit more than that. Velvet told you, huh?"

"Lucas, actually. He found it in his aunt's old horoscopes, believe it or not. Along with some other stuff, all of it grim." Eddie watches Tyla work her secret door with curiosity. He's pretty sure it's a secret door. He likes those, though it would have been more fun to find it himself, snooping around without permission. "Tell me your version and we'll see who's filling in who."

"I don't think locking up the crown is a good idea. It goes against the story, yeah? Winters hide, Summers fight. if I hide my crown then it'll lose its power." Jack reaches up and gives the crown a flick with his fingers, tilting it back on his head. "But it does mess up my 'do. Yeah…" That thought seems to be what is giving him pause more than anything else.

"Oh know it wasn't that… I've been looking in to Freeholds actually." She bites down on her lower lip and looks up at Jack. "And I'm not sure honestly those crowns have any power except to fight off the birds… and summon them. Anyway." She gestures to the shelf, it's a door of sorts? There is still a very heavy looking door and takes a deep breath before letting it out. "I think there actually is still a Freehold. But it's broken."

"I wasn't going to say anything," Eddie says, "but those girls that were in here earlier were laughing behind your back." He nods at Jack, or more specifically, Jack's pompadour. It's tough to tell if he's joking. He listens along to Tyla. "That jives with everything else I've heard tonight. Go on."
Jack just groans and shakes his head. "Awwww man, why you gotta say that?" Joking or not… Jack takes it seriously. Serious enough that the monkey reaches up to touch the crown thoughtfully. "But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. And what happens if things go sideways and the crown isn't on my head? Me and boss man would be okay but the rest of you might not be able to escape."

"Well I'll give you a keycard and the passcodes and combinations if you ever change you mind, okay?" She tugs a bit on the door, it is a little bit of a struggle for her but she does manage to get the shelf out of the way and open the door. She's a full on panic room going on back there, and it's very well stocked. "But if I c-can get down here I should be okay. Farmhouse t-too." She gestures at the room for the men to take a loot and bites her lower lip. "How much d-do you guys know about how freeholds are formed? I d-don't want to tell you things you already know."

"So far things only seem to go sideways when there's a crown involved. I'm starting to suspect that they're an all-in-one bait and trap. Besides," Eddie reaches inside his coat and pulls out a plastic bag full of bullets, "I've got these. Bird-killers. Magic. Gwen found them." He doesn't exactly know what they do or where they come from or how they're supposed to kill birds better than a regular bullet, but he leaves all that out. He pulls one out and hands it to Jack if he wants to take a look, then gets up to inspect the panic room. He's more interested in the door. Secret doors! "Very nice," he says, rubbing his finger down the shelf. "Uh. Not as much as maybe I should, considering what Court I used to be in. I've never had to form one. There's always been one waiting for me."

"All we do is take the crowns to a certain spot, activate them, and presto-chango we form a Freehold. How hard could that be?" Jack explains with a flippant gesture of his hand, acting like this is all common knowledge. Someone has been reading too many comic books. The contents of the panic room distract him then, his words trailing off as he wanders in. So easily distracted.

"Okay s-so… most freeholds are founded upon the principle of doing something to keep the eyes of the True Fae from falling upon us. It's either a year long thing, or seasonal. In this area this has been doing a seasonal freehold. Which means that each season the King or Queen of the season gives up their power to the next season."

"Which the ever changing power base in the area the True Fae have a harder time focusing on and finding the changelings of the area. The turning of the seasons turn the eyes of the enemies away… which would mean normally if there is a crown, it would be Winter… not quite what you guys have. it's not tangible, really." Tyla explains, a lot calmer than she normally is.

Eddie nods along. "Liska said the same thing about the crown, not that anybody seemed to listen to him." He's a little sore about it. "And the rest of it matches what I remember from Autumn finishing school. Voluntary exchange of power, stupid titles, all the rest of it. Keep going."

"That's not important, though. What matters is that these dealies work when we need 'em to work." Jack says as he looks over more of the fare the panic room has to offer. He nods approvingly. "If it was an actual seasonal crown, dang, I wouldn't want anything to do with it. This lets me feel like a king without any of the responsibility so… shucks. I'm gonna enjoy it."

Tyla gives a little nod to Jack and laughs. "Okay, fair enough. B-but if B-birds d-do start dive bombing is again, would you at least think about putting the crown in the safe wtih Eddie's, at least while you are here? I'll even t-take a picture of you with it, so you can show it off and n-not mess up your hair?" Tyla offers, then nods to Eddie.

"I listened. But the thing is, there had to be a pledge. It's Sworn by changelings, fae-touched, and enchanted humans of the area. But we would also know if we had sworn one. Which is why I think there is one, but broken." She takes a deep breath and heads over to the desk again. "There's more t-too."

"Broken. As in a broken pledge?" Eddie asks. He tries to think back seven years, to what the pledge was, then. He shakes his head. They went through so many, and he wasn't even around, at the end. "That's an angle. But I better let you finish before I start making any guesses."

"If things get worse I'll put the crown up… somewhere safe. Azazel can hide it for me. He's pretty good at hiding things." Jack says as he adjusts his crown again, giving it a thumb with his fingernail to hear the 'ting'.

Tyla flushes purple. "Oh n-no! The pledge isn't broken. If it was we would know about it. We would feel it… t-trust me." Tyla says quietly fishing Jack's card out of the desk drawer…and also a joint, looking visibly shaken and not nearly as calm as she was before when explaining things. "I think the freehold itself is broken.

So when the pledge is made, it's pledge with the Wyrd right? Or maybe sometimes a force? It's how you g-guys learn contracts. You make a little deal with that esoteric force… Like if it involves fire, you actually commune with… fire. I have a little bit of magic, but not enough to ever learn contracts." Tyla adds as an aside. "I think maybe it's really, REALLY rare, but I think we pledged with something other than the Wyrd so that we could hide from the True Fae? I d-don't know anything about the crowns. S-sorry."

"That's not a bad idea," Eddie says to Jack, a little surprised. At Jack for having it and himself for saying so. "I'm not in love with the idea of having them in one box some ogre could pull out of the wall and walk off with. No offense, Tyla. You've got good security, but eggs, baskets, all that." He listens to the rest of what Tyla has to say, rubs his chin, and shrugs. "It could be. You had the right idea, to tell Lucas. He knows more about that kind of thing than me. He knows more about that kind of thing than nearly anybody. I'll pass it along, if I see him before you do. Anything else, or is it my turn? You probably know most of it already, you've been out working while I've been kicking back at chez Sit'n'Spin."

"I found some bloody cloth. Blue plaid. Whoever passed off the crown survived the attack but is probably off bleeding in some alley somewhere and needs help." Jack adds out of nowhere, like the worst possibly segue. "So uh, if anyone wants to help track them down. That's a little more important than worrying about Pledges." He coughs then, breaking into a disarming grin. "No offense. I'm sure you both agree."

"N-no, none taken. I always said it was g-good against p-people. I understand. You're both still are welcome to stay here." Tyla offers with a smile and looks down at the joint, but then up quickly at Jack. "Oh n-no! I c-can try to help but I'm n-not very good at urban tracking. I have some survival skills but n-not in towns. I d-don't even know who … well maybe might kn-know someone, if they are even still here…"

"I don't." Simple as that and cold as Winter. "We need a Freehold, before we all end up back on the wrong side of the Hedge. We need to find out why we don't have one to do that. That's bigger than one person, whoever she is." Eddie doesn't enjoy saying any of that, but he says it, and he waits a second to make sure it sinks in. "But if you show me what you've got and where you found it, I can help. Finding people is what I do. That's what I wanted to talk about. There's more of us out there, still frozen up, the way we were. I'm going to find them."

"I've got the cloth up in my room… and I'm gonna find that person before I help out with anything else." Jack says with a wry smile. "What good is a Freehold if we don't protect people? Me and boss man got no interest in being part of that kind of gig." The man says as he scratches at his cheek thoughtfully.

"B-because the Freehold protects all of us. Weren't you listening to anything I said? It helps hide us all, Jack. Personally I would rather die than be t-taken again. And I d-din't have it as bad as you guys." She looks over at Eddie still rolling the joint in her fingers. "That's another reason to think there is a Freehold but it's…wonky. N-no Keepers wandering around. Maybe everything was so overgrown as a defence?" She bites her lower lip. "I'll try to t-talk to Lucas though, what about five crowns? There are four seasons."

Eddie eyeballs Jack, hard. He's got eyeballs to spare. Then he rocks back on his heels and shrugs, letting it go. "Like the lady says, the Freehold protects everybody. And if you slow things up, it won't be me you have to deal with. I'll take a look at the cloth before I leave, see what I can't run down while I'm out. If nothing else I can ride back out to Elwha and play scent-hound." He rubs his poor nose, and hopes it's up to the job. He nods at Tyla, holding out for fingers, then sticking out the thumb. "Five. Don't ask me how the math works out. Maybe those Solstice idiots are on to something."

"One last thing. You heard about the Redoubt? Gone. Nix, the Redoubt. We're meeting up again in two days to plan our next move and maybe pick through the ruins."

"Well I'll leave it to you guys to do the planning. Maybe include boss man, yeah? He can tell me what everyone decides and I'll just show up to lend a hand." Jack doesn't notice the eyeballing. He seems oblivious to any sort of criticism, brushing it off with an easy grin. "In the meantime, I need to get my beauty sleep. Wake me up if you need me."

"I'm just here. I read books well. Tyla offers and leans down to the mini fridge and gets out a sandwich and hands it to Jack as he's leaving. "For Boss man?" She offers. "I'll p-probably be here. Whenever."

"Yeah," Eddie says, "you look like you need it. 'Night, Jack." Mean. "By the way, there's going to be a guy around, about yea high, looks like a fish. He's Winter. I asked him to help watch the crown while I'm out, in case I get stepped on by an elephant or anything. I'm gonna go get to work, now, I've been cooling my heels too long." He heads for the door.

Jack takes the sandwich, giving it a little wave with his hand. "I'll be sure he gets it. He's gonna be a chubby little guy at this rate. You're too good to him." He stuffs it in his pocket, turning towards the door to leave at the same time as Eddie. "Got it, don't fry any fish." And then he's gone!

Tyla says, "Oh I know Sidney! He was going to make me sushi! He's still around?"

Eddie pauses at the door. "You know, I didn't get his name? Huh." He rubs his chin and goes out the door, pondering that.

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