(2018-01-18) Stumbling Blind
Stumbling Blind
Summary: Two thirds of the Winter Court meet in an alleyway, more or less by accident.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-18)
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Player Characters: Eddie, Fie

It's a weird time to be a Changeling in Port Angeles. Seven years of missing friends and faded memories and not even a Freehold for protection. And now on top of it all, there's someone following Fie as she makes her daily rounds, a little gray man in a gray coat, barely visible sometimes, in this weather. Eddie Brundle has been tailing her for a couple of blocks, now, not doing a particularly careful job of it for a private eye, or a Winter courtier, for that matter. Like he doesn't expect her to notice him.

Weird is the word, and waking up from seven years of lost memories without any of those from her Motley has been weird for Fie. She has been wandering around the town for a time now, ducking into shops when the people became too much. She is petite, slim, and tends to fade into the background, sometimes vanishing entirely if someone pays her too much attention. She takes a turn now, stepping into an alleyway, and once out of his view, she vanishes from sight, waiting there, hidden from the naked eye, waiting for him, her head tilted slightly, her hand raised for her to nibble on her cuff, the gesture nervous.

"Shit," Eddie mutters, losing sight of her. He draws up his coat and picks up the pace, trying to catch up. No good, too late. He's a little out of breath by the time he gets to the alley. "Quit smoking so much, Brundle," he grumbles. He looks up the street, the way they were going, then back the way he came. Nothing for it. Into the alley. "Hello? Come on, I know you made me, you can't be one of bunnies still stumbling blind. You're awake and I'm awake. Let's talk."

Fie glimmers back into view, her head tilted, her eyes narrowed, the blue brilliant in her pale face. There is a layer of frost on her cheek as she studies him. "So talk." Her voice is low, soft, almost lilting. "You followed me. Do you mean harm?" The wariness is there, written loud in her face, her fingers at her lips again, the sleeve of her top pulled over her hand. Around one of her eyes, the bright colours glitter with ice.

"If I did, I hope I'd be a little smoother about it than this," Eddie says, keeping his hands down, palms out. Empty hands. He doesn't come any closer, just looks her up and down from the mouth of the alley. "I didn't figure you'd— look, it's tough to explain. There's some of us around who still haven't snapped out of it. I thought you were one of them. But you're not ignoring me, and you're not screaming, so I guess not."

Fie's lips tug up slightly at the corners, her eyes glittering with amusement. "You are seeking our kind out. I met one, he has a shop but does never wish to sell things." She makes the observation with that amused tone matching her eyes. "You thought I needed waking. I was looking for a place to…" She hesitates, the smile vanishing as abruptly as it came, "To be. My Motley is missing. All of them, as far as I can see." The words sound lost, her uncertainty showing.

"Waking's not my department. I'm just kind of making up a list." Eddie nearly reaches into his coat to pull out his notebook, but he thinks better of it. He lets his hand fall back down, slowly. "I know the feeling," he says, sounding sorry for himself as much as for her, and he doesn't seem to know quite what to say after that. Then it hits him, and he snaps his fingers. "You're Winter, right?" He screws up his face a little, gives his Mantle a prod. It's nothing too impressive. Kind of hard to pick out against the actual weather. But it's there. "Me too. That's something, right? I'm the one who's been leaving things at the drop offs."

"And checking it twice?" That glimmer of amusement rises again, her lips curving at the corners once more. "I am Winter." She hesitates, before she adds softly, "I am Fie. And then there were two, at least. Are there others?" She nudges her Mantle, waking it, that touch of winter showing mostly in the glimmer of frost on her skin. "Do you know what happened? Why did the memories go?"

"I met another guy the other night. I think he's a guy, anyway. About yea tall," Eddie holds up one hand a little below head height, "kind of weird, looks like a fish. Not much of a talker, though." The rest of it he's not so eager to disclose. He stands there a minute appraising her, like a guy at the tracks judging a racehorse. He decides to take the gamble. "We don't know all of it yet. But we're figuring it out. Me, and some other folks. Autumn, mostly." He rolls his eyes. "What's new, in this town? I guess I shouldn't complain. They know their stuff. The nearest I can tell, though? We made a deal, to hide from something. I guess we must have broke it, or we're just at the end of the contract."

Fie giggles. It is definitely a giggle, and her smile is a real one, just for an instant, lighting up her face with all the warmth of a cold winter day. "Fish don't talk much." She leans against the alleyway wall, her hand still lifted to her lips, her fingers almost touching them. The smile vanishes though as he talks, her blue eyes studying him, the sober expression turning thoughtful. "Autumn." She repeats the word with a wrinkle of her nose. "Liska. I met Liska." She provides that information cautiously, hesitating before she asks, "Are there safe places to be?"

Eddie seems to relax a little, first at the laugh, then at that name. "Yeah, I know Liska. Well. I've met him, anyway. He took a look at… something." Whatever something that is tenses him back up, and he gives her that racetrack look again. He must have decided she's a winner, though. "We've been working out of the Sit'n'Spin. You know, the laundry? Owner's a kind of a cousin of ours, there's apartments up top, it just kind of worked out that way. Swing by some time. Look, I'm going to reach into my pocket. Don't shoot me, okay?"

Her eyes narrow slightly, returning his assessing look with one of her own, "I know it…" She tenses slightly at his words though, tilting her head, seeming to fade slightly into shadows for an instant. "I won't." She hesitates before she states softly, factually, "I don't have a weapon." Her forehead creases slightly, the faintest worried air about it.

"Yeah? We'll have to fix that." He reaches into his pocket, slowly, and comes out with a rumpled wad of paper. He unwads it, smooths it out the best he can, holds it out by the edge so she can get a look or take it without having to come in arms reach. It's a drawing of a crown, a pretty good one, even. There's some mustard stains, too, but that's probably not the important part. "Onyx," he says, "Onyx and silver. The seasonal fashion. I've been babysitting it about a week now, with no other Winters around."
"The real one, not the paper one," he adds.

Fie moves forward slowly, her eyes widening as she approaches, her gaze fixed on the paper. "Is that…" She speaks the words hesitantly, her hand reaching out slightly, cautiously, as if the paper might bite her, tensed to jump back. "It is…. isn't it?" The words are whispered, her gaze finally lifting up to his face, the blue eyes wide. "Oh my." A soft whisper, and she shakes her head slightly. "What do we do?"

"Wish I knew," Eddie says, a little morosely. "We're still putting it all together. It's not the only one, even. Found one just like it done up in iron not long after. And then last night in leaden mirrors. I guess the next one'll be… I don't know, latex rubber, whatever it is Spring is supposed to like." He lets her have the drawing, if she wants. He's got more. "I could use some help with -this- one, though, if you could come by and kind of keep an eye on things every once in a while. It's important, and it needs a Winter to work it, and I'd feel better knowing there's one around in case I get hit by a schoolbus or something."

Fie takes the picture, holding it gingerly, as if it might explode. His comment about latex rubber takes a moment to sink in, and then she shoots him that abrupt, bright smile, just for an instant. "I will come. I have nowhere else to go, or to be." She lifts one shoulder slightly, accepting the situation for what it is. "The Sit'n'Spin, yes?" She hesitates for a moment before she tucks the paper into her pocket, almost hugging it to herself for that instant. "I'll come soon. I want to look for my Motley, just a little longer…" Hope lives eternal, and Fie takes a step back, vanishing into the shadows until she is faded from view.

Eddie watches her disappear with a sort of vague professional interest. He wishes he could do that. "Good luck," he says, after he's pretty sure she's gone anyway, and heads back out onto the streets. Always more work.

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