(2018-01-22) Summer Fight!
Log Title
Summary: A relaxing evening on the farm turns into a tense confrontation. Shots are fired, pledges are made.
Date: 2018-01-22
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Player Characters: Denver, Eddie, Grayson, Jack, Tyla

| Yard - Farmhouse - The Flower Garden - East of PA |

Even when coming up the dirt road that leads onto the property, the rolling hills that can be seen in the background are easily viewed. It's a fairly open space that this farmhouse, greenhouses and shop sit upon, the area just outside of the city, yet feeling as though it were hours away. Sitting back along the property is the farmhouse, the windows sparkling whenever sunlight hits against them and the wrap-around porch offering an inviting place for people to sit and enjoy the view. Several tall trees are spaced around the house, their branches stretching out so that shade is offered over it, serving as homes to birds and wildlife that can be heard during the day. What used to be the garage has been converted into the florists shop, the door usually left open on the days where the weather allows it. Buckets of flowers and ready-made bouquets sit on either side of the door, waiting for people to sort through them.

There's not much grass visible in the front yard, instead replaced with gardens to either side of the driveway, the blooms of flowers vibrant during the warmer months. The garden on the right side is strictly flowers and flowering shrugs, lilacs and rosebushes easily visible, their scents mingling together. Flowers are clumped together, the various blooms changing with the months, yet all of them looking well-tended.

To the left of the driveway is a vegetable garden, each row neatly planted, the plants that flourish looking healthy and rather large. The leafy greens of carrot tops and lettuce take up one area, along with tall tomato plants, the fruit that hangs from it varying from greens to reds. Tall stalks of corn can be seen, as well, along with sunflowers, their heads turned toward the sunlight, their seeds offered up as feed for the various birds that visit the yard. The foot of the garden has been planted with lush herbs, their smells mixing together, growing together in an almost wild look.

Further to the right are several greenhouses that take up a fair portion of space, the doors always kept closed to care for the plantlife that is inside, the stages of life varying from newly grown sprouts to blooming flowers. Slightly behind the greenhouses there is an old barn, it's kept in decent condition; painted the same color as the house and it's trim.

The backyard is fenced in with a six foot tall fence, painted the same color as the trimmings on the house. A gate opens up into the well maintained back yard. There is a small patio with a barbecue, an above ground pool, with an attached jaccuzzi.

Even Tyla gets tired of the laundromat every so often, and she does actually have other businesses around as well. There is a working flower shop attached to the house, for example! Tyla has been working in one of the greenhouses, though the gloves have been set aside, she's managed to get some dirt smudged on her forehead. Since it's just grey and not wet, she's decided to cook on the barbecue tonight. Looks like she's making pizza. There's a couple of empty beer bottles also on the table, and an open bottle of vodka.

"We should really roll a rock in front of that." Eddie is trying to relax. Really, he is. It's been a wild couple of weeks and he's been sleeping maybe one night out of three, spending the rest of his time out hunting Lost or running down Jack's dead girl or teaching Grayson about pants, and at this rate he's not going to be much use to anybody. So when Tyla mentioned heading to the farmhouse, he was all in. There's booze at the farmhouse, and no humans coming in and out, and no laundry fumes. It seemed like the perfect evening. But there's also a hedge gate. Now that he's here he's just sitting there, perched on the edge of the table, staring at that dead tree. "Park a car in front of it. Something."

It's all gravy to Grayson. Somehow, Velvet has not let him go exploring on his own. Not sure that's a good idea, but more than likely he sneaks out past her. To go wandering. Also, probably a terrible idea. He might have stopped by the laundromat and found no one there, so his meanderings have brought him to his last familiar location. The origins, the beginning and the end. The Farmhouse. At the heart of Grayson, he is what you would expect from a Spring, a kind, kind soul. When he's not terrified. So the fact that he met Denver along the way and has her in tow should surprise anyone. Nor should it probably surprise anyone that he has invited her to come along and come on in to a place he has no business doing so. Talking to the fire woman but also keeping a safe distance. "This is Tyla's. You met Tyla." He goes on to describe the woman in vivid detail. Maybe too much. And he has taken someone's advice. His clothes are simple. A white t-shirt, very light with Spider-man on the front. He must have picked it out. His pants, some track pants, and some sneakers. All brand new. But they look odd on him, like it doesn't fit him at all. Then they are walking in the yard and he falls silent. Maybe he didn't expect anyone to be here either.

"I remember her. You both were willing to let me throw you." Denver's voice is easy to pick up on, loud and filled with energy, like it bubbles under the surface. This time, the woman is without that massive sword on her back, which probably helped make her a little more approachable for poor Grayson. "I like that in people." She's dressed in her own typical fashion, blue jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt with some sort of insult stretched across the front of it. She pauses in step with Grayson as they reach the yard. Crimson eyes lift to catch sight of Eddie and Tyla, a hand raising in greeting. "Evening, folks."

"It was a Hollow, once." Tyla explains taking a sip of her beer. "I want to get it back that way again. Maybe?" She looks over to the burnt out tree. She hears people approaching and looks over in the direction of the driveway. "Guess I better put another couple of pizzas on?" To Eddie, then she raises her voice and calls out a bit. "Hello. Anyone need a drink or something?" She's oddly chill, and not stuttering at all. Her eyes are maybe a little red too?

"Or run over it with a bulldozer," Eddie suggests, almost dreamily. Tyla's point about the Hollow doesn't seem to penetrate. "Or light it on fire." Oh. Speaking of fire. He waves half-heartedly to Denver, spotting her first, then does a little double-take when he spots Grayson. Taking in the new duds, he shoots the Wizened a thumbs up. Both thumbs, all three joints. Then it's back to the tree. "Maybe fill it in with concrete. Pizza's good."

Grayson doesn't look particularly comfortable in his new clothes. He pulls at the shirt a little, and adjusts the pants several times, but he's trying. Besides his only other option at this point is worse than his sheer clothing. No one wants to see that. He bobs his head to Tyla and then to Eddie. He seems to catch the tail end of the conversation, but seems to be missing what they are referring to. His brow furrows and he either misses Tyla's question about the drink or doesn't respond for some reason. The approval from Eddie though? That causes the Spring to smile that manufactured, perfect smile of his for just the briefest of moments and then he's quelling it to nothingness.

"What are we running over with a bulldozer or lighting on fire?" Denver's eyes light up because that honestly just sounds like a good time. She reaches out to roughly pat Grayson on the back before stepping up closer towards the others. "Grayson here invited me to come along, I hope that's alright? Haven't seen anyone but Mister Quiet since our little excursion into the Hedge, and I was starting to get worried." She bobs her head at the mention of a drink. "You guys end up finding that Finn dude after everything?"

"Yeah it's cool. Beer in the minifridge if you want, strong in the bar." Tyla offers. "I'm making pizza in my egg, if you want that as well. No throwing people though, if you don't mind." She says with a smile to Denver. She even takes a little step closer towards Grayson to maybe give him a hug hello, but she doesn't know him well enough yet for awkward hugs. The smile drops when she looks back at Eddie though. "That hollow, is the last thing I have to remember my… relative, and what happened to me when I lost my seeming. I don't want to loose it. No blowing it up. Or I will cut you. I don't know how, but I will." Tyla says about as menacingly as a shiver wet kitten. So super tough for her!

"The big guy's still around?" Eddie asks, mention of Mr. Quiet pulling his attention from the tree. "Probably hasn't left the Princess this whole time." He smiles a little, and it's not forced or smug or anything. The thought of that terrifying ogre lurking around the probably haunted theater seems to lift his spirits. He raises both hands to Tyla, palms out in surrender. "Just thinking wishful thoughts. Wouldn't matter if we knocked it down, really. Any door's a gate, if someone wants it to be, I guess." He hops down from the table and heads for the minifridge, fishing out a couple of beers, tossing one to Denver if she seems to want it.

Grayson is curious himself about Finn and the rest when Denver mentions it, though he doesn't actually ask any questions or add to it. He's oddly silent. He sort of walks around the edge of the yard as he comes further in. Then Tyla is approaching as he remains stock still for the moment, unsure what is happening. An impending hug might be terrifying, but thankfully it doesn't come. He hugs himself in defense. Finally, he speaks a word in the yard. "Sharp knife. Achilles heel. Very effective." Okay, that's dark as hell. And that came from the Spring. "Does he have an Achilles heel?" It's all said just so matter-of-factly. A look between Eddie and Denver curiously, but no further words.

"i could totally let you use my sword to cut him?" Denver offers before she gives Tyla a once over, reaching out to give her upper arms a little pinch. "I might have to help you lift it though. I could swing you while you hold the sword?" Maybe she just really wants to manhandle someone, all this talk of lifting and throwing. "Yeah. He said he's been there, but that he can't remember? Mentioned a lot of weird shit, including something about a Bird-lady that might need to be beaten back into hiding?" The fire in her hair flames upwards, ungulfing it all into an almost lava-like state. "But he wasn't the best at coherant sentance structure." She catches the beer out of the air and cracks it open. "Can ya'll give me a better idea of what's up?" Grayson gets an odd look for a moment before she studies Eddie's ankles. "I'd say he's got one, yeah."

And then there was Jack. He probably got an invite to show up randomly… but it's also possible he's just ambling along mindlessly like some kind of rock'n'roll zombie. Either way, the man is here dressed in his usual suit. Azazel is on his shoulder, dressed in a matching one. The little guy is moving up in the world. Jack's got one hand holding the strap of his guitar and seems to be in conversation as he approaches. "So, yeah. Yeah. I don't think she's into you, man. Maybe you've just gotta lay it on thicker? Really butter her biscuit." He offers helpfully to his stoic capuchin companion. Once he's closer to the others, well. Jack raises his hand in greeting, throwing up a fist in true Summerly fashion.

"Fuck that bird." Tyla says with a scowl, then just shakes her head at Denver, and then Grayson. "I'll keep that in mine if I ever have to cut someone. I'm pretty sure Eddie has an Achilles heel." She hears Jack approach and gives a wave. "Hey Jack, Azazel. Beer? Pizza should be ready. Uh… can someone run in and get more plates and glasses, please?" The faetouched asks as she gets out of those pizza boards and heads to the the green barbecue. "You're going to need to be a little more specific with what's going on." Tyla says to Denver. "Lots. But we don't know half… maybe a third of it."

"Sure I do," Eddie answers Grayson, clutching his beer to his heart, "I'm a sucker for a pretty face." He twists open his beer and flicks away the cap, grinning. He might just be heel through-and-through. "Big guy's not much of a talker, but if you ever need someone to move around a piano, or somebody's spine, he's your man. Bird's a problem, no doubt. You heard us talking about the crowns the other night, yeah?" And speaking of crowns. Jack gets a beer bottle salute. "Jughead."

Grayson continues to move around the outside of the gathering, just listening and watching. Eyes going back to Eddie as everyone confirms he has an Achilles heel. A nod, as if in affirmation to the knowledge he has departed on Tyla. Almost proud of himself for a moment. Then jack is here and he's looking that man's way, giving him a nod and watching him and the monkey curiously as they talk to each other. Or one talks, anyway. The Achilles reference goes way over his head. Then Tyla is asking someone to get things. There's not even an answer and Grayson is practically sprinting inside. Apparently he'll get it.

"I can move my own pianos." There's a grin on the woman's face before she takes a couple of long chugs of beer. "He and I are gonna spar soon. It's gonna be a real show stopper. You should be there. Mayb eget you a cheerleader outfit and one of those little pendant flags you can wave around." That's to Eddie before Tyla's vehemence draws her attention like a moth to a flame. "I don't really know how to be more specific when asking about stuff I don't know anything about." Denver seems genuinely confused for a moment. "I guess I wanna know all of it. Especially if there's a Gentry poking it's head out here. Never got the chance to punch one, but man am I itching to." Another Summer mantle in the mix has her glancing towards man and monkey. "Sup?"

Jack's not just any Summer, no! He's wearing a Summery looking crown that is not a Summer Crown. But it looks distinctly summerish. He's even got it positioned so it doesn't mess with his pompadour. Eddie words draw a grin from Jack and a thumbs up as he moves to fetch himself a beer, passing it over to Azazel. The monkey on his shoulder gives it a couple taps with his finger before he holds it in both hands, bringing it to his lips. "Whoa now, sparring is dangerous. Someone might get hurt! Let's leave the fighting to when we need to. Make music, not war." He chuckles out, not getting a drink for himself yet. "So what'd I miss? We got new faces?"

Tyla is baking a pizza on the barbecue, it's a whole oven thing going on. She could probably do a chicken or maybe a turkey in there. she doesn't have too far to go to get the pizza to the table and settles it on a cooling rack. All the meats, and then some extra meat added in. There's all sorts of extras on the table, just not quite enough plates when it was just her and Eddie. "Lots of new people." She says happily. "Oh, and we found Finn. He came in last night. Got a little cut up, looked liked but okay. He came back a few months ago then can't remember. Hey!" Tyla looks over at the other woman. "Why did you come here?" It's almost an accusation. Tyla may or may not be stoned.

"Well, ring ahead, so I can shave my legs," Eddie deadpans. He sips his beer, drinking prettier than he eats, at least. "Jack, Denver, Azazel." He points at all the right people by way of introduction. "We got eaten by a plant, but it's fine now. Are you sure you've got the right hat? Sometimes I think you'd look better with something in the way of antlers." A pack of cigarettes are produced, offered around to whoever wants one, monkey first. He strikes a match with his thumbnail and lights up, watching Tyla's sudden paranoia with open amusement.

Grayson returns after a lot of noise and some time. Ty'a's kitchen might be less a glass or two. But he cleaned up all the evidence. Not a shard to be found. Now he comes back out balancing glasses on plates and walking gingerly back to a table to set them down and out. He notes as he passes Tyla. "We saw on the cameras." Whatever that means. Finally having places all the rest of the plates and cups very neatly, he goes back to his silence. Listening and learning, this seems to be the best way to do that. Though his face wears an array of emotions from confusion to a slight frown.

The grin on Denver's face starts to fade as Jack speaks, a look of distaste spreading quickly in its stead. "That's the dumbest thing I think I've ever heard another Summer say in my entire life. Sparring keeps your skills sharp and makes sure that when a fight comes, you're ready. What, you gonna lullaby a Gentry into submission?" Eddie's comment about antlers gets a lift of the woman's beer in his direction. "Glad I'm not the only one who thought that was some Spring shit to say. But yeah, you mentioned the crowns. Gotta ask why homeboy over here is wearing one in the Winter's season, though." The lava of her hair is roiling quickly, heat eminating off of her. Tyla's question catches her off guard for a second. "Uh, cause things are screwy and I wanted to know why?"

Jack doesn't look phased at all by the jabs. If anything the man just grins a little harder. "Every army's gotta have a bard, baby. It doesn't hurt that I'm always the first one in and the last one out in a fight, either." The man shrugs, tugging at his guitar strap demonstratively, the case giving a shake. "Is it a guitar? Is it a sword? Maybe it's a boquet of flowers and some booze! Or it might be, if I was Spring enough. Gotta lighten up a little, folks."

"Thank you, Grayson." Tyla says and gives him a small smile, but then she's looking over at Denver shaking her head. "No I mean here, in town. Were you here, or did you come here?" She asks as she starts cutting up the pizza with a pizza cutter shaped like The Enterprise. "Did you need to come here? It's all part of the thing." She explains and then nods to Grayson. "Yeah, he would have been on the cameras HEY WAIT A MINUTE!" She turns and glares at Eddie, and waves the pizza cutter at him.

"I've got one, too," Eddie says. He sticks his thumb in his mouth and blows, wiggling out his other fingers, and his Mantle stirs. There's not much to it, but it's Winter, alright. "Left it back home. It messes with my hair. The short version is, there's five of them floating around, and when to get them all together and do the secret handshake it solves all our problems. The long version is, hell if I know." He takes a long drag off his cigarette and blows it out his nose, looking briefly back to the tree. "He has got a sword," he offers, conciliatory, "Probably even knows which end to stick people with." Then he's getting yelled at. He gives Tyla one of his rare blinks. "What?" Innocent, like.

Grayson looks to Denver, as if trying to explain. "When I as…when, um?" He starts again, taking a little breath. "Something pulled me here. I think she means this. Did you feel a pull or were you here for a long time?" A nod to Tyla, a rather emphatic one as she says thank you. Then he gets Eddie in trouble, so to speak and he frowns. It wans't his intent, he was trying to be helpful. He looks to Eddie to see if he might be mad and then back. He slips to the background again, quietly. Kneeling down and running his hand over the ground oddly.

Tyla and Grayson's explanations get a headbob from Denver. "Ooooh. Yeah, no. I got to town a couple of days ago. I was clear across the country, and I couldn't shake this pull. Impossible time sleeping, it was horrible. It stopped when I got here, but everything else has been weird as hell since I arrived." Jack gets a roll of her eyes. "No way I'd be letting your hippy ass cover my retreat," she snorts. The explanation about the crowns has her considering thigns for a moment, eyes narrowing. "So you're saying that a key piece of fixing the local issues is currently being worn like some kind of accessory instead of being safely locked up away from potential threats?"

"A Summer, retreating? Man, the Court has gotten soft since all this went down." Jack doesn't show any malice in his words. It's Azazel on his shoulder who lowers his beer, takes a good, long look at Denver and… 'Buuuuuurp.' He thumps his little chest and then goes back to drinking his beer. "Summers don't hide and Summers don't run away, baby. I wear it to keep it safe. I'm sure the Winter one is hidden away."

When Eddie says what, Tyla turns and waggles the pizza cutter at Jack. "Only the two of you knew. So how'd he see? Why did you come later, hmm? Because Eddie's been here, so it was one of you. Did you give Azazel the card and code?" She flails the cutter again at Jack. She seems cool with the monkey though. "That could have been private stuff!"

"I'm betting all the ones they've found except for that one are locked away. Because that's the smart thing to do. If you wanted to keep it safe, you wouldn't be wearing it around and flaunting it like an egotistical little princess. You could have it on your person without wearing it for the world to see." The beer can is set down as the tinyogre starts to stalk towards Jack, getting right up into his face. "Protection isn't just our job, it's our fucking duty, man. I do not hide, I do not back down. But I do do what is needed for the safety and wellbeing of my people." Which apparently they are now. "Keeping that crown on your head and saying that it's to protect it? That's bullshit and it's pure ego. You are not a Summer King and you are not acting in the best interest of those that rely on you." She looks like she's about to slap that crown right off of his head.

Denver stomps up to Jack and… Azazel just screeches. He's got some kind of spider(monkey) senses going on because he's launching his beer to the side and pointing at the approaching woman like she's bringing the fire and the fury. Denver will feel her vision rapidly begin to fade away to darkness as the little monkey in a suit waves its arms around like a drunken muppet.

Jack can see the danger of the approaching woman. He does a quick double-step back, hands up in a defensive stance as he prepares to, well, defend himself. "Whoa, baby, you don't stomp up on a man like that unless you wanna hit him or screw him and I'm all outta rubbers!"

Grayson's head comes up again from where he is one the ground now, sitting like some hobo, playing with snow and dirt and dead grass underneath. It's like he can sense the tone suddenly. Eyes flicker between Denver and Jack, concerned. Then to Tyla and Eddie, more concern. A different kind though, as if that was caused by him. It was. His hands start the cleaning nervously. He's seen people die like this. He was just trying to help. He starts to stand. The meek little man frowns deeply. It's all meant for the two summers. He's never raised his voice past a normal level. "STOP FIGHTING!" And then, nothing. He's surprised himself. He looks around as if expecting that to have come from someone else. A couple steps back are taken.

"Shit." Eddie forgets all about Tyla menacing him with the Millenium Falcon and steps forward, trying to put his scrawny frame between the Summer Fight and everyone else. He really looks like he'd like to stay out of this. "Shit."


You don't need to be able to see to tell what that was, the smell of gunpowder filling the air. Nobody's bleeding, at least not yet. Warning shot? Not a very Winter move, but what are you going to do. "Let's all keep our hands to ourselves, and stop grabbing at crowns before anyone needs a new head to wear it with. Jack might be about the dumbest man alive, but he's been wearing it for a week and you're the first one to try and take it from him. I don't know who the hell you are. None of us do."

Damn monkey! There's a growl of annoyance as Denver gets something flung into her face, her eyes suddenly going dark. "What was that you just said about hiding, you coward? Need a monkey to fight your battles for you?" She slowly growls as she goes very still, eyes still open but staring blindly as she focuses on sound. Which is terrible timing as the gun suddenly goes off, forcing her shoulders to bunch, and the growl to grow louder. "Just because he's been lucky for a week doesn't mean shit, fly-boy. Who the hell I am is the woman who was willing to lead the charge to reclaim one of the local Lost that you were content to let die. Who I am is a Summer who's concerned that another summer's need to be seen wearing a crown is more important to him than the protection of the Lost. I got dragged here for a reason, and I'm starting to think it's because my court-mate is a fucking idiot and nobody is doing anything about it." She's just sort of yelling since her ears are ringing now and she can't tell where people are. "You're the ones who said that it's important. And you're letting it be pranced around in like it's just some hedgespun prop. I don't care who takes it from him, but it needs to be respected and it needs to be safe. Right now, it isn't either of those things."

Azazel hops from Jack's shoulder and reaches into his jacket, pulling out a straight razor. He flicks it open, twirling the blade between his fingers. "Alright then, girlie." A deep, gravelly tone comes from the small creature, surprisingly road-worn for such a cute face. "This crown's protected." Still, the monkey makes no move to attack. He just begins to circle silently to one side, stepping softly in the grass.

Well Tyla is sober now. Or at least appears to be anyway. It's hard to tell when her eyes all but go completely black and her hair starts whipping restlessly about her head and flickering like inky black flames making her look a little bigger, like a puffer fish but black fire hair. She's dropped the pizza cutter and is reaching for her phone.

"This. Is. MY. Home." Tyla says with no hint of her stutter. In fact, Grayson has heard Tyla use that tone of voice before, but that was at least kind, more encouraging. This tone though should leave no question in anyone's mind. "Jack is MY guest here, and you will not take anything from him here. Do you understand?"

Tyla doesn't wait for an answer though, she just holds up her hand and starts dialing on the phone, when she speaks her voice is pleasant and warm, but her hair is still wildly poofing out. "Hi, yes, police? This is Tyla Wilson." She gives her address. "I just wanted to call in because I'm such a dummy, I forgot." She laughs into the phone. "I'm doing target practice out here, and you know how it echos, especially with all the trees and no leaves. Just wanted to let you guys know in case anyone calls concerned. I should be on file, concealed carry permit too." She gives another little laugh. "There might be more yes. Okay yes, no problem." She hangs up and glowers at Denver.

No one listened to him and Grayson isn't even sure he is the one that yelled. Everything's a little blurry all of a sudden. Things happen everywhere. Gun shot. His hiding somewhere now. Who saw where he went in all that ruckus, someone, surely. Probably by the table, breathing. Hand wringing again. People still yelling, fighting still going on. He curls his legs up against his chest and shakes. Like PTSD, but worse.

"I'm not letting anything. YOU!" Eddie spins on Jack. He nearly points the gun, but he catches himself, sticks it toward the ground. "You said you'd take that thing off if things got any worse. They just got worse. Take it off and keep it off until we need it. Let the smart one do the thinking." There's still smoke wafting off the barrel. His cigarette is on the ground, still glowing. Shit. He manages a nod at Tyla, thankful for her quick thinking. "I think before anybody leaves, we better make a deal. Like Tom said, like we should have done from the start. Or I can just start shooting again. I swapped courts once before. Maybe I'd look better in iron." He holds up one hand, palm out, like a boyscout. "Who's ready to make a pledge?"

Jack doesn't look like he's doing anything aggressive, at least not with people yelling at him! The gun coming out has the man raising his arms as if to say… 'please don't shoot me'. Still he's grinning a monkey's grin, teeth flashing viciously.

"If he takes it off, I'll feel better about this shit. I still think it should be put somewhere safe," Denver's head tilts towards the monkey's voice, "It's really not." Back towards the others. "But atleast if it's not on display I'll be less offended by this whole thing. Making a mockery of our whole court." Which seems to be where a lot of the anger is coming from. Tyla gets a nod, the flexed arms and fists lowering. She might be angry, but she seems to respect what was said, if nothing else. "I'll make the pledge, anytime, anywhere. But if that crown doesn't come off of his head by his own hand, it will be coming off with mine. Not here. Not now, but it will. I will do what I believe is in the best interest of safety. Period."

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