(2018-01-22) Visiting the Princess
Visiting the Princess
Summary: A new, small ogre runs across an old, big ogre.
Date: 2018-01-22
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Player Characters: Denver, Quiet

Once upon a time, the Princess was a favored spot for the Lost of the Autumn Court, but now? Who knows anymore. To others, it is much less well known, but even in a time like this, any Lost passing by may catch a hint of the Glamor emanating from the place. It's not overtly obvious, just a flash here and there, like catching a sliver of reflected moonlight in the corner of an eye. It's not a beacon; it's a curiosity hidden in the back of an alleyway, just enough to fleetingly catch the attention of a passing Lost.
And inside the theater, the old place is, as always, in its state of arrested decay. An old skinny janitor is slowly sweeping the worn out carpet of the dark lobby, and the concession stand is dimly lit yet unmanned. Where would the Glamor be even coming from?

Back alleyways are the perfect place to end a fight, which is what Denver was in the middle of doing when she caught a glimpse of glamour from the corner of her eye. The man who had tried to get handsy with her slumps down onto the pavement, the small woman stepping up and over him as she begins to meander her way towards the doors. She's only been in the Hedge once since she got here and lost track of the others pretty much right after. So this is the first sign of Lost life since.

"Finally!" The volcanic woman steps up towards the door, peering through the glass to check out the inside. She catches sight of the janitor, tilting her head. Human from the looks of it. Still, it's worth a shot. She reaches for the door, giving it a tug to see if the place is locked.

The door is not at all locked, and opens easily when tugged. The old janitor stops his already slow sweeping, and glances over at the small woman with tired eyes. From the way he studies her, it's safe to assume he is no Changeling, as he doesn't seem to notice the fiery aura of the woman. Instead, he lets out a few coughs and turns his head towards the back of the lobby to hollar, "We 'ave a customer!" And with that, he goes right back to his sweeping.

A few moments later, the second employee of the Princess appears from the back, and this one is as different from the skinny old janitor as can be. The mountain of a man walks with ponderous steps, hunched with massive arms hanging by his sides; he is scary to mortals, and even more so to Changeling eyes. He is heading towards the ticket booth, but his slow steps grind to a stop when he notices the volcanic entity standing in his lobby. Rather than alarmed, he merely furrows his brows and tilts his head at Denver curiously.

Haha, open! Denver scoots inside the open door, letting it swing shut behind as she begins to scope the place out. The janitor's hollar gets a quick upward tick of the woman's brow. "Not sure about that, just wanted to check the place out is all." Her grin comes easily as she speaks to the man, faltering a little at the edges as Quiet comes into view. The upward brows only begin to lift higher and higher as her hands move to her hips.

She has to look up a bit, the man having two feet on her, at least. "Daaaaaamn," she says after a whistle. "So you eat Wheaties for all your meals, huh?" The woman begins to move forward, and it quickly becomes clear that the heat waves that can be seen wobbling in the air around her have less to do with her volcanic nature, and more to do with a strong, Summer mantle. "I'm Denver," she offers when she gets closer, head tilting up up up. "New to town, so you're a sight for sore eyes. A scary sight, but still."

The giant's beady yellow eyes squint as Denver steps closer - it is entirely possible all her brightness is hurting his dark-theater-attuned vision. "Denver." He repeats the offered name in a deep rumble. "Fire-girl. You Summer?" The question is emphasized with the point of a gigantic finger the size of a hot dog - an entire hot dog, not just the sausage. Interestingly, the question is posed with the janitor still present in the distance, and neither the big man nor the skinny old janitor seem to be particularly concerned. It is followed by the finger turning to point at his own wall-like chest. "Mister Quiet. Autumn."

That is Denver, the bright shiny hurter of eyes. Poor Tyla was suffering the other night as well. The flames lick up and around the woman's hair, but retreat from her hand as she offers it out towards the much larger man. "Um." She glances back towards the janitor, brows knitting before she looks back to Quiet. "Yeah, is it that obvious?" The smirk on her face indicates that she already knows exactly how obvious it is. "Pleasure to meet you, Mister Quiet. I figured you for an Autumn. So, can I ask, what is this place? A caught of glimpse of something down the alley, figured I'd check it out.

The fiery hand offered is peered at; is he going to shake it, given that it's on fire? A giant mitt lifts slowly, then the hand is clasped between thumb and finger — it looks almost like he's trying to pinch out a lit match. Will he actually snuff out the fire? Regardless, he releases the hand and drops it back to his side. "Princess Theater." Mr. Quiet rumbles a reply. "Autumn people come here. Autumn people meet here." That seems to be the extent of his explanation, followed by a finger point in the direction of the uncaring janitor. "Mister Quiet take care of Princess. Mister Tuttle. Mrs. Mills also."

As Quiet's hand closes around hers, the flames lick back up and around her arms and out of the way. The hand itself, even the air just around it, is warm. Her own grip is strong, but that's probably not a surprise given her court, regardless of her size. "Princess Theater. Cute name." She takes her hand back, settling it on a hip as she takes another moment to glance around again. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come trapsing in on your turf or anything."

There is a grunt coming from the giant ogre, followed by a slow shake of his massive noggin'. "Autumn people no come here in long time." He tells her. "Mr. Quiet no see Autumn People." He pauses with a deep frown, a big hand lifting to scratch at the side of his head. "Mr. Quiet no see Freehold people. Not know Freehold still there, but Mr. Quiet still look after Princess." The finger goes back to pointing at Denver. "Fire-Girl first one in long time."

"Really? So it's not just me? I came to town and haven't been able to find practically anyone. There was this one little jaunt into the Hedge, where some guy name Finn got snagged up by a giant flower and we had to try to get him out. But after that, I haven't been able to find any signs of us. Until just a few minutes ago, that is." The concern on Quiet's face is mirrored in the small of the two ogres, lips pursing. "See, I'm not from here, never been here before. But these past couple of weeks I've been getting all these burning, itching feelings in my mind and when I sleep, telling me to come here. I finally get here and it all stops, but I can't find anyone." She glances at the hotdog finger and then back up at the man it's attached to. "Well, I'm glad to have found you, at least."

Mr. Quiet nods slowly to the much smaller ogre. "Fire-Girl welcome to visit." He decides. Evidently he has also decided that Fire-Girl is Denver's official name. Her explanation of why she's here, though, seems to have mostly flown right over the giant's thick skull, judging from the way his prominent brows furrow in confusion. "Finn, Spring King long time ago. Mister Quiet remember him. Mister Quiet break Finn's floor." He nods sagely, as if that would make any sense to the newcomer.

"That means a lot, big man. Seems like a nice, safe place for us kinds of folk. Until I can figure out why I was drawn out here, it's good to have somewhere safe." Denver runs her fingers through her hair, the flames dancing as she stops looking around in order to focus back on Quiet. "Yeah, heard that he ran away from the crown though, and did some other stuff to reall piss off some guy named Eddie." Her eyes roll a little at that. "But he got out safely, so I guess it worked out." The breaking of the floor doesn't make any sense to Denver, but she moves right on by. "So, did you take off for a while and come back to find the Freehold gone, or what?"

"Ed-Dee." Quiet frowns again, as if wracking his tiny brain to remember the name. "Bug-Man?" He guesses, but otherwise seems unconcerned. His lips pull back to reveal two rows of yellow, stone-like slabs of teeth - it can be a sneer, or that's just him being thoughtful. "Miss Vile tell Mister Quiet to take care Princess. Mister Quiet no leave." Once more, he turns his head in the janitor's direction, and the old man has evidently moved to the bathrooms to either clean them up, or take a dump. "Mister Quiet wake up, Freehold people gone. Mister Tuttle say Mister Quiet never left. Mister Quiet no remember."

"Yeah, bug man. Wings and stuff." Denver frowns a little bit as she listens, her concern only growing. "This is all some next level weird shit, man. Waking up one day and the Freehold people are gone? The Hedge is completely taken back by it's wild life like nobody's been taming it for years. Something in drawing non-locl Lost in. No crown to pledge to?" Her head shakes, embers flying off of her and falling to the ground. They burn up and vanish before ever hitting. "Memories messed with from the sound of it. You think a Gentry found a way to extend it's power out over this world to that extent?"

The giant is clearly no philosopher; asking for his thoughts on a mystery only draws a blank look to his face. He clearly has no answer, or even a guess to what has happened, but the huge ogre does have a simplistic and direct view on things. "Mister Quiet no care. Mister Quiet keep Princess safe." He grits those big yellow teeth again. "Bird-lady come here, Mister Quiet smash Bird-lady." At this, he balls one hand into a fist that rivals the size of a 20-pounder bowling ball, and punches it against his other hand. "Mister Quiet smash Bird-lady GOOD."

"Right. Well, you're doing a very good job of that," Denver assures with a warm smile. She realizes pretty quickly that her answers won't be answered here. But the mention of violence certainly gets her attention. The smile turns into more of a grin as Quiet smashes one hand into the opposite palm. "Sounds like this Bird-lady better stay away if she knows what's good for her. What can you tell me about her? This bird-lady? Not a good lady, I'm guessing.

Quiet lowers his ham fists and cocks his head to one side in thought. "Bird-lady no good. Bird-lady gentry." He rumbles. Yes, he said it: a Gentry. "Bird-lady come to Freehold long time ago. Freehold people fight. Some Freehold people die." His ugly face scrunches up into a scowl. "Bird-Lady die but no die. Bird-Lady still there." There, where? Quiet turns and points a finger towards the public washrooms where the janitor disappeared to. Surely there isn't a Gentry hiding in the toilet!

"I see. You think it's the Bird-lady who might be trying to get revenge now? Making everything all crazy?" Denver considers it, shifting on her feet to pivot towards the bathroom and peer in that direction as if the Gentry might just pop her head out from the door. It takes her a second to try to understand what he means by it. "Is there a gate in your bathroom?"

Quiet nods just once, as he lowers his hand. "Fire-Girl no go there. Autumn People only. Mister Quiet guard it." The giant ogre explains as best he can. Somehow, that seems to have finally triggered the giant's curiosity, as he eyes Denver once more. "Fire-Girl fight? Fire-Girl fight good? Fire-Girl ogre or element?" To him, it's not obvious what Denver is.

"Oh! Fair enough, then. I won't try going through there. Court Hollow or something like that?" Denver doesn't seem to mind, easily agreeing to the rule as she pivots back to look at Quiet. Her eyes brighten at the mention of fighting. "Oh yes. I fight really good," she explains. Hard to hurt, really strong. Even better when I've got my great sword. She's my baby." There's a little flicker of glamour from the woman before her skin begins to crack and harden. The sharp cuts along her skin with the fire underneath begin to practically ooze lava as magma and stone swell around her. Stonebones. "Ogre," she explains. "But Elemental too-ish." Stone and fire, the fury of a volcano.

"Fire-Girl have baby sword?" He seems somewhat confused by that, one finger coming up to scratch at the side of his head…. but no, it doesn't matter. "Mister Quiet Ogre also." He tells her - as if she can't already tell - and gives his own chest a thump. "Mister Quiet smash with fists. Fire-Girl, train to fight Bird-Lady. Hard fight." The giant offers helpfully.

"Oh no. I just treat it like a baby, because I love it so much. It's about yay big." Denver goes about demonstrating a sword that's almost as big as she is. "Can't really carry it around with me everywhere. But I know how to fight with my fists as well." She gives a little flex, the stone moving against each other with a little creak. You and I should fight some time. That seems like it'd be a hell of a good time." She looks really pleased at the idea. "Show me how to help beat Bird-lady."

He bobs his head a few times. "Fire-Girl help Mister Quiet smash Bird-lady." He rumbles agreeably to the idea. If the giant ogre is scary-looking before, when his lips curl up into an evil grin, it's absolutely terrifying. At least, terrifying to everyone except another ogre. Fortunately before he can utter another word, the entry doors to the theater swing open to let in an old couple dressed in faded fineries. They hesitate when they see Denver, the old woman even smiling weakly before Quiet notices them.
"Tickets for two, Mister Quiet." The old man tells the usher, who in turns begins to shuffle towards the ticket booth. Before he leaves Denver's side, Quiet pauses and spares a sidelong glance at the small woman. "Mister Quiet work now. Fire-Girl come back and visit."

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