(2018-01-24) Destruction of the West Winds
Destruction of the West Winds
Summary: The Gentry come for the crowns, and the West Winds are destroyed. Heroism! Cowardice! Explosions! Birds!
Date: IC Date (2018-01-24)
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Player Characters: Buck, Denver, Eddie, Grayson, Tyla

------| East PA - Port Angeles |
Nowhere in the Olympic Peninsula is the economic transformation more obvious, and more jarring, than in East Port Angeles. Once a collection of sleepy, tranquil hamlets and villages, the rural landscape has been co-opted by suburbia. The sounds of construction are still commonplace, with power tools, hammers, and the deep rumble of heavy vehicles filling the daytime hours. The result is a growing grid of middle-class and upper middle-class homes that echo classic Americana in a very Stepford way; too bland and too conformist, in spite of the use of pillars and arched window-tops. These are neighbourhoods where one is not allowed to hang out the wash to dry, the colour of faux clapboard siding must conform to one of a series of near-beige hues, the spindly new-growth trees must be chosen from a short list (as all the older trees and farmlands were razed to make way for construction), and properties are so narrow that you can stretch out your arms and touch your neighbour's house.

Yet something of the old character remains, hidden here and there. Tucked away behind a new shopping mall, plaza, or townhouse condominium complex, are a few old rural roads lined with sturdy trees and character-rich country houses. The colourful homes, creative gardens, and wide yards have begun a slow march to extinction, however; the growth of surrounding suburbia has driven up property values. Some residents are beginning to find they can no longer afford to live in homes that have perhaps been in the family for generations, or are being tempted by the lucrative offers for what are now viewed as 'prestige properties'.

Announcement: Cobalt shouts, "It's almost as if every single bird within a hundred miles is suddenly congregating toward the eastern edges of town. They weigh down telephone wires. They roost upon rooftops. They alight onto the tops of cars, fences, and mailboxes. Staring, staring… Waiting."

|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Ring, ring."
|+phone| Tyla says, "Hello?"
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Are you seeing this shit?"
|+phone| Tyla says, "No? Did you get into those flowers I g-got?"
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "There's not enough birdshot in the state to handle what just flew by outside. I'm getting the hell out of here, I'll call you when I find out where."
|+phone| Tyla says, "Oh Shit! Be safe! I'm at the Farmhouse right n-now. I know you d-don't like the gate but I have a safe room here too."
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Too close by. Stay safe. *click*"

There are so many birds. All, of the birds. All of the birds just there. On telephone wires. Ontop of fences, mailboxes, cars. So many birds.

Eddie's plan? Get the hell out of dodge. He's checked on the crown, but he hasn't tried moving it, yet. First he's going to stick his head out the front door and see if his eyes don't get pecked out. He's got his phone in his hand, just finished talking to somebody, and he's dialing someone else as cracks the door to the Sit'n'Spin. "Doc? Jesus, call me back. I need your help stashing something. And killing a monkey."

As soon as the door opens every single bird on the street turns. Almost as if at once. They turn and look toward the door as it opens. Some of them rustle their feathers. Some of them take a step or two. Those on cars, or mailboxes. On flat surfaces. They move closer to the Sit n' Spin.

The wind is bitterly cold and it howls down the street.

Birds. They had mentioned birds before, something to have to do with what's going on. Plus the Bird-Lady warning from Quiet, it's enough to get the tinyOrge's attention, and quickly. Sword strapped to her back, the woman begins to make her way to East PA. That craggly, volcanic rock has formed over the woman's skin as she strides. It makes her slower, but safer, and it's easy to guess which one she prefers right now. They had mentioned Sit n' Spin before, so she's making her way there now. If only she were at all stealthy, she might be able to sneak in.

"Oh, get fucked!" Eddie yells into the night. It's a little beneath his usual standard, but these are trying times and he doesn't know that anybody's listening. The door gets slammed, and he retreats inside, shutting out the lights toward the back. The phone, again. He has to redial, because he screws it up the first time dialing too fast.

|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Ring, ring."
|+phone| Tyla says, "Hello?"
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Yeah. Nix on the getaway, I couldn't make it out. I'm headed for the safe room. Don't come back without a lot of help."

A figurative cloud of birds suddenly burst up into the sky at Eddie's shouting. And just as he slams the door he can, perhaps, see them swarming together and seeming to form a vaguely humanoid figure… but then the door is slammed.

Leaving Denver to witness the coalescing of birds, swarming in a way that is not at all natural. Dark wings flapping frantically together as the bird…figure alights onto the ground, and the birds start to melt and form into a person.

|+phone| Tyla says, "Did you try to do the thing where you m-make the birds g-go away? Buck is here with me should he bring his? I d-don't know if he knows how to use it though."
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Crowns are what got us in this— HOLY SHIT! IT'S HERE! *click*"

"Oh jesus fuck. I really hope that's not Bird-lady," Denver mutters to herself before her slow footsteps begin to quicken. She saw Eddie's head, heard the yell. Which means that atleast one of them is in there with that thing headed right for them. "HEY," she yells out, trying to get it's attention as she starts to rush forward as fast as her now heavily weighted form can manage.

Eddie nearly drops his phone, spinning to run as fast as his legs will take him for the back rooms, fumbling desperately for the keycard. Shit, shit, shit. At least he left the safe open, when he went to check on the crown. He runs to grab the stupid thing, not knowing if it'll help or hurt, and starts pushing aside the shelf that leads to the fortified saferoom Tyla showed him the other day. Shit, shit, shit. Dialing, again.

|+phone to Velvet| Eddie says, "IT'S HERE!"
|+phone| Velvet says, "Sending help!"

And then he does drop his phone, and he doesn't bother stopping to pick it back up.

The figure pauses in its way toward the door of the Sit n' Spin. Its feathered head turning toward the sound of Denver's voice. The creature's face is unlike anything found upon the earth; painfully beautiful and terrible both. All sharp angles, high cheek bones, fathomless black eyes that shine like mirrors under the half moon and reflect Denver back to herself. Nose hooked like a beak. Lips thin to the point of almost being nonexistant.

Heavy lashes lid over those shining eyes, its head tilts to the side. It wears a mantle of feathers about its neck and shoulders, and black black robes…

About its neck a necklace made of seashells and … wind?

It jingles slightly as the creature moves toward Denver.

Voice like the sweetest of high pitched birdsong, "Hello Pele."

That name alone is enough to make the rocky ogre halt in her tracks for a moment, eyes widening in what almost looks like fear. But it's so quickly overshadowed by rage that it's hard to tell. "Knowing that names mean you have to die," she growls, her voice like rocks rolling against each other, booming out from her chest, bigger than her body. "Why don't you go back where you came from and leave those poor people alone?" It takes all of her strength to force herself another step forward. Then another, fire streaking behind her. Her eyes are pure fire as the mantle around her flares. They drop to the necklace, but it's hard to tell without the pupils. "You got a name other than Bird-Lady? I like knowing who I'm putting down."

The creature continues toward Denver. One feathered and slightly scaled hand lifting to hover slightly in the air. Its head tilts to the side and those black-eyes stare unblinkingly at Denver. "You will die."

Eddie doubles back long enough to slap the door to the back rooms, and once he does it's gone. Just a wall. He darts back into the panic room and looks around and realises there's no escape hatch and lets out some obscenities you don't usually here this far from the docks. A vault can be a tomb just as easy, if anything can get in. The gun comes out, then, the big one, and he starts loading it up with the bird-killers Gwen gave him, trying to keep his hands from shaking.

Rapid blinking, heavy breathing, but thankfully more anger than fear, though it's clear that the two are at war with each other. "Maybe so. But nothing in this life is certain." Another step forward. No rushing, all careful and alert. "Not even you. But then, if you're going to kill me anyway, why not give me the name of my murderer? After all, you know mine." Another inch forward. She's not swinging that sword, but it is now between the two of them, held in front of her like it could possibly stop the creature.

The creature clicks taloned fingers at Denver. Click, click. Sharp, sharp points against each other. It laughs and it is the sound of the cawing of birds. A thousand ravens laughing at her all at once. "Put down your sword, hatchling. I am not here for you."

It turns then, back toward the door of the Sit n' Spin, head tilted backward. Its legs bend at the knees….

Then there's Grayson, running towards the scene like his hair is on fire. Flitting between this shadow and that, but bolting all the same. He looks out of breath as if he's run a great distance like a track star. Sometimes curiousity is dangerous. He appears around a corner, and almost completely skids into a fall. Birds are one thing, this is another. Wide eyes catch sight of the bird lady, and go from her to all the other birds. This might have been a mistake. He gathers himself, only to creep, creep, creep towards the Sit n' Spin. Or maybe the angle the Fire lady between him and it. He never quite loses sit of that bird lady. Studying her through wide, terrified eyes.

The bird-killers make it into the gun, but it's a nix on keeping his hands from shaking. To hell with it. Let them shake themselves out, now, and maybe they'll quit when he needs to use them. He looks at the crown, like it was a grenade with the pin off that just fell into his lap. He looks back at the wall, where the door used to be, to keep from looking at the crown anymore. Listening to what's going on out there, stuck in place, like a fly on a strip of glue.

"I don't give a shit who you came here for, bird-bitch. You go through me first." The yell that rips out Denver's throat is one of pure fire and fury as the volcanic state of her being just suddenly starts to explode all around her. Her hair is pure flame, lighting up as she launches forward, that massive sword swinging towards the bird's throat. The intent isn't just to harm, it seems, as that blade slices right across the band that holds the seashell necklace in place. It cuts through, the band snapping as the jewelry falls to the earth between them.

The explosion that rocks out from the bird-creature is probably not what Denver was expecting to happen…but that is what happens. Pure concussion force, as if air were suddenly being created from nowhere.. Slamming out.

All windows in the neighborhood shatter, trees bend backward, a few cars go skidding across the road.

The front door of the Sit n' Spin are ripped off of their hinges and slam into the front room…

There is not a sound. Not a single one save for what you make. Tyla's Prius is as Night Vale calls them: The silent deadly Prius. It's engine making no noise. No car alarms going off. No sound of broken glass crunching under feet.

Absolute silence.

The bird-creature lets out a shriek. Having staggered ever so slightly when the necklace was cut off. It stands there in the doorway of the Sit 'n Spin, before turning around. With a voice like the screams of a thousand birds it says to the tree that Denver landed in, "You have destroyed the West Winds. You will die."

That boom is Eddie's cue to go. He gathers his nerves off the floor and makes a quick deal with the shadows and the Sit'n'Spin goes dark as pitch. Then he's out, through that door he made into a wall, moving as quickly and as quietly as he can for the stairs up to the roof.

Grayson is quick, that grace about him is always somewhat noticeable. The wind blows, the storm rages and he rolls too. Down the street a moment like tumbleweed. Before hopping back up. Eyes wide. They flicker to everywhere and everyone all at once in a panic. Fight or flight time. But Grayson doesn't flee and he has no fight. He can only do the things he knows. Seeing Denver lying and counting the birds, he does just that, or hopes he does. Eyes close, he's only tried this once before. He remembers though. The smell of wind and rain surround him, flowers bloom around his feet for a moment and then. Nothing. No visible effect to Denver. He frowns.

Up the stairs and onto the roof, coronet tucked into his jacket, Eddie can't help but stop and look down at what's going on. He looks at the gun he's holding, the Gentry down below, all these poor dumb souls who came to help him when he called. "You're a real piece of shit, Eddie Brundle." He's running again, diving off the back of the roof and gliding away into the night, as fast as his wings will take him.

"What the f—" There really isn't time to get out much more than that as the Prius rounds the corner and comes into sight of the Sit and Spin. As cars start veering and windows shatter, Buck grabs hold of the handle above the door with one hand the the dash with the other. It is only Tyla's expert driving that keeps them from colliding with any of the serious obstacles that the wind is throwing at them. There is a moment…a terrible, wonderful, silent moment, when he thinks they's made it. They are safe.

Only the car isn't stopping. It is accelerating and moving toward the bird-thing, and Buck only has time to mouth 'the rest of that four letter word as he yanks hard on the door handle and flings himself from the vehicle. It is enough to get clear, but he rolls hard on the shattered glass of the pavement, rising shakily to his feet, cut and bloodied. A flyer for a punk band rips through the air and impales itself on one of his antlers.

Tyla has no idea where she got a ninja car, her plan had been to drive in, horns blazing, headlights up, 4 ways flashing. That had been the plan, anyway. When the blast rocks the car she manages to keep it on the road. "D-don't brace." She says to Buck and floors it towards the large bird lady. Things haven't been going to plan all night. She misses and looses control of the car and it slams into her very broken laundromat. The car spins and smashes into the building, the front end and the roof crumpling in, the broken glass of the windshield nearly taking off her head. Luckily she was wearing her seatbelt! She tries the door, but it's pinned and she is weak, so she unbuckles her belt, and since Buck is no longer in the seat she starts to crawl her way out of the car through the passenger side.

The bird creature emits a sound of rage. It stops for a moment. Its head swiveling this way and that way. It turns fathomless black eyes toward where Buck has pulled himself to his feet, and then to Tyla as she crawls from the crushed Prius. Then toward Denver in the tree and it leaps forward. To where Denver had, likely, been trying to get herself free.

"You will pay."

So many things happening, so many. Grayson has things to do, things he can help with. Buck is hurt. A car is crashing, Tyla has to be hurt. Denver needs help. Eyes linger on the car crash for a moment, worry for Tyla, no doubt. But it's all just too much. He looks between all three, trying to decide what to do, and failing. Stuck stone still, not knowing what to do. Feeling helpless. He has never faced so much stimuli in a crisis. Or a crisis at all.

Buck gives his head a rough shake. It does nothing to dislodge that music poster, but it does seem to bring his awarenss back to the here and now. His eyes narrow at the terrible bird-like thing, and he starts running in her direction when she picks up Denver. He doesn't know her, but he assumes she a part of the deal with Eddie. And Eddie called…so. As he nears, he lowers his head, pointing his silver-white antler rack at his adversary and attempting to skewer it. The birdlady…whataver it is, sidesteps his charge, however, and he staggers past her, grunting with frustration. "Drop her!," he bellows.

Tyla is actually not all that hurt. Sure she's slow as she climbs out of the car and grabs the antifreeze container. Shaken, maybe, but she's doing so much better than her car. She might have a good bruise or two tomorrow but she doesn't look nearly as near death as she should be, given the crash. She unscrews the cap of the large bottle and tries to slosh some at the bird lady. She gets the pavement on the way to the bird lady nice and wet though.

They clear the top of a nearby two story house, and those on the ground can see the struggle in the air.

Denver struggling and the creature bursting into a cloud of black birds…

Leaving Denver to plummet a good eighteen yards to the ground.

This is not the best way to wake up, in the claws of a Gentry. There's a lot of howling and swearing coming from the sky, and eventually the bird relents. The volcanic woman is now plummeting towards the ground, glowering. "MOVE!" she yells out, to try to give them enough warning to get out of the way before she craters into the ground. The debri and chunks of pavement are shoved off of her, Denver looking completely unharmed as she tries to get back up to her feet. "Is everyone okay??" She starts to look around in frantic concern.

It's probably a good thing that Grayson does not comprehend yet, what that thing was. What SHE was. His eyes fill with worry as Denver is flown up, and he stands there helplessly. Then they grow ever so wide when she is dropped. He takes a step forward as if he might catch her, not a chance, and thankfully he stops himself. Is everyone okay? He's not sure. His eyes find Tyla first, unharmed and he looks relieved. Then he inspects Denver, she fought that thing, but she is surprisingly unharmed. That's when he starts making his way towards Buck.

Buck slowly lowers the arm he had thrown up to cover his face from the rain of debris thrown by Denver's impact. His face is dirty and cut in a few places. A small trickle of blood mars the pale skin of one cheek. His clothes are cut ripped in a few places, but what wounds can be seen through those rips look superficial. He blinks. "Is…," he starts incredulously to Denver. A rough shake of his head follows and he waves off Grayson's approach. "Let's get the hell outta here! Where is Eddie?! Tyla, are you alright?" He starts to hurry toward the car.

Tyla watches Denver fall, and then get up after, so she turns to head into the broken laundromat. She doesn't seem to care about the broken glass. She hears her name and calls back, I'm fine! You guys need to get out of here. I'll find Eddie and erase the tapes. I have to check on everyone inside, but I own this place so this is f-fine." She stops and motions to Grayson. "G-go with them, okay?" She tells him before going inside, pulling her keycard out of her pocket as she does.

Waving him off, Buck is waving him off, but that only causes a determined Grayson to frown. The fact that the man is moving in the direction of Tyla only helps. He had every intention of looking her over as well. There's simply no way she is fine after that accident. Whether they converge on each other or not, he doesn't seem to be in a rush to get out of here. Then Tyla is talking to him, and he just failed everyone a second ago. And this is what he does, part of what he was crafted for. He shakes his head at Tyla defiantly. Coming closer, following her like a lost puppy might.

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