(2018-01-25) Aftermath
Summary: The Bureau comes to investigate the incident at the Sit n Spin
Date: IC Date (2018-01-25)
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Player Characters: Tali, Sydney, Tyla

It happened only a few hours ago, the windows blowing out, and whatever else happened, but Tyla has already gotten the windows boarded up. There is a white sheet tacked up outside that says I ASSURE YOU; WE'RE OPEN written in black. It's not in the best of shapes but it's clean. It was probably pulled out of storage the from the last time this happened. The door is broken and barely hanging on by a hinge, but it's out of the way, and letting in the cool, damp winter air. Glass has been cleaned up, for the most part, there are yellow caution wet floor signs everywhere, although GLASS has been slapped over the wet floor part. Tyla is near one of the boarded up and destroyed windows putting some of the bigger pieces in a cardboard box, carefully even though she's wearing gloves.

This is Bureau business at this point, not police business, so it is Agent, rather than Detective, Tali Haddad who rides up to the scene on her motorcycle. It's not one of those newfangled crotch rockets, but an old school Harley that really needs a new paintjob. It looks well-loved and heavily used. Tali doffs her helmet, a more modern style, and sets it on the bike's seat as she climbs off. She has leather pants on, and a leather motorcycle jacket, with a turtleneck under it. As she approaches the Sit 'n Spin, she pulls her hair back into a ponytail with an elastic band. She frowns at the area, noting the glass was blown in, not out. She moves to inspect a bent tree while waiting for the boss.

Clearly, the Bureau has eyes and ears through the emergency response services around the city… and possibly across the State as well. The fire trucks and ambulances are still parked on the street, with a few cop cars to keep folks in order. Emergency Response personnel are at it, checking door-to-door and a couple of tow trucks are hooking up damaged vehicles. It's not a crime scene, so there are no yellow tapes to cordon off places unless they are deemed unsafe, but people are otherwise free to come and go as long as they keep out of the way of the authorities.
Arriving a couple of minutes after Tali, Agent Rae - new Bureau SAC - pulls up behind the former's bike in a silver minivan. Disembarking, she takes a moment to take in the scene, noting the pattern of the 'explosion' that blew out all those windows and bent trees around the block. For now she doesn't dwell on it; pulling her gray overcoat closer, she heads over to join Tali by the tree. "Agent Haddad." She greets quietly — no reason to alert anyone nearby that they are Federal agents, after all — but her attention is already on the wrecked front of the laundromat. Oh, she remembers this place.

Tali's sharp, dark eyes sweep over the street, mentally measuring what looks like a blast radius with no evidence of explosion. She doesn't touch the tree yet, still having gloves on her hands. The Psychic is known by the Bureau to have several talents, including object reading and dowsing for clues. It's been passed down every other generation on her mother's side for centuries back in Israel.
"Ma'am," Tali responds in deference to Sydney's greeting. "If the weather was as gloomy tonight as it usually is, I think we can say it was a microburst from a storm that did this." No microburst happened of course, but they need to cover things up. She looks over her shoulder at the laundromat. "This the place you wanted to look at?"

Sydney can't take her eyes off of the laundromat for a few moments - it brings back some old memories that no one needs to know about. Finally Tali's words register, and Sydney turns to nod at the much taller woman. "That's what I'm thinking too. Either that or a gas main going up." Beat. "This is the place, yes. Let's see if anyone's home, and Agent? Play it cool." The blonde allows a faint, gentle smile to briefly flash across her lips. "I don't want to rile up the locals unnecessarily."
With that, she steps towards the entrance of the laundromat — oh look, it's missing a door. Carefully, just in case there are any shattered glass still left behind, Sydney leads the way and pokes her head into the wrecked joint. And when she spots the lone figure within, she greets with a soft, "Hello?"

"No burn marks, the gas main wouldn't be bought as easily," Tali explains. She moves back from the tree with an "Understood," to Sydney, and follows her boss to the laundromat. She keeps quiet, just playing the part of a friend of the other woman.

Tyla looks up at the hello as she puts a rather large piece of the glass into the box. "Hello." She says with a friendly smile. "We are open b-but I suggest you use the machines closer to the b-back. Still cleaning up glass and all that" She offers with a smile and a gesture to the box as she stands up. "Everything is working, it's just a b-bit messy right now."

Sydney moves further in so Tali can also enter the place to start looking around. With a polite smile and a nod, the blonde moves towards the back as Tyla suggests, but it's more to study the shop because her Sense is picking up the familiar background buzz. Oh yes, she's watched the place before, never really been inside, but that buzz is the same. "This really is a terrible mess." She speaks up after her initial scan of the place. "I hope nobody was hurt. Do you know what happened?"

"Wow, what happened in here?" Tali asks, looking around as if a curious rubbernecker to the event. She's positively Amazonian in height compared to the other women, as she tugs off her gloves. "Let me help," she crouches down to begin picking up glass fragments, trying to get a read off them.

"No one was in at the t-time n-no." Tyla says with a shake of her head. "And luckily all the apartments that are rented out were on the other side of the building." She explains to the blonde. Tali gets a nod in greeting, until she offers to help with the glass. "Oh! N-no! Please d-don't!" Tyla exclaims worriedly as she tries to get between the woman and that piece of glass. It doesn't matter that there are many all within reach. "I c-couldn't have you getting hurt." She explains, seeming genuinely concerned.

"Miss?" Sydney comes up behind Tyla, but keeps a respectful distance. Really, she's just trying to distract the laundromat owner so Tali can do her thing. "Don't worry about my friend; she knows what she's doing." She tells the woman, hoping she'll get her attention. "I'm actually wondering if you can help me with something. You see, I used to have some friends who come here often, but I moved out of town for a while and lost touch with them; I know it's a long shot, but I'm wondering if there is a chance you might have contact information of your old customers."

Tali's hand withdraws from the proximity of the glass as if burned. "Oh, right, insurance and all that jazz I guess?" she asks with a tight smile. She turns to give Sydney a look, one that says something is definitely not ok in here. She moves over to the machines to let the boss take a crack at the owner.

Tyla jumps a bit at the sound of a voice behind her, if it's close enough to not be yelling, it's too close. At least when it's behind her. She quickly turns and shifts slightly so that both the other women are in front of her, hands up, slightly defensive, but only for a moment. "Yeah, it's already g-going to be through the roof with everything else." Tyla answers Tali apologetically. "Thanks." She then glances at the washing machines and dryers before looking back to Sydney with a shake of her head. "N-no, sorry. We d-don't d-do d-dry cleaning or anything like that. P-people come and p-put their quarters in and g-go."

Sydney catches Tali's look, but doesn't acknowledge it in any way to avoid alarming Tyla. Maintaining her distance, Sydney holds up a hand to signal that she means no harm. "I just want to ask, that's all. One of them is rather… personable, he might have spoken with you or your staff before." Beat. "Does the name Thomas Truesdale ring a bell, by any chance? I would really appreciate if you can get me back in touch with him."

Tali moves to the vending machines and digs some change out of her pocket to buy herself a soda. She's listening, carefully, but she won't be able to use any of her special skills in here with Tyla so alert.

"Oh sure, I know Thomas." Tyla agrees with a nod. "I can g-give him a message n-next time I'm talking to him and let you know you are looking for him. B-but his number hasn't ch-changed if you c-can't wait to talk to him." Tyla offers, and waits.

"Please do, if it's not too much trouble." Sydney flashes another polite smile to Tyla. "I tried his number a few times, but I only got his voice mail, so I'm not sure if he's got himself a different number or what. Anyway I know he used to come here a lot and meet his friends." She begins to idly but unobtrusively pace about the shop. "He was a really good friend to me and I owe him a lot. Oh." She stops and digs into her pocket to retrieve a business card, which is held towards Tyla — which reads: "Federal Social Services, Sydney Rae, Case Manager" along with a couple of phone numbers. "Here is my contact information, if you can pass it along."

As the other women talk, Tali pops open her soda and heads back towards the door. She jangles her bracelet a little, to signal to Sydney she's going to do some stuff outside, before smiling at Tyla and stepping back out into the street.

Tyla smiles and takes the card, glancing at it before putting it in to her pocket. "Sure, I c-can pass it on to him when I t-talk to him again." she agrees cheerfully. "Is it important though? I d-don't know when that will be n-next, honestly. Tyla admits.

Sydney glances briefly towards Tali as the tall woman slips out of the shop, but she turns back to Tyla smoothly. "It… is fairly important, but I understand you have other priorities right now." Her gaze sweeps over the wrecked windows meaningfully. "So, whenever you can manage it, I'd appreciate it. Like I said, I owe him for his help, and I like to return the favor… if he's in any kind of trouble. We, er…." She purses her lips thoughtfully for a moment. "…went through some stuff together, so we have a unique friendship. Right before I left, he helped me with a particularly nasty spider problem. And I mean /huge/ spiders. They were the size of…." Sydney stops to look around, then points to one of the laundry baskets nearby. "…those."

Something is warning Tali away from using her psychic abilities here. Instead she moves to rely on her police skills. She's a forensic investigator and she moves to inspect the area scientifically. She quietly measures with steps and landmarks to estimate the blast zone. The epicenter appears to be right in front of the laundromat. She moves to one of the walls where there are certainly bits of debris still embedded in an impact zone of some sort. Something big slammed into the brick. Something car-sized. She pulls baggies and tweezers from her jacket pockets and begins plucking bits of this and that out to inspect back in the lab. Windshield glass, blinker plastic, blue paint scrapings.

Tyla's eyes go wide at the description of spiders as big as laundry baskets. She nods knowingly. "I know what you m-mean. I hate spiders t-too. Just be glad we d-don't live in Australia. They g-get really big d-down there." Tyla shudders a little. "I've seen them g-getting as big as clocks in some p-pictures!"

Sydney is definitely playing it cool, and smiles serenely at Tyla's reply. "Well those were even bigger, unnaturally big. Those spiders crawled straight out of someone's nightmare. If it weren't for Thomas, I would've been spider food years ago." She pauses a moment to watch for Tyla's reaction, but decides to move right along after a quick glance at what Tali is doing outside the shop. "Speaking of which, are you okay? You were caught in… whatever caused all the windows to explode, were you?" She adds, chin-pointing to indicate Tyla's visible bruises.

Tali continues to walk the grid, looking over impact points in general, inspecting the bent trees and thrown cars that still remain. She shoots some photos with her phone as well to document. Sydney is good at the talking to people thing. That's not Tali's strong suit.

Tyla blinks a couple of times at the description of the spiders. "Oh my that sounds n-nasty." She agrees. "I'm glad Thomas was there t-to help you with that." She smiles and nods and lifts an arm to look at it, then gives a little shrug. "I'm fine, th-thank you. I was in such a hurry to g-get here when I heard what happened, I g-guess I was going t-too fast. Dog ran out in front of me and I swerved and ran into the b-building. C-car is a write off, B-but I had my seat belt on."

Okay… that's a lie, and being trained in this sort of thing, Sydney sees right through Tyla. She probably sees right through her underwear as well! But yes, she knows the car crash wasn't because of a dog. Still, the blonde doesn't call poor Tyla out, instead bobbing her head. "Well I'm glad you weren't hurt other than a few bruises, then. Oh, can you excuse me a second?" She heads towards the front door of the laundromat and stops there, leaning out just enough so that she can call out to her 'friend'. "Tali? Tali, do you mind if I ask you to do something?"

Tali inspects the battered door and frowns at some things embedded in it. She plucks out some glass that doesn't appear to be from a window or windshield, followed by what looks like bits of broken seashells. Her tweezers dislodge the pieces, slipping them into separate, small manilla evidence pouches. Each pouch gets labeled with a photo number, and tucked into her jacket. Her brow furrows at the out of place items.
When Sydney calls her, the tall woman looks over. "Sure," she quips with a small smile. She's not feeling terribly comfortable on the site. It's bad juju going on here all right.

Tyla nods and motions to Sydney with a smile. "Of c-course."

Sydney straightens up as Tali approaches. "Do you mind checking to see if there are any CC cameras at any of the nearby stores? I bet some of them would've caught what happened here last night." She tells the taller woman in a quiet voice, but not so quiet that Tyla can't hear. "Oh, also check with municipal operations control to see if the traffic cams saw anything? Thanks." A polite smile is added before she turns back to Tyla. "Sorry about that. Well thanks for agreeing to help with Thomas, Miss. I hope you feel better soon."

Tali nods to Sydney, grateful to get further away from the origin point of the incident. "Of course," she says, pulling a chain out from under her turtleneck with her police badge hanging from it. That gets her access far better than her smile even though any evidence won't be going to the PAPD. She moves to go inspect storefronts for cameras and talk to owners while placing a call to the local Department Of Transportation.

"Oh th-thank you." Tyla says with a smile, drawing her arms up to her chest. "It really wasn't that bad though. I'm fine. I'm just g-glad no one was hurt." She says with a soft smile. She doesn't move to go back to cleaning up yet though. "I n-needed to get a n-new car anyway."

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