(2018-01-27) Fresh Off The Docks
Fresh Off The Docks
Summary: A Lost returns and is welcomed.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-27)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Grayson, Mia, Penny, Velvet

| Docks - Port Angeles |

Weathered wood and cement make up the docking area that extends from the Harbourfront out into the sea. Various sections house commercial or pleasure craft, and depending on the size of the craft. Check points are set up here and there in some areas that may need passing.

It's bloody cold and dark, and being near the sea doesn't help matters as it's also moist. Most people huddle up inside, and don't wander around the docks, which is why nobody has yet to discover the body that has washed ashore amongst some garbage below the cement and wood of the dock itself. The man is not moving, lying face up with one arm across his head. Some scuff marks on the ground suggests he might have crawled up there on his own though and then collapsed. Besides a pair of trousers that is not much more than a pair of shorts as they are totally worn out, he wears nothing.

Penny isn't most people. She prefers the darkness to the light, and just happened to want a jaunt down to the docks to clear her head after all the crazy events she has experienced (or not experienced) recently. She's got on a black tshirt, black hoodie, black jeans, black stompy boots, and a currently broody demeanor. But this expression quickly fades when she spots the body. She scrambles down to the spot, looking around to see if anyone is either leaving or approaching, then kneels next to the prone form. "Hey. Hey, you alright buddy?"

Audgrim jerks slightly, like a shudder, when Penny talks to him. So, not dead. That arm is slowly and painfully dragged away from his face and he makes a "nnnngnnn" sound, as if he's trying to speak but can't quite formulate words yet. This close, it's obvious he's another Lost; horns, tail, gray skin, webbed fingers and toes. He takes one long shuddering breath - and then opens his eyes slightly. They are completely black, but shine like dark water. He focuses on Penny and then opens his mouth to reveal sharp teeth in a weak snarl, immediately threatened but feeling to weak to move yet.

Penny's eyes widen when she takes in the entirety of the Lost, her expression one of both surprise and wonder. "Oh boy, catch of the day," she mutters dryly, a joke on her lips like the clown that she is. She scoots back at the snarl. "Hey hey, Fang! I'm not gonna hurt you. Do you hurt anywhere? Hungry? I think I have half a candy bar in my pocket…"

Something she said must have gotten through because that snarl disappears, but expression remains animalistically wary. Eyes widen and stares at her and he pushes himself up on one elbow - but only so he can dry heave a few times, making some rather disgusting noises. He shivers and grunts, looking back up at her wearily while wetting cold and now dry lips. "Huuuurrrrr…" he rasps out, then stops. Tries again. "You… ship?" Suddenly remembering, he sits up straight and looks out towards the sea in alarm. He does not seem immediately hurt, but he's got scars all over his body from old wounds, and he's shivering from the cold.

Penny mutters, "Maybe Bashir/O'Brien," then she coughs. Speaking clearly and loud enough for the man, she says, "Ship? I stay away from ships, boats, dingies, all of that, because of the Du-" Then she really looks at the man, her gaze narrowing. "You came from a ship?" She still pulls that half a candy bar out of her pocket, offering it to him.

Audgrims attention snaps back to Penny and he listens with intensity, head slightly tilted. Speaking slowly seems to help cause he visibly relaxes for a second, until she almost mentions the Duke; he snarls once more, more fiercely. Just saying half the name has him agigated and his tail whips around a few times as he climbs to his feet, wobblingly. "Ship bad. He bad," he says gruffly. With a quick gesture he snaps that bar of candy from her and sniffs it, before stuffing the whole thing in his mouth, including the wrapper. Soon as he tastes it, he freezes, momentarily stunned by this amazing thing. "Where this?" he sputters, and then spits most of the wrapper out. "You face…" He leans in closer, staring at her face to get a better look, still wobbling dangerously.

"This is Port Angeles. Washington state. United States of America." Penny was keeping a little distance between her and the man, especially when that tail started lashing about. "You poor sweet soul, you were on his ship." She peers out towards the water, warily watching for any approaching craft. Then he's leaning in, looking at her face. "Hey, I know I'm not the prettiest girl in the yearbook, but don't get your eyeballs all over me."

It's night, it's cold and it's unpleasant. Not a lot of people moving about. However, there's some movement down by the edge of the dock, with a tall (mostly naked except a pair of very threadbare pants) man and a creepy clown are talking to each other. The former is wobbling back and forth and seem a bit dazed. The latter looks like she's in good shape.

Audgrim might have lost his manners in the sea, but her reprimand has him straightening up and looking suitably chastised for a moment. "No…" he says and makes a frustrated gesture, struggling to find words. "Me, you. Same." Even the few words he does manage to growl out have an accent to them; English isn't his mother tongue. He's looking better though, and he's now starting to shuffle around and kicking some of that garbage around that has gathered up on the shore. And oddly, under a plastic bag, he finds a beaten up violin case which he grabs and holds near his chest, very relieved.

Some people like the dark. Cold, less so, but dark? Yes, please, thank you very much. Mia is one of those people. She has no particular reason to be out by the docks save for going on a walk. Her fashionable heels click on the pavement by the dock.

Penny actually laughs a little. It's the manic sort of giggle that you'd expect from a scary clown. "Yeah, you and me are the same. Welcome back, I guess. I'm Penny, and…" She stops talking when the man walks off to retrieve his violin case. "Huh. Horns, tail, violin. I suggest that you never go down to Georgia."

Dark is good, especially when it fits your mood, and that seems to be the case for the Wizened that's slowly making her way along the docks. Velvet looks like she's just sort of meandering for the moment, dressed in a pair of black and white, diamond-checkered leggings, tall black boots, and a black pea-coat. A long silver necklace dangles in front of the coat, catching hints of moonlight and giving off a little glint. She isn't attempting to be quiet, it seems, lost in her own thoughts until she spots a familiar, clowish form a little further down the dock. "Evening."

And late in this evening, Velvet has a tail. Not quite the kind the police employ or a private investigator. This is in the form of a pale Changeling that seems to be meandering nearby her, or in the same general place. Maybe he followed her here. The pale, elf like fellow is wearing very basic clothes, a t-shirt, a coat that’s a little big, and jeans. Jeans he keeps tugging at like they’re uncomfortable. He seems a little jumpy, yet somehow the scary clown doesn’t scare him. grayson does remain back though, using the shadows to watch on. Strangers, he doesn’t love strangers. He’s very quiet.

There's a strap to the violin case, and Audgrim slings it to his back so he knows where it is. Three more people approaching - his attention flitters back and forth warily now and he cranes his neck to work off some tension, as if readying himself for trouble. "Am-Er-Ica," he says with that gruff voice, as if only now he realised what Penny said. His eye twitches; he looks over at a neon sign. And there's cars over there that he gapes at. Least until those other lost get close enough so he can see they too are… like him. "America? Yes?" He looks back at Penny as if wanting to be absolutely sure he didn't just wander into a new strange part of the Hedge.

Mia comes to a halt, watching the pair on the docks. No, the trio. Quartet? Quite a number of people. The big-eyed Autumn woman comes to a halt, watching from afar for the moment with her gloved hands in her pockets. Her coat is very long and very warm.

"Yeah, America. It's a shock to me sometimes too," quips Penny. Then she hears Velvet's greeting and waves. "Hey there. Looks like we've got a new friend here who needs to get settled in. Fresh off the boat, if you catch my meaning," she adds slyly, hoping that Velvet remembers the machinations of the Duke.

It's obvious that Velvet knows Grayson is there but she doesn't really seem to be talking very much. She doesn't move too fast, though, as if she's making sure to give him enough time to keep up. But she does approach the two other, head tilting as she studies Audgrim. "Another new guy, huh? Welcome to Port Angeles. How new is new?" That last question is asked of Penny, swirling eyes focusing on the other Autumn woman.

Grayson takes to hiding behind some things and peering out. There’s lots of that on the docks. He does lift a hand to wave at Penny quickly. Nothing more. He’s been less skittish lately, but he obviously has his reason for being as he is now. Eyes follow Velvet and he’s close enough to hear the conversation and participate, if he wanted. But he’s quiet as he often is. Eyes going over the strangers carefully. Possibly looking for feathers.

Confused about most everything, Audgrim puts his hands to the sides of his head and groans. His world has literally been turned upside down in every possible way. As he is looking down for a moment, he sees a dead fish amongst the garbage and he picks it up and tears a large chunk off of it, chewing noisily. Penny's quipful voice is comforting, he's relaxing. The word friend has him quickly checking out the others again, to see if they seem to agree with this notion; Mia is a bit far away still, so he focuses most of the attention on Velvet and Grayson now as he points to his own chest and says slowly and clearly: "Audgrim." He holds the fish out in a generous gesture aimed at all the other three, in a clear attempt to show he's a nice guy, really. "Fish?"

Mia turns her witchlit eyes to the straggler. That would be Grayson. After a few moment's watching, she raises one gloved hand from her coat pocket and gives him a little wave. Then she's slinking closer to Velvet, Penny, and Audgrim. "Good evening. I hope I'm not intruding?"

"How new is he? He's…" Penny is trying to find the words, and then the man introduces himself and offers a dead fish. "He's fresher than that fish, I'll say that much." She grins at Audgrim. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Audgrim. And I hope I said your name right. Ooh, sushi, I don't mind if I do," she adds, taking a bit of that offered fish. Then she waves at Grayson and Mia. "I see you back there, Grey, nice pants. And hey sister." That last is for Mia, though Penny looks a little confused.

Watching Audgrim grab the dead fish and take a bite has Velvet's lips twitching down ever so slightly. His offer has her lifting a hand in gentle refusal. "I've already eaten, thank you. But you do you." Her brows lift at the mention of newly fresh, glancing around the docks and then back to the large large man. "How did you arrive here?" she wonders, suspicion in her tone. Probably not a huge surprise. "How did you make it through the Hedge?" Mia gets a quick glance, head tilting in the opposite direction. So many new faces.

Grayson almost waves at Mia, almost, but catches himself. His first instinct is wrong and he pulls his hand back down, trying to duck into shadows a bit more. Eyes now scan the entirety of the docks as if looking for approaching danger, ninjas to suddenly attack, only he knows. He makes a terrible guard dog, but he’s doing his best impression, if your guard dog is likely to run at the first sign of trouble anyway.

Audgrim gives Penny a pleased intent stare and grins a cheshire grin in appreciation when she takes a bite. He finishes the rest of the fish himself when offers are refused. The fact this fish is hardly fresh does not phase him in the least. Wiping off his mouth, he zones in on Velvet and her suspicous voice and the quite Grayson and he looks grimly solemn; he gets it. He squints at Mia now that she's close enough, studying her closely too before he explains as best as he can with his limited English: "Ship break. I swim." He struggles for a few seconds, trying to remember words. "Before, big fight on ship. Many escape. I help… but hurt. He put me in box. But ship break - I swim long time." He snarls suddenly. "He not friend." He points to a large barely healed scar on his chest.

Mia offers a smile. It's a little smile, so it only offers a hint of her fangs. "Hello," she tells Velvet and Penny. She tilts her head to the left. "Is there anywhere this gentleman can stay now that he is free?"

Penny takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Dangit, I wish Ty or Eddie was here." She looks over to Velvet. "You think there's room at our current HQ? I can probably sneak him into my apartment, no problem."

"I see." Arms fold over Velvet's chest as she stares at Audgrim during his explanation. "Glad to see you made it out alive and well." There's no inflection in her tone, so it's hard to tell if she's being earnest at all. She looks down at the scar then back up at Audgrim. "We should probably get you a shirt, or you're going to start drawing attention." She glances at Penny for a moment, shrugging a shoulder. "I'm sure Tyla could find room. I'd offer but my guest room is already occupied. Also… I don't want to."

Grayson already has his shirt off and his coat off to facilitate the former, holding it out towards Velvet from a few feet away. “Here.” He hasn’t quite put together that him being without a shirt hasn’t helped the situation, but given it a sum of zero. “He can have mine.” It’s also way too small for the guy. He will never fit in it, even with as baggy as Grayson wears them. His eyes continue to flit everywhere, searching as he pulls his coat back on with a little shiver.

Audgrim lets the voices drift around him, picking up the basics but not the finer details. Mia's smile is met with a lazy and tired grin in return. His tail whips behind him agitatedly and he's pacing about restlessly now, realising it's time to move. He eyes the offered clothes thoughtfully, then looks down at himself, then back at Grayson. Up until now he hadn't even thought about it and he looks like he doesn't really like this idea, but he's realising he sticks out. He also realises that it won't fit - it's not like he's never had clothes before after all. "No. Small. You have," he insists to Grayson in as calm voice as he can manage. He points towards a nearby small boat which has a tarp in it and starts to wander off that way.

Penny nods to Velvet. "Okay, fine, I don't blame you for not wanting a mess at your place. I'll have him over at mine until we can get a hold of Tyla and see if she has a real room and not a couch." Then she peers at Grayson. "That was really sweet of you, but I swear you just don't want to wear clothes, do you?" She is about to make an offer to Audgrim when he walks off. "And I guess he's about to create his own entry for Project Runway."

Mia tilts her head to peer in the direction of the boat. She arches her eyebrows, reaching up to cover a little smile. "There aren't nearly enough shirts to go around. I'm Mia, by the way. Well met."

"I don't think that's going to fit, Grayson. But if was nice of you to offer, either way. Now please put your clothes back on." There's the mildest hint of amusemet on Velvet's face as she glances back at the other Wizened. "He wasn't allowed to wear much clothing before," she then explains towards Penny about Grayson's dislike of wearing clothes. "What he was allowed to wear was barely anything and basically see through." She glances to Mia, giving the woman a quick bob of her head in greeting. "Velvet," she offers before her phone starts to chime. "Excuse me, I have to take this."

Grayson shrugs, and goes through the process of taking off his coat again and putting the shirt back on. All under the presumed orders of Velvet. Her explanation of his tendencies gets little attention as he’s already curiously following Audgrim with his eyes and then himself, though he hangs back a safe distance from everyone. Curiousity.

Audgrim wanders over rocks and garbage on bare feet, but doesn't seem too bothered by it. Reaching the boat he grabs that tarp, shakes it out and then tears a hole somewhere in the middle of it with little effort, before simply sliding it over his head like a gigantic green poncho. Fits him well. Project Runway the Survival edition. It won't necessarily make him stick out /less/, but least it'll be better than almost naked. He makes his way back to the others while warily eyeing the docks in search of others or threats of any kind, moving with a powerful stride as he's clearly gotten over most of that long arduous swim. Seeing Velvet walking off talking in something held to her ear has his eye twiching nervously again, but he says nothing about that. "Where go?"

Penny watches Velvet walk off. "Sure. I'll keep in touch." Then she looks over to Audgrim. "There you go, sweet poncho! So, if you want, you can come to my place. It's not much, but it's warm and dry and I have some leftover Chinese food and beer. It'll be a blast." She looks to Audgrim, hopeful.

Mia smiles a little more, the tips of her fangs visible. "Indeed. Quite the poncho. We'll have to get you settled with something else so you blend in a bit better. Welcome back," she tells Audgrim.

Audgrim gives each three other Lost a long intent and solemn look, his tail swishing lazily behind him. He's not sure about anything, naturally wary, and who wouldn't be? "Beer," he mumbles, remembering it. "Home," he adds and relaxes visibly, giving Mia and Grayson that lazy grin again. In the end he nods at Penny and gestures for her to lead the way.

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