(2018-01-28) A Place to Stay
A Place to Stay
Summary: Audgrim goes out to Tyla's place to ask for some much needed aid.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-28)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Tyla

Having been brought over and pointed in Tyla's direction, Audgrim walks over to the house with an air of disbelief and suspicion. Probably an expression that most Lost have when having gotten just out of the Hedge, or at least very similar. He's wearing some rather ill-fitting clothes; a pair of black sweatpants that are too short in the legs and now ruined as he's cut a hole in the back to fit his tail, some old sandals and a simply grey T-shirt that is also too small. The clothes would look ridiculous if not for the prowling mannerism of the Beast as he stalks closer with hands in pockets and intense scrutiny of the house and surroundings.

Tyla is in the back, the smells of cooking meat wafting up from the barbecue as she sings quietly to herself. There is a large bottle on vodka - opened next to her as she cooks. Most of the lights are out in the late evening, except for the lights in the hot tub, though it's not on right now. There is a lot of food on the table - way more than one person could possibly eat in an evening. Cool, misty but not too wet. Typical night in Port Angeles, though there is a no breeze.

Audgrim sniffs the air visibly, smelling the cooking; he speeds up immediately and zooms in on that barbecue like a starving man or at least someone who enjoys their food. He raises his hand in a placating friendly gesture as he comes up to the scene and stops a safe distance from Tyla, tail swishing warily behind him. "Tyla?" he asks in a somewhat raspy and husky voice, not unpleasant to listen to despite its qualities. Those dark eyes take in her appearance with a near invasive slow look-over. However, that looks is not lecherous but rather appraising, as if he's looking for ways she could kill him.

Tyla turns at the unfamiliar voice and she is about to flip over a burger, using a spatula as a weapon she brandishes before her. Her hair swells up and flares, agitated and making her look a little bigger as the shadowy flames flicker quicker. She looks him over, and slowly starts to smile and nod, spatula lowering it to her side as her hair calms down, smokey tendrils on flickering slower. "Yes, h-hello. I'm Tyla. Wlcome t-to my home."

Audgrim eyes that flipped burger, following its motion like he's getting ready to pounce it. His hands even flex, clawed fingers getting ready to hunt the prey. But he's not in the hedge now and remembers himself, looking back at her with a lazy grin. The shadowy flames fascinates him and with hands once more in pockets he begins walking around her and that barbecue in a prowling expectant fashion, keeping an eye on her. "Audgrim," he introduces himself, as an afterthought. "Penny find me. I swim from ship, I come here." A gesture with an arm indicates that "here" is the general area, not her house specifically. "Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong things."

Tyla's face softens in to a welcoming smile. "I understand." She nods supportively. You j-just c-came here tonight, you said? D-do you have a place to sleep?" She asks, and pats the picnic table so he can sit down. "Audgrim, d-do you know how long it's b-been?" She reaches for the platter next to the barbecue, and piles a couple of burgers on the plate. They aren't cooked all the way through yet, but she has a feeling he might like it that way. She sets the the plate on the table closest to him. "P-please sit, you're s-safe here. P-penny sent you?"

Audgrim eyes the chair like he's trying to remember what they're for, and then just plops down on it , one arm on the back of it and legs stretching out. "Two-tousand-eigh-teeen," he pronounces slowly, like saying such long numbers in English takes a bit of extra thought. Clearly, English isn't his first language with that accent. But he seems to understand most of what Tyla is saying, at least. "I fall in water… nine-teen-six-ty-tree." Those "th"-sounds seem a bit hard for him. "Loooong time," he notes with a deep sigh. He pulls that plate closer, licking his lips hungrily before picking one up with his hands and tearing off a chunk, chewing ravenously. "Penny, yes. I sleep…." He swallows his food, concentrating. "Penny house small. You help?" The violin makes it a bit hard to sit, so he puts it next to his seat for now.

"S-sure. I have extra rooms if you n-need a p-place to stay." She offers gently. "There are others here t-too, but I have lots of room. There's always food here t-too." She says with a little smile as she nods to the table. "Oh d-do you want something to d-drink? I have vodka and well lots of b-booze. Non-alcoholic t-too, but I'll have to g-go inside for that." Tyla gestures towards the house. "I was j-just making myself a little snack." She explains, not sure if she should sit down or not. "Ic-can gets you some bigger close t-too if you need it? D-do you like gardening?"

Audgrim starts making note of that stuttering now, staring at her with wide-eyed fascination while ferociously downing down half-cooked burgers. "Stay here," he agrees, relieved that this was sorted. "Vodka good," he rasps and he grabs the bottle and pours himself a half-full glass of the stuff. He downs down half of that glass in one go and closes his eyes afterwards, feeling that liquor burn he has not felt in decades. Opening his eyes again in a squint, he stares at her to comprehend all of it, then nods and tugs at that unfomfortably tight shirt. "Small. Need big," he explains insistantly. "I help you, I do tings. Tank you verrrrry much." His R's roll sharply, like any Scandinavian-born would pronounce them, and that last sentence has him smiling a sharp wide grin, as if immensely pleased with himself, that he remembered such pleasantries. "You on ship too?"

"N-no." She shakes her head as she goes over to flip her own burgers and bring them to the table a little more cooked than Audgrim's. "I l-look l-like you." She explains as she sits down. "I was in the Hedge, b-but I wasn't t-taken But it ch-changed me. I'm a fae-touched." She explains as she settles in, leaning over to the little mini-fridge, opens it up and pulls out another bottle of vodka and sets it on the table. "I have b-been able to see you g-guys since I was about t-ten. So I try to help where I c-can. I have a lot of gardening and things for upkeep here." She explains. Hard work b-but it's something until you g-get used to being b-back." She offers with a smile.

Audgrim gets a bit of a blank look on his face now, as he has no idea what a "fae touched" is. "Like me," he just settles with. Makes no difference to him, in the end. He starts on another burger, and now sips that vodka with obvious delight. "I help," he confirms again, "garrrrdening." Leaning back while nibbling no the meat, having mostly filled his belly by now, that chair is rocked while his tail swishes behind him, raised up over his head so it swings like a pendulum. "Book. Norrrrge - America book. More English," he says hopefully. "Where book?"

Tyla blushes slightly, turning an odd sort of purple colour. "Oh I have a lot of b-books b-but I d-don't know if you would like them. It's a lot of romance b-books, and fantasy and, science fiction… but mostly romance b-books. But you are welcome to read as many as you like though… We c-can even g-go and g-get you some textbooks if you want?" She offers and opens up her own bottle of vodka. She's not lady-like and drink straight from the bottle. She smiles a little and takes another drink.

Too many words that he doesn't know, and Audgrim shows it with frustrated flicks of his tail and a heavy draught of vodga. "Yes, book. Rrrrread English. NORWAY - English," he says, raising his voice somewhat when saying his country of origin. "English - Norway." With his limited vocabulary, he works with what he knows, trying to convey it; clearly, he wants a Norwegian to English book to learn more. "Morrr worrrds, after read "rrrromance." His eyes suddenly crinkle up in amusement, because that word he understands now. It's the same in Norwegian after all. He's quietly snickering to himself, watching her with amusement.

Tyla's face brightens when she finally clues in to what he is saying. "Oh! you want an English to Norway, dictionary? I c-can buy you one sure, I'll g-get you one n-now actually." She shifts slightly and pulls out her phone. She taps quickly and then smiles. "Until then we c-could use… Um." She bites her lower lip. "This is like a b-book." She tries to explain. "It's a computer that d-does all s-sorts of things. I know you had c-computers in the sixties and they were very b-big. B-but they have g-gotten a lot smaller. B-but it has something that c-can translate for you n-now." Tyla explains and hands the phone over - open to Google Translate with Norwegian on one side and English on the other. "You t-touch the letters here." She points to the keyboard. "And it will appear up here." She points to the screen. The bites her lip and looks hopeful and tries not to look worried.

Audgrim has seen telephones like that already, since everyone has one these days and most are glued to it. Doesn't mean he is comfortable with the concept, and he gives the little machine a very dubious look. "Com-puterrr." He knows that word, maybe he read about them way back in a newspaper. "Small computer." He points a clawed finger at the screen and types in two words; translation comes up and he says it in faltering English: "Play vee-o-lin." He pulls his finger back fast, as if afraid he'll break the damn thing, and shakes his head. "Want book. Please. Not computer."

Tyla smiles gently and nods. "It's on it's way, should be here tomorrow. I promise." She reaches out and gently pats him on the arm. "Until then until it c-comes, if you g-get stuck, you c-can use this okay?" She offers gently and takes a smaller drink from her bottle, the blush lessening. "You play the violin?" She asks, curious. "I d-don't play anything, b-but sometimes I sing, it helps with my stutter." She tries to explain touching her lips, but blushing a bit more. "Not often though, I'm n-not g-good." She takes a bigger drink from the bottle. "Would you p-play for me sometime?"

Audgrim accepts the phone, holding it so carefully you can suspect he fears it will burst into flames. To him, it's like magic. He puts it carefully in his sweatpant-pocket, and then settles down again, nodding thankfully at her. Stutter or not, he's listening closely to everything she says and seem to find her fascination. "I play," he confirms and now he picks that case up, opening it to reveal an old violin. But rather than take it out, he just brushes a hand across its wood, with a somewhat pained expression. "I play… in Other place." He seems a bit torn about it, tail anxiously whipping about as he remembers something unpleasant, something he doesn't want to talk about; with a quick snap he closes the violin case and pushes it to the side of the able. "Play other time," he grumbles, grudgingly agreeing. "You sing, I play."

"Oh n-no no!" Tyla says quickly, going more purple again. "I d-don't sing for p-people just p-practice." She tries to explain, going quickly more purple and taking a very big drink from the bottle. "You might want t p-put that on the table." She suggests gently. "In c-case you n-need to use it. It's also a telephone so it m-might ring." She warns him gently. Luckily she actually has a ring for a ringtone. She takes another big drink. "We'll g-get you some better fitting clothes for you too." she offers, trying to change the subject.

"Table," Audgrim readily agrees, just relieved he doesn't have to carry that contraption around; it is returned gently to the flat surface. That translation site is still there, so he gives it another try, slowly typing in norwegian words for a translation. "Tell you Penny, I stay here?" he asks. This translation thing is great although it messes up word order a bit. Still, defintiely an improvement to a word here and there.

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