(2018-01-29) Confrontation
Log Title
Summary: Tyla confronts Jack about drawing attention.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-29)
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Player Characters: Jack, Tyla

Tyla didn't call ahead, but she does knock on the door. "Jack, I know you're home. We need to talk." Tyla's voice is a little different than normal, she's talking slower, more deliberate, not stuttering, and it's oddly distracting.

Jack is home, oddly enough. He's not here a lot, what with his actual apartment across town. It takes a bit for him to come to the door, though there's the sound of bumping around and Jack grumbling to himself as he whangs his knee a couple times. Finally he opens the door and… he's fresh from the shower, wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe. His hair is gelled up at least, which was probably what he was rushing to do before opening the door. "Heeeeeey, dollface. Come on in. Azazel's taking a shower. He'll be sore he missed you."

Tyla blushes when she sees him in the robe, but she steps in anyway with a smile. Her hair flickers and moves around restlessly in shadowy fire tendrils. "Thank you. How long could a monkey really shower though? She muses, looking around anywhere but at Jack in the robe. "We need to talk." She says again, and takes a deep breath.

Jack thinks nothing of his fluffy pink robe, smiling pleasantly as he sits down on the edge of the bed and pats a spot beside him. "Have a seat! Tell me what's on your mind, babe. This is a no stress zone." Jack says, sensing Tyla's seriousness.

Tyla turns and looks up at him, arms crossed over her chest. Her hair seems more agitated, making her look maybe a little bigger? Kind of like a puffer fish, but with hair that isn't actually hair, more a shadowy fire. "This may be your apartment, and you are welcome to stay as long as you have that crown and we are trying to find the last one, but this is my home, Jack." It's all said very calmly and deliberately. I've had the cops come, luckily I wiped my tapes. But you have to stop drawing attention to yourself, and to this place. I know things are different, and it's hard to not know what is normal, but you have to start using the door to come inside, Jack. You can't be climbing the walls all the time." She starts, letting out a deep, breath.

"What, really? Cops came looking for me?" Jack shakes his head in annoyance. "It's Azazel, isn't it? Look, I know he's a bit of klepto but boss man has a heart of gold. He does a lot more harm than good." He calls out then, towards the bathroom. "I told you they'd miss that cane, boss man! The cops came looking for us!"

Tyla uncrosses her arms and reaches out a hand to place it lightly on Jack's arm. "No, Jack. They came because there was a True Fae on my doorstep. And that True Faw blew out all the windows around here, and tossed cars. Didn't you notice all the damage coming in? Maybe you didn't because you were climbing up the wall on the other side of the building. They came because I nearly died. Because a True Fae was here." She glances back at the windows and moves over to pull the curtains closed. "I don't care how impulsive, and hot-headed Summer's are, Jack, You can't leave. Well the crown can't, not now. And seriously do not put it back on again." She turns around, looking grim.

"So you're saying we should leave the True Fae magnets here…" Jack looks down at the Tyla's hand, then lets his eyes follow her as she moves across the room. "Because if they show up when I'm not here… do you think maybe wearing the crown is what's kept me alive this long?" He breaks into an amused laugh, flashing his teeth. "You know, my crown's probably the safest one there is. You guys, you never asked me and boss man just how we plan to keep it safe if things go sideways, did you?"

Tyla finishes closing the curtains and moves closer back to Jack. "No, I don't think you wearing that crown is what has kept you safe this long. You want to know why I think that? I'm pretty smart, you know. People probably don't think so because of my stutter, and that helps sometimes. But I saw all those birds that are outside now turn into that True Fae that was here, on tape. You know what crown's don't have creepy birds flocked around their houses? Lucas' crown. Wel.. okay it has some creepy bids flocked around because he's an Autumn, but not wall to wall birds like there is here. I saw Eddie today, he had the crown with him, no birds were following him around. The Spring crown is also safe and bird free. So I'm pretty sure wearing it was what called them here." She says quietly. "Look, I know some of you guys can walk through walls." She reaches out again to touch his arm gently. "But I would feel more comfortable if the crown was in the safe, please. At least while you are here. If we lose that crown, we might not be able to get back the freehold, and then we are all in danger of more True Fae finding us, and taking us away again." She pleads.

"You know boss man could loot that safe easy, right? He's…" Jack lowers his voice, so Azazel won't overhear from the other room. "A monkey. He's a monkey, and he could take it." Jack frowns, leaning back and raising his voice back to his normal level. "But it's fine. You guys want my crown, I guess you can have it. There's other summers who can wear it. Like that angry woman who tried to attack me."

Tyla nods. "Sure, he could…but he would have to steal your keycard as well as the code before he could try to crack the safe. And it's the safe I use for business, so it wasn't cheap."

"I'm not talking about using a keycard." Jack remarks a bit wryly, his usual upbeat demeanor slipping little by little as the conversation progresses. "It's just strange that all this happens when I'm away and I get the blame, yeah? If I had been attacked maybe that would have been something but this is the first time I've even seen anything strange around me."

Tyla nods and realizes her hand is on his arm and blushes again. "I get it. I don't know how she found us, but she did. I just know that the other crowns aren't being bothered, and this place is under siege. And likely if Azazael did steal it from the safe, if he tried to leave the building with it, he would be killed." There is a certainty to he voice and she wraps her arms about herself in a hug. "I'm not blaming you completely." She chides. "I can show you the video if you don't believe me. But anyway, use the door from now on, huh? If you get stuck and your not sure what's normal, please ask. That's what I'm here for. I know it can get confusing sometimes." She smiles up at Jack, hair settling down a little. "It's your crown, it was given to you. But I would feel safer if it was in the safe. At least until we find the fifth one. Whether you are here or not. Leaving with that crown right now is a death sentence, Jack."

"The fifth is probably going to be a doozy. Some kind of sacrifice and some hero going out in a blaze of glory to beat the True Fae." Jack remarks, only a brief glance at the hand on his arm. The man looks distracted though, gaze mostly falling on the window as he 'thinks'. "Alright, I'll put mine in the safe if everyone else's is in the safe. I think it's a bad idea to have everything in one basket but…" There's a screech from the bathroom. Clearly Azazel was eavesdropping for the last portion and the monkey is -not- happy. He can be heard banging around in the bathroom now.

"All the other crowns are safe." She says with a shake of her head. "You're right, it would be dangerous to put them all in one place. It would just be yours here in the safe. I'll get Eddie's keycard back from him so it's just you and I who can get to it. I doubt Eddie would show up here with all the birds here anyway." The ruckus in the bathroom get's the little fae-touched attention, and her hair poofs out again. "And I honestly don't care if you are mad about it or not, Azazel. This is my home, and you guys can't leave right now, not with that crown. So while you might be miffed, a True Fae knows where I live. So how about you think about how to kill it so we can all be safe rather than get mad Jack can't wear something that ruins his hair anyway?" She raises her voice a bit, as her hair whips around. She's angry now, for Tyla. Nothing compared to a Summer, but still.

Jack isn't prone to showing his anger the way most Summers do but he's got his fist balled up, his ever-present smile tilting downward. "I was only -staying- here because Eddie had his crown here." Jack sounds almost hurt that this changed and nobody told him. Angry. "Goddamnit." His fingers flex, gaze going over to his guitar case and the sword propped up against it. "Yeah… I think me and boss man are going to take our chances."

"Eddie got away and then he went all Winter and went into hiding and I just got confirmation that he wasn't dead." She crosses her arms over her chest and moves to stand in front of the door. "You want to go, fine. I won't try and stop you. But leave the crown here. If that bird-fae-bitch gets hold of the crown you won't be just killing yourselves but every changeling in this town. I mean, I can't stop you. I probably couldn't take an actual monkey in a fist fight, but i can't let you leave, Jack. Not with the crown. Do you know how freeholds are made? Do you know what they do?" She takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. "You said you would make a pledge that you weren't a Loyalist. Do you remember what it was like to be taken, and changed, and used?" She asks quietly. It's a low blow, and she's aware of it. "Do you want that to happen again, to an entire city?"

Jack looks frustrated. Very frustrated. He gives a growl, looking to the bathroom door. "Pack up boss man. We're leaving. Crown stays here." Jack looks more than a little disgusted at the moment, moving towards his pile of clothes lying on a chair by the window. "Just let me get dressed and we'll be out of here." The bathroom door opens and out comes Azazel, looking equally upset for a change. It's a rare thing to get the pair of them on the same page. The monkey tosses the crown on the bed beside Tyla, saying nothing.

Tyla voice softens and her hair settles down a little. "I'm not saying you guys have to leave. And you're right, you are both better equipped to defend the Summer crown than I am. All I'm asking is to put it in the safe. And to use the door like anyway else would do." She actually looks a little sad, large dark eyes looking like they could form tears at any second. "You d-don;t have to g-go." She says quietly, but steps away from the door.

"Look, lady." Azazel is the one to speak, his low, gravelled tone practically a growl. "We agreed to stay to protect Eddie's crown. His crown's not here. Nobody told us. Now hell comes down and we get blamed. We get bamboozled and we're the problem? No." Jack is a master of the art of 'facing away from someone getting dressed in a bathrobe' it seems, putting on his clothes without revealing any nudity. Like a gentleman. He says nothing, letting his small companion speak his mind instead.

Tyla crosses her arms over her chest again, hair agitated, but not getting bigger. "Look you can play the victims if you want, but how many people asked him not to wear the crown? How many other crowns have been under siege by a Hitchcock film, not once, but twice? I get you are from the Hedge and different." She talks to Azazel as Jack changes. "And that is a whole other place, so you might not get what it feels like to be taken. But an Autumn would have a fucking buffet from me right now, coming back to my home where a True Fae was." She takes a breath and tries to calm down. "It's a territory thing." She adds, remembering something Lucas said.

"Once. The other attack, we weren't even here. Cut the crap." The little monkey is radiating anger as well, just a hair's breadth away from screeching from the wild look in his eyes. "We've never been victims, not even when we were in the Hedge. We're not going to be the victims now." Azazel looks like he might just start spitting, opening his mouth to speak again before Jack interrupts him. "Let it go, boss man. Let it go." He says evenly. In a flash he's already dressed in his suit, letting the bathrobe fall into a puddle on the floor. "We'll pay for the damages when we get the money."
Jack regains 1 Glamour by Wits Expression, using switches summer.

Tyla shakes her head. "Don't worry about it, I'm not hurting for money. I'd like the keycard back please, if you don't mind." She asks this after stepping forward and picking up the crown from the bed. "It is the safe to mu business, and by the time I could call you guys to come protect this crown, it would probably be too late anyway." She sniffs a bit, blinking. "You really don't have to leave though." She offers again.

"A monster like that one side could rip into your safe before I could even get downstairs, doll." Jack says wryly, shamelessly feeding on Tyla's anger but without any of his usual panache. Jack reaches into his pocket, pulling out the keycard and walking over to Tyla, placing it on the bed beside her. "And without it close enough on hand for me and Azazel to make a run for it, there's no way that crown is getting anywhere safe." Jack reaches out, giving Tyla a pat on the shoulder before he breaks into a humorless grin. "Good luck." Then he's opening the apartment door, preparing to leave.

"Then why not stay and protect it, and protect the whole Freehold?" She asks quietly, not moving to stop them.

"Because I'm not staying in a goddamn saferoom downstairs." Azazel growls as he clambers up Jack's leg, winding up perched on his shoulder. Jack hefts his guitar case in one hand, his sword in the other. "And I'm not gonna be the scapegoat if it goes bad. I've been nice, ya know. Friendly. Upbeat. All I've got is insults, attacks, and blame. Think I might head out, see how far I get before the city tries to drag me back." And then he's off, heading towards the stairs and the exit.

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