(2018-01-31) Superblue Moon
Superblue Moon
Summary: A group of lost, and a mortal feel a compulsion to enter the Hedge only to arrive at a lost Village
Date: IC Date (2018-01-31)
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Player Characters: Denver, Eddie, Grayson, Gwen, Harris

January 31, 2018. Not only is a Blue Moon (The second full moon of the month) it's also a Super Moon as well. The last time this happened it was 1850. And, not only is it a super blue moon, there is also an eclipse. That's mystical convergence stuff right there!

The call to come here might be more familiar to Summer, and Harris. But Eddie and Gwen have felt it before as well. The call. The urge to be somewhere. So much stronger than the call to come to Port Angeles, actually causing pain, and spitting up blood.

The Lost have each been in the Hedge since they've come back, and it hasn't changed; it' still overgrown and more hostile than ever. To Harris it must be some sort of bad dream, right? A gate appears, and there is only one thing to do but to step in to it and follow the path that leads deep into the Hedge. The branches, vines, and brambles part enough to give a clear path, closing behind each as they move along, only able to go forward.

Each arrives separately, each at a cardinal point on the edge of a clearing that surrounds a small village that looks both new and old at the same time. Smoke climbs up from the chimneys, most of the lights are out, except in one house far off from the others. Who would be chopping wood at this time of night?

Gwen is dressed in her leather armor, sword on her back, and gun at her hip. Coppery hair is in a braid once more. And she's sans… any mantle? No more spring blossoms in her hair. Nope. Wait, was that a snowflake? Weird. She edges along, peering at the edge of this strange village.

Jim Harris steps through the gate, and into the Hedge. He's tied a few on, as per his usual routine, supplemented with a dose of NyQuil to help him deal with this damn flu bug he's been trying to shake. He looks around bewildered, blinking blearily. "Now what the hell's goin' on -here-?" he mutters thickly, digging the heel of his palm into an eyesocket.

That draw is such a delightful thing, the need to roam and move around. She let Tyla know she was heading out for a bit, making sure there was someone at the Sit n' Spin before she went following the pull. The woman is dressed as she usually is, in jeans, a t-shirt with some snide remark etched across the chest, sneakers, and that massive sword of hers. In the hedge, that sword is in her hands, held in front of her in a loose grip. Her skin has been taken over by that volcanic rock, causing her footsteps to be slightly slower than normal. She trudges through the overgrown plants, pausing for a moment at an unfamiliar voice. A single brow ticks up as she spots the …mortal? "What the hell?"

"Getting real tired of that." Eddie is the last to arrive, and he still has that shakey dope sick look. Pale, sweaty. It took a lot to push him into the Hedge, alone. His slouch is worse than usual. He seems like he'd like to sit down. He looks around, maybe for something to do it on, and takes inventory of the others. He does a slow double take once he gets to Harris. How'd one of those get here?

Jim looks around at the others arriving. And his eyes go wide as tea saucers. "What… the… -fuck-…?" The big man gapes, looking from face to face. For a moment, he's just flabbergasted. Of all the weird shit he's seen go down in Port Angeles, this is, by far, the weirdest of the weird. And he's seen a -lot-.

Gwen stares at Harris with blinking, blinking sapphire eyes. A slow tilt of her head is given and she says, "Huh." A glance is given in Eddie's direction, and then back toward Harris.

"I'm wondering the same thing," Denver says to Harris as his question. "How the hell did you get in here? It's not safe for you here!" Granted, it's not safe for any of them here, but him even less. "You need to, like, I don't know, just stay behind me or something." Her nose scrunches up. Gwen is an unfamiliar face, squinted at for a moment before Denver's attention turns to Eddie, lingering there. "You don't look very good, man. You okay?"

Every so often there is a rhythmic *chop* from behind the far off cottage.

For a five and a half foot bug, Eddie is weirdly indistinct. Hard to keep your eye on. He gives Gwen a little nod, but keeps his attention on Harris. He sniffs the air, then smiles a weak smile at Denver. "I'm fine. He's the one mixing liquor and cold medicine." Then that chopping startles a little of the smug out of him.

Jim shakes his head, blinking. "This is a dream," he mutters. "This is some kinda fucked up dream. This can't be -real-." He looks around. "Who -are- you people? This some kinda… some kinda… what do they call it, cosplay?" He eyes the sword in Denver's hands. He looks about ready to say something else, when he hears that CHOP. The big man startles, looking up and around. "The fuck was -that-?" he grunts.

"Yup, a dream." Says Gwen, to Harris. In the /least/ convincing way possible. "Juuust gone along with it! It'll be fine. IT's TOOOOOTTTTAAALLLLYYY a dream." Her diamond-cute sapphire eyes round out (somehow) and she leans forward toward Harris saying, "A complete, utter dream. Don't worry buddy. You'll wake up in a pool of drool and a bad headache and it'll be fine!" And then she bounces off toward the sound of chopping and says, "I'm going to go investigate that. BYE!"

"Yup!" That was loud. "Yup, that's exactly what this is. It's a dream, cause you've been mixing chemicals. Shouldn't do that, man." Her eyes dart from Eddie to Harris and then back again. Her head ticks up as the chop hits the air again. she gestures to Gwen as she says the same thing. Though it's not at all convincing. "That is the sound of something we should probably go take a look at." She gestures between herself, Eddie, and Gwen. "You should probably stay behind us and just uh, enjoy the dream." She gestures with her chin for the others to get behind her as well, turning with that sword lifting in front of her. Gwen doesn't, bouncing off in the lead. "You should probably stand behind—" too late. She looks back at Eddie as she starts moving forward. "I like her."

"It might not be a dream," Eddie says, sidling up conspiratorially near Harris and letting Denver take the lead. "It's entirely possible you are dying. You're getting older now and you've heard all the stories about the flu this year." Even as he steps closer, he doesn't really seem to -get- closer. His tone is conversational. "You really shouldn't mix liquor and cold medicine."

Jim looks from person to person. His scowl growing darker and darker. "Yeah. You guys are a -real- hoot," he growls. He looks back at Eddie. "I've had worse," he grumbles. But… seeing the people who actually -know- what's happening taking off has the big man motivating to follow. -Something- drew him here, and he doesn't like it. He reaches under his jacket and draws his Beretta, chambering a round with a smooth motion. Hey, if it's a dream, then gunshots won't actually kill anyone, will they?

Behind the small cabin is a large man, splitting logs in the moonlight. It's possible the moon is even bigger and brighter than it was a moment ago. It's the only source of light, although there is an antique kerosene lamp flickering off to the side. The man is dressed in old and tattered clothes, homespun and comfortable. Each swing of his axe as it comes down splits a log. There is a pause as he puts a new log on the stump he's using as a chopping block. He has muscles in places most people didn't realize there are muscles, and those muscles have muscles. He makes The Rock look tiny.

He brings the axe down one final time and turns to look at the group over his shoulder, eyes flashing silver. "You are late." in an indefinable accent.

"Sssshhhsst." Gwen starts to say something when she sees the man, but she stops. A hand lifts and rubs at her eyes. "Oh." She says, and it sounds a little … disappointed. A little shake of her head is given and she says, "Sorry, misplaced my invitation. Didn't know what time I was supposed to be here."

"You should really be reconsidering the follies of your life," Eddie calls genially after Harris. After a moment he shrugs, and follows. "But what do I know? I'm just a psychopomp." The gun bothers him not at all, or if it does he doesn't show it. The guy in the Hedge with an axe is a different story. He draws up well short of the rest of the group, keeping his distance. "Sorry, boss. Would have got here sooner, but your ox stepped on my car."

There's a hiss of breath coming from Denver as she strides forward, seeing the man with the ax. She'll let everyone else do the sassing while she slowly tries to position herself between them and him. He might be huge, and she might be tiny, but that doesn't seem to stop the squaring of shoulders, or the defensive glaring. Glare!

Jim boggles at the woodsman. "Jesus fuckin' Christ," he mutters. He runs a shaking hand through his hair. It's likely going to be even grayer before the night is done. "This is too fuckin' weird for me." He looks between his three… 'companions'. "You people -know- this guy?" he asks.

The moon starts to darken slightly. The Woodsman brings the axe down splitting the log and turns to look at the group over his shoulder, eyes flashing silver. "You are late." in an indefinable accent. It's almost as if he flickers. He brings down his axe and splits the log. He turns to look over his shoulder his eyes flashing purple. "You…you are late." he says to the group.

"Um." says Gwen, watching as the guys eyes start turning purple. She takes one very big step backward and says, to him, "Look, you just keep a good twenty paces away at all times, right? I don't know what weird disease you've got going with your eyes but it's catching I /don't/ want it. Sapphire-eyes are enough for me, okay? I don't need purple rupee eyes. I am /not/ Hylian."

"Yeah-no. I don't know him." Denver kind of stares at the man, eyes narrowing as he says the same thing over and over again, but with his eyes changing colors. Gwen is stepping back and Denver is stepping forward. "Late for what, exactly?" she wonders of the man, keeping the long blade between them.

"You tell me. We're your figments." Eddie listens to the guy with the axe, like people tend to. When it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, he turns around to inspect the cabin real quick. Looking up at the roof for lurking gargoyles, peeking at the windows, that kind of thing. His eyes linger on the doorway, and he breathes in, and the corners of his lip quirk upwards just for a second. It seems like a good idea to have a gun in his hand, then, so he does.

The moon starts to darken even more. The Woodsman brings the axe down only there is no log to be split. He looks to the group, eyes starting to flash purple. "You…". He brings down the axe and splits the lo and turns to look at the group over his shoulder, eyes flashing Purple. "Late… You are late. You" in an indefinable accent. It's almost as if he flickers. He brings down his axe and splits the log as he looks at the group. He turns to look over his shoulder his eyes flashing purple. "You…you …you… late… late." he says to someone past the group.

Jim is just… beyond bewilderment at this point. "Yeah? Late for -what-?" he growls. Every moment this weirdness persists just further damages his calm. Not that he had much to begin with. But he can't help but notice that the Woodsman seems to be addressing someone not in the group. He chances a glance over his shoulder, to see if he can see whom else the Woodsman is accusing of tardiness.

Grayson doesn't want to be here. He certainly doesn't want to be here alone, but he can't help that pull. He can't resist it. Where's anybody, somebody. This feels like it, like his Keeper is somehow pulling him back in. Like he can't resist her. Never could. His legs pull him forward through the hedge, but he fights it every step of the way, like a man clawing for purchase on the edge of a cliff. Then he's near a village, and he doesn't recognize this, but it could be a trap. He flits from shadow to shadow, shaking uncontrollably, and failing miserably at being terribly silent. By the time he finds the group, he is a mess. Stumbling forward, looking everywhere, jumping at shadows. He doesn't want to go forward, but there's Eddie, and Fire girl. People he knows. If it's a trick, eh chances it. It's better than being alone in this place. Anything is. Surprisingly though, despite Denver's strength, it's Eddie he runs towards. Out of breath, shaking and tired. He practically falls to his knees behind the man.

Gwen's skin gets a little icy (weird), and a snowflake dances infront of her face … one hand lifts and … nothing happens. "Bwha." She says, blinking at the man and the ax. "Bwha?" and then she looks at Denver and says, "Hey go poke him, I don't think he's real."

"About seven years late, from the look of this place," Eddie says, still watching the cabin as much as the woodsman. At least, until there's something behind him. He spins around and nearly shoots Grayson, and seems to think about it for a second even when he sees who it is. "Jesus, kid. Velvet needs to get some better locks. Get up. Come on." He ushers the Wizened closer to the rest of the group.

Hearing the crashing of Grayson's approach has Jim whirling, bringing his Beretta up, ready to fire. "Jesus!" As the newcomer collapses near Eddie, his eyes narrow. "God fucking -damn-, another one?!" He looks over at Eddie. "You know -this- guy, right?" He slower lowers his pistol, looking back to the rest of the group. Gwen's remarks has him scowling darkly. "Shit. I don't think -any- of this is real," he growls. "But here you all are. So what's -that- mean?"

"You got it." Denver nods to Gwen and starts to move towards the man with the ax. Her sword reaches out, stabbing in the man's direction. Poke! She's not trying to hurt the man, clearly just poking to test the realness of him. There's a connection there, her sword pulled back before she can actually scratch him. "He's real-ish. Enough to be poked, anyway."

The sky darkens completely while the woodsman is in the middle of his loop of looking and chopping. His eyes go purple and stay that way. He steps forward, seems more real. There is no axe on the stump.

He steps forward to plead to the group as Denver's sword doesn't poke. When she think she's pulled the sword back, she's actually plunged her sword through the stomach of the man. He lets out a gasp and looks down, then looks at the group, pleading.

"Please. They were supposed to wake up. They all were. Something happened and they didn't wake up." Blood spurts and dribbles from the wound and his mouth. "We sleep to hide… and only wake up every ten years for one night. They never did. Only me." The man gasps and collapses to his knees, bleeding profusely.

"Um…" says Gwen taking another step backward. She looks about and then toward Eddie, and then back to the man. "Uuuh. I can't uh— I can't, you know, anymore." She starts to rock a little bit. "I didn't mean for— I didn't mean for that. Oh god, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry! Please don't— Oh god." Uhoh, melt down time.

Jim's eyes get wide when he sees Gwen stab the Woodsman. And they get wider when the man starts bleeding out. "Oh no… oh -hell- no," he growls, taking a couple steps back. He shoves his Beretta back into his shoulder holster. "Fuck -this-. I gotta wake up!" With that, he turns and hauls his tubby ass, running away as fast as his feet can carry him.

Grayson is ushered up, if only by the 'command' of Eddie. He seems less worried about being shot than he does about being in this place. Still shaking profusely, the sky darkening is not helping his terror. He ambles over to the group and continues breathing heavily. Eyes going to the woodsman and widening. He's lost and afraid and his eyes rise to the sky. Then a stabbing occurs, and blood and Grayson's eyes widen again. The only thing that helps Grayson not turn into Gwen is someone dying or hurt. Someone needing help. It's the one thing that seems to bring him courage, make him act. He inches forward at first, then a little more. He doesn't need to touch the man, he doesn't, but he's also never used this contract successfully before. "It's okay, It's okay." He's whispering it. Laying a hand on the man or apparition, and his eyes closing, concentrating. "It's?okay…"

"Nooooo, no no no no. Holy shit! I just meant to poke at him!" Denver yells out as she lurches forward to try to catch the guy while he's falling. Her eyes go wide as she looks around the group, landing on Grayson, the only Spring as far as she can tell. "Fix him! Please!" The sword has been dropped so that she can hold the man. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean… where are they? We'll try to wake them." Flaming eyes lift to Grayson, watching as he tries to heal.

Eddie stumbles out of the way of Harris, running away, then Grayson, running forward. He watches the mortal run screaming into the Hedge, seems a little jealous, then moves to rejoin the group. He's taking it a lot better than everyone else seems to be, watching Grayson work with a sort of clinical interest. He tears his attention away from the blood and the drama and addresses Gwen. "Don't go to pieces. I don't know the trick to fix it yet. Grayson can do that thing you can't do."

"I'm metal! Not glass, Eddie!" Gwen says, apparently coming out of her mini-meltdown. Oh look, Grayson's fixing it. Good, good. A sharp shake of her head is given and she says, "Um, right so…" She looks around, frowning deeply.

The night sky starts to lighten again. The woodsman stops coughing up blood, but he's still been run through with a sword to the guts. His eyes flash silver. "You…Late…You.." He mumbles. One moment he's on his knees in front of the group and bleeding, the next moment he's swinging down at the log on the stump making the motion, but without an axe as the log splits anyway. Then he's on all fours, crawling towards the cabin leaving a trail of blood. He swings the axe down and looks at the group. "Late. You… You…Late." As his eyes flash back and forth between silver and purple.

It's not great, it's not exactly what Grayson would have wanted, but it's enough. The man is no longer coughing up blood. For his first attempt, his first success, he'll take it. He's done something new and it makes him happy, this especially. He starts gently stroking the man's shoulder like he's some kind of animal. "It's going to…" Then he's no longer in front of him. He's not done healing though. "Need bandages. Can fix this." The trail of blood is followed. Then Grayson is heading towards the cabin.

"Could have fooled me," Eddie teases the manikin. He watches the bleeding man crawl off with more annoyance than concern. "It's full of dead bodies," he announces, pointing at the cabin, like he was spoiling a movie. "I think this guy was past fixing before we got here."

Arms empty, Denver looks very confused. Big heart, strong arms, but when it comes to puzzles or really anything that requires thinking power? Well, let's just say it's not her jam. A flame covered hand reaches out to reclaim her sword as she gets back up to steady herself on her feet. Eddie's comment has her brows twitching together as she stares at the weird glitching. "What do we do?"

Gwen's eyebrows draw together and she looks toward the cabin at Eddie's words. His teasing for now ignored in the face of this new information. "Like… this is some sort of loop?"

Grayson opens the door to the cabin when he reaches it, pausing for a moment. People need help, dead or not, maybe. "Maybe poke with finger instead of sword, Fire lady. Always sword." Is he actually chastising Denver? Yes it the mildest of ways. Then a nod to Eddie. "Maybe bury then." He shrugs and opens the door, disappearing inside.

The sky starts to lighten even more. The Woodsman brings the axe down only there is no log to be split. He looks to the group, eyes starting to flash purple. "You…". He brings down the axe and splits the lo and turns to look at the group over his shoulder, eyes flashing silver. He crawls towards the cabin "Late… You are late. You" as he flickers. He brings down his axe and splits the log as he looks at the group. He turns to look over his shoulder his eyes flashing a dull purple. "You…you …you… late… late." he says to someone past the group.

"I'm going to take a look around. Detectives love dead bodies. Come on, try not to step on anything important." Eddie follows after Grayson, into the cabin. He doesn't really seem to love anything about this.

The door shuts behind Grayson and he has to put his hand up to his mouth and nose. He walks in a little further, looking around for something, anything. He spots something, unbeknownst to everyone outside and moves towards the bed. The woman lying on it, he nudges her, and talks. "It's okay, lady, we are here to help. Wake up. Wake up. Time to wake up." Then he stops and looks between her and then man on the bed, studying her for a bit, as if assessing a condition. Then he leans over the bed, prying her hand from the dead mans. He calls out then. "Sleeping lady, not dead!"

Eddie comes up behind Grayson, looking down over his shoulder. He looks at the woman just long enough to confirm that she's alive, then turns his attention to the corpse. "That's our friend with the axe, alright." He backs off to examine the rest of the room, turning things over and not finding much, until he gets to the fireplace. He kneels down and digs around in the ash and makes an Ahah sound. He starts pulling at a loose brick down there.

Well, Grayson is fresh out of his durance and between Tyla and Velvet has been exposed to a lot of movies. In Tyla's case, a lot of cartoons. When medical knowledge fails him, he goes for the magical and completely ridiculous. Grayson leans done and kisses the woman gently on the lips. "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty." Seriously, why does Velvet let him out of the house unsupervised? Vexed, when she doesn't wake up, his attention turns to Eddie and his 'Aha'.

"Ew." says Gwen, "Don't kiss corpses." And then she's peeking a little bit more into the room, poking about here and there. Though she doesn't seem to be looking for the same sort of thing that Eddie is.

Every so often there is a rhythmic *chop* from behind the cottage.

Eddie comes up with a brick in one hand and a ring in the other. He dances the ring across his ash-stained fingers proudly, then remembers where he's at. "Do the wake up thing," he points at Grayson, then at Sleeping Beauty. "If you can do anything for a gut wound you can do that. I'm going to go try something." He heads back outside at a hurried march.

There is nothing from Denver at the moment. The volcanic woman is silent as she stands in the doorway. The group look through the house, so she stands guard at the door, making sure they aren't interupted by outside threats.

"She's not dead, just sleeping." Grayson sighs. "But I can't wake her up. Can't carry her." He's simply too weak, look at him. He looks to Gwen and then back to Eddie. Eddie comes up with a ring. "Put it on her finger?" But Eddie's got his own idea. The wake up thing? He's not sure what that is. He does know another trick. It is worth a try. He has no idea if that's what Eddie means. "I don't think she's tired Mr. Eddie." He tries it anyway.

Eddie goes outside, not much past the doorway. He stands there and locks eyes with the ghost, and when he comes back inside the temperature drops at least ten degrees. "He's been at this seven years. 'We sleep to hide'. I'm getting a real rotten feeling about this. We should check the rest of the village, we might have more Mirellas out there than this one." He does flick Grayson the ring, to try out that idea.

Grayson is fresh out of ideas, and waiting for Eddie to come back from his excursion. When he says what he does, Grayson's face falls. His hand reaches out and snags a ring. He's got quick reflexes, this one. He holds the ring in the palm of his hand, looking down at it. "Hide from what? Maybe we don't want to wake them, if they are hiding?" He looks back down at the lady, sadly. Concerned. All this time he's been trying to wake her, and that could do her harm.

Every so often there is a rhythmic *chop* from behind the cottage.

Gwen shrugs a little bit and says, "I mean, if there's any actual metal around here, I could ask it what it knows.."

Grayson holds out the ring to Gwen, like…this is metal.

"You do that. I'm going to poke around, before the moon goes away and this all goes back to Brigadoon." Eddie heads out again, to turn over the rest of the village.

"I guess I'll poke around too. Not really a lot I can do except accidentally stab people, though. So, you know, avoid that part of my sword. I'll take the houses over in that direction." Denver breaks away from the door frame and starts to meander off in that direction.

Gwen's fingers close around the ring and she closes her eyes. She starts talking, "Why… I know you're sleepy, but can we talk a little bit first? Yeah, I just need to ask a few questions about— yeah, about the things that have… Oh you-" Her eyes open and she stares off at the wall, shouting, "Stone!" She rears her hand back as she if she's going to /throw/ the ring back at Grayson, but she stops herself and calls to Eddie, "EDDIE! STONE'S HERE! I'm going to go find him!" The ring is given back to Grayson, and she turns around headed for the village.

Grayson just watches Gwen talking to the ring curiously. His head tilts a moment, and he almost smiles. At the idea of talking to a ring, probably. Almost. Then he's rearing back to throw it, and he's beginning to duck. He stops when she doesn't and then just accepts the ring. Stunned for a second. Then as she starts leaving, he just stands there. "Who's Stone?"

Neither the corpse, nor the sleeping lady answer Grayson.

Eddie didn't come to town til after Stone had gone away, so that doesn't mean much to him. Still, shouting's shouting, so he comes out of the building he was in. "Alright, wait up. Buddy system. Denver, where are you? Come on, go with Gwen. I better go get Grayson."

Grayson has no answers. He's not sure he wants to wake anybody up now. But why were they drawn here. He looks down at the corpse and the sleeping lady, considering. The ring is held in his hand, as if once again weighing it. He just can't think that waking them up is good, what with the warning, so he pockets the ring and heads outside, whispering towards the woman. "I'm sorry. I will find a way to help."

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