(2018-02-02) Flying High
Flying High
Summary: Wherein Our Heroes Meet Someone Flighty
Date: IC Date (2018-02-02)
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Player Characters: Bea, Eddie, Emmahsue (ST)

In this low-rent neighborhood, there aren't many public places given adequate attention for asthetics. This tiny park crammed between the pawn and doughnut shops is an exception to that rule. Carefully tended rows bear fruit and vegetables in all but the deepest parts of winter. A stone fountain burbles in the center of the park, rung around by colorful flowers throughout the season, and a small beehive is nestled into a corner. Decorative items and potted flowers add color, and entice both beneficial insects and people into the little oasis.

A couple rickety, but freshly painted benches offer a resting spot for the folks who sometimes spend nice afternoons sitting out. It seems to be a community garden, though no gates, signs or locks prove it. Just numerous families and individuals making use of the beds, and the trash can full of rusty equipment.

These days, the community garden seems a bit run down. Many of the plots are overrun with weeds, grafitti has started to color the walls, and the shed has been broken in to for the meager money that the tools inside could make.

"Pssst!" As the pair start their course towards the park's exit, a voice hisses out at them from behind that bit of broken-in shed wall. It's followed a moment later by a waving hand — thin, on the small side — and then a peeking head. The owner's brown hair is tangled, her cheeks are reddened, and blue eyes are agleam with enthusiasm, all in the face of a young 20-something. "Psst! You guys!" There's no breeze; her hair swirls anyway, tangling further. "C'mere!"

Bea turns at the sound, giving the girl a wide, friendly smile as she moves forward curiously. "Oh hi there. What are you doing hiding in there? Are you hungry? We were just finishing up our picnic, but there's still plenty left." She's utterly without caution, ready to follow this stranger wherever she may lead.

Eddie fixes the girl with a skeptical look and seems ready to say something when Bea takes the lead. He breathes an inaudible curse and forces on a smile and says: "Sure." He keeps more of a distance than Bea does, at least.

When she steps out from the shelter (such as it is), the girl exposes bare feet, stains on what was probably a nice blouse and jeans at some point, and all.that.hair. It just swirls about at random, so that she has to keep shoving it out of her face on the regular. Bea's approach — or perhaps her offer of food — draw a delighted smile in return. "I am a little hungry," she allows hopefully. "I saw… you have the…" A gesture with her non-busy hand indicates her back. Wings. They've got them.

Bea quickly retrieves the ice chest from her car once more, along with a coat and a pair of rubber boots. She starts to pull out the remnants of the impromptu picnic- meats, cheeses, home baked bread, honey, candies. "Oh sure, we do. Are you…okay? Like, did you just run away from something bad?" Once the food is laid out, she holds out the clothing to the girl, "Here, you can wear these, if you're cold or your feet hurt. I know I don't always like to wear shoes either, but if you want to…And I'm Bea, by the way. This is Eddie, and we're both happy to meet you. /Both/ of us." This laster offered with emphasis and a significant look to Eddie, in case he gets any ideas of being unfriendly.

"They're my third best feature," Eddie deadpans, giving his wings a little buzz, "right after my gentle brown eyes and warm demeanor." He lets Bea do most of the talking, fixing on a reasonably welcoming smile, once Bea reminds him to. "Have you got them too, or is it just the hair?" He kind of wiggles his fingers around his head, to simulate the effect.

The rubber boots are entirely ignored; it's hard to say if the girl just didn't notice them, doesn't know what they're for, or thinks they're not worth glancing at. She does accept the coat, but not to slip her arms into. Rather it's bundled and dropped on the ground so she can sit on it, right there in front of the food. "Bea!" She repeats the names, "And Eddie! I'm…" Her forehead furrows up. "Wendy? Wendy!" A sharp nod agrees with herself on this point. That's definitely her name. "Oh, no, no," she assures upwards even as she reaches for the food, hand hovering over the offerings. "I don't have them, I flew without them, you must get tired using yours so hard to lift you up, you're so heavy!" Did she… yes. Yes, she did just call the both of them fat, and without a drop of remorse or shame or awareness that maybe this is a rude thing to blurt out. "Oooh!" A candy is snatched up and popped into her mouth. It muffles her voice some when she goes on: "Was upinna mounshans."

Bea glances to Eddie, then back to Wendy, laughing a little at the comment about their weight, "Oh sure, and I /wish/ I could still fly, but like you say, we're so heavy here, and can only just jump really good. Base jumping, I think, is what this one helper I had called it, sort of…It's really nice though, that you don't need any wings, but can fly still. And anyway, what mountains were you in? And what brings you here to POrt Angeles? It seems a strange place to visit, where there's not even a wind to blow around right now, if you like to be so high and light and fly everywhere." She settles in next to the girl, resuming the effort to tidy the park while they all chat.

"Flapping builds character," Eddie says, amused. He butts in long enough to remind Bea: "We did go out of a plane, once." Mostly he just listens and watches. When it comes to that part about the mountains, though, he furrows his brow. "Kallach?"

Perhaps it's the wind in her hair — she spits it out of her mouth, ew — that helps her up and away. When Bea settles into place next to her, Wendy is across the picnic spread a heartbeat later. There's no fear in her face, no sense of outrage. Just there one moment, moving the next, if only to pluck up a bit of bread. "Paddo," is her vaguely nonsensical answer to both of them at once in a jumble. "I was playing up there and jumping — you're right, it's so fun when you fall! — but it wasn't fun by myself anymore because I had friends before but then I was up in Paddo alone and now you're here and you're sure you can't fly?" That last is more than a little sad on their behalf. "Because I can't wear the crown and be the queen of the night sky if I'm playing by myself when I'm up there."

Bea…oh gosh, Bea looks like she might burst out of her skin, reaching out to slap Eddie's arm repeatedly with excitement, "She's got a crown, Eddie! Did you hear that?!" She wiggles around and then leans in toward Wendy, looking utterly sympathetic, even through her excitement, "That's really sad for you though, to have lost all your friends. And I know how that goes. Except for Eddie, and Tyla, and some others I am sure, just about everyone has disappeared here, or is too asleep to notice, and that is like the same thing, except I'm not a queen, and Eddie doesn't want to be a king, I don't think. But sure, like Eddie says, we can kinda fly, but only out of planes, and it's super fun." She considers, then asks, "Where is Paddo? I don't think I've ever heard of that place, but then I haven't been to many places, so probably it's somewhere super exotic and fun, right?" She looks up at the sky, then back down toward Wendy, "But maybe it would be nicer just to stay here and be like a regular person, because that's fun too."

Eddie grips the bridge of his nose, like he's trying to clamp down on a migraine. From the strength of his grip, it must get worse the more Bea has to say on the subject of crowns. He finally looks up and smiles, weakly. "Most flying things in this town are kind of bad news. What happened to your friends?"

Her eyes widen at Bea's excitement. Wendy leeeans back a little, bread in hand, only now looking a tetch nervous. "It's the mountain," she informs hesitantly. "Paddo is the mountain? I don't want to stay here." Up, up, she's standing, unable to sit, or unwilling. "I only came to find friends and I'm going back so I'll keep looking for someone who can fly too. If you want to jump from Paddo I'll see you there?" That last is extended with the sort of hesitance that suggests she's really not sure this is such a great idea after all. "Since you can't get to my spot if you can't jump from high enough." A shrug answers Eddie's question. What happened to them? Who knows who cares.

Bea looks at Wendy apologetically, holding up a hand and assuring her, "Oh, don't go. We won't make you stay, and maybe we will come with you and fly, since I bet on Paddo we could, even if we did have to work at it harder than you. But still, maybe if you tell us about your friends, then we can help you find them, because I know a lot of people, and Eddie is like a detective, so he can find anything or anybody for sure."

"She's looking for new friends," Eddie says, laying a hand on Bea's shoulder. "Let her go, if she wants to go." He takes in a breath and lets it out in a little sigh and turns to go. He stops, and snaps his fingers. "We kind of can fly, though. Can you do the…" he waves his hand through the air, makes a windy kind of noise, "the wind trick?"

No small relief plays across Wendy's face when Eddie seems to Get It. She bestows upon him a munificent smile and assures, "When I'm playing queen of the night sky, all of my friends can fly, but the wings make it easier to fall." She eases away a few more steps, bare feet barely moving the grass and gravel. "Thank you for the food BeaandEddie! If you decide to come to Paddo I'll find you there and we'll go up together!" Just that easily her momentary concern is faded, replaced by enthusiasm.

Bea frowns at Eddie, whispering loudly to him, "But should we really let her?" She looks to Wendy and says with a little smile, "If you just tell us how to get to Paddo, we'll come there for sure to play with you soon. But just you don't plan to make anyone come and be your friend, right? Like not if they don't want to?" She doesn't actually seem to expect Wendy to give her any answers, since she's already on the move, but she can't help but ask anyway.

When Bea says that key phrase 'how to get to Paddo', the memory flickers: a commercial played once. Sometime in the last seven years, some humdrum VISIT THE MOUNTAINS OF WASHINGTON-STATE tourism ad. Paddo is (one of) the Native American name for Mt. Adams.

"Paddo," Eddie repeats, rolling his eyes to help remember, "Yeah. Yeah, I remember the commercial. See you soon, Wendy." He tightens his grip a little on Bea's shoulder with the one hand, and he gives a friendly wave with the other. "We'll bring more food."

"I'll see you there! Bring more candies!" And with that caroled instruction, Wendy is darting away. Too quickly, with her long brown hair swirling madly about; Eddie's moment of concentration gives him a flicker-flash whip-thin chilled cut across his bristly cheeks as the wind helps carry her along. Whatever and wherever she's going, the girl is using precious glamour to get there faster.

To Eddie: Flighty, forgetful, probably a little cruel without meaning it; for all that negligence, there was a moment of *plan* to Wendy's departure. As if she'd decided she was done and was going to leave no matter what was said.

Bea follows Eddie's lead and sighs, settling back again, "Oh yes, that mountain in the ad? What a weird place to play queen." She watches Wendy run off, then turns back to Eddie with a little frown, "She seems really nice, but probably we should have tried to get her to stay a little harder, if you ask me. But still, we could probably take a day trip, and it /would/ be nice if she could help us fly again, don't you think?"

Eddie's whole body sags a little once the girl is gone, like he was using every muscle to keep that smile on his face. "Nice? I'm not even entirely convinced that was a girl, Bea," he says, staring off in the direction Wendy disappeared in. "But if she's got the fifth crown we haven't got much of a choice. Let me make some phonecalls."

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