(2018-02-03) Bureau Briefing 001
Bureau Briefing 001
Summary: The Bureau convenes to discuss the recent Bird Incident.
Date: (2018-02-03)
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Player Characters: Sydney, Tali, Harris

A briefing is called for this morning at the Bureau office — officially part of the regional FBI office, of course, since FOPIB doesn't officially exist. The meeting room is a typical high-tech FBI affair, surrounded on three sides by wood panel walls and the last by a glass wall that allows view of the rest of the office; the long conference table is already occupied by a dozen agents and assorted support personnel settling in, when Agent Rae arrives with Agent Cobb in attendance.

"Good morning." Sydney wastes no time as she moves to the head of the table, taking a moment to glance at everyone present. "I hope everyone has had their coffees. There's a lot of work ahead of us, so let's get started." She nods to Cobb, who starts handing out dossiers around the table.

Lt. Jim Harris is certainly here. The bags under his eyes seem darker than usual. It would seem that he hasn't slept well. Or he's hung over. Actually, it's probably both. He sits in his seat, nursing a cup of coffee, and desperately missing the days when you could smoke at meetings like this. But when his dossier is given to him, he straightens with a grunt. He guzzles a swallow of coffee and flips the folder open, massaging his temple as he starts to read.

Tali is settled into a chair near a wall, with her back to it. Cop habits die hard. She has a very big coffee mug in front of her, emblazoned with the words "I'm a Happy Go Lucky Ray of Fucking Sunshine." When she lifts it up for a sip, the bottom has a hand giving a middle finger painted on it. That says just about all anyone needs to know about Agent Haddad. She pulls the dossier in with her free hand, already knowing most of what was in it, as she was at the scene with Sydney. She is wearing a blouse and suit jacket in deference to being in the FBI office. It really clashes with the jeans and motorcycle boots.

Each dossier contains a couple of personal files, with pictures and relevent information below. There are also screencaps from surveillance camera footage, but clearly all that don't need to be studied in detail right now.

Sydney lets everyone have a chance to at least glance at the dossier, and for Agent Cobbs to take a seat before she continues. "There was an incident ten days ago in the eastern part of the city, within the Bourchier-Baker block between 5th and 7th," She begins. "Which resulted in significant property damage in the area, but thankfully no civilian casualty. It is however alarming that this could have been something much worse; this appears to be an uncontained paranormal event that was potentially witnessed by a number of civilians. We are already taken steps to address that part, at least, but in the mean time we need to know more about what actually took place. More importantly, we need to ensure something like this doesn't happen again - or if it does, how to contain it."

With that, she picks up a remote control and hits a few buttons; the light dim and the 4k screen in one corner of the conference room turns on. A few moments later a clip from a surveillance camera starts to play.

OOC: From the +Job: You see a few birds, fly in, nothing too unusual at first, then all of a sudden thousands of birds fly into the area converging in front of the Sit N Spin. They all fly together forming a large bird / woman hybrid you starts to make her way to the door of the Sit N Spin. As the birdlady is forming a man, about 5'7"-ish, maybe 45, five o'clock shadow, thin and tired wearing an overcoat and talking on a cellphone peeks his head out the door, and runs back into the laundromat. As the birdlady turns to also head into the laundromat a short woman with dark brown hair wearing a tshirt and jeans runs at the birdlady with a sword and attacks it. She seems to hit the necklace the birdlady is wearing (the necklace is made of glass and shells). The wave bursts out pushing the cars and shattering the windows before it reaches the other side of the road and knocks the camera out.

Jim's eyes get wide as he looks over some of the images from the camera footage. "No -way-," he growls quietly to himself. He leans in closely, eyes narrowing. "-Bullshit-. It wasn't real. It was just a fuckin' dream." He looks back up as Agent Cobb starts to speak, focusing on that for now. Though he keeps glancing down at the pictures from the camera feed. Now, in addition to looking exhausted and hung over, the big man now looks genuinely shaken as well.

Tali skims over the dossier as the video plays. She's already seen it, and moreso she's sort of lived it when she read the bits of necklace she collected. Her fingers drum lightly on the file as she watches the faces of the rest of the agents, gauging their reactions to what is clearly not a natural event. "It wasn't a dream. I have bits of the necklace I found at the scene. I read them." Those in the room are aware Tali is a psychic. "That thing was not just real, it was joyful about flying. And I think I floated a little."

The rest of the assembled agents haven't seen the footage, so there's a bit of concerned looks being traded around. Sydney has turned her chair to watch the video, but turns back slightly towards the table when Tali speaks up. "That thing, as Agent Haddad points out, is not only real; it's also obviously our primary concern. We are calling it AE-01, for Avian Entity. R&D is currently cross-referencing its manifestation characteristics with the Bureau's database, and while it displays some similarities to documented lycanthropic species, there is no perfect match yet. Unfortunately, there is little physical evidence left on-site aside from the necklace Agent Haddad mentioned, so our investigation has to begin with the individuals identified in the dossier." There is a pause as she opens her dossier, as do most of the other agents, before Sydney looks over to Harris. "Agent Harris - what is it?"

Jim shakes his head, tapping his fingertip against the photo before him. "I had this real fucked up dream last night. An' I -swear-, I saw this woman in it," he growls. "She had the sword n' everything." He scowls darkly. "But now, right there she is. What the -hell-?"

Tali looks around the table. "There's more though. I could NOT use my abilities at the site. I was going to, and I got the feeling that if I did, it might be fatal to me. This thing is powerful, whatever it is. Reading the artifact required me to be away from the location. I waited til the next day to be safe even."

Sydney tilts her head thoughtfully at Harris' words. "Maybe it wasn't a dream." She considers, but leaves it alone for now to listen to Tali next. "Exactly. That's why we need to find out more about this thing before it makes another appearance." Beat. "There are three individuals in the footage, two of whom are identified in the dossier you have in your hands. Tyla Wilson is the owner of the Sit'n'Spin Laundromat; Miss Wilson is human, but the location is frequented by paranormals in human guises; I don't want them disturbed as this group of paranormals has existed in peace for at least ten years, probably longer, so I want this place under surveillance for now." She flips the page. "The second person is one Edward Brundle, a private investigator operating in this city. Agent Harris, Agent Haddad, do you know this person from your day jobs?"

Sydney's notion that it -wasn't- a dream has Jim scowling angrily. "There's no way," he growls. "It couldn't be real. Everyone there was all… they was…" He lifts a hand to run through his hair. "They didn't look -human-," he mutters. "It was like some kinda fucked up Halloween party. An' somethin' kept callin' me through these… these -shrubs-… they were huge. An' there was some guy choppin' wood, an' -this- woman right here," he growls, tapping the photo again, "she stabbed 'im right in the guts." He peers at the photo of Edward, frowning a bit. "I… I don't -think- so? Maybe? Somethin' 'bout 'im looks familiar… can't put my finger on it."

Tali shakes her head at Sydney. "No, ma'am. I'm not familiar with him." She arches a brow at Harris. "That's it old man, I switching you to decaf."

"Well then, since you are both police officers, I would like you two to see if you find out some contact information on this man." Sydney notes. "As for the third person, the woman with the sword that you both seem to have already met, unfortunately we cannot identify her. Either she is a paranormal without a human identity, or a transient who we don't have much information on, I would like to know what her deal is." Beat. "Someone running around on the streets with a sword might attract the wrong attention." With the case's information mostly delivered, Sydney turns her attention back to Harris. "Did you have a paranormal encounter, Agent Harris? If so we should debrief you. Agent Haddad, is there someone you can do to help identify what might have happened with Agent Harris?"

Tali gets a grunt from the big man. "Ain't the coffee. Probably shouldn'ta taken the double-shot of NyQuil before I went to sleep. Flu was kickin' my ass." He looks back up at Sydney, his brows furrowed. "I… I don't know," he says. "I -thought- it was just a dream. I mean… shit like that -couldn't- be real." He looks between the two. "-Could- it?" He shifts uncomfortably in his seat. "Well… if this guy's a licenced private investigator, he should be easy enough to track down." He picks up his coffee and slugs it back, scowling darkly. The idea that he's had a brush with the supernatural has him looking sour. And he still can't smoke in the meeting room, damn it.

Tali scribbles in the dossier page on Eddie as Sydney assigns them to finding out more about the PI. She blinks up at Sydney and ponders for a moment at the question. "Maybe. Harris, do you have any items with you that you had in this alleged dream?" she asks. If the incident made an impression on him, it may have made one on his items as well.

While Harris and Tali talk, Sydney leans forward in her seat and steeples her fingers on the table. "Agent Davis, keep Doctor Jacobs informed and have him continue to run MC matches on AE-01. Agent Mazetti, Agent Michaels, I like you to run a detailed background search on Tyla Wilson, see if she has other properties under her name, and see if she has any known contacts. Cobbs, set up a meeting with the local DoT office; I like to make some recommendations on their traffic surveillance upgrades." Each of the agents nods, and thus satisfied, Sydney leans back. "Thanks everyone. Meeting is adjourned. Let me know if you have any updates."

The other agents stand and begin to file out of the conference room then, leaving Sydney to return her attention to the two police officers. "Some paranormals do have the ability to manipulate memories, Agent Harris. You could've had an encounter and they altered your perception to have the experience appear as a dream."

Jim frowns. "Figured I'd notice if someone was messin' with my head," he says. "I mean. That's what -I- do. I know what it feels like. This… it wasn't like that. It felt so -real-." He shivers a bit, draining his coffee cup.
Jim looks over at Tali. His brow furrowing for a moment. "My piece," he says. "I had my piece in there with me. Maybe that could help ya."

Tali continues to sip her coffee as she listens to Jim and Sydney discuss the situation. She takes it all in, quietly absorbing the information and jotting it down in the index file that is her mind. "Yeah, I might be able to get a reading off the gun. Did you fire it in that dream thing? If so, maybe even more so."

Sydney looks between the pair of agents. "Give it a try, Agent Haddad, but use precautions… do it in a controlled environment. And if this woman with the sword was /there/, that just means she is a higher priority. She's not only the one who attacked AE-01, but she might be able to shed some light on Agent Harris' unexplained encounter. I will request PAPD to issue an APB for her; maybe something will turn up." Closing her dossier file, the SAC rises to her feet.

-----—| Tali rolls 7 Dice |-----
Roll: Wits + Composure
Result: Success (2) — 3 3 4 4 6 9 10 7
------——| success (to Harris, Tali, Sydney, Puce) |
Jim nods his head. "Sure thing, Agent Rae," he says. He looks back over at Tali. "Just say when and where," he says. "Bonus points if it's outside." He looks back to Sydney. "I'll look around and see if I can find out anything 'bout this private eye, too. Soon as I get a hit, I'll let you know."

Tali nods to Sydney and rises as well, gathering up the dossier in her hands. "Jim, let's do this in the lab here. We have a clean room that'll work best as a control." She leads the other detective down the hall and into the lab with a swipe of a keycard. She's specialized in forensics, which is another reason the Bureau wanted her so bad. Inside there is a clean room, where the Bureau can do tests and the like on unusual items. She gestures for Harris to sit outside and watch through the glass, and holds her hand out for his weapon.

Jim gives Sydney a nod of farewell, then turns to follow Tali to the clean room. At the door, he reaches into his jacket for his Beretta 9mm. Checking to make sure the safety's on, he hands it grip-first to her. "Here you go," he says. "I didn't actually fire it, but I did have it drawn."

Tali moves into the clean room and seals the door behind her. She moves to the center of the room and sits in a chair in front of a simple table, setting the weapon in front of her. She reaches back to wind her ponytail into a tight bun to keep it out of her way and lets out a long breath. Then she reaches and picks the gun up in both hands, closing her eyes, and concentrates. Her eyes move behind those closed lids. "A gate you haven't seen before. Branches, vines, brambles, the supermoon," she says, and Harris can hear her via a speaker nearby. Her brow furrows. "A village? There are others. A fly man, a woman of lava, a clockwork girl with armor and a sword. You don't belong there. It's not safe." Her head tilts a bit. "A cottage, there is a giant of a woodsman with an axe, chopping wood." She frowns. "You are late. Purple eyes. A pale elf boy from the trees. Lava woman has a sword. Blood, so much blood." She shivers. "Run, run!"

At long last, Tali's eyes open and she sets the gun down again. "That accurate with what you remember?" she asks the glass.

Jim's eyes get wider and wider as Tali describes the events that occurred to him. What he was so sure was a dream, because it couldn't -possibly- be real. But it was. It -was- real. "Oh my God," he whispers raggedly. "It was real. Jesus fuckin' Christ." He gives himself a shake, drawing a slow, deep breath. He looks back to Tali. "What… what -is- that place?" he asks softly.

Tali picks the weapon up again and exits the clean room, handing the Beretta to Harris grip-first. "Fuck if I know, Jim. It's not something I've seen before myself. Psychic phenomena, I'm your expert. This is something else. Alternate dimension? World residing alongside ours? Something weirder?"

Jim takes his piece back, holstering it and straightening the lapels of his jacket. "I've never seen anything like it," he says. "It… it was all just so… so… -weird-." He shakes his head. "But at least I know I wasn't crazy. So… no need to put me on the decaf." He draws another breath. "A'right. I'm gonna go step outside for a minute. But you should have my number if you need to get ahold'a me."

"I need to go for a ride after that," Tali admits, shoving her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. "I'll be back at the station later. Tomorrow maybe we can go pay that PI a visit." She gives Harris a tired smile, then heads out to the parking garage, where her motorcycle is.

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