(2018-02-03) Hollow
Summary: Tyla shows Audgrim her hollow
Date: IC Date (2018-02-03)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Tyla

Audgrim has been around a lot, but he's also spending time over at Bea's, helping her; seems his current mission is to help with gardening. Today he's here though and has just taken one of his many day-time naps, yawning widely and stretching lazily as he ambles out of his room. As Tyla's bedroom door is open a crack he heads over and peeks inside. "Hello, Tyla?"

Tyla is curled up in bed with a romance novel, of all things. Her hair flickers and moves slightly, calm. She hears her name and looks up, blushing as her skin goes a little purple. She smiles even as she's blushing and quickly tries to hide the book under the blanket, her hair twisting on her head slightly. "Oh Audgrim, hi! C-can I g-get you something?" She offers. "D-do you need a bike to g-et to Bea's?"

Audgrim's English has improved so much - one intense week of only talking and listening to it, plus that dictionary, has helped a lot. He slinks inside and takes a look in the room, having only just seen it through the door a few times before. Noticing her hiding the book, he stares at her with intent curiosity and then grins half knowingly. "Bike?" He thinks for a moment, then remembers what that is. "Bike would be very nice. Long way to Bea," he says and straightens up. "But not need buy me bike, you give so much already," he then adds, making a near embarrassed gesture. Walking over to that laptop, he touches it with a claw, carefully - he still seem convinced that those are magic items. "You feel good?"

"Oh, I'm sure I could Grayson to fix up one of the old bikes the the garage, or you could too, if that's your thing?" She offers. "I hope there is enough for you both to do in the greenhouses that you aren't getting in each others way?" She asks with a smile. She blushes a bit more. "Of course, I'm fine. Oh, because I'm in bed? It's just comfy to read in, that's all." She explains, pushing back the blanket while trying to keep the romance novel hidden. But they are all over the house, so it's not exactly news she reads them.

Having a bit of a mischievous streak, Audgrim dives for the bed and snatches up that book unless she's fast enough to stop him. "Lots to do. Work, work, work," he jokes. "But can not fix bike. Bad at fixing, good at destroying," he admits with a lazy grin. Now invading her bed too, he half-sits on it, leaning on his side while flipping through the book, reading a few lines here and there but not being too focused. He does it mostly to tease, but he's distracted and loses his balance - he thuds to the floor with a grunt, the book goes flying.

"Okay, I'll ask Grayson if he c-can fix one." She says with a smile. "It's really busy right n-now, but it should calm d-down in a c-couple of…. omigosh!" First she's blushing more because he's in her bed, teasing or not, and then she's blushing more because he's flipping through the book. It's bored housewife porn the likes of which comes to your door every month and fairly tame. And then Audgrim is falling off the bed which she has to hop up on to and she's trying to help him up. "Are you okay?" She asks, concerned.

Audgrim's head pop up over the edge of the bed, he looks a little bewildered, hair on end. One horn pulls the cover up and he shakes it loose and then bounces to his feet quickly, accepting her helping hand; his hands are warm and dry despite the webbing between his fingers, and he's careful with those claws. "Thank you," he rasps and gives her a quick smile. "I am okay, not hurt. Just maybe not wake yet, I come from nap," he explains, trying to understand why he's feeling so clumsy. He decides to sit down on the chair by her laptop instead, picking up the book as he passes it and looks down at a page. En eyebrow goes up as he read a specifically raucous section, and he looks back at her with his mouth slightly open. "What…" He stops, closes the book and puts it aside carefully. Best not go there.

Tyla turns about as purple as she every does, hair moving restlessly and trying to hide her. "Okay, I read romance n-novels, you g-got me." She says blushing and raising her hands to cover her face. "N-need c-coffee? Or maybe some orange juice?" She offers, peeking out from her fingers. "With everything g-going on with c-coronets, and wonky p-pledges, and just everything that's g-going on, I just wanted to relax a little and escape. Too much romance around right n-now." So she reads trashy romance novels.

Audgrim stares blankly. "Romance around?" he asks - he hasn't noticed. He makes a dismissive gesture, and grins again. "Read what you want. Do what you want. We escape hedge, we are free. Nobody can say "you can not do that,"" He sits up straight, and nods eagerly to her offer; "Coffee, yes please. Need to wake up. Then work. Maybe play violin." He looks faintly smug, at that. "I play now. Bea and me go in forest, we talk - I feel good about playing again."

"Good, I'm glad you feel better about it." Tyla says with a smile, but then chews on her lower lip. "But I'm n-not… I d-didn't escape. I was ch-changed by it." She points to her hair as it moves on it's own. "I'm a bit different." She tries to explain, waiting to see if he has any more questions. "I have a hollow though." She offers shyly.

Audgrim hasn't had the means to understand it before, but now he does. "You were in hedge, but not taken?" he wonders, tilting his head. He sprawls on the chair again, stretching his legs out while the tail swish behind him over his head. "Hollow…" He frowns, digs out his dictionary and checks it quickly to at least understand the word itself. Making the right connection, he double checks anyway. "Hollow, in hedge? Can I see?"

She relaxes a little, even her hair is calmer and she's blushing a little less as well. "Sure, it's just outside, actually, you g-guys should know it's there anyway." She smiles and offers a hand to him, to lead the way. "When I was ten I found a gate and wandered in the Hedge. I was there for about two weeks." She explains. "And then I c-could see you g-guys. But spending more time in there has ch-changed me." She says with a small nod. "I c-can do some things you g-guys c-can, but n-not much."

Velvet Underground - The Lonely Highway
This isn't a large space, although it seems larger because of the four rooms that make up the place. Two large rooms to the north and the south, with passages and tunnels to two smaller rooms to the east and west. All the rooms are circular. There are two entrances, one in the north room, the other in the south; tunnels narrow slightly and slant upward and out. Along the tunnels, small stones with carvings line the path.

Each room is blanketed with a thick layer of dark green moss, little white and yellow flowers dotting the surface. The moss extends nearly up to the ceiling but doesn't quite reach it. The ceiling itself if a light stone. All along the walls, vine poke through the moss on the floor and spread up to the ceiling. In the larger rooms the vines extend across the ceiling and meet in the center of the room to hang down a little in the middle of the room. All along the vines are white flowers; from very small to so large that the vines can hardly hold the weight of the blossoms. At first glance they appear to just be flowers, however when they are touched by any sort of light, the flowers start to glow and radiant softly throughout the room giving everything a nice cheery glow.

Audgrim follows along with interest and ndos his understanding about what happened to Tyla in the hedge, and how she's different than himself. "And now you help us," he says and gives her a rare warm smile, expression softening. As she shows him where to enter, he's intrigued. "Hah, I should look better, I could not see it before," he admits sheepishly. Entering, he looks around scrutinisingly, and he takes a deep breath - this is the closest to the hedge he's been since his escape. "So many flowers. Very nice."

Tyla smiles and settles down in the moss after taking off her shoes, caressing it lightly. "It's not much, but I like it. I found it this way." She explains quietly. Even her hair is calm. "But I thought you should know. Everyone staying at the house really, and there is a door in to the Hedge here as well." Her words are slow and deliberate. "You guys need to know with everything going on. But also there is a workshop around there." She points off to one of the small rooms, around the corner. "Hedgefruit. I'm going to grow it. Healing ones." She explains.

Doing what she does, Audgrim takes off his boots and displays his webbed and clawed toes. No wonder he needs such large boots! He enjoys the feel of the moss and having no shoes, as he used to never wear any while in the hedge. He examines some of the flowers, sniffing them and checking what they look like. "I would ruin workshop," he jokes - he's not much of a crafty type. "But hedgefruit, really good. Healing is needed, things are dangerous around. I hear about big bird woman."

Tyla shadowy hair immediately starts to broil and flicker at the mention of the bird woman. "Which one?" She asks quietly. "Oh it would be the n-new one, wouldn't it?" She asks with a sigh. "Anyway, the workshop is more like a garden in the hedge." She explains, and adds, "Best stay away from the laundromat for a while still." She sighs again, hair flattening a little.

"Eddie say she is big and will eat us," Adgrim notes grimly, his expression set to one of some anger, his tail flicking fast a few times. "And crowns come with birds. But there is five crowns, nobody know what five crown is. There is four crowns now, but where is five? Fifth… I mean fifth." He looks proud, that he remembers how to say it. "Eddie and Bea they look for what it is. I don't know much," he shrugs, "but I say I help when I can. What do you think?" He sits down next to her and leans back on one arm, lazily settling in.

She smiles and reaches out and pats him on the hand when he remembers fifth. "Well," Tyla says with a smile, her hair calming. "They are actually not crowns, but coronets. There isn't much difference, but there are some. The look." She explains. "Crowns have arches, coronets don't. And nobles wear a coronet, royalty wears crowns. We have coronets. I think the fifth one maybe belong to either you or I. You don't have a court, and I'm a fae-touched. But both of us can join a Freehold." She continues, because once she actually gets talking, she doesn't really stop.

Audgrim looks somewhat horrified at the idea of wearing a crown. "No, not me. I am River King, but not king of anything else," he denies with emphasis. "Coronet.. like small crown," he nods understandingly, running fingers over the soft moss, just enjoying the touch of it. "No freehold yet, but when freehold is back, I join… I think. Maybe I join court too, but I need more learning first."

"Eddie was telling me the other day that you don't have to stay with the one you pick. That was another thought of mine, if there are ones for each of the courts now, maybe it's for someone who has had several courts." She continues. "Or maybe it's in the dream?" She shrugs a little, she's been thinking about it a lot too. "But we need to find the freehold, it's safer for all of us. The big bird lady can't find this." She lightly touches one of the flowers. "This place is only for people who live and work here, okay? Unless I'm here?"

"Don't understand all things about courts and freeholds yet," Audgrim admits, "but yes, you can be right." He thinks hard on it again, then shakes his head and grins. "I think others can think better on it." He takes a look around the place again, and nods at her that he understands. "Show nobody else, only if you say," he agrees, putting a hand to his heart in a promise. Now filled with some energy, he jumps to his feet. "Come, we go get coffee." He offers a hand to help her up.

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