(2018-02-04) I Dreamed A Dream
I Dreamed a Dream
Summary: Tyla shows Buck and Grayson her Hollow, Buck starts to teach Grayson about Dreams
Date: IC Date (2018-02-04)
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Player Characters: Buck, Grayson, Tyla

So Tyla wanted to show Buck something since he's staying at the Farmhouse and all. It might have taken a little convincing once he saw where she was taking him; he did get this crown from this trees after all! She just takes his hand and leads him through, nervously biting her lower lip, hair moving slowly in little flickers and twists. "I figure if you are going to be staying here you should know about it, especially with a door on the other side." Tyla explains as she kicks off her sneakers at the door and moves on to the moss to wiggle her toes.

Buck follows suit, pausing on the threshold to remove his boots. It takes him a while largely thanks to being distracted by these new environs. His eyes travel the mossy and vine-lined walls, lingering on flowers and those bits of stone that are exposed as he pulls distractedly. Eventually, however, they are off and he shoots Tyla a curious look. "Has anything changed in here since…the…coronet incident?"

Tyla looks around and smiles, settling down on the moss, her hair calm and slowly rolling. "Not that I can tell. It's been a while since I was in here because before our memories…" She blushes a little and chews on her lower lip again, caressing the moss lightly as she looks down at it. "I wasn't a fae-touched for a while. And then the whole Hedge cranked up to like eleven…" She gestures over to one of the side rooms. "I'm going to put a workshop in there, to grow some hedge fruit. Healing stuff. Second reason I wanted you to know it was here."

"Great. That will definitely come in handy given how…crazy things are lately." Buck risks a smile, then walks slowly and more deeply into the hollow, toes wiggling against the mossy floor. "It is good…and useful to know that it hasn't been corrupted by whatever is happening in the hedge." He glances around. "Where does it connect?"

"The door? It's over there." Tyla raises a hand and points to the far off wall, well hidden in the moss. "Found this place a while ago, it was like this. But it was like it was made for me as well." She tries to explain. "Could sleep on this moss, if it wasn't…you know, still part of the Hedge. Would this be a good place to do dream things though?" She caresses the moss again.

Buck is staring at the door through which the hedge lies, but he pulls his green-eyed gaze back and nods to Tyla. "It is. In fact, for most Changelings to enter the dreams of another, entering a trance-like sleep in either a Hollow or the Hedge is needed. Obviously, and especially lately, a hollow is safer. This will do nicely." He offers a smile, then glances around a little bit more. "Would you like to try some dreaming now?"

Tyla wets her lips and looks up at Buck and nods slowly, her hair shifting and flickering slightly, maybe slightly more agitated. "If you want." She says with a little nod, blushing slightly. "That wasn't the reason I wanted you to see this place though." She blushes a bit more. "It's a bit more private here than the safe room, mostly. Unless Audgrim shows up."

At first, Buck's face is a blink, but then recognition of the name flickers and blazes to life. "Ah. The newcomer. We haven't met yet, though I am still looking forward to it. He's knows about this hollow?" The Spring lifts a honey-colored eyebrow.

Tyla nods, fingers running lightly over the moss. "Well yes, he's staying at the house too. He knows not to bring anyone here unless they live or work here." She tilts her head to the side, considering. "I haven't seen Sparky yet, to tell her. But you all need to know it's here with the door. And the fruit if you need it."

Buck listens, then nods lightly. "I hadn't realized he was staying at the farmhouse. But you are right. Anyone staying here should know, given the dangers." He pauses, then sinks down onto the moss near Tyla. "Let's do some dreaming then. You mentioned that you had some ability when it comes to dreams. Can you explain? If I understand, it may be easier to figure out how to proceed."

Tyla thinks about it for a moment, trying to figure out how to best explain it, from her point of view. She lays back on the moss, knees bent, hands folded and on her stomach. Her hair rolls and bubbles smokily around her head and upper body. "I remember what I dream, when most people don't. If I don't like something I can change it, where it is, what's happening." She smiles a bit, blushing. "I can actually fight as well. I've punched people, really strong, and even used a sword once." And she has been endlessly ask Buck to open this or that since he's been there.

"That is Dream Shaping. And Oneiromachy." Buck smiles and looks vaguely impressed. "Dream Shaping is changing this you don't like bit. Like turning a nightmare into a pleasant dream. The fighting is onieromachy, also called 'dream battle'. Are they your own dreams only, or can you enter and change the dreams of others as well?"

She shakes her head, looking a little sad. "Just me. I'm not like you guys in that way. I mean, I guess? I've never tried to jump in to other people's dreams. I know I've seen other people in my dreams I didn't have to fight off. But your brain can't make faces, so you pull faces you have seen before when it needs a face. I don't think that counts though?" She quietly caresses the moss, hair moving languidly.

"Ok." Buck thinks for a moment, then nods decisively. "I think the safest and easiest thing to do will be for you to go to sleep. Unlike many changelings, I have the power to enter your dreams as long as I can see you without needing to sleep first myself. In fact, if I can touch your temple while you sleep, it won't even require any glamour. You will know me, because I will appear to you as a white stag. So…don't attach, ok?" There is a slight upward quirk of his lips.

"What? Just fall asleep with you watching me? That's a little creepy." But she has a grin on her face though. "No hot chocolate or anything like that, I can't just fall asleep. You're going to need to get down here and be my pillow." She opens her eyes and smiles. "If I lap on your chest and hear your heartbeat, I bet I'll fall asleep really quick. "A white stag? Like that anime?"

"I do not know this anime of which you speak," Buck teases, though the blank expression on his face hints that he really doesn't know of any anime white stag. "Just…when you see a white stag, that will be me." Getting up, he moves so that she can rest up against his chest, his arms entwining her as surely as the vines entwine one another as they climb the walls of the hollow. "I'll even stroke your hair if you promise me it won't bite," he grins.

Tyla smiles and settles in so that she is using Jack's chest as a pillow, ear over his heat, a handing laying gently on his chest as she closes her eyes. "I don't have any surprise teeth that I know of. I promise." A smokey tendril reaches out and caresses his cheek, as the rest pools on his chest, and the moss behind her. It's solid with the consistency of cotton candy, but a lot stronger except where little smoke wisps break off and float away like a fire does.

"I…talk in my sleep. But I'm also completely honest when I sleep like this so you'll have to ask me if I'm asleep. I won't lie." She's pretty trusting of Buck, and not trying to hide it. "How old are you?" She asks curious, but also just to relax more and fall asleep. "People seem to treat me like I'm still a kid." She complains. "Even though I'm going to be thirty in May." So old!

"I was born in 1971," Buck says thoughtfully, his voice rumbling gently in his chest beneath her head. His heartbeat is strong and steady and he smells of a mountain forest in springtime: pine and sap, loam and mushrooms, lavender and mountain laurel, all freshly wet with rain. His finger stoke through her living hair. "So…I guess that would make me…46. About to turn 47 later this year." The thought of it makes him laugh softly. "Think about someplace you love. Someplace you feel safe…"

Tyla nods and smiles. "That's pretty easy." She admits and nuzzles her chest lightly, getting comfortable. "Right here and now in your arms." She admits. "I felt safe in here the moment I came in here when I first found it." She admits quietly, breathing starting to slow. "How long have you been out of the Hedge? You seem pretty well acclimated."

There is silence at Tyla's answer, filled, though unseen by her, with a gentle smile. His arms shift slightly, cradling her a little bit more closely. "I have been free for six years now," he says softly, bending to brush his lips against the dark of her hair. "Long enough to learn how to pretend to be acclimated, anyway. Long enought to look for meaningful ways to spend my life." His fingers continue to slide through her hair, caressing her scalp gently.

Tyla is laying in Buck's arms in the middle of the hollow. Her head is resting on his chest, with her hair moving calmly over his chest, and on the grass behind her. Little wisps rise up every now and then but it's a lot slower than her hair usually is. Her eyes are closed, he's got a hand in her hair at her scalp. Both have their shoes off.

Tyla told Grayson he was welcome to come in to the Hollow, since he works in the greenhouses. It is where he first came out of the Hedge though, so he might have been leery about coming in on his own, but she left him a note knowing that he was out in the greenhouse when she came out into the hollow. It's on a bottle of Gatorade in the fridge.

"Well you are doing very well." She says slowly, drowsy. "Best one I've seen so far." She admits quietly as she has a tiny little yawn. "Oh. Scuse me." she mumbles.

"It's fine," Buck says, his voice adopting a drowsy quality even though he wears a small and crooked smile. "It's been a long day. Sleep. You've earned it. I will watch over you here. And in your dream, too." His fingers continue to work at relaxing the muscles of her scalp, urging her to surrender to sleep. "Shhhhh…."

"Mmm. going to look for a white stag. Safe." She nods, mostly asleep, just babbling now, really. "Talk?" She asks very quietly as she mumbles in to his chest as she frowns slightly. "Don't speak deer."

Well, Grayson is nothing if not curious, especially since appearing out of the Hedge. It's probably going to get him killed some day. He's holding the Gatorade bottle when he enters the Hollow. Looking around curiously. It has his fascination, part of it a wonder that it is not touched by darkness like the rest of the Hedge. Curious. It touches here and there, until he hears voices, and his steps become silent. He appears just in sight, he's not hiding, but he's not trying to interrupt, either.

Buck looks surprised by Grayson's entrance, but he covers it quickly, silently beckoning to come and join him by using his free hand and patting the mossy ground. He murmurs but a single word 'dream', though if that word is for Tyla or for Grayson is hard to tell. It would seem he is about to undertake some of the work that he promised to teach Grayson about. After patting, the free hand reaches out, seeking one of the other Spring's hands, to bring him into contact.

"Dream of Buck. White Stag in the hollow. Safe. Fuzzy." She mumbles sleepily. Her hair is nearly still as it lays in a smoky pool on Buck's chest and the moss behind her. "Talk?" She asks again quietly, breathing slowy, her body almost completely relaxed.

Grayson is tentative, certainly. It's one thing to embrace the idea, but it's quite another to embark on it. And touching Buck or anyone generally outside of Velvet and Tyla, and maybe Eddie sis till a thing. Yes, he helped care for Buck, but that is reflex. Helping people sheds all other cares. He moves slowly and cautiously to the grass beside Buck, nodding to him. But when he reaches out a hand, he looks to Tyla and then to Buck with some kind of concern. Still he gives in, taking Buck's hand with a big breath.

"Sleep," Buck says softly, drowsily," inviting Grayson to join Tyla in her slumber. "Sleeping in a hollow or the Hedge is the best way for one not pledged to the Dream to enter the dream of another." His voice is low, easy, and murmurs like a brook in springtime. And, as Tyle falls asleep, he places his fingers at his temple and his eyes flash white before rolling into the back of his head.

Suddenly, he is in the Hollow, same as before…only different. He hovers above it, watching Tyla sleep. In the dream, she does not lean against him, for he is not there.


There is a soft sound, however, and stepping out from beneath a fall of vines is the delicate and glowing pale form of a noble white stag. He stares unblinkingly at Tyle for a moment, then bows his head in respect.

Grayson blinks a little. This is all a little fresh. He's also not certain he wants to simply fall asleep here, fi he even can. "Enter the dream of another?" It's said very softly, very quietly, perhaps for respect of Tyla's sleeping form. He doesn't know if he likes the sound of that. It's all a delayed response. He sets the Gatorade aside and lies down on the grass, but he lies there blinking for a while, as if unsure if he can just fall asleep. Instead he watches Tyla and Buck while lying there, trying to perhaps see what is happening, even though he cannot.

Tyla sees herself a little differently in the dream world; she looks a little different, younger and no seeming. Like she would have looked years ago, or maybe how she thinks she might look now. Even though Buck told her to think of some place safe, when she rolls over and wakes up she's actually dressed in an old-fashioned straight jacket. She doesn't realize it until she tries to stretch from her nap and finds her arms pinned. She panics a moment, but then she sees Buck, bowing his head and smiles. "Buck!" she explains happily. She pulls at the jacket and tears her way out, the jacket just a pile of rags, still wearing scrubs underneath. "You came!" She says happily as she starts to stand up.

"It's okay," Buck says softly, back in the 'real world'. His eyes have relaxed, and though they are still creepily colorless, he seems to be looking at the other Spring. "In time, I can teach you how to enter the dream of another while staying awake yourself. But for now you will need to enter her dreams, if you so wish it, by falling asleep first yourself. I will try to guide you."
Back in the dream hollow, the Stag says nothing at first, though he stamps his feet with a kind of rhymic joy and tosses his head, silver antlers flashing in the light. Soon, however, Buck's voice can he heard, gentle and sure: "I am here. It is good to see you in such a beautiful place. Let us take a moment to celebrate what is good and safe here before we look outward…"

Grayson nods a little, but he's still reluctant. Buck is still kind of a stranger to him. It's just one of those scars left by his Durance. His eyes try to close as he focuses on Tyla's motionless form. His closes them, tries to sleep, but it doesn't come right away. At least, sleeping on the ground is something he's quite used too. So his comfort level is fine. He is a little tired from work. Maybe it will come, soon…

Tyla's voice is normal and doesn't have that distracting quality that it has in the real world. She doesn't stutter when she talks though either. She just sounds like a normal young woman. "I wish I had had a place like this when I was younger." She admits to the stag as she raises a hand and the little fireflies gather around her hand, twinkling. "It really is great here. And there are so many books. I don't think I could ever read them all." She raises her hand and brushes her fingers lightly through her hair, the little fireflies fly up and gather around the top of her head in a glowing wreath.

Buck gently moves Grayson's hand so that it is resting in Tyla's. "The physical connection should make it easier. And I don't need to touch you. So, sleep. It is a strange thing to ask, but learning how to do this will help to keep you safe. Just breathe. And focus on your connection to Tyla. She's in a beautiful place right now. Fireflies in a crown on her head. Truly Happy. I know she would like to see you there." His voice drones on, gentle, like the buzzing of bees as they collect pollen and make honey. Thick and sweet.

In the dream, the stag watches the coronet of fireflies appear on Tyla's head. As they settle into their crown-like shape, blossomes of white and blue, and palest green start to open on the tips of his antlers, making them more like flowering branches. "Tell me why you like to read."

Grayson listens, though eyes open and he flinches when Buck moves his hand into Tyla's. He allows it, but that's never going to not be a thing. He's breathing heavy now and he tries to relax, closing his eyes again. What Buck describes is very nice indeed. Very inviting. It causes him to smile to himself, just a little. He likes nice things like that. Happy place. His breathing starts to slow, his hand squeezes Tyla's a little tighter as he seemingly concentrates on that connection. It can keep him safe.

Tyla smiles and walks over to the closest bookshelf and pulls out a giant book from the shelf. It starts out as a normal sized book but by the time it's off the shelf and her hands it's about half her size and way to heavy looking for non-dream Tyla would ever be able to lift. She sets the book down on the moss and settles down, opening the book and pointing to the pages as she explains to the stag, "When I could start to see you guys, I could read things in books, and I could pretend that I was talking to the characters there. And they believed me when told them about all the things they saw. They were always so understanding." She reaches out and strokes the page lovingly. "And I love to learn. You can learn a lot of things in books!" She proclaims happily.

"Hold on to your love of learning," Dream-Buck says, his voice resonating in the air while the stag's lips never move. "It will be important on the next step that we take together. Because we need to learn what is happening in the Hedge. This may be scary, but if we focus on the face that we love to learn, it will be better." He keeps up the chatter, bolstering the dream with positive thoughts and images, asking Tyle to look at this book or that, asking why she likes each to evoke some sense of safety and joy. It is a dream, so in some ways it seems to last for a long time. And in other ways, it last only the blink of an eye…
A blink. And Grayson is with them.

"Haha! Well done, Grayson! Welcome…to Tyla's dream." The white stag with the silver horns extends a forleg and then bows his silver antlers low to the ground in Grayson's direction. Try changing little things about it. If Tyla does not like them, I think she is strong enough to change them back. And I will be here to help, even though you cannot see me." And, with that, the white stag bursts into a cloud of pearl-white butterflies, each fluttering in a different direction until they are lost among the vines.

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