(2018-02-08) Boyfriend in Canada
Boyfriend in Canada
Summary: Eddie has a plan, and Gwen is a sass machine.
Date: 2018-02-08
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Player Characters: Eddie, Gwen

| Main Room - Dolin Cottage - West of Town |

A small but quaint cottage. This home is warmed by a wood fire furnace nestled into the northeast corner of the room. The floors are hardwood, but covered in the living area with a plush rug. The kitchen is separated by a silk painted screen, though it is large and filled with gleaming metal appliances. A short hallways leads down to several rooms and a communal bath with a alrge bathtub.

The livingroom is furnished with black leather sofas, darkwood tables, soft lighting from lamps and a large TV against one wall. All of the other furnishing is done in dark but warm colors. The atmosphere is very warm and dark; comforting in its way.

Knock, knock. It's past midnight when the knock comes at the door, and when it gets answered there's Eddie on the other side. He's had a rough night, clearly, wobbling on his feet and letting his wings buzz up to help him balance every once in a while. He's bleeding from a little scratch on his forehead, and his coat is torn, for some reason. "Why can't you live in town like a regular person?"

"I like it out here." says Gwen, from where she's lying on the couch. She's got a fancy tablet in her hands, and she appears to have been reading something. A tilt of her head is given in the direction of Eddie, not surprised to see him this time. A blink of those sapphire eyes is given.

"I like lots of things that aren't good for me," Eddie mutters as he steps inside, daubing at his forehead with his sleeve. His blood is ticker and darker than it ought to be, pulling away in sticky threads. "Here's some more free advice. Don't tackle anybody with horns." He pulls off his coat and hangs it over a chair, waits a moment. "I think I will sit down, thanks," he says, and does. Getting back up might be a problem. "You said back at your office you like to make things."

Gwen sets her tablet down on the floor and flings her arm over her head. A small huffing noise is given and she says, "Yes. I make things… I remember, I remember making things." She squints a little bit. "Things both mundane and magical."

Eddie watches that tablet, trying to get a peek at what she's reading as she sets it down. A crooked smile spreads across his face, when she says that word. 'Magical'. "I might have a couple of ideas. How are you at making doubles? If I gave you something and asked you to make another one, one that'd pass for the original, could you do that?"

He can see a brief passage that goes along the lines of:

Ardis made a strange purring sound in her throat. "The only one whose adoration I seek is a certain thickheaded dragon hunter."

"Well you've certainly won him over, despite the fact you like to call him unruly names."

And then the tablet is flipped over, flip! A tilt of her head is give toward him at the question and she says, "Mmmmn, very, very possibly. If the item isn't mundane, it might require going into the hedge, though, to get materials that can fake it."

"You don't get enough fantasy in your day-to-day?" Eddie teases, eyeballing the flipped tablet. He shakes his head, to dislodge the smirk, and thinks about the rest of it. He takes his time, maybe figuring she won't mind the quiet. "Might still be worth it," he finally says, more to himself than to her. "I want to make up a set of dummy crowns. Decoys. If you can make them smell right, like magic, that would be better. But even a mundane copy could come in handy, maybe."

Gwen eyes Eddie with a hint of scorn in her expression. "No, dastardedly handsome dragon-hunter here to sweep me off of my feet. So no. My day to day is lacking in fantasy." She does lower her arm finally though and sits up, considering. "Mn. I could try, yes. We'd definitely need materials from the hedge to make it work though."

Was that a joke? Eddie is surprised, then amused. Then, after a moment's consideration, just a little bit defensive. "I hunted a dragon, once," he says, even if it was technically a Jabberwock, "but right now I don't think I could sweep a floor. I guess you'll have to keep waiting." He considers her response, making a little sneer at the thought of going into the Hedge again for anything, but eventually he nods. "Alright. I'll talk with who's got the other crowns and get you a look at them, and you can make a list of what you need." He looks back over his shoulder, at the shredded coat hanging over the chair. "How are you at sewing?"

Gwen eyes Eddie for a moment at his comment on having to wait. She sniffs a little bit indignantly and says, "I said /handsome/ dragon-hunters." Ouch, so mean. Nonetheless she eyes his jacket and says, "I fairly good at all sorts of things with my hands, Mr. Eddie. Sewing, fixing cars, cooking, making armor.." She shrugs.

"There might be hope for you yet," Eddie says, openly admiring that bit of abuse. It seems to invigorate him, a little. He even manages not to say whatever he was going to say, about all sorts of things with her hands. He nearly chokes on it, but he manages. "If you could take a look at my coat, I'd owe you one. More than I'm about to, even. I might need you to watch the crown for a few hours some time soon. Usually I wouldn't tr— I wouldn't -ask- a new recruit, but there's not many of us around."

Elementals don't always understand the things they have said! So… it probably goes over her head since Eddie doesn't comment. A sigh is given and she stands up, going to her desk and rummaging around until she finds a sewing kit. Black thread is found and she approaches Eddie, needle held like a sword … between two fingers.

Eddie's eyes widen, just for a second. Did he say that thing he meant not to say? Then he gets it, and he relaxes, reaching back over his shoulder to hand her the coat. He watches her work, astounded by the speed, interested in the process. He likes to watch people work. "You weren't kidding, being good at that. Christ. Uh, look. There's one more thing. You mind if I," he jerks his thumb back toward the door, "sleep in your driveway? I've been all over hell and gone today and it's a hike back to where I'm staying. You'll hardly even hear me snore, from in here."
"My car's out there," he adds, remembering how elementals can be.

Gwen sew sew sew. Tight stitching, over under, over under. Not quite _good as new_. But close to it. She hands it back and buffs her nails when she's done, "That was nothing." A pause and she looks aghast at his asking if he can sleep in her drive way. "No!" She shakes her head vehemently, "Of /course not/."

She sniffs and says, "You can have a room at the clubhouse. I've got plenty. What with the gang being up in canada still."

Eddie takes the coat, examining the stitch work, giving it a tug. He's impressed. He leans forward to slip it back on, seems to feel a little better when he does. He seems ready to accept the 'No!', doesn't even seem particularly offended, then laughs at the reveal. "Thanks, you're a do—" a little wince, and a lame course correction: "You're swell. I think I'm going to head in that direction, and let you get back to your handsome paladins." He gets up with a little groan, pauses before he turns to go. "I could help find out about them, you know. That's what I do."

Gwen stares at Eddie for a moment and asks, with a sort of distant look in her eyes, "Why would I need a private investigator to look into them? They're in Canada on a run." Her eyes start to lose more and more focus… as if she weren't quite there anymore.

"You're right," Eddie says with an easy smile, knocking on the side of his head, "I'm silly. It's been a long day. Thanks again, for everything." He goes to leave, pausing to look back a little regretfully, when he thinks she isn't watching. He waits until he's out of earshot to mutter, "I wish I was in Canada."

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