(2018-02-08) Fish Dinner
Fish Dinner
Summary: Scorse gets hungry and checks out a new restaurant
Date: IC Date (2018-08-02)
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Player Characters: Scorse. Puce as ST.

Maybe Scorse saw an ad on TV, or he heard a jingle on the radio. Maybe it was a flyer that floated down the street that caught his attention. Maybe he was just hungry and wandering around, and noticed some place new. Most places are new again though, but he's pretty sure he's never been here before.

It's a family restaurant, nautical-themed to the hilt. A littler darker than one might expect, but clean. There is a hostess at the front, dressed up as a traditional mermaid; seashells on top, shiny, scaled skirt goes to her knees.

Welcome to the Pacific Grill, table for one?" She asks brightly as she grabs a menu.

Hungry, he was, and still exploring the city a little at a time, he found himself at Pacific Grill. And while hi tummy rumbles, the decor and atmosphere seems humorous to him and he fights back a laugh as the mer-hostess comes to seat him. Scorse smiles with all he's got and not his head dutifully. "Yes, ma'am. Just one of me. Unless you see someone behind me?" He spins around in a circles. "Nope, just me! Lead me on to the treasure!"

The waitress smiles and leads him in towards the restaurant. "Would you like a booth, or table? Or would you like to sit at the bar?" She offers, walking slowly. That skirt is made specifically for showing off her assets while in heels. Almost emulating a mermaids tail swimming under water.

Scorse looks around the restaurant. Anything to keep from looking at the hostess and her legs and… He points over to a small two top along the wall. "How's about that little table over there? No reason to take up too much space for lil' ol' me?" The overabundance of sea-faring decor just doesn't seem to sit right with him, not that he has the same history of some of his people and the nearby waters, but he knows enough about them to feel a shudder.

She nods and smiles. "Sure thing." She agrees, as she moves easily over to that table. The restaurant is not packed to the brim, not empty either. Almost everyone is eating seafood of some kind. Except that one guy there who is eating steak and fries. "Can I get you anything to drink while you look at the menu? We're a bit short-staffed right now, so I'll be your waitress as well tonight." She moves over so he can sit down, and places the menu down at the table in such a way that if Scorse were to sit there, his back would be to the wall. Behind him and looming over him is a giant stuffed Marlin.

Scorse gives the girl a wink and grin combo and reaches for the menu, taking the seat on the other side of the table. "I'd love glass of water with lemon, please?" He looks up at the marlin and then then down at the menu. "I should be ready when you return, darlin'. You just take your time, all busy here and everything'." He starts to peruse the menu items, also giving Steak guy and stern and disapproving glare.

She looks a little flustered that Scorse didn't sit where she placed him, but quickly covers it up with a bright smile. "Water with lemon. That I can do. I will be right back with that." She agrees and scampers off towards the bar to get the drink. Steak guy eats obviously happy. In fact everyone seems to be enjoying their meals.

Scorse mumbles to himself. "There's always one, isn't there? Steak at a seafood place, fish at a steak place." He shakes his head and eyes rolling upwards and then he finally gets back to the menu again, giving it a few looks from page to page. Seeming to decide finally, he closes the menu and set it down across from him, where it first was laid.

The waitress sashays her way back to the table and places a napkin in front of Scorse, quickly followed by the drink right in the middle. "There you go, hon. What can I get you tonight?" She asks, clicking her pen, pad up, smile bright on her face."

"Thank ya, darlin. " Scorse reaches for the glass and subtly takes a sip while glancing down to the napkin to see if he could make out anything before setting the glass back down in such a way as to not dampen anything that /was/ there further. "I'm ready. I'd like your broiled snapper and an order of conch fritters for appetizer. And a mug of beer with my meal, if you could, darlin? I'm all kinds of starved and parched tonight." He turns to look up at her closely while handing her the menu, trying to get a good look at her from the front for once and not just her hell-assisted assets from behind.

The writing is teeny tiny, and it's amazing Scorse saw it at all. "Don not eat the fish. Help!" is the best he can make out, the message already smudged from the condensation on the glass. The waitress is rather pretty, strikingly so so even. Long dark hair, perfect white smile. She doesn't wear any makeup, except for her nails. While they are neat and trimmed and matches her skirt almost perfectly. No nametag. She writes down everything he says, nodding and smiling. "Excellent choice." She agrees once she's done writing. "Is what we have on tap good for that beer for you?"

"Sure, that'd be wonderful. Whatever draft you have. I'm not a picky man." Scorse's face falters for a second seeing the small script but the consummate salesman, he easily flexes back intro a smile. One of those smiles that he has practiced for decodes that leaves a person feeling like it was created just for them and them alone. "Now, you just run on back there and turn that in for me, wont' you, darlin?" Once she leaves, he reaches into his back pocket for a brand new pre-paid smart phone. What was it Bea called it? Fire phone? Smoking phone? Whatever. He follows the steps she gave him before and he takes a picture of the napkin and the scrawled tiny note on it and then sets his phone to the side, all casual-like.

She nods and smiles. "Absolutely!" She confirms and heads off to get the beer, back long after the phone is off to the side. If the beer was from a tap, she is very good at pouring as it has very little head. "There you go, hon. Anything else I can do for you while I'm here?" She offers.

"Nothing, unless your phone number in on the menu? Just kiddin, darlin. I wouldn't be so rude. It's the beer talkin'" The beer that just arrived and he hasn't even had a sip of yet. He winks at the girl and takes a quick sip of the IPA and then a small nod of approval. Setting the mug down carefully, Scorse leans back in his seat, turning to look up at her again. "I'm good now."

She nods and smiles again, winking at him as he asks for her number. "Well you just wave if you need anything, anything at all, and I'll bring that meal to you as soon as it's done." She says cheerfully. Her voice doesn't exactly soung different, but the tone, and inflection has changed subtly. Almost as if she's mimicking Scorse's speech patterns. She weaves her way back to the front of the restaurant, stopping at the table of the steak eater, and leaving him his bill.

Scorse raises an eyebrow, not sure of what he just saw. After last night with the whole Eddie jumping out a six story window, he's really starting to rethink some life choices and he pushes the beer a little bit further away from him. For some reason, his attention moves up to that marlin on the wall in front of him.

It's a real Marlin, excellently stuffed in an action pose, as if it was jumping out of the water, twisted slightly with the tail behind, tail and nose pointing towards the door.

Steak eating guy pays his bill, leaving the money at the table. He gets up and heads further in to the restaurant, towards the bathrooms. That is definitely a tail Scorse can clearly see it as the man passes him, as well as soft ears poking out of his hair, faint whiskers, cat's eyes, and slight claws on his finger tips. This place is so dark, Scorse is lucky he even saw the tail under the table.

Scorse watches Steak Guy pass by along the other side of the restaurant and yes, he saw a tail. Once that's in his mind, the other features are like, right there, couldn't miss them. "What in the holy wet stains of a nun's habit is going on here…?" Scorse's voice is barely a whisper and meant just for him. For just a secoind, he almost gets up to go after the man and 'use the restroom', but his Scorse-Sense dings loud in his head. 'Don't be stupid!'

Presently, Steak Guy comes out of the washroom, smelling more like washroom soap than he did going in. He heads off easily back towards the front of the restaurant, stopping at his spot to pick up his jacket.

The waitress arrives at Scorse's table and sets the plate in front of him. "There you go, hon. Is there anything else I can get for you? Beer alright?" She asks leaning in maybe a little bit too much than is strictly necessary. Those shells she's wearing are really supportive though!

Now, Scorse is never one not to notice a pretty girl, even if she is almost obviously a Honey Pot. He can't help but look over at what them shells are barely holding in and he almost nervously shakes his head. "No, I think everything looks right. Um, let me get to enjoying it, now, darlin. Maybe a little more water, if you don't mind?" he lifts his glass and gulps down half of it at one, just to give her an excuse. His eyes move to the snapper in front of him and the note from before percolates in his brain.

She smiles and nods. "Absolutely. I will be right back!" She agrees, giving Scorse a little pat on his upper arm, lingering maybe juuuust a little too long. "Two shakes of a lambs tail." She promises, as she trots off.

Meanwhile Steak Guy makes his way to the door. The waitress calls out to him as he goes. "Hope you had a pleasant evening!" in a cheery voice as she makes her to the bar to get Scorse's drink.

Scorse's brow creases and her language patterns finally start dawning on him. How her voice has slowly morphed and accennt strengthened to where it almost sounds just like his own. And the slow change as she's gone from friendly hostess to flirty waitress… "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…" He looks down at the fish and all he can see is little mouths all over it, all calling out 'Help'. His appetite wanes quickly, but not before the annihilation of a few conch fritters. They're not fish, technically?

The waitress returns fairly quickly with the glass of water. She seems especially attentive of Scorse, about as attentive she was to Steak Guy. The other patrons she pays attention to, but it seems mostly to do what is strictly needed as a waitress, she smiles and is attentive, but it's not quite the same. "Anything else for you, hon?" She asks as she sets the second glass of water in front of him.

"Yes, actually, I just got a text and I'm gonna have to leave for a work thing. Would you be a dear and get me a to-go box for my food, toot suite?" Scorse gives her that 'all yours' smile again, as disarming and charming as he can be. Just make the sale, even if that sale is not a thing. He takes a sip of the water and kind of waves her away with a flicking of his fingers. "Thank you. You're such a doll. I;d take you home and put you in a lil' glass case, I would."

She keeps her company face for most of all of Scrose's chatter, smiling and nodding. It's his last comment of his that shakes her, briefly. The smile falters and there is a slight nod. "Of course." She agrees, slipping back in to her normal conversational tones. She picks up the plate and smiles. "I'll be back with your order and your bill then." She smiles again, trying to not look too happy as she leaves.

Scorse seems a little confused by the change in the waitress and gives a little shrug. Not the reaction he was expecting, though he couldn't say what that would have been, either. He shoves his phone into his back pocket and starts moving the plates to make it easier to pack it all up and take with him.

"There you go." She says cheerily, setting a brown paper bag in front of him, as well as a little plastic tray with the bill and a couple of mints on it. "Thank you! Nimiane xoxo" on the bill. She gives Scorse one last smile, moves his first glass a little bit, picks up the napkin under it and balls it up in her hand. "You have a wonderful night now." She says pleasantly and heads towards the entrance, stopping at Steak Guy's table briefly, gathering up the bill tray, money, and a napkin from his table as well.

Scorse packs up the snapper VERY CAREFULLY and the conch fritter go in separately and do not touch the fish. He's very meticulous about his food packaging and once it is all fit into the bag, he rolls the top down and stands up, dropping a few bills from his pocket onto the table. The top being the same price as the ticket. Because. He heads towards the exit, stopping by the waitress on his way out. He slips a card into her hand very sleight of handy as he smiles at her. "So sorry to rush off. You have a good evening now, darlin." The card is his for the Lost and Found and scribbled on the back is his cell phone #.

"Oh. Thank you." She says a little surprised, She glances at the name before she places it on the podium she's standing behind. "Have a wonderful evening." She offers with a smile.

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