(2018-02-08) Rude Fate, the Cops, and Music
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Summary: Audgrim recounts his run in with a cop, and Eddie is humiliated through the power of song.
Date: 2018-02-08
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Eddie, Tyla

Yard - Farmhouse - The Flower Garden - East of PA

Even when coming up the dirt road that leads onto the property, the rolling hills that can be seen in the background are easily viewed. It's a fairly open space that this farmhouse, greenhouses and shop sit upon, the area just outside of the city, yet feeling as though it were hours away. Sitting back along the property is the farmhouse, the windows sparkling whenever sunlight hits against them and the wrap-around porch offering an inviting place for people to sit and enjoy the view. Several tall trees are spaced around the house, their branches stretching out so that shade is offered over it, serving as homes to birds and wildlife that can be heard during the day. What used to be the garage has been converted into the florists shop, the door usually left open on the days where the weather allows it. Buckets of flowers and ready-made bouquets sit on either side of the door, waiting for people to sort through them.

There's not much grass visible in the front yard, instead replaced with gardens to either side of the driveway, the blooms of flowers vibrant during the warmer months. The garden on the right side is strictly flowers and flowering shrugs, lilacs and rosebushes easily visible, their scents mingling together. Flowers are clumped together, the various blooms changing with the months, yet all of them looking well-tended.

To the left of the driveway is a vegetable garden, each row neatly planted, the plants that flourish looking healthy and rather large. The leafy greens of carrot tops and lettuce take up one area, along with tall tomato plants, the fruit that hangs from it varying from greens to reds. Tall stalks of corn can be seen, as well, along with sunflowers, their heads turned toward the sunlight, their seeds offered up as feed for the various birds that visit the yard. The foot of the garden has been planted with lush herbs, their smells mixing together, growing together in an almost wild look.

Further to the right are several greenhouses that take up a fair portion of space, the doors always kept closed to care for the plantlife that is inside, the stages of life varying from newly grown sprouts to blooming flowers. Slightly behind the greenhouses there is an old barn, it's kept in decent condition; painted the same color as the house and it's trim.

The backyard is fenced in with a six foot tall fence, painted the same color as the trimmings on the house. A gate opens up into the well maintained back yard. There is a small patio with a barbecue, an above ground pool, with an attached jaccuzzi.

There's work to be done, and Audgrim's not doing it. He started clearing digging up a part of the garden for new planting, and got about a third of the way before he lost interest and since nobody was supervising him, he's now instead crawling around on the ground on all fours in some bushes, speaking Norwegian at someone or something unseen. His voice is soft and friendly, so whatever it is he's doing, he's not in danger.

Eddie's shitty little car rolls into the drive and sits there parked with him inside of it. He smokes a cigarette and stares at the Gate and tries to figure out what Audgrim is doing, and when the cigarette is finished and the Gate doesn't open he gives up and gets out. A few chinese takeout boxes tumble out behind him, and he cusses a little cuss, but he seems to decide he'll clean those up later. "Hallo," he hollers, in his corniest Norwegian accent. "Anyone else around?"

"Kom kom," Audgrim says enticingly, which would be norwegian for come here probably. He is holding some crumbs in his hand, trying to get whatever is hiding in there to come out. He looks up at Eddie though and snickers a little at his accent, and then warns him: "Careful. There is small animal here. Trying to talk to it. But it don't talk to me. It is a… little thing with big tail," he says as he can't for the life of him remember the word. Probably a squirrel. He gives up and stands up, as he's found something else to amuse himself with: Eddie. "Tyla not here. Not seen anyone else for a bit. But good you is here, I need to talk."

"Everyone likes talking with me, these days. It must be my gentle eyes." Eddie approaches slowly, keeping a fair distance so as not to spook Audgrim's critter. He looks at the farmhouse and then at the Gate again, when he hears there's nobody else around, but he grunts and gestures for the Skogsra to go ahead. He's listening.

Audgrim takes another look but the squirrel has wisely decided to stay away from crazy Lost people, now bounding off across a field. "Talking with you is good," he decides, and then gestures towards a nearby bench they can sit on, sauntering over. He's got snacks as always, digging out a couple of chocolate chip cookies he stole in the kitchen earlier, handing one over to Eddie. "Talking with normal people, not so good," he admits with a grimace. "I meet man yesterday, at bar. I think maybe I meet him because he has been to Other side. But did not know him. Did now /know/ he was at other side, before meeting."

Eddie ambles after Audgrim to the bench, taking the cookie with a nod. It's gone before he even sits down, making noises cookies shouldn't make. He listens attentively, his brow furrowing just a little as the Norwegian explains his encounter. "A regular guy, and he'd been over there? Was he about yea tall," Eddie stretches his arm up, lifting his butt a little off the bench to get it high enough, "big guy, mustache?" He mimes a mustache, for Audgrim's benefit.

Bea arrives, maneuvering the ice cream van up the driveway, with child-luring music at full blast. She waves when she sees the pair of cookie-eaters and, once the vehicle is parked, she hops out and heads over with a basket under her arm. "Hey guys! Hey! How's it going?"

Audgrim is seated on a bench, with Eddie in company - the two seem to just have a quiet talk. He's shirking his work again, as he's left a patch of garden only a third dug up.

He only nibbles on his cookie, which is uncharacteristic. He must be properly concerned about this. At Eddie's description his eyes widen and he nods vigorously. "Yes, yes. His name is Jim, not sure about other name. He is police. We talk, and I like him, so I say to not go in water and be careful of doors that are not there before. I felt like I should warn. But I think it is not coincidence, I think the Other place push people together when they been to Other place," he says. This is his own theory but surely others have thought the same. "You know him."

"I've seen him," Eddie admits, "but it sounds like you know him better than I do. I only saw him once, over there. How'd you know he'd been across?" He waves at Bea when she arrives, getting up and meeting her half way to the bench. He's the one to go in for the hug, this time. There's a little black scab across his forehead, and a bunch of new stitchwork at the back of his coat. "I came by to talk to Tyla. And Buck. And Sparky," he counts off his fingers and rolls his eyes, "but they're not home, so I guess I'm teaching Grim not to talk to strangers."

"I know because when I say to not go in water or into strange doors, he start asking me questions. We talked about dreams too. And he say "Have you seen "them" too? Are you one of them?"" Audgrim explains, waving Bea over to come sit if she wants. "Too late. I talk to strangers," he says with dry humor. "I did not know he had been to Other place! But maybe Other place make me go to bar and meet him."

Bea returns Eddie's hug with a worried smile, "Oh, well sure they will probably show up soon. And anyway, what happened to you, because it looks like you were playing with a Summer or something, if you ask me. And anyway, talking to strangers can be fun, and nice, and even helpful sometimes, I think, so Audgrim, don't you listen to Eddie too much, 'cause just he's a Winter and they don't like to talk to anyone." She smiles a little as she catches up on the conversation, and suggests, "Or maybe he was just making a promise, before we went and broke the promises with our trap, and then could see us and thought we were 'them' or something."

Eddie probes at his scab without much discomfort, but he winces when he looks back over his shoulder at his wounded coat. "I'm fine. I fell out a window. I'll tell you, later." He goes back over to the bench, gesturing for Bea to sit down, if she'd like. "'Them' is probably 'us', if he's who I think he is. He was in the Hedge, when I got sucked in the other night. It could be you were drawn to him," he doesn't seem to like that idea, much, "Fate, or the Wyrd, or whatever you call it. Or it could be just plain old rotten luck. I know you're new to America, so here's a little free advice: don't talk to cops."

Audgrim nods at Bea in agreement. "I wanted to talk to other person in bar," he says and makes a gesture of some annoyment at himself, his tail flicking. "Did not know he was cop - he not say until end," he continues. "But all is good. He ask if I have paper, and I say I am real person now." He smiles smugly and leans back with arms crossed over his chest, all really happy with his cleverness. "But maybe should not have said "I jump off ship and swam to America" when he ask me how I come here." He he scratches his jaw thoughtfully. "Maybe we watch him. If he watch us."

Bea digs in her bag and pulls out a bruised blushberry, giving it a quick blow to get off any dust or what have you, and hands it over to Eddie. "Oh sure, and cops can be trouble, if you are doing bad things, or they get too nosey about what kind of fruit you are giving people, and what it can do, and that sort of thing, but just mostly they are nice, and will keep you from getting beat up and stuff. But I sure hope there is no drawing fate, since just that would add to all the bossiness from what we can't even figure out that's been going on. Except I am pretty sure we are being bossy to ourselves, or our /old/ selves are being bossy to our /now/ selves, which is why we get all sick and stuff, but if it is just like some Fate making you meet people, then that is just rude, if you ask me." She does give Audgrim a slightly worried look as he explains what he said to the cop, then laughs, waving a hand, "Oh sure, well just if you see him again and he asks, say that you are like a professional swimmer or something, and it was just a silly joke. I am sure he will believe that. But also, I would just say something about a green card, then people will take that as the secret password and not bug you too much, or at least that is what Mercedes told me once."

"Anyone with that mustache is a cop," Eddie says to Audgrim, and it's tough to tell if he's joking or not. "If you get caught up like that again, just nix the english. You can get away with more, if you're foreign. Call me if you run into him again." He takes the berry and nods his thanks and eats it, a little disappointed that the lint is gone. The scab on his face dries up, falls off, and blows away like burnt paper. He nods along with Bea, then agrees: "Rude."

As the scab heals over, Audgrim watches in fascination - not that he doesn't know about fruit like that, but still. It is amazing. "They ask too much questions," he grumbles and seem not to be as enthusiastic about them as Bea is. "Professional swimmer, green card," he memorizes, taking her advice to heart. "I think I will see him again. He is… nosy," he says. "And for him, it is dangerous. We should watch him. Not good for him to know all that, he walk through wrong door again - and he maybe never come back." He points to Eddie's cheek; "You fall out window? Why? Did you try flying?"

Bea nods, agreeing with Audgrim, "Oh sure, and someone should try to confuse him so he leaves it alone, or just take charge of him, at least once we can make promises again, since like you say, he could get himself in to trouble. But if he is a cop, then probably he is pretty smart about that sort of dangerous thing, and won't get into too much danger, I am guessing." She considers the question, looking to Eddie with a mischevious little smile, "Oh, Eddie is a good flyer, but probably if he /did/ fly, then someone through him out the window or something, since he is too smart to forget to open it and just crash through instead."

"Not good for him to know," Eddie nods slowly, looking at Audgrim with new appreciation, and a little surprised. He hesitates a little before he continues. "I used to be a cop. 'Til I started opening the wrong doors. That's how come I'm so handsome," he frames his face with his hands and grins a joyless grin. When the subject comes back around to flying, he pokes at where his scab used to be, and shrugs. "I was in my office. Six stories up, you know, you've been there," that part to Bea, "when I peek out the window and what do I see? Sparky, sleepwalking down the middle of the street, with a truck coming at her. There wasn't much time to think. I did something stupid."

So far, Audgrim has shown a hint of being able to join almost any court. It will probably be hard for him to decide, if he ever joins one at all. Next sentence is very Autumny: "Scare him. Should scare him so he not go back," he tacks on to Bea's suggestions. "People not scared enough, because they don't know what is there, on Other side," he says and flexes his fingers a bit menacingly, his whole demeanor darkening. If he wanted to, he could probably be quite creepy. "You save Sparky by going through window?" He's duly impressed. "Why was she sleeping when walking?"

Bea gives Eddie a curious look, "Hmm, well, maybe then cops aren't as smart as I think they are. But still…" She nods to Audgrim's suggestion, "For sure, and someone should just scare them a lot, and maybe Autumn could do that, since they are the best at it." She considers, then asks, "Who is Sparky? Was she asleep like…we were asleep, or like just," she does a little mime of a zombie shambling, "Sleepwalking? And Eddie, sometimes you are so funny, and like the best hero." This offered with a smile and a small jar of honey procured from her basket, apparently heroes are rewarded in honey.

"I wouldn't say 'saved'," Eddie says, embarrassed. "The truck was already swerving. It took off a piece of my coat, and I nearly put out an eye on one of those horns of hers." He actually blushes a little, his ears kind of turning purple, but he takes the honey. Of course. He screws open the jar and starts dipping in with his fingers right there. "Sleeping like we were sleeping. Maybe she tried to make a pledge, but she didn't remember. I kind of hope that's what it was. Otherwise there's something else out there that does that to us, and there's too many already."

"She's one of Tyla's strays," Eddie explains to Bea, jerking a thumb back at the farmhouse. "I only met her once before. She's new in town."

"Beeeeest Herrrrrooo!" Audgrim sings and he grabs his violin that is leaning nearby, taking it out. He's inspired apparently. He plays a rather epic sort of tune and sings; "Eddie is a hero, saving all the girls, lalalalala." He stomps his foot with the rhytm: least he plays very well. "A girl was walking in her sleep, he jump out the wiiiindow. He broke his coat, his face got hurt, but he saves all the girls!" He just can't decide what mood to be in apparently.

-----| Audgrim rolls 8 Dice |------
Roll: Dexterity + Expression.Violin
Result: Exceptional Success! (5) — 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 10 8 9
----------| exceptional success! (public) |

Bea considers that, "Weird, that she would be sleepwalking then, if she is new in town. But like you say, probably she tried to make a promise or something, and that is all it is. But I can see why you would be here to ask her, then. And I am glad you didn't get more hurt than just some bumps and a ruined coat." And then Audgrim is playing, and Bea gives a little squeak of delight, immediately starting to clap in time to the music and do a little shimmy-shake-hop dance around her fellow bug-person without any rhythm at all. The second time Grim gets to the word 'hero' she's trying to sing along, badly, but she does it with /enthusiasm/.

Eddie closes his eyes and wills the earth to open up and swallow him. It doesn't, and he shoots it a dirty look, down between his feet. Still, that's some damn good fiddling, and at the end he manages a smile. It's sort of a sad one. "You're good at that, but the lyrics need work. Not all the girls. Not even half." He gives a brief explanation of his efforts to track down one Nora Everbright, the lady who gave him the crown. How he found out who she was, sounding a little proud of that part, and what he found at her apartment: "Birds. All over. Which gave me an idea you guys could maybe help with. It seems to me that any place with a bunch of birds around must be pretty important, these days."

Audgrim could probably continue to play for hours, he's working himself up here, even standing up on the bench and doing some impressive moves with the violin: but he stops abruptly when Eddie starts talking, because Important Information! He gives Bea a broad grin, apperciating her enthusiasm when he plays, then sits down on the back of the bench with his feet on the seating part, just plucking on the instrument with a claw. "Think you would save anyone, not only girls," he notes and seem to idolize Eddie a little. Maybe because he's become a mentor of sorts, him and Bea both. "Birds," he mutters, shaking his head. "Why did she have your crown?"

Bea eyes Eddie, saying in a very 'Spring busybody' sort of way, "Oh Eddie, if you want a girl, then for sure I can think of a bunch who would have sex with you or whatever. Or even a date, if you wanted." She falls silent when the details of Nora Everbright are shared, looking impressed, "Wow, Eddie, you really are a good detective, 'cause I couldn't find out anything at all, and I asked all over." She considers, then frowns and says, "The birds aren't talking, just if that is what you are thinking, and the bees are not saying much either, except for about a 'sky hive' which I think is bee-talk for 'birds' and like…it reminds me of this bad dream Ihad, and probably my dreams were talking to Lucas' tea leaves, so just it wasn't great. But what is your idea, Eddie, about the birds? Maybe just she /turned/ into a bunch of birds, maybe, and that is why it is important?"

"Not what I meant, Bea!" Eddie says, quickly, a note of panic and embarrassment in his voice. Like his little sister was talking about getting him laid. The three Lost are sitting on a bench outside, chatting, with Audgrim having just finished an impromptu pefromance and the detective looking very disgruntled. "I didn't figure you'd get much out of them, talking. But I figure if we look around, find out where else the birds are, we can find out where else is important."

"He is a… Goood Detective!" Audgrim begins to sing and plays a few notes. But he gets hold of himself, and forces himself to stop, because still, Important Information. So, Eddie is spared further humiliation. "People see birds. Or you see from planes," he suggests helpfully. "Look in internet. People say on internet "Oh so many birds here, so strange."

Bea laughs, seeming pleased at having managed to embarass Eddie. "Oh well, just the offer still stands, and that is all I will say about that. And anyway, you are probably right, and that is a good idea, about the birds. And I know there were some at the Sit and Spin, and then like you say, Ennis Road. But I will ask around, and see if anyone knows." She's still wiggling and hopping a bit, a holdover from Audgrim's earlier song, and as she winds down her chatter, she sing-songs in a bad voice, 'Eddie is a heeerooo."

"Some around the Sit n Spin?" Tyla asks coming out of the house, catching the last snippets on conversation. The whole flock is still there. Dumb birds." She shakes her head, speaking deliberately and slowly on purpose, hair moving slowly but flickering happily. "Better there than hear." She says with a soft smile and then pouts a little to Audgrim. "I missed you playing again? Hi, Bea!" The other woman gets a wave.

"And I thought all the king stuff was bad," Eddie mutters, sucking honey off his fingers to console himself. With his cleaner hand he digs around his pockets, til he finds his wallet, and then he starts digging through that. Finally he comes out with the card he's looking for, leaving a little pile of discards on the ground. He hands it to Bea to let her read: Port Angeles Birdwatchers' Society. "I'm going to start attending meetings. I've got one of those little books with the pictures and checklist and everything." He looks back over his shoulder when Tyla comes out, and waves. "Wilson. You missed all the excitement."

"Hi Tyla," Audgrim says and he plays her a little welcoming salute, so to speak. "I will also look for birds," he says, enthusiastic. That's a very hands on thing to do, walking around looking at birds. Mind, he might forget about it and go swim in a river instead, but least he tries. "I can play for you later," he promises Tyla, giving her his best charming grin.

Bea takes the card from Eddie curiously, reading it before handing it back over with a laugh, "Oh, that's a good idea, and I was just going to ask the trees who's sitting on them where, and the homeless people when I do the soup kitchen, and the kids when they come in for ice cream. But probably your idea is way easier and better." She waves to Tyla and offers the other woman a grin, "Hi Tyla. It's good to see you. And you should definitely try to catch Audgrim when he is playing, since he is pretty much the best at it."

"Sorry I couldn't come by last night when you called, but when you told me Denver was going to be there too, I couldn't leave the crown unattended, I'm sure you understand." Tyla says with a grin, hair rolling cheerily. "Now if you had called tonight, it wouldn't be a problem. I moved it. They're both safe and the birds are none the wiser. Hell on business though." Her hair droops a little and returns Audgrim's salute. Her hair droops again as she nods to Bea, pulls something out of the mini fridge and walks over to the group. "Oh I kn-know." Tyla says quietly. "He k-keeps trying to g-get me to sing with him." Open vodka bottle, take a drink.

"Well, do it your way, anyway. People like talking to you better than they do me," Eddie suggests to Bea, "and it's good to cast a wide net." He takes back the card and wedges it into his wallet. "You didn't miss much," he says to Tyla, "just the world's last carrier pigeon, and a six story fall. I'll fill you in later. How'd you manage to move the thing?"

Audgrim is getting tired. He's done some work (half) in the garden but never finished, as usual. Or he probably will later in the day. He's chased a squirrel. He's talked to Eddie and he's played. He yawns widely and stretches, hopping off the bench. "You sing, with me. Other time," he says and gives Tyla another grin before he simply lies down on the ground and curls up. "Sleep," he murmurs. "Then look for birds…"

"Wrapped it up in a towel, put the towel in a backpack." Tyla explains as she takes another sip, eyeing the sleeping changeling on the ground maybe with a little bit of envy that he can fall asleep that damn fast as she starts to speak a little more softly. "Walked the backpack out of the shop. Guess it really was Jack parading around with it where they could see that caused all of this in the first place." Her hair flickers absently.

Bea looks curious at Tyla's comments about the crowns and missing the call. She smiles though and says, "Good plan, to move the crowns. Probably it is best to do, keep them moving." Audgrim gets a wave as he heads off to bed, and Bea migrates toward the half-finished area of garden-bed, absent-mindedly starting to finish the work he left. "What does it need to be in a towel and stuff for? The crown, I mean? Just to hide it?"

Eddie stares at Tyla in disbelief, then barks a laugh when he realizes she's telling the truth. "Good work, I guess. Christ. I'm glad something went easy for somebody, at least. You might haul it out to show Gwen, in a few days. I'm sending her around to look at them. I've got an idea we're sort of working on."

Tyla nods to Bea and smiles, but jumps a little when she hears Eddie laugh. Just so weird. "Well they let Jack leave without the crown on." Tyla explains. "And Eddie carries his around in his jacket, but wrapped up… so I just grabbed a towel and put it in my backpack." She shrugs a little, but her hair flickers happily. "But Jack kept pointing out how easy it would be for his monkey to steal it anyway, so I took that away." She says with a smile. "I had a dream about the fifth crown, too."

Bea gives Eddie a surprised look at the laugh, but joins him, taking it as her cue. If it's funny enough to get Eddie chuckling, it must be super good and she missed it, right? "Oh, that is a good one. And anyway, it is weird, that they are so easy to fool, but I guess they /are/ just birds. And anyway, that's good really." She beams at Tyla and asks, "What was your dream? I had a dream too, about those crowns, only it was on purpose, and not very nice really, but still." She shrugs, and then adds, "And for sure we lost those crowns ourselves, because Mercedes said I was talking about them, before we went to sleep, or got weird or whatever." She falls silent as she gets busy pulling up weeds and turning earth, humming quietly, but still attentive as she waits to hear what Tyla's dream was.

"Only sometimes," Eddie says, about the crown he carries around. He doesn't explain, smugly mysterious. Bea asks his question for him, about the dream, so he just watches her work in the garden a while. He likes watching people work. After a minute, he comes up with a new one. "WHat'd she say? Mercedes, I mean. Lucas had some things to say about back then, too."

Tyla watches Bea work on the garden with a slight chuckle. "You know that's supposed to be a community garden." She warns with a grin. "I dreamed it on purpose." She explains and takes a sip. "With Buck's help. I can do dream stuff by myself, but it's much easier with help for me. I was a in a room of nothing but mirrors. Floor, ceiling and all around me. I was holding the last crown in my hands, only it was only in the reflections, not my actual hands." She looks down at her hands, holding one out as if to look at the finger. She rubs the ring spot lightly. "And… I remember… I lost something too?" Tyla adds picking up on Bea's comment. "Something silver. A ring maybe? Lavender. But no matter how much I sniff Buck, it doesn't bring it back. I hate forgetting things!"

Bea shrugs and says, "Oh, she just said that I was like 'the fifth will be hardest to find, since it has to be brought across' or something like that, but probably it means we couldn't find someone who would get pecked to death by birds to get it to us, if you ask me." She looks at Tyla with a little laugh and says, almost pleased, "Oh, I dreamed about those mirrors too, and sounds like maybe we were in the same dream, only different, maybe. But just in the end I was just flying with all those birds, and my head hurt." She looks around the garden, then to Tyla with a smile, "Oh sure, and I am part of the community, so I am helping with the garden, just like the one over on Baker Street, except this one is much nicer, since it doesn't have all the graffiti and stuff."

Eddie listens thoughtfully to all of this, frowning at Bea's dream about the birds but otherwise not reacting much. He even leaves that part about 'sniffing Buck' alone. Maybe he's in a weird mood. "I don't mind, so much. Forgetting," he finally says. "A ring. Like the ones Grayson and Penny have?"

"Maaaaaybe?" That's both to Eddie and Bea, unsure. "You and Penny found a ring when we lost Finn, right? Wouldn't that be a token then, if it was in the Hedge? I don't know that I ever had a token… I don't even know if I can use them." She admits. She was just learning all about this, but like everyone else has that seven year gap to deal with. "I know it was silver. And maybe it was a ring. It could have been a chain? I remember smelling lavender though. so I'm going to go with a metal detector to the field close by. Oh!" She looks up hopeful, hair flickering happily. "Can you guys find things? That might be easier."

Bea looks up, pouting slightly for just a brief moment, "Penny and Grayson got rings? And you two and Lucas and some other Spring guy I haven't met yet all got crowns?" For a second, it seems like she is miffed that she doesn't also have some shiny bling from Wyrd places. But then she laughs and says, "Sounds like almost there is a jewelry show or something on in town, and you should talk to Scorse about that. He knows all about tokens and things, and even though the Carin is gone, and he's real sad, he has his shop still at least, and can probably find out about anything to do with that sort of thing."

"Me?" Eddie asks, clutching his heart, "find things? Well, I guess I've been known to do it for a living." He checks his watch and looks at his car and grunts. One more dip into the honey jar, and he twists the lid back on. "There's more about last night, but it'll have to wait. You can get the thrilling part from Sparky, anyway. Or let Audgrim sing about it." He looks like he could spit, but he doesn't. He just gets up. "Grayson'll give you his, if you ask," he suggests to Bea. "Hell, you can have mine, if you want. Just watch out. It bites."

Tyla shakes her head and takes a sip. "I don't have anything, really. I'm just keeping a couple of them safe until we find the last one." Tyla explains to Bea. "Scorse…" She says the name slowly, remembering. "I think I met him once." She grins at Eddie though and gives a little wave. "Well I meant in general, like stuff only you guys can do. Better than a metal detector." She explains and frowns. "Can a metal detector find token things?" She muses and nods. "I'll talk to Sparky or Audgrim though. Or wait." She takes another sip, looking pretty chill right now. Even her hair is calm.

Bea laughs at Eddie and shakes her head, "Oh no, and I am not sad enough for a Winter crown, Eddie, and even I know that. But it is nice of you to offer. And maybe I will find the last crown, or another nice thing." She shrugs and looks to Tyla curiously, "Oh, maybe there is that kind of magic, but I don't have it, and only can ask the birds and the bees and the trees and stuff, for what they know about things. And sometimes that is as good as a metal detector. But still, I think one of those could only find metal tokens, but could do it, if it was on and working right, maybe."

"If it's made of metal, it stands to reason," Eddie shrugs. "You might ask Gwen. She can talk to metal things. Last time she tried it didn't go so hot, though, so don't get mad if she starts pulling up your vegetables looking for her boyfriend." He collects up all the cards and coupons he dropped on the ground, earlier, and shoves them into his pockets. "I've got to run. People to see, hats to move. You know. Ladies." He waves, and heads for his car.

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