(2018-02-09) Catchup
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Summary: Tyla catches up Finn on what's been going on lately because he's been busy being all adult and stuff since coming back.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-08)
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Player Characters: Finn, Tyla

Tyla has been spending a lot of time at the farmhouse. The laundromat? Still surrounded by birds. Plus Valentine's is coming up, so lots of people are wanting flowers soon. Still, it's evening, grey, no wind, a little misty. Perfect time for a barbecue. She put the word out, the table is ready for far too many people. Booze has been opened, and she's at the grill with some really nice, thick steaks.

Finn arrives with some homemade baked potato soup for a misty day, and a blueberry crumble for dessert. And a case of bottled beer because he hasn't changed THAT much in the last eight years. Jamie must be on shift because he isn't accompanying the Spring. Damned adult responsibilities. Being his own boss is still the best thing Finn has going for himself. He's in jeans and a sweatshirt and the mist is making his green locks curlier than usual. "Hey Ty!" he greets with a broad sparkling smile. Sparkly sparkle. Damned Fairest.

Tyla turns and blushes a little, not as much as if Jamie were there, but she certainly goes a little purple. "Hi Finn, you're first to show up." She says as she waves her tongs at the table area. "I made room in the fridge out here for you for your beer." She says, pointing to it. Without the stutter her voice is really distracting. Her hair flickers and rolls calmly. "I figured we could just all share what we know… if we know anything new." She explains and turns to flip over her steak.

"Excellent!" Finn declares, setting the food items on the table before moving to load his brewskis into the fridge. He keeps one in hand, still cold from his own fridge, and twists the cap off for a quick sip. "I'm afraid I'm not much in the know. I seem to be lucky enough to miss most of the excitement lately. Other than getting eaten by that plant in the Hedge," he admits with a lopsided smile. The voice of the young woman keeps his focus on her rather than even the steaks, as he takes a seat. "Heard the laundromat got trashed? And the whole neighborhood to boot?"

Tyla nods and checks a steak, her hair broils a little faster and flickers faster a little more. "Yeah. So Jack was walking around wearing his crown all the time, that's why all the birds showed up there." She explains and flips the steak. She pauses and pokes at the steak as she decides what to say. "One of them came. She got fought off though. The birds came back, but they don't realize I moved the crown. Coronet, really. We still have to find the last one too." She takes a deep breath, trying to calm down a little.

"Monkey dude? Well that seems like it would have been unwise, even by my standards," Finn mutters, which says a LOT. He's not exactly known for being wise. "So there's another one of them here? And rumors that HE is too?" He being the Huntsman. Though whether it's Finn's Herne, or another True Fae doing whatever it is they do, is anyone's guess. He takes a deep swig from his beer and sets out utensils for the food he brought. "What do you think the last crown is? I mean, the other four are the seasons, right?"

"This was a giant bird." Tyla explains, with a shake of her head. "Don't know her name though." She lets out a deep breath and starts putting steaks on to a platter. "I have a few theories about the last one. I thought maybe it could be a fae-touched like me, or maybe a courtless? But everything I've looked in to said courtless don't have crowns, and fae-touched don't have courts. And then Eddie told you guys can change courts." She explains, bringing the steaks over. "So maybe it's someone who has had multiple courts?" She heads back to get another platter of steaks. "So many the ones we have no are all sort of… consorts or something." She offers as she sits down. "Oh and I dreamed about the last one too."

Finn considers a moment, then makes a 'huh, sound. "Courtless is a definitely possible. I forgot there are those of us out there who don't have one. Not sure on the changed one though. I mean, if they change, they're just that new court, aren't they? I know there are moments I almost went Winter. But it turned out even when bad crap happens to me, like, all the time, I still look to inspire and bring joy." He shrugs a little and makes a plate for himself with a bowl of soup as well.

"I don't know." Tyla admits, biting her lower lip as she settles down and starts to make her plate. "I did a lot of research on how pledges are formed.." She bites her lower lip and eyes Finn again. "Not sure if you know what goes on exactly when we pledge to a freehold?" She asks cautiously. "Anyway, I dreamt the fifth crown was in my hands, but since it was in mirror it was just a reflection." She shrugs a little and starts piling on the potato salad.

"Huh, maybe Fae-touched then." Finn sets into his steak with the appetite of a 20-something, meaning he is sure to have regrets about it later. "Everything is so upside down here right now, I have no idea what to expect. I'm doing everything I can to keep my daughter from showing up here with her kid for a visit. Last thing I need is Callie and Ollie thrown into this. They've both been THERE, but they don't really remember. It was very brief."

"Yeah, not the best place to visit, and you d-don't want them to have any leverage." She wets her lips and continues on though, since Finn isn't flipping out by talking about it, at least. "I think there is a freehold here but… When you guys make pledges or contracts it's with some pretty esoterical… things. Like if you have a contract that involved fire… you actually make a contract with fire." She bites her lower lip trying to think how best to explain it. "I think we made a pledge with something else, not the Wyrd. The ones of us that were here anyway. No idea why some of us are awake or not though…" She just keeps scooping the potato salad, distracted herself.

Finn's forehead scrunches up as he tries to process that. "So we made a pledge with something that wasn't the Wyrd? Back then?" he asks, looking confused. He glances at Tyla's plate. "You really like potato salad, eh?"

Tyla nods and looks at her plate, blushing slightly, but stopping herself from piling on more. "I am a good cook?" She offers with a smile which she quickly drops. "But yeah, I do. I did as much research as I could. That's what I found. I told Lucas, do you remember him? He was bothered by it." She pokes at the potato salad with her fork. "One reason I have the… consort theory though. We don't have crowns, technically. But Coronets. Not much difference except royalty wear crowns, and nobles wear coronets." She explains.

"Shit, Lucas is still here?" Finn asks, looking a bit worried about that. "He, uh, really doesn't like me." The crown vs. coronet thing has him looking puzzled. "So there might be Seasonal Kings and Queens somewhere in there," he gestures at the tree that opened the last time he was here, "And people here are being chosen as their…agents of some sort?"

"Maaaybe?" Tyla shrugs, not sure. "In my dream there were mirrors all over the place, and I was holding the fifth crown was in my hands, but it was just a reflection. But…" She bites down on her lower lip again. "Have you tried to make any pledges since you've been back? Because we have and… lost the night. Like the seven years we lost before. And we only know there is a fifth because there was a prophecy." Her hair flickers calmly. "So maybe consorts to one thing?"

Finn rubs at a temple a moment. "No, no pledges since we got back. When Jamie and I realized the Freehold was AWOL, we pretty much stayed clear of anything Wyrd related if we could. Seemed safer for the moment, until this stuff all gets sorted out." He looks over at Tyla with a grimace. "I've gotten more cautious in my old age. And consorts? Like are they gonna have to do the nasty with someone?" Old, but still Finn.

Tyla blushes a bit and shakes her head, her hair rolling slightly. "It's a guess. Pretty much all we have right now. I didn't even really think about it until Eddie asked if I knew what the difference between a crown and a coronet is." She explains. "Crowns have arches and the whole royalty and noble thing. But 5 of them could maybe be something like that?" She takes a sip of her drink. "And I think you are the first Spring I've ever heard call it nasty." She takes a slightly bigger sip, blushing more.

Finn snorts. "Sorry, just a term from back in the day." The day being the 80s. "I'm still having trouble adjusting to the modern day, uh…" he waves a hand around. "All the stuff that's not ok to do anymore that was just the norm back then. I mean it's a good thing, progress and stuff. But I trip up a lot still."

"I'm going to be thirty in May?" Tyla offers, in oldness kinship before continuing on. "It's all just a bunch of guesses right now though. I can do some things in dreams, not like you guys, and I had to get Buck to help me to get there, but in a normal dream I could manipulate it. I tried to make a door in the mirror and open it up, and it didn't work this time." She takes another little sip. "And everything I've found out is mostly from books. And history is written by the winners, right?"

"I owe Buck a beer and a story at some point. Bought pissed myself when I saw him. A white stag led Jamie and I out of Arcadia," Finn explains. At the idea that Tyla is 30, Finn scrunches up his nose. "Now I really feel old, thanks Kiddo." She'll always be that sweet kid that helped him learn to use the internet. He nods about the history bit. "That is it. And I don't think any of us have been doing much winning."

"Well he's here." Tyla says gesturing to the house. "Well not here right now, maybe. Might be at work." She bites down on her lower lip again at the mention of Finn being led out of the Hedge. "Do… do you want to know what the prophecy is?" She asks cautiously.

Finn nods slowly. "Better to know it, than get blindsided by it," he points out with a sad sigh. Yep, he could have turned Winter after all this crap, but he's still Spring somehow.

Tyla nods and takes a deep breath, ready to stop at any moment if Finn looks like he's not handling it well. The worst part being at the start. "The Hedge shall become the Wild Hunt's domain while the Darkest Flames burn. And the Hedge shall only be reclaimed through the dousing of the flames. And the time of birds will come, the stroke of their wings will block out the sun. The world be hushed and empty. Silence, but for the flight of feathers. The world will be hushed unless the five sovereigns are one."

"And a pact will be made with the Smoking Mirror under the nocturnal sky, one life time of memories for the extension of civilization. Twice blessed, and thrice cursed, the stalking horse holds the keys to the sky's downfall." She finishes quietly.

Finn blinks, and listens, and frowns, but it's all gibberish to him for the most part. "Welp, we've seen the bird part. Has anyone seen any sign of the Hunt?"

"We heard some dogs when Grayson came out and Jack initially got the summer crown." Tyla offers.

Finn frowns again. "The Hunt I know, Herne's hunt, the Cyn Annwn are closer the further away they sound," he explains. "The hounds of the hunt. The Night Hag drives them. So if they were heard, they not know where Grayson came out. Hopefully." He swallows.

"I haven't really asked him anything about that when he came out… Velvet might know." She says with a bit of a frown. "I'm sure she's helping him, but I wish Buck or another Spring was helping him with um… getting glamour." And of course since it's Tyla, she blushes. "Seems weird an Autumn teaching a Spring that…"

Finn mutters. "Well yeah, that doesn't seem right. Though, well, I guess to each their own. If folks have been crossing courts, then maybe it doesn't matter anymore. Maybe none of what we remember matters now. Something is changing." He stuffs steak in his maw and chews grumpily.

"And I haven't seen anything burning so, I guess I'm going to have to keep looking." Her hair twists slightly and flickers, like it does when she's annoyed. "Can you… I mean do you know, can you guys… find things? With a contract or something? I'm having more than the um… normal amount of memory losses." She says. "I forget the time, since I was here all the time, but I remember having something and no amount of sniffing Buck has helped." She doesn't blush. She doesn't likely realize what she said.

"Sniffing…Buck?" Finn asks, looking amused, violet eyes glittering. He shrugs at her qestion. "Nothing I can do, but if I work on one of my contracts a bit I might be able to do a prediction. Not sure if it's safe to delve deeper into my contract though, with everything you've told me."

"I remember the smell of lavender when I remember the ring… maybe that I forgot." She does blush a little though. "He smells like lavender, so I hoped it would bring my memories back. Maybe I'll just buy a metal detector though." She adds with a nod. "At least I will try that first. Hard to find something you hardly remember having anyway. I hate not remembering." She laments.

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