(2018-02-13) Cinnabon & Cassiopeia
Cinnabon & Cassiopeia
Summary: Tyla is a nerd about the sky, and gets invited to die in the mountains.
Date: 2018-02-13
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Player Characters: Eddie, Tyla

Eddie has been scarce since he went out that window, aside from that one brief visit to the farmhouse last week. Doing that Winter thing he does, not answering his phone or anything. When he finally called a couple of hours ago it was from a strange number, and there were planes taking off in the background, so loud he had to raise his voice. I'm alive, would you like to have lunch, am I on YouTube?, that kind of thing. He gave her an address somewhere on the other end of town from his office or the Sit'N'Spin, out by the airport, and said to meet him there.

'There' turned out to be an abandoned motel he'd broken into, but he wasn't lying about lunch. He got Cinnabon from the airport. He's halfway through his second when he finishes explaining where he's at on the Everbright case. Yes, he really calls it that. "—so I'm waiting 'til I can get some people together," he swallows the mouthful he's been talking around, "to move on the apartment. But that's not what I really called you for. I don't guess anybody's told you what happened in my office, really?"

Tyla shakes her head, her hair moving languidly about her as she talks slowly and deliberately because people just need to get used to her voice and stop falling down around her. "No, no one told me anything, really. Bea took off shortly after you did. Sorry again I couldn't come, but I couldn't just leave the crown there though." She chews on her lower lip, thinking. "Have the birds done anything when you've gone there though? Those ones at the Sit N Spin are still there. Drove by on my way here. They think something is there so they are still waiting. Maybe that's the case with her apartment? Or are you more worried there is something there and getting out after?" She asks as she sticks her thumb in her mouth to suck off some icing.

The voice gets to Eddie. It's literal magic, after all. He hides it pretty well behind his professional Listening Face, though. "I didn't get close enough to find out," he admits, not seeming particularly ashamed, "but I guess I'll find out soon. Scorse said he'd come with, as a good luck charm. Maybe an Autumn to look over anything we find, so we don't need to move it." He loads the rest of the cinnamon bun into his mouth the way you load a ball into a musket, which actually stops him talking for a second. He holds up a finger and gets another coffee out of the little cardboard sixpack to help him swallow. "Well the main part is, we got a letter." He picks his notebook up off the front desk and flips it to something legible:

Eddie Brundle
Lucas Ambrose
Bill Buckley
????????? Tyla Wilson ??????
Give me the crown your safeguard, and I shall give you what you are missing.

He must have traced the C. Tyla has seen his handwriting.

Tyla licks another finger and leans over to read the note quietly, her hair flicking as she reads her name. "So this C knows who touched each coronet last? That's a little worrying. It can't be who is in possession of each one because Buck shouldn't be on that list then, since it's in my safe. Also, are they mis-calling it a crown too, and they want all five or whatever will happen?" She thinks a bit as she breaks off a little piece. "I would offer to go help but I'm pretty bad at fighting. Though I may look for a mirror there, given my dream. I can do things in my dreams, not like you guys, I guess." She explains, "But normally I can change things, and I couldn't in this one." She chews on her lower lip, considering. "Lucas told me he was warned not to break the mirror, but it's about the only thing I can do in that dream, at this point." She says with a sigh.

"Wouldn't want you along on this one anyway. If you get killed by birds that's going that's going to draw the wrong kind of attention, especially after that thing at the laundry. 'Microburst'," Eddie snorts, shaking his head. He wipes some plaster off the counter, then hops up to sit on it. "They're getting sloppy. Trump's America, I guess. Wish I could help you about the mirror, but I never spent much time dreaming. If you can't find Buck to talk about it, you might try Velvet. She's been thinking of getting into that line." He opens up his third box. After inhaling the first two, he seems content to pick at this one. "You think you could draw someone, if I described them?"

Tyla nods and licks at her fingers again, the icing just gets everywhere. "Buck helped me get there in the first place when I thought about looking for the fifth crown in a dream in the first place. I'm sure he won't mind helping again. I might be able to get in there myself too, I haven't tried yet." She admits, licking her fingers again as she sets down her bun and pulls her backpack closer to her. "Sure." She says happily as her hair rolls slowly. "When I started out in the asylum I used to draw the nurses and doctors all the time. It's how I learned, really." She explains as she pulls out a sketchbook and starts to dig around for a pencil.

Eddie shakes his head a little to wake up. That was a lot of talking, in that voice. He almost stopped chewing for a second. "After while," he says, motioning for her to stop and dripping frosting on the counter, "I've done these before. I remember how long they can take. There was another thing. I'd like you to take your crowns for a walk, one at a time, over to Gwen's cabin. She needs a look at them for something. Take one of your strays, or someone, don't go alone."

She stops looking for her pencil and just waits quietly, although her hair is flickering a little more. She chews on her lower lip, considering and nodding slowly. "Is that wise though?" Tyla asks cautiously. I mean moving them as all or having Gwen look at them? When I mentioned the ring I lost you said something about her going crazy and looking for her boyfriend in my carrots." She frowns slightly. "I won't do anything to make her miss Stone more. She honestly can't admit that he's dead and thinks he's in Canada. But I would rather not set her off at all." She explains sadly. Hair flickering and twisting slowly.

When her expression turns sad he looks her in the eye, purely out of habit. It doesn't take magic to figure out what she's sad about, though, so he just nods. Suspicion confirmed. At least he has the manners not to smirk. "She ought to be fine, as long as she doesn't try and talk to it. Anyway, she's Winter now." He says that like it ought to explain something. "If you want to help her out, you can make up a set of measurements and some sketches. She won't have to look at the real things as long, that way."

Tyla's hair flickers slightly and rolls a little. "What does she need to do with them exactly? You want her to make replicas?" Tyla guesses. "If you need measurements that would be my guess. I can sketch those out easily enough, and then I wouldn't have to move them at all. Even though those birds are still at the laundromat, you never know." She offers as she taps her fingers lightly on the sketchpad. "Wouldn't Liska be a better choice to make a replica crown though? I mean I know she does awesome crafting, but he's an actual jeweler and all?" She ponders.

When Tyla guesses it, Eddie grins and shoots and imaginary target. Got it in one. "Keep it under your hat. This sort of thing gets less useful the more people know." He looks down into the cinnabon box and shakes his head when she asks about Liska. "If he turns up I'll think about it. I didn't know about his day job. Until he does, though, it's a Winter kind of plan, and she'll need a look to see what kind of materials we're going to need." He closes the box and sets it aside, like he's suddenly lost his appetite.

Tyla frowns and chews on her lower lip as her hair broils slowly. "When he looked at yours and he got cut and it got all cold before you took the crown, didn't Liska say it was made by a rare Hedge metal? If you are going to make fakes, shouldn't they be as close to the real thing as possible?" She looks over the note again, reading it slowly, her hair calmly flickering. "So I guess there goes one of my theories." She finally muses. "Otherwise why does my name have so many question marks? Unless C doesn't know either. Do we know who C is?" She asks looking back at Eddie. She's all about making eye contact when talking to people if she can. That and hugging, but she's getting better than that.

"Hedge iron, if I remember right," Eddie says, sucking his thumb clean with a 'pop', "and something else. And if it were a regular fake, I'd agree, but magic doesn't always work that way. Especially not spinning thorns into gold. I could be wrong, but I'd like to be sure." 'Pop', 'Pop', 'Pop', 'pop'. All clean.

"That sounds about right." Tyla agrees. "So I'm guessing we don't know who C is then?" Tyla urges gently.

"I haven't got a clue, but the letter came by carrier pigeon, so my guess is nobody good," Eddie says, sourly. He nods at the notebook. "So my vote is 'no', for the record." He pauses. His eyes shift, remembering. "So what theory were you throwing away, just now? I like things that other people throw away, sometimes."

"Oh it's nothing new." Tyla explains with a chuckle. "Sometimes I feel like I keep on saying it over and over again though. Remember how I explained about how Freeholds were formed and contracts and all that?" She pauses to wait for a confirmation before she continues on. "Well I thought maybe that the fifth crown was for a fae-touched or maybe a courtless. But if that were the case then C wouldn't be so confused why I have one. Unless they know specifically which one each of us has but if that's the case Buck's name wouldn't be on the list." She offers.

"And I am not a Summer, I can't have a court at all." She pauses and blinks, Tyla's hair suddenly rolling quicker. "Yeah, I vote no too, but maybe C isn't the bird lady, because if C knows enough to know who touched and or has a crown, and the bird lady turned in to the bird lady from all the birds, and they are all still around the laundromat where they seem to think one of the crowns is…" She trails off, to let Eddie fill in the blanks.

"That might be why the question marks," Eddie points out, "not being the right court for the one you're holding on to. Or it could be because you're not exactly one of us. Or because you go by your real name, because that matters sometimes." He shrugs. "I didn't like to guess about these things, even when I was Autumn. I wouldn't get my heart broken, anyway. They're even more trouble to wear than they are to carry around, trust me." His head turns away, but he keeps looking at her out of the corner of his eye, considering. "Me and Bea have a lead on number five, actually. I was thinking you might come along, in case you were right after all."

Tyla laughs, hair rolling happily. "Oh that's not my real name, Eddie." She says cheerfully. "I mean it's what I go by, but it's not my really real name." She looks over at him quizzically, head tilted to the side and hair flickering happily. Apparently she knows about true names. "It is my legal name, sure." She glances briefly at the note again even though she doesn't need to. "And Buck's too, so far as anyone knows. I did a good job on that one." She says proudly. "So you don't think the fifth crown is at the birds then? It's somewhere else? But yeah, I'll help out however I can, you know that." She taps her fingers on the sketchpad again.

"Well aren't you full of surprises?" Eddie grins his crooked grin. He makes a conciliatory gesture. "Sorry, it's hard to know what you know. You were homeschooled. The long and short of it is we met a girl who said she's got one. Up in the mountains, under Seattle." His lips twitch downward. "So we'll be hiking sick. It all seems pretty rotten but we can't afford not to check it out. Didn't you say on the phone you had an idea you wanted to talk about?"

Tyla's smile drops and her hair rises, she sits up a little straighter, just a little less away from Eddie. "How d-did you kn-know I was homeschooled?" The surprise breaking her out of her concentration.

"Well, from the way you hold your notebook I could deduce—" Eddie begins, filling an imaginary pipe. He can't keep a straight face. "It was a joke, Wilson, relax. About how whoever taught you about all this," he wiggles his fingers at her dancing hair, "left out an awful lot. Trods, and pledges, and who knows what else. Would you believe that's the second time since we've woke up I guessed the truth cracking wise? Maybe that's my strength as a detective."

"Oh." She says quietly, hair calmly pretty much instantly. "I guess that makes sense. I mean my records are pretty much public anyway. Thought you did a check on me or something… wouldn't blame you though, really." She shrugs a little, hair and shoulders drooping again. "I found out about that when… around that time I was taken." She admits quietly but doesn't seem to want to talk about it further. "But the idea was basically if there were birds sticking to a place to check it out and see if a crown was there. Or a ring? Something anyway… "

Eddie looks her in the eye again, then conceals his disappointment with a sympathetic frown. "I haven't had time, and I figure you're a known quantity, more or less. You've been in town longer than I have, anyway." His eyes widen a little at her idea, and he shakes his head. "Full of surprises. I had the same thought. I'm a card carrying member of the Port Angeles Birdwatchers Society, as of last week. Audgrim and Bea said they'd look for flocks, their ways. I thought maybe you could," he mimes typing fingers. "Anywhere with a bunch of birds outside has to be pretty important."

Tyla blushes a little and and smiles, her hair moving up to hide her a little bit since she can't just curl up into a corner and hide because she's really not too used to any praise of any kind. "Or just really stupid birds." She points out and pulls her phone out just to check and see if the birds are still at the laundromat - which they are. 2018 is awesome, tech-wise. "But sure I can look into it on the net and stuff." she frowns. "Wait, all the way to Seattle? Can we even go that far? And what, she just walked up to you guys and said, 'Hey, I have the fifth crown!'? Did she call it a crown, or a coronet?"

"If we can find more flocks, at least we know where they're looking. That's not nothing," Eddie shrugs. He finally goes back to the coffee, which is cold by now. He doesn't even seem to notice. "Crown, but that doesn't mean much. People get them mixed up a lot, and she didn't seem like the academic kind, exactly. Talked about playing 'Queen of the Night Sky'." He makes the face he should have made when he drank the coffee. "It won't be a fun trip. Bring a carsick bag."

Tyla blinks slowly and looks over at Eddie. She is the academic type. "…Did she tell you a name?" She wonders, trying to stay calm but her hair has a mind of it's own and gives her away.

"Wendy," Eddie says, snorting. "Like in Peter Pan. Or maybe it was 'Windy'. She was airtouched, if she was one of us, with hair like you," he wiggles his fingers around his head, "or James Spader, in that cartoon. Or maybe it was The Duchess of the Nine Howling Winds of Sorrow, and she's one of Them on vacation, and Wendy's just what she goes by for short. Won't it be fun, finding out?"

"Wendy huh?" She nods, thinking, putting something together. "You know what else is a W, Eddie?" Tyla asks, but continues on and doesn't wait for an answer. "Something you see up in the sky almost every night. Probably one of the most famous constellations of all time because everyone can see it. Big W or M in the sky?" She keeps watching him to see when it clicks in for him. "Called Cassiopeia." She pauses. "Queen of the Night Sky." No matter how ill they are going to get, there really isn't any stopping Tyla from going to help now.

"I always thought astrology was kind of silly," Eddie admits, "that's why me and Lara never got along." Still, he scoops up his notebook and scribbles something in shorthand. "So maybe she's a telluric. Fill me in, what's so exciting?"

"Well astronomy and astrology aren't the same thing." Tyla points out and leans back getting comfortable. She doesn't really get to nerd out all that often. "So Cassiopeia was originally a queen, she was very beautiful. And like in all Greek myths she was super beautiful. So was her daughter. And like most Greek myths she was arrogant about gorgeous they both were." Tyla explains, hair flicking slowly. "Which of course pissed off a few gods."

"I know. It turns out astrology has more practical applications," Eddie snorts. He lifts his feet up off the ground and puts them against the counter, perching there like a gargoyle, listening. If nothing else it's something else for the trivia banks.

"Well she pissed off Poseidon because boasted that she and her daughter Andromeda were more beautiful than even Nereids which are basically the gorgeous nymphs of the sea, so he didn't like that. First Poseidon sends the sea monster Cetus to attack the city that Cassiopeia and her husband rule. So than an oracle tells Chepeus that if he sacrifices his daughter the city will be saved. So he takes Andromeda and chains her to the bottom of the sea so she will drown, but gets saved by Perseus on his winged horse Pagasus just after he killed Medusa, so he has her head." Tyla stops to take a breath.

"So anyway, he says he will save Andromeda if he marries her, because Greek myth, and Chepeus and Cassiopeia agree. Perseus uses Medusa's head to turn Cetus to stone and he sinks to the bottom of the sea. Anyway, Poseidon wasn't happy and thought Cassiopeia needed to suffer more, so he cast her up in to the sky where she sits on her throne, most of the time she has to hang on for dear life or she will fall out of her throne." Tyla explains, giving a very Cliff's Notes version of the whole thing.

"Cassiopeia in the shape of a giant W for Wendy or Windy. C for Cassiopeia. She's called the Banished Queen of the Night Sky There's also like five other constellations that get roped into the story too. Five coronets? Also I found out how pledges work and maybe we could have pledges to something other than the Wyrd, something enough that had Lucas sounding worried because we don't know what we did." Tyla explains as she puts it all together - at least how she has put it all together anyway.

Eddie lights a cigarette while he listens. He doesn't even try the thumb trick with the match, and he still manages to break two before he gets a flame. Distracted, probably. He smokes and he listens, using an empty Cinnabon box for an ashtray. "I'll keep my eye out for stop motion skeletons," he says, dumping what's left of the cigarette into a half full cup of coffee. "'Banished Queen' makes me think bleak thoughts. You might be on to something, but I kind of hope not."

Tyla nods and looks around for her own coffee, needing something to drink after all that talking. She doesn't care if it's cold either as she takes a sip. "Yeah, I hope I'm wrong." She admits quietly. "Was she really pretty, WendyWindy?" She asks, curious as she chews on her lower lip. "What we've forgotten is likely the last seven years, probably. But I know for me anyway I have that ring or chain or…whatever it was that I had. I don't remember losing it, but I barely remember even having it. Just lavender and Silver. Bea sent me to Scorse, but he couldn't help. Going to go over the lavender field by home with a metal detector soon. But have you lost anything like that, that you remember?" Because there's always a chance, right?

"Not really," Eddie says. "Just some homeless girl. The one from the other night, now," he trails off, remembering. His mouth doesn't know whether it wants to smile or frown, but it finally settles on a frown. Big surprise. "She's the one I wanted you to draw. Right after the note came, I saw her on the street. She seemed familiar." He shakes his head at the other question. "Sorry."

Tyla nods and sighs and sips her coffee. "The only thing I can remember that might be important enough to trade a crown for honestly is what happened to us the past seven years." She admits and takes another sip. "But I wonder what she meant by playing at it?" She takes another sip, hair moving slowly. "So when are you guys going and what do you need me to do?"

Eddie names a date. It sounds like the 25th, but possibly he was mumbling. "If the fifth one is up there and it needs one of you instead of one of us, you're it. Otherwise, hike along behind us, keep your eyes out for escape tunnels, and try not to die on the rocks. Make arrangements for the crowns, in case you screw up that last part." He picks up the coffee with the cigarette butt in, and sips that. "You have a pencil?"

She nods and takes another drink of her coffee and sets it down and reaches in to her backpack. "Yup!" She proclaims, pulling it out. "I had found it, but I was looking for my sharpener." Tyla explains as she brings out a pencil case and starts to rummage in it. "I will try not to die at all." she agrees solemnly. "My other theory was that it might be someone who has changed courts, maybe. So it could be you. But I suppose that might be all of them if that's the case." She sharpens the pencil. "If I feel any gates, I'll let you know, I'll mention tricks since it'll probably not come out naturally." She offers and waits for the description.

"I've got all the crowns I can handle, thanks," Eddie says sourly. He looks down into his coffee and swirls it around, watching the cigarette butt do loop-de-loops, remembering. "I was six stories up, and it was dark, but here's what I can remember. She had silver hair, down to about here, she's probably a blonde with her mask on. Eyes, about…" He gives a description. He's done this before. It's going to take a while.

"Just tell me what you could see, and if I have to make a more normal pose from that I will draw one up. Maybe I can give it to that woman who came to the laundromat after everything happened. Pretty sure she was a cop, she's the one I warned you about you being maybe caught on camera, and asked for the footage. She said she was a social worker, if the girl really was homeless. And a friend of Thomas. Talked about some really big spiders he helped her with, but I haven't seen him since. Do you think maybe you could check her out, find out what you can? I'll pay you though. Actual job." She offers as she sketches.

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