(2018-02-14) Open Communication
Open Communication
Summary: The Bureau and the Lost finally meet on purpose.
Date: 2018-02-14
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Player Characters: Eddie, Sydney

----——| Grimhart Park - Cherry Oak |

From the parquet floor to the mirrored walls crisscrossed with polished wood to the little zinc bar and window seats, Verdigris seems to pulse with the welcoming spirit of a Parisian hangout, lighted by candles and warmth. The menu is exclusively vegetarian albeit not vegan, focusing on local, seasonal produce of the highest quality. This includes some fish, egg and dairy options along with the haute and noveau cuisine greens.

Calls have been made, meeting arrangements followed. None of this is particularly regular, even for the Lost. A social worker who may be more than she admits to? True Thomas' name quoted? And now a call from her out of the blues?

At least, the request has been a polite one, almost casual, friendly. Not the typical police approach, let alone secret government organizations.

Sydney is already sitting at a table this morning, dressed in a turtleneck sweater, sensible slacks and a gray longcoat for the weather. Nursing a steaming cup of coffee and reading from her Kindle, the woman looks like she's just having a slow day while waiting to meet up with an old classmate… rather than a complete stranger.

It took Eddie a little while to get back to her after she called. For a guy who runs an ad in the paper, he doesn't check his phone much. When he did it was to agree, parroting back the same casual friendly smiling tone. He's pretty late, though, and it's starting to look like he might have just been lying when he finally shows up. When he comes into the room so does the Wyrd, however Sydney senses it, but he seems pretty unremarkable, if a little out of place. He's wearing the same thing he's wearing in every photo on record, though he's put on his cleanest model. He looks around and spots her and smiles like he recognizes her, giving a wave and coming over to the table.

"Sydney," he says, taking the familiarity as he puts his coat over the back of his chair. "Reading anything good?"

Glancing up from her Kindle, Sydney briefly takes in Eddie's appearance, before a warm, easy smile settles on her lips. "The Immortalists, Chloe Benjamin." She even turns the Kindle towards him for a quick look. "If you're into family sagas, it's a pretty good read. I'd recommend it." It's all stated very casually, as if she's known him for a while.

While waiting for him to settle in, she picks up her mug for a nice, long sip. "Sorry to get you out on such a cold day, but I'm sure you're a busy man, so I'll take what I can get." She offers. What she's not saying, however, is her Wyrd sense is tingling like it always does when she's around certain folks.

"I don't get to read much for recreation, these days," Eddie says, with a note of honest regret. He studies the Kindle politely when she shows it, shaking his head. "Not since books were made of paper, even. Anyway, I don't mind the cold." He flags down a server and orders a coffee and watches them go away. He looks back at her and grins. "Beats some of the weather we've been having lately, that's for sure. Coffee any good, here?"

"Mm." Sydney holds the last mouthful of coffee and makes sure she tastes it before swallowing. "I think it's quite good, but if you are a hardcore coffee connoisseur, then you may disagree." She allows, once again flashing him with a small smile. "In any case, Mr. Brundle, I hope I didn't alarm you too much when I called you. I did try to give some warning when I gave Miss Wilson my card… I was, of course, assuming you and her are associates."

"She was my landlord for a little while," Eddie says, shrugging at the associates word. "Nice enough, for a rich girl. It got a little too weird for me around there, so I made other arrangements. She did mention you, though." His coffee arrives and he smiles and thanks the waiter, and takes a big swallow from the steaming mug. He doesn't really seem to notice the taste, or to mind a little scalding. "It seemed kind of funny, sending a social worker out to investigate the weather. But then she said you mentioned Tom."

"I do odd jobs, especially when things get odder than the weather." Sydney admits. "Thomas? Yes, in some ways Thomas and I became friends. I helped him with some things, and he helped me with others. It's too bad that he seems to have moved on; I miss him." There is a pause as the blonde woman tilts her head at Eddie curiously. "There were some past issues in my life I couldn't figure out, until I learned things from Thomas and suddenly it all made sense. But I think the most important thing I learned, is that for all our differences, we /can/ be friends."

"Stop," Eddie says, deadpan. "I'll cry." He looks at her across the table, studying her like a stranger for the first time. When he's done he lets out a sigh, and looks down into his coffee. "I'm a real friendly guy. Ask anybody. I'm friends with Tom, for instance. Sometimes, anyway. We've got political differences." His eyes come back up, and he smirks. "He's puts a lot more faith in the government than I do. But we could come to an arrangement, maybe. Depending on what you want. I assume you didn't just ask me out for Valentine's Day."

"Well." Sydney takes a deep, slow breath before reaching up to run fingers through her blonde hair. "I'm not currently seeing anyone, Mr. Brundle." See? She can deadpan too. "But I am going to guess I'm not your type." Another smile, a bit self-deprecating one at that. "Policies notwithstanding, the government is still run by people. And as one of those people, I prefer things to be more… cooperative, and less antagonistic. I am not asking you to trust government, but I like to reestablish a dialog. Or at least communications. Like Thomas and I used to have." Beat. "We know your people are, for the most part, peaceful and just want to live your lives; believe me when I say we want the same thing. But when things get out of hand, and we need to step in, having that communication will hopefully minimize impact to everyone. Don't you agree?"

Eddie chuckles when she rolls with the gag, but he seems pretty skeptical of the rest of it. He taps his finger on the side of his mug, thinking. "'Run by people' doesn't do much to relax me. I'm sure you're a nice lady. And if I give you the brush off I'm sure the next guy won't be so nice. I know how these things work." He seems pretty sure of that, through experience or just textbook paranoia. "I can do things nice. I can try it on, anyway, to see if it fits. If you can make some assurances, anyway. I'm the same as Tom about promises." He watches to see if that one lands anywhere.

Even though Sydney continues to smile pleasantly, there is a shake of her head. "I've always been a bit sketchy with your… promises, but Thomas did warn me against entering these agreements without fully understanding the mechanics - and he never explained what the mechancis were." Beat. "Now, if you are looking for assurances, I can tell you this much…" She pauses to glance around, as if making sure no one is nearby. "…this conversation is strictly off records. The official stance is a lot harsher, but as you are well aware, this is no different than any official law enforcement mission statement. Sometimes cracking down and arresting every suspect is counter-productive to keeping the peace." There is a longer pause, and this time Sydney's gaze is just a bit harder. "Our biggest concern right now is this entity that's formed out of a flock of birds. We know it's after you, for some reason. I would prefer if we were on talking terms and you can fill us in on what this is all about… or we will have to dig on our own. It'll take a lot longer and a lot of resources, and I don't think either of us want my people investigating all your people while doing it."

"Thomas talks too much," Eddie says with a frown. He looks away and thinks ugly thoughts for a little while, then swallows the rest of his coffee. "Save the or-elses. I can figure them out for myself, and they bug me enough already that way, without hearing them. I can't tell you much you don't already know, it sounds like. There's a thing, it's after us. It happens." He rubs his throat and seems to think of something. "I could maybe answer some questions. If you could do something for me. A friend of mine lost something at the laundromat, in all the commotion."

"Well there are two things I don't know about this thing, that maybe you can help me with." Sydney replies calmly. But let's not forget the coffee, now. Sip, sip, before it goes entirely cold. "But what is it that she lost?"

"It was a necklace. Now it's probably just a bunch of loose shells. Got cut," Eddie draws a vertical line down his throat, "must have been all the flying glass." He raises his eyebrows, can-you-believe-it?. He doesn't really seem to expect her to. "Garbage now, but it's got… sentimental value. You won't get much out of it. Not keeping it, anyway."

"Sentimental value?" Sydney tilts her head and quirks a brow at the request. "Yes. Well… sounds like we still have a lot of work to do before we can build that open communication. But, I hope to get there some day." The smile makes another brief appearance, but it is mild and thoughtful, something directed more internally than for his benefit. "Since I can't really help you with your friend's lost necklace, I won't try to ask you questions. But maybe just one request for now?" Beat. "Please try to keep a low profile. Public spectacles like the birds, and someone carrying a sword in the streets, become everyone's problem."

Eddie looks out the window while she talks, distracted, or at least doing a good job of pretending. "She'll be sad. I guess everyone is, with the weather like it is. Have you noticed how still the air's been, the past few weeks?" He turns his attention back to her, and gestures at the window. "It wouldn't be so dismal, if there was some wind to blow the clouds away. Of course, I'm not the meteorologist in the room." He smiles, a little sadly. "It would've been nice to brighten her day. I'll try and take your advice, but i can't speak for the birds."

Sydney turns her gaze out the window as well, but she just might not follow his train of thought. "A bit of breeze would be nice, absolutely. But this much I can assure you: the government doesn't secretly control the weather. I wish it did. Maybe NASA can come up with something." She can be a bit wry too. Since her coffee is all but depleted, she sits up and folds her arms on the table. "Well Mr. Brundle, I've taken up a lot of your time today, but I do appreciate you meeting with me. I need to get back to work, but please, you have my number. I mean what I said today; I like for us to start building a line of communication."

"The government doesn't," Eddie agrees. He gets up and pulls on his coat, leaving few grubby bills on the table to pay for his coffee. "I'm not much good at communication. That's why I'm alone on Valentine's Day. But if you want to try again, I'm in the paper. Don't walk through any weird doors," he says by way of goodbye.

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