(2018-02-16) Our Three Tylas
Our Three Tylas
Summary: The mirror Tyla's been dreaming of makes an appearance. Something Penny's been dreaming of, too.
Date: 2018-02-16
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Player Characters: Tyla, Finn, Scorse, Eddie

| Yard - Farmhouse - The Flower Garden - East of PA |

Even when coming up the dirt road that leads onto the property, the rolling hills that can be seen in the background are easily viewed. It's a fairly open space that this farmhouse, greenhouses and shop sit upon, the area just outside of the city, yet feeling as though it were hours away. Sitting back along the property is the farmhouse, the windows sparkling whenever sunlight hits against them and the wrap-around porch offering an inviting place for people to sit and enjoy the view. Several tall trees are spaced around the house, their branches stretching out so that shade is offered over it, serving as homes to birds and wildlife that can be heard during the day. What used to be the garage has been converted into the florists shop, the door usually left open on the days where the weather allows it. Buckets of flowers and ready-made bouquets sit on either side of the door, waiting for people to sort through them.

There's not much grass visible in the front yard, instead replaced with gardens to either side of the driveway, the blooms of flowers vibrant during the warmer months. The garden on the right side is strictly flowers and flowering shrugs, lilacs and rosebushes easily visible, their scents mingling together. Flowers are clumped together, the various blooms changing with the months, yet all of them looking well-tended.

To the left of the driveway is a vegetable garden, each row neatly planted, the plants that flourish looking healthy and rather large. The leafy greens of carrot tops and lettuce take up one area, along with tall tomato plants, the fruit that hangs from it varying from greens to reds. Tall stalks of corn can be seen, as well, along with sunflowers, their heads turned toward the sunlight, their seeds offered up as feed for the various birds that visit the yard. The foot of the garden has been planted with lush herbs, their smells mixing together, growing together in an almost wild look.

Further to the right are several greenhouses that take up a fair portion of space, the doors always kept closed to care for the plantlife that is inside, the stages of life varying from newly grown sprouts to blooming flowers. Slightly behind the greenhouses there is an old barn, it's kept in decent condition; painted the same color as the house and it's trim.

The backyard is fenced in with a six foot tall fence, painted the same color as the trimmings on the house. A gate opens up into the well maintained back yard. There is a small patio with a barbecue, an above ground pool, with an attached jaccuzzi.

There's a gathering of people outside tonight. Given the relative lack of birds, around. People were feeling some what safe to be outside. And so there is a BBQ going on. And it's a relative calm, and peaceful evening.

The air is a little bit warmer than it should be this time of year, because the winds in the area have been… kind of stagnant. Not nearly as windy as it should be. But it seems like a pause, or a lull, in whatever is going on.

Tyla is relaxing. Valentine's is over and people don't care about flowers anymore. At least, not as much as they have been the past couple of weeks. The table is piled with food all prepared and ready to go. So much potato salad. And booze, lots of booze. Tyla is lounging in a bathing suit in the hot tub, waiting for people to show up, cold drink in hand.

Finn popped over with some sides, beer, and lessons for Tyla with the bow he got for her. Now the archer is settled at the table, stuffing his face, his gear under his feet. It's hungry work, shooting. He also brought the prints for Eddie from the film that was dropped off during the fly-guy's break in at the studio last night. They are in an envelope on the table with "Ed" on it in Sharpie. It was between food and hot tub and Finn decided food for the moment.

Scorse makes his way out into the field from the house. A fresh pitcher of God Knows What is brought to the table and he pours himself some into a red Solo cup. He sips at the concoction, swishing it around in his mouth. "Needed a touch more allspice, but it'll do!" Food? He smells the grilled meats and grabs a plate to head to the grill and start pulling off a few sausages and a chicken breast. "Lovely night for it, ain't it?"

"I hadn't noticed," Eddie says, making himself apparent. He's over by the table, examining those photographs and frowning. There's a little box on the table where they used to be, a red lightbulb from the hardware store. He turns a picture sideways, then upside down, trying to make sense of what he's looking at. "Maybe I could say they're art."

Is that the sound of rain? A soft, hissing wet noise.. No, that is the sound of sprinklers. And are their lights on in that greenhouse where there weren't before?

"Why do people even give flowers? They just die?" Tyla complains, taking a drink, waving her hand a bit, eyes closed. "If I don't see another rose again it will be too soon." She takes another drink. "Freakin Aphrodite." She takes another stop and sits up looking at the greenhouse, head tilted to the side.

"Whaaaat, time is it?" She might be able to tell direction and locate hedges, but she doesn't have a time sense and bathing suits generally lack a watch.
Finn swallows down a mouthful of potato salad and grunts a little at Eddie. "Maybe? Most of my sculptures don't have faces because, well, I don't really remember them." The ones he sculpts are from over there. Not here. So they're mostly snippets of vague memories. He shoots a grin over at Tyla. "Hey, at least you can shoot more like Cupid now, right?" he offers. No, she really can't. He glances at his phone to find the time for her while giving Scorse's offering a looksee.

"Give it a little try. It's an alcoholic herbal tea I whipped up, for just such occasions…" And then he turns his head to follow Tyla's gaze, seeing the lights in the greenhouse, then looking up at the sky. "That don't look right to me, but I ain't out here as much as y'all are." Hearing the hiss of the sprinklers added to it, he looks around for where the sound is coming from before taking a big drink of his special tea.

"If they didn't die you couldn't sell more of them," Eddie says, inspecting a photo with one eye closed, "then how would you afford new businesses?" He looks up at the noise from the greenhouse, then over to Tyla. "I don't guess you've got anybody living in there, do you?"

"It's only 6:30. Kinda early for the sprinklers isn't it Ty?" Finn asks.

"No, people work in them, in the daytime." Tyla explains as she turns off the jets and gets out of the tub, and sets down her drink. Her hair starts rolling and flickering more, making her look a little bigger than she is. "The sprinklers are on a timer, and if I did have someone living in there I expect they would be a little unhappy at getting unexpectedly wet right now." She says quietly as she starts for the greenhouse. "Yeah, they aren't supposed to go off now." She agrees. "Well, there's a bow and some swords in the barn." She points in the direction of the barn as she heads to the greenhouse.

The lights suddenly cut out in the greenhouse.

"Hrn," is Finn's response as the lights go out. He pushes his plate away and gathers his gear from under the table. The gloves go on, the bow comes out, and the quiver gets slung. "So this is something possibly not good?" he asks Tyla, since she's indicated weapons are a good idea.

Scorse reaches for his belt, pulling his whip free, but keeping it coiled still. And since things are getting exciting, Jasper appears at his shoulder, clinging to Scorse's jacket as he falls in with Finn and looks towards the greenhouse. "Life's taught me anything, it's that it's rarely good things happening."

Eddie sighs and puts his photos back in the envelope, setting them on the table. "I'll go around the other side," he says, and he does, to make sure nothing runs out the back. He looks back over his shoulder at Scorse and grins. "You sure you picked the right club?" His mantle stirs half-way through the sentence, muffling his voice as he slips away.

"Could be a short." Tyla says cautiously as she stops as slips some work boots on, because you don't go into a greenhouse with proper footwear. "But I can't remember when the last time it was that it was a short." Tyla says with a sigh, reaching inside the door of the greenhouse where she knows a flashlight is because she is in and out all day. But it is her greenhouse so on goes the flashlight to look around.

When the changelings and one fae-touched make their way over to the greenhouse they find… that there is /something/ inside of it. Something large. Standing a good seven or eight feet tall, bulky, and unmoving within the greenhouse.

Finn blinks at the something big. Is that a moose? They get moose this far north, right? It totally could be a moose and not something dangerous and unnatural. Right? Please? He slips inside, using one of the rows of beds for cover, and tries to get a better look.

Scorse sees the size of the shadowed mass inside and takes a small step back and moves behind where Finn was last seen. He's quiet, which is unusual, but threats of dying, we take seriously in Scorse-land, and he's in no meed to be the canary in the cave tonight. He lets his whip unravel at his side, wrist stirring the leather in a circle.

Eddie creeps around the back side of the greenhouse peeks in and immediately backs away. He'll wait out here. It's a lovely night, someone said, a minute ago. He crouches and breathes and listens, staying very quiet.

Tyla tries to turn on the flashlight, turning it up and slightly to the side so it doesn't hopefully go in the eyes of whatever is in there, and calls out, "Hello? Who's there?" in classic horror movie cliche form. "How did you get in the greenhouse?" She asks slowly and deliberately. Sure, she might not intentionally blind someone right away, but she can distract them!

Inside it's hot, damp, and /hot/. And then Tyla's flashlight beams over the object …and she ends up blinding herself, as the light hits the mirror that is resting in the center of the room— a tall seven or eight foot stand up mirror —and the light bounces back at her.

Finn raises an arm to shield his eyes as Tyla's light bounces off the reflective surface. Then he's blinking and straightening. "Was that here before?" he asks the fae-touched, with a confused look. "Wait, Ty…is that like the one in your dream?"

"Is anyone dead yet? Is it safe?" Scorse calls out from just outside of the door and outside of immediate death range of melee, anyways. He scoots a fe winches closer, trying to look into the greenhouse to see what is silently mauling his friends.

Eddie crouches there listening, and after a second he realises he doesn't hear anything. Nothing he shouldn't hear, out of a greenhouse, anyway. He stands up and dusts himself off and tries to look a little dignified coming in the back. "Well. It's not jewelery, this time."

Bright lights and Darklings don't go well together. She winces and covers her eyes with her arm causing the light to go out the side of the greenhouse. "Gah! F-fuck. What? N-no!" She exclaims. "I don't know, I didn't get a good look." She admits still squinting and wincing. "Someone call Lucas. And don't anyone break it whatever happens." She yells loudly peeking out from behind her arm. "It wasn't one, it was a whole room of mirrors." She explains as she reaches for the lightswitch.

Finn pads closer to the mirror with a frown, his bow pointed at the ground but still with an arrow nocked, just in case something comes out of there. He winces a little at mention of Lucas.

The lights go on and the greenhouse appears to have been rearranged. All of the trays and planters moved about to make room for this eight foot tall stand up mirror. And … on the other side?

All their reflections. Well. Tyla's and Finn's. Their reflections act as they normally should.

Save that they are both on fire.

Scorse steps into the greenhouse finally, his hands coiling up the whip and attaching it to the hook on his belt. "A mirror? That's sorta anti-climactic, ain't it? We being attacked by the fashion police or somethin'?" As Scorse steps closer to the others, there is a coppery scent of pennies and the slightly musty smell of crumpled, old dollar bills. He looks into the mirror from back and to the side, enough to see their fiery reflections. "Ain't that somethin'…"

"What do you see? Don't look!" Eddie contradicts himself in one breath. He watches them from behind the mirror, trying to discern what he can from their expressions. After a moment goes by and nobody melts like in Indiana Jones he sags, with relief or disappointment. He turns his attention toward all the rearranged planters. "Someone's been busy," he mutters. He snaps his fingers and points a spot in the air. "Hey, Tyla Jr." He names the fat horsefly that lands on his finger. "How'd that get in here?" He jerks his thumb at the mirror, then brings Tyla Jr up to his ear to listen for the answer.

"What do you mean 'it just showed up?'" Eddie asks, interrogating a horsefly. "Then what about the planters? The food. The food moved, keep up with— wind? Fine, fine, I believe you. Get out of here. You disgust me." He blows on his finger, sending Tyla Jr. tumbling out into space. He waves toodle-oo as the bug makes a lazy arc back into the air, then wipes his hand on his coat.

"Too late." Tyla says with a sigh. She flinches again, starting to pat herself down, but she's fine so she looks into the mirror and slowly waves her hand back and forth. "This is not like the mirror of dream." She tells Finn. "There wasn't any fire before." She explains as she gets closer to the mirror, reaching out but not touching, just trying to see how in sync her firey reflection is.

Finn winces at the image of himself on fire. "What in the actual fuck!?" he exclaims. He grunts. "That's not very nice," he notes to the mirror. And yes, he double checks himself to ensure he isn't actually on fire here. "It shows our reflections, on fire," he answers Eddie with a frown.

All reflections are perfectly insync! Perfect. Except that they are on fire. /Fire/. And uh… When Tyla's fingers just come /that close/ to the mirror, her image reaches /through the mirror/ and tries to grab her hand. But misses. In a display of skill that mirror's Tyla's own real life….

In fact the burning reflection /falls straight out/ of the mirror. Her skin, hair, and features turning completely black and shadowy… with purple flames dancing about her.

She rolls straight for a planter of rosemary and sage.

Jasper reacts facts that Scorse and scurries off to the planters to get far away from the mirror doppleganger. Scorse, for his part, is frozen for a few seconds, looking down then up to Tyla and then down again, chewing at the inside of his cheek. He backs away a few steps from the mirror and whatever else is coming out of it and tries to hide in plain sight.

"Don't," Eddie groans quietly as Tyla approaches the mirror, but as usual he's too late. He watches Tyla's flaming double fall out of the mirror with horrified fascination, but snaps out of it when she starts rolling. "How do you get the sprinklers on?"

When the flaming Tyla falls out of the mirror, Finn moves to get the real Tyla away from her burning effigy. "That is not good!" he shouts.

Tyla steps back quickly and covers her ears, trying to stay away from the mirror as she kicks out trying to kick at the manual switch for the water near the rosemary and thyme. "There's a switch in the back! She calls out to Eddie, "There's a tarp in the barn." She calls out to Scorse as she tries to kick and

Scorse nods, "On it!" He side steps to the door, careful to watch that thing doesn't jump for him, and heads outside in a full run to the barn to root for the tarp Tyla menioned. He'll be gone for a few minutes, it seems.

"Don't look at it," Eddie advises, running for the back. He looks along the wall and finds the switch and slaps it on, triggering the sprinklers and soaking everyone in the greenhouse, including Tyla's double. As the flames are doused, she evaporates in smoke. The detective stares at where she used to be, water dripping from his nose. "So much for Tyla III."

…the mirror sizzles where the water hits it. Sizzle.

Tyla drops her hands from ears and watches herself melt away. "Right. I am getting SO drunk after this." She mumbles to herself. "Tarp won't work!" She calls out to Scorse. "Eddie, can you freeze it without breaking it? Water bill is going to be hell."

"I never learned any of the ice stuff," Eddie says, apologetically. He watches Finn getting into position and gestures wait-a-minute, running out to the shed and getting a big bag of planting soil. He has a hard time lugging it, but he manages to kind of shove it onto the ground in front of the mirror from behind.

Well, Finn is now in a wet t-shirt and soggy jeans. If he wanted to get soaked, he'd have gone in the hot tub! He watches the crispy fried version of Tyla wisp away into smoke, blinking. The sizzles from the mirror have him putting himself between the fae-touched and the reflective surface as he silently urges Tyla around the back of the thing, where it can no longer reflect their images in that burning place. He drops the bodkin he had nocked, and replaces it with a blunt training arrow he'd been using to train Tyla to shoot. He draws, aims, breathes, and releases a shot. The arrow streaks towards the top of the mirror to try and tilt it on it's frame to face down at the ground.

Scorse runs back, with tarp in hand. He's a fast runner, at least, if not the best listener sometimes. He makes it in just in time to see the arrow shot and stops before anything rebounds or richochets in his direction, holding the folded tarp up in front of him for a shield. "Ah! Did the mirror attack again?" Scorse ducks as well, just to be on the safe side.

The arrow hits the top of the wooden frame, bouncing off of it but it hits with enough force that the mirror creaks and then rotates forward. Pitching forward… forward and… oh god is it going to hit the floor???

It stops just half an inch from hitting the ground, and then bounces back up a little bit.. Not quite parallel to the floor, but at least not reflecting anyone … for the moment.

Eddie whistles a little whistle, impressed. "I guess I owe Velvet an apology. That's one thing a bow does better than a gun." He goes to flip the switch again, shutting off the water, and runs his fingers through his matted hair to ring some of the water out. "Haven't you ever seen 'Don't Look Now'?" he asks Tyla. "1973? Donald Sutherland?" He looks from face to face and sighs. "Well how about Through the Looking Glass? Stay away from weird mirrors, Alice. How are we going to move this thing?"

"No guess that one wasn't depressing enough for you to have me watch it." Tyla says, calming down a little, hair going back to normal. "Move it where? Here is as good a place as any, with the sprinklers." She points up and is totally not turning purple from blushing at a wet t-shirt contest Finn. She reaches out to touch it hesitantly, feeling for heat before he puts her hand on it. "Having water handy might be helpful." She points out. "And we'll probably need to look in it at some point? I remember seeing the fifth crown in one, remember?"

Finn swallows. "I recommend keeping the lights off. Don't give it a chance to reflect anything. Maybe rig up some pipes and that tarp around it, not touching, but to block the daylight even."

Scorse shakes the tarp open and throws it over the mirror, just in case. "There, I helped. Maybe keeping light from it completely will keep anything else from popping out? Mirrors in darkess are just glass, right?" He moves over to where the clone fell, not being here for the body poofing. "So, did it go back in?"

"Surprising meditation on grief for an Italian horror movie," Eddie says, ringing out his tie and watching the mirror out of the corner of his eye. 'Surrounded by breakable glass in somebody's back yard' is not my idea of secure storage for this kind of thing. That's a good idea about the light, though. I'll go call the Autumns. If my phone still works." He'll leave Tyla to explain her own evaporation.

Finn grunts. "I'm gonna go home and change. Probably best if I'm not here when Lucas arrives," he notes. He gives Tyla a half-hug, drippily, and heads out.

"Tried to pull me in, I think. Or clumsy and she fell out, then she went for some herbs." Tyla is not looking at where the other her was. "Before you call, Eddie, what was that about wind?" She rubs her face and sighs. Then blinks surprised at the hug from Finn going even more purple. "I guess I'll make some coffee until people get here…"

"What?" Eddie asks over his shoulder on his way out. It takes him a second to make the connection. "Oh," he says when he gets it. "She said that's what moved the planters. The mirror showed up," he snaps his fingers, then moves his hands apart, "woosh. The air moved stuff out of the way."

Scorse looks down at the covered mirror and then back to Tyla and Eddie. "Jasper, come on you, hooligan!" The little hob is down tugging up at the tarp, trying to peer inside. "Get up here, now." Finally, with a deep sigh, Jasper climbs up Scorse to rest on his shoulder. "Y'all want to check this out tomorrow, I got a few tricks I can try on it, maybe get some info?"

"Well, I assume it will still be here. I don't know how they plan on getting it out, unless someone takes out all the breakable glass." Tyla points out. "We'll do like Finn says and get the lights off though. Wouldn't want the mirror to reflect on a puddle of water or something." She agrees as she flicks the switch since people are near the door. "Can't some of you guys make it rain or something?" Tyla wonders, just in case. "I'll keep an eye on things either way."

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