(2018-02-18) The Everbright Case
The Everbright Case
Summary: Burglary, arson, and dismembered bodies. Just another lazy Sunday morning.
Date: 2018-02-18
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Eddie, Cobalt as ST

Eddie has been keeping an eye on the apartment for Miss Everbright. And shortly after a sudden uptick in the winds he gets a chance. The birds have taken flight, and seem to be off in the sky… frolicking? Or at the very least they aren't playing sentinel nearly as much as they did before.

Eddie doesn't know how long this is going to last, so he called everybody in his phonebook and went to work casing the place from the outside while he waits for someone else to get here. He walks a circuit around the building, noting the doors and windows and all the regular stuff. He does it a couple of times then stops and smokes a cigarette while he waits to keep from doing it again, before anybody calls the cops on him.

Audgrim arrives on a bicycle, with a smug grin on his face. He looks up at the birds that are doing what birds should do: flying. Almost rides into a lamp-post, wobbles for a moment but straightens up and jumps off the bicycle. "Hi," he says, tail sweeping back and forth behind him in some excitement. He puts the bicycle up against the post, and locks it dutifully. He's left his violin behind, because it'll just be in his way for this sort of work. "Birds in the wind, again. Maybe that is what they wanted."

Casing the joint reveals several things to Eddie: 1) She's hard steel bars placed on her windows. 2) She's got a heavy metal security door on the front of her apartment. 3) But at the very least it's on the first floor? And toward the very back of the apartment building, so less likely to be seen…

4) There's no sticker warning about a security alarm, so there's that at least as well. It's just the outside of the apartment is well fortified.

"Or maybe they want shiny things," Eddie says, blowing smoke out of his nose. He tosses his cigarette on the ground and grinds it out beneath his shoe and gestures come-along, leading Audgrim to a distant view of their target. "The one with the bars on. I need you to hang back and play lookout while I take a closer look and try and find a way in."

Audgrim squints over at the house, and those bars in particular. "Maybe I can break them," he suggests, looking like he thinks this is entirely possible. "But, noisy," he admits with a sigh. "I will stand here, and look. Can I have cigarette too?" He's never smoked in front of Eddie before, but maybe he really does want to be the detective's copycat. "I send text if I see something," he adds, patting his pocket where the phone is.

Eddie's first impression of the apartment is confirmed… All of the ways to get /into/ the apartment have been fortified, and blocked off. He'll need to pick the lock or somehow get the bars/security door off.

Audgrim happens to spot, as he's standing look out, a silver car roll down the street. Only, it comes back a couple of minutes later, and rolls back down the street again…

Eddie produces a cigarette for Audgrim, and a light. He fools with his cellphone for a minute, trying to figure out how to check a text. "Whatever," he says, snapping it shut, "it'll buzz." He clasps the younger man on the shoulder, perhaps surprisingly, then heads over to the apartment. He sizes up the door, and those bars on the windows, then shrugs and goes to push the door open.

Audgrim lights the cigarette and moves up near the wall in a shadowy part, shading the cigarette when he smokes with the palm of his hand; like a fisherman would protect it against water, too. He's got his phone out, nods at Eddie and grins, and then proceeds to keep a lookout. At first, nothing happens really - just the usual slow traffic of a late night. But then he frowns, realising he's seen the same care twice. He immediately sends a text to Eddie. 'Silver car, drive by two times.'

For a moment nothing happens… maybe it didn't work? And then the security door makes a little clicking noise. And the door jolts a little bit, creaking on its hinges as it swings just a little bit open before Eddie.

Eddie smirks the way he doesn't let himself in public, patting the door affectionately with one finger. He stops to check his cellphone, frowns, and manages to send back 'plates' before he turns his attention back to the door. He presses his ear to the door to listen for anything inside, then cracks it open to make a quick inspection for anything silly like a tripwire or one of those shotgun tricks like they do in the movies. You never know.

Audgrim's phone is one of the most simple phones you can find and still call it a smart phone; so when that car passes again, he's ready with the camera. He snaps a couple of pictures, but with no flash it's no telling how well they'll turn out. But more importantly, he gets the license plate and texts it since it's easiest to keep it in the phone: EBA 3405. He looks over where Eddie is, a tad concerned and definitely more alert. He begins looking for ways to get the hell out of dodge the fastest and most quiet way if needed - for both of them.

Nothing jumps out at Eddie; no trip wires, no shotgun tricks. Just security on the outside of the apartment. His phone beeps and there's a text with a license plate number on it. As he slips inside he finds that the apartment's lights are all over and it smells…


Sharp, sweet, with a hint of acid and bile. All the things that a fly would love.
Audgrim for his part … sees that on the fourth pass the car stops this time. Just down the block, pulling over across the street at an intersection, infront of a run down house.

Eddie takes in a breath and smiles, there in the dark, where nobody can see him and he doesn't have to look at what he's smelling. Then he shakes his head and gets to work, stepping clear of the windows and clicking on a little flashlight.

Outside, that cigarette butt is dead since awhile back but Audgrim doesn't drop it on the ground, he puts it in a pocket. He won't leave anything behind. And when that car stops, he's focusing on a shadow and sort of befriends it in his own mind; he's movign along the wall now, staying in the shadows while keeping an eye on that car. Moving closer to Eddie a little bit. He sends another quick text: "Car stop, can see house."

It takes Eddie longer than it should to find the source of the smell. It isn't the dark that's making it hard to find. Eddie navigates that easily. It's that the smell seems to come from /everywhere/ within the apartment building. …and eventually he finds, no, it doesn't come from everywhere it comes from three places.

The first is underneath a loose floorboard in the little hall right before the front board. The second is inside of a set of dressers in the little bedroom about three feet down from the front door… And the last is the livingroom. In a big footlocker that the small flat screen TV rests on.

Meanwhile, outside. After about five minutes the driver's side door and the passenger door open. And two large, men wearing black and green get out of the car. Audgrim recognizes, but only because he recently read a newspaper talking about gang violence off of Baker Street, that these are men from a gang called 'Feather Street'.

Eddie follows his nose around the apartment and kind of starts to put the picture together. Still, he should probably check. He settles on the dressers as the easiest to open, and goes to open them. On the way he looks around and finds a fly a points. "You," he says, "Bill. Has anyone else been through here since you hatched?"

Audgrim's tail flicks excitedly, his eyes widening. He sends one more text with 4 words: 'Feather gang, 2 men.' Then he puts his hand with the phone held in the coat pocket, waiting in the shadows to see just where these guys are heading, ready to stop them if needed. He flexes his other hand, and rolls his head to losen up some muscles. If those 2 men start walking towards the apartment and come close enough to hear Audgrim, he has a plan. He grins devilishly, almost like he wants them to.

The two men hangout by the car for a moment, seemingly talking and lighting cigarettes. The one of them breaks off and heads for the apartments, but down to the other side from where Audgrim is. While the other one opens up the trunk, and starts pulling gasoline cans out…

Meanwhile, Eddie pulls open the top dresser and well.. resting there in a nest of socks and women's underwear is a hand. A women's hand. Dark skin has gone pallid and gray. Rotting off. Maggots crawling over it, a bit of bone exposed at the wrist.

Bob tells Eddie that no, no one has been in since he has hatched.

Eddie sighs and checks the hand for a ring and closes the dresser back up. He checks his phone again and furrows his brow and texts back: 'what they doign', then goes to check the locker with the TV on it, hoping it isn't locked. "What about birds?" he asks, taking Bob along on his coat lapel.

Well, that's disappointing. Audgrim's now a bit confused - he was so sure he could jump them and beat them up, probably a bit overconfident about it. But if they're not going to come his way, should he still beat them up? He takes the phone out to text Eddie. 'They go other way. One has gasoline. I hit them - yes or no?' There, let Eddie decide. He said he'd do what Eddie told him, earlier. He remains where he is and keeps an eye on the two gang members still.

Bob seems confused at the mention of birds. Though he says that they occasionally sit on the windows and look in. There's no ring on this hand. When he makes his way to the locker, it's not too difficult… but it does require moving the tv and then opening it. There's a mess of paper, dvds, old VHS tapes, cassettes, CDs, folders…. But resting on top of it all is an arm, all the way to the elbow. Rotting and decaying, and destroying everything it touches with its rot.

The hand is clutched tight around … something? Something about the size of a palm, round, and silver. Not a ring, too big for that.

Meanwhile, outside, the one with the can of gasoline starts to whistle as he casually starts down the alleyway near the apartment building, just past where Audgrim is.

"Shit," Eddie whispers, checking his phone over a rotting arm. The text seems to bother him more, out of the two things. His thumbs hover over the button, then he flips it shut with disgust. He flips the locker shut, too, and hurries to the front door to creep outside and join the proceedings.

When the gang member has passed him, Audgrim sends one quick text more: 'They go behind. I follow.' Since he wasn't told not to hit them, but told to watch things, he decides to do just that - follow them. Then with phone in hand he almost melds with the shadows and stalks after the man. For a big guy, he can sure move undetected - but then, he's got supernatural powers working for him too. Staying a safe distance but making sure he can see, he strains his hearing and senses, trying to not miss anything else of importance.

The gang member rounds the back of the apartments, and once he's there… He walks up to the windows of the apartment Eddie was in and starts dousing it with gasoline. Meanwhile, Eddie can see that there's a man in black and green, standing toward the front of the apartments. Leaning against the wall, looking casual as he smokes a cigarette…. clearly playing look out. Audgrim's disappeared.

HIT, Eddie texts, and that's it. He rushes back into the apartment to get back to the locker and grab that silver thing, arm and all of he has to, cursing himself for not grabbing it on his way out.

Reading that one word, Audgrim refrains from cheering out loud - that phone is dropped into his pocket now, cause if he's going to fight, he can't very well hold on to it. His tail remains still as he jumps out of the shadow like a demon, muscles suddenly bulging so that his shirt rips a little at the seams; his fist comes down onto the gang member's neck, as he does his best attempt to knock the 'poor' guy out in one blow.

The attack is /vicious/. Utterly fucking /vicious/. The man gives a surprised noise and staggers forward. Splashing gasoline everywhere. He staggers but doesn't fall down, or immediately pass out but… man does it look like he's going to. The can of gasoline is dropped, spilling the rest of it on the ground …. and the cigarette is dropped as well…

Right into the trail of gasoline.

Eddie races for the arm and grabs it by the hand and keeps running, smelling smoke, now. He looks at the door and grimaces and runs the other way, toward the smell of smoke and gasoline and the sound of meat hitting meat. He rushes to the window and looks outside just in time to see the cigartte tumbling toward the gasoline. He narrows his eyes, and it flares and crumbles to a tube of cold gray ash before it hits the ground. That and a filter. Those things last forever.

As if in slow motion, Audgrim realises the shit is about to hit the fan, but he's still going after the guy in a desperate attempt to knock him out before he burns to death or he does. So he puts all he has into it this time too, but now the gang member is aware and he doesn't have surprise; it's a solid punch to the man's face, nowhere near the damage he did earlier. But - enough to topple the gang member. Not dead. Nobody gets killed here today, hopefully. He doesn't wait, swinging to see what happened with the cigarette and sees Eddie through the window, and no flames. He does a thumbs up at the other beast and grins broadly.

In the distance there's the sound of flapping wings once more… and one the telephone wires, birds start to line up once more… Birds flocking back to the place.

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