(2018-02-23) A Pact Initiated
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Summary: Log Summary
Date: IC Date (2018-02-23)
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Player Characters: Tyla with Cobalt as The Mirror / Void

Even when coming up the dirt road that leads onto the property, the rolling hills that can be seen in the background are easily viewed. It's a fairly open space that this farmhouse, greenhouses and shop sit upon, the area just outside of the city, yet feeling as though it were hours away. Sitting back along the property is the farmhouse, the windows sparkling whenever sunlight hits against them and the wrap-around porch offering an inviting place for people to sit and enjoy the view. Several tall trees are spaced around the house, their branches stretching out so that shade is offered over it, serving as homes to birds and wildlife that can be heard during the day. What used to be the garage has been converted into the florists shop, the door usually left open on the days where the weather allows it. Buckets of flowers and ready-made bouquets sit on either side of the door, waiting for people to sort through them.

There's not much grass visible in the front yard, instead replaced with gardens to either side of the driveway, the blooms of flowers vibrant during the warmer months. The garden on the right side is strictly flowers and flowering shrugs, lilacs and rosebushes easily visible, their scents mingling together. Flowers are clumped together, the various blooms changing with the months, yet all of them looking well-tended.

To the left of the driveway is a vegetable garden, each row neatly planted, the plants that flourish looking healthy and rather large. The leafy greens of carrot tops and lettuce take up one area, along with tall tomato plants, the fruit that hangs from it varying from greens to reds. Tall stalks of corn can be seen, as well, along with sunflowers, their heads turned toward the sunlight, their seeds offered up as feed for the various birds that visit the yard. The foot of the garden has been planted with lush herbs, their smells mixing together, growing together in an almost wild look.

Further to the right are several greenhouses that take up a fair portion of space, the doors always kept closed to care for the plantlife that is inside, the stages of life varying from newly grown sprouts to blooming flowers. Slightly behind the greenhouses there is an old barn, it's kept in decent condition; painted the same color as the house and it's trim.

The backyard is fenced in with a six foot tall fence, painted the same color as the trimmings on the house. A gate opens up into the well maintained back yard. There is a small patio with a barbecue, an above ground pool, with an attached jaccuzzi.

Tyla is in the tent right now, reading a trashy romance, all snuggled up in the tent - which is looking a little worse for wear as there are a few tears near the top of the tent which have been patched up with duct tape. Outside, around the greenhouse there are scaffolds all around it, with piles of lumber. Eddie suggested a little more security since glass is fragile.

Her hair flicks, annoyed, twisting and turning. She can't really get into the book though and she keeps peeking out the front of the tent. Finally she sighs and makes her way out to the covered up greenhouse to go and lift the mirror up again. "Okay, let's try this again now that I realized."

The night is still once more. No wind out there… no owls making noises. Some crickets making cricket noises, but nothing else. It's still and hot.

Tyla grabs a flashlight by the door, raises the mirror up, ties off the rope so it won't tip over. Once it's set up again she trades the flashlight for a candle and moves close - just out of arms length. "Smoking Mirror? I know you haven't answered me before, but you can't make a pact with just yourself, right?"

There's Tyla there in the mirror. But she just reflects itself back. On fire, of course. The candle flame flickers just a little bit more intensely… Flaring a bit brighter than it should be.

"There has to be an offer, an agreement from both parties, and consideration." She explains to her fiery reflection holding up her fingers as she lists them off. Someone has been watching lawyer shows, apparently. Probably a good thing, around changelings. "If you just nod when I do that's not an agreement, right?"

Her fiery reflection holds up her fingers in turn. Listing off as she does. But a the end of it … did she just shrug?

"Truth be told, I don't even know if I can make a pact with you. I don't have a lifetime of memories. None of us do right now." Tyla stops talk to watch her reflextion, even for a slight difference in the way her hair rolls differently than what she feels.

The reflection stops talking when Tyla stops talking. Staring back at her with a blank expression. No movement other than what Tyla does. Save for the burning.

"Is that what we did? Did we all make a pact with you to take some memories?" She sighs and shifts her position a little, hand flailing as she talks in case she needs to be more active to notice differences. "Because honestly? The wind stopping sucks. And not just for here but the whole world, which thanks to the internet is a global civilization." She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, and opens them slowly. "But if I can, I want to."

Tyla's … an inch closer to the mirror. When did that happen? But it definitely happened. Her reflection, on the other hand, has gone still. Placid despite the burning. No matter how Tyla moves… her reflection stares at her dead-eyed and waiting.

Tyla takes a step back and takes a deep breath and continues. "The wind stopping is so seriously bad." She explains, still watching the mirror. "Winds bring the rain in, temperature changes, lower oxygen levels. Some plants can't pollinate." She takes a deep breath and swallows. "If I do… this. Will the wind come back?"

Her reflection just stares blankly back at her; neither affirming nor denying anything.

Tyla sighs and shakes her head. "A contract has three parts." She reminds her reflection. "A promise; I promise to touch you, or whatever it is if it will bring the winds back." She holds up the first finger. "That's also the second part too, consideration." She holds up her second finger. "And agreement. Non ambiguous agreement." She points out, raising her third finger.

Her reflection continues to wait, staring at Tyla. Dead-eyed, and blank. A blank canvas that is no longer pretending to be her.

Tyla blows out the candle so that the only light that is coming in the greenhouse is coming from the light from her yard, takes a deep breath and steps forward towards the mirror. "Well hopefully if this is really stupid people will figure it out in time." She mumbles to herself. "Should have left a letter or something."

It's the blowing of the candle that does it… Smoke wafts around Tyla and suddenly … it's as if a hand has suddenly grabbed her about the waist and yanked her forward. She slams up against the mirror … but it's like belly flopping against's water. Surface tension causes her to smack hard, but then she sinks past…

And oh /god/. It is hot, and smoky…

Every breath is like standing next to a bonfire just a little too close…

Tyla tries to take short little breaths and turns to try and look and see if she can see the otherside of the mirror.

There's a shimmering portal that looks as if it leads back to her greenhouse… but it's a bit dark and hard to see.

"Who comes to my domain." comes a voice, low and rasping. Like the burning of embers.

Tyla takes a deeper breath and turns at the sound of the voice and steps forward. "I'm Tyla Wilson. thank you for inviting me?" She asks cautiously as she looks around. "My reflection wouldn't talk to me." She explains.

"A reflection only reflects." says the burning voice. Formless in this smoldering void. "What do you bring me, princess." There's no inflection, though it is seems to be a question.

She stops and thinks of that for a moment. "I'll admit, I'm not entirely sure." She admits, trying to think of what to say. She chews on her lower lip. "Part of me has questions, and I don't know if I can offer what I'm supposed to." She swallows and looks around searching for the source of the voice. "I'm not a princess though. H-hope that isn't a requirement. But I want to try if I can."

The void is silent.

Tyla lets out a deep sigh and closes her eyes. "I bring you a lifetime of memories." She says quietly, but slowly so she doesn't stutter. That's what the prophecy said anyway, didn't it?

"A lifetime of memories." answers the void. "For what."

"To fix the wind. Whatever we did or promised and can't remember can't be as important as the wind not blowing. That's just, so bad for everyone. Spring is coming and no rain, and things not pollinating is just…" She gives a little shrug. "No one will need to remember anything if that keeps up." Tyla swallows and looks around. "But… I d-don't know if I can do a lifetime, already have some missing memories." She admits, but holds up her hands in a wait gesture. "But I remember things really, really well. I can remember things that would more than fill up that gap, and maybe even still more than most people can remember in a lifetime." She offers.

"But you broke the winds." says the Void. "You broke the Shell of the West Winds. Why should I help you return them, when it empowers me that they are gone."

"I didn't break it." Tyla disagrees. "Do you have to deal with living things? Because you may be more empowered now but if every living thing dies, what will you have power over, exactly?" She counters.

"All things." says the Void, dispassionate and uncaring. "Living things are just a part of my domain."

"I have nothing else to offer you." She says quietly, shoulders slumping and her hair falling flat, hardly twisting. "My memory is the only thing that really makes me unique." She says honestly. It might not be strictly true, but it's honest. "Not being able to remember things is so frustrating for me. I can't even explain it. If you won't take that, I guess I have nothing else to say."

"But you teleported yourself to my Greenhouse so…" Tyla adds with a little shrug.

"You will give me your memories, and you will bind the winds into the mirrors. I will allow the world to use them, but they will be mine." says the formless void.

"The wind or my memories?" Tyla asks, confused. Or maybe she's trying not to get tricked in to anything. "How long will the world be able to use them?"

"The world may use the winds, for as long as they are bound to my mirrors." says the void.

"Which mirrors are yours?" Tyla asks, resigning herself. "And how will they be bound? If some idiot goes and breaks a bathroom mirror on the other side of the world, will the winds stop working again? Because honestly I can't imagine how many mirrors there are in the world."

"All mirrors are mine." says the Void. "You will bind them to a specific mirror, and keep it safe. And you will figure out how to do it. Our time is running … "

…Tyla sits straight up in her sleeping bag. Her trashy romance novel clutched in her fingers.

Tyla kicks at the sleeping bag and wiggles out, and heads out of the tent and back into the greenhouse, grabbing a candle and lighting it as she enters and checks the position of the mirror - if it's down she will bring it up again. Once it is standing upright she makes sure the door is closed. She steps in front of the mirror, candle under her face so it's reflecting well. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

"I bind the winds to this mirror in exchange for my memories, so that the world my use the winds. I will protect this mirror and keep it safe." She promises to the mirror. "And if that actually works I will dig a hole here in the ground and lower the mirror into it and cover it with concrete so that it can never be broken." She whispers to herself, because she's not sure if that will work or not.

The mirror is silent once more … and Tyla has no reflection in it.

Tyla heads outside to see if there is any wind now, even just a slight breeze, or a hint of rain in the air.

The air is still as a tomb. Looks like Tyla will have to figure out how to bind the winds into a mirror…

Tyla goes back in and touches the mirror, repeating everything about binding the winds, then blows on the mirror.

..nothing! It must be research time.

Tyla sighs as she starts to put the mirror down for the night. "Guess I have even more reason to go with Eddie to speak to that WindyWendy person." She mumbles to herself as she works.

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