(2018-02-23) Letter Trouble
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Summary: Tyla wrote a letter to people after she started her pact with the Mirror. Her friends are not happy with her poor life choices.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-23)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Eddie, Fie, Tyla

Even when coming up the dirt road that leads onto the property, the rolling hills that can be seen in the background are easily viewed. It's a fairly open space that this farmhouse, greenhouses and shop sit upon, the area just outside of the city, yet feeling as though it were hours away. Sitting back along the property is the farmhouse, the windows sparkling whenever sunlight hits against them and the wrap-around porch offering an inviting place for people to sit and enjoy the view. Several tall trees are spaced around the house, their branches stretching out so that shade is offered over it, serving as homes to birds and wildlife that can be heard during the day. What used to be the garage has been converted into the florists shop, the door usually left open on the days where the weather allows it. Buckets of flowers and ready-made bouquets sit on either side of the door, waiting for people to sort through them.

There's not much grass visible in the front yard, instead replaced with gardens to either side of the driveway, the blooms of flowers vibrant during the warmer months. The garden on the right side is strictly flowers and flowering shrugs, lilacs and rosebushes easily visible, their scents mingling together. Flowers are clumped together, the various blooms changing with the months, yet all of them looking well-tended.

To the left of the driveway is a vegetable garden, each row neatly planted, the plants that flourish looking healthy and rather large. The leafy greens of carrot tops and lettuce take up one area, along with tall tomato plants, the fruit that hangs from it varying from greens to reds. Tall stalks of corn can be seen, as well, along with sunflowers, their heads turned toward the sunlight, their seeds offered up as feed for the various birds that visit the yard. The foot of the garden has been planted with lush herbs, their smells mixing together, growing together in an almost wild look.

Further to the right are several greenhouses that take up a fair portion of space, the doors always kept closed to care for the plantlife that is inside, the stages of life varying from newly grown sprouts to blooming flowers. Slightly behind the greenhouses there is an old barn, it's kept in decent condition; painted the same color as the house and it's trim.

The backyard is fenced in with a six foot tall fence, painted the same color as the trimmings on the house. A gate opens up into the well maintained back yard. There is a small patio with a barbecue, an above ground pool, with an attached jaccuzzi.

It's hot and muggy day. Even in the early morning hours it's muggy and there is no breeze. It's horrible. There is no one in the backyard, and a quick search of the torn tent shows there isn't anyone there either. There is singing coming from the covered up greenhouse, and a light shining out of the open door. The singing is unquestionably Tyla.

Audgrim stalks out of the house, having gotten the Letter. He looks like wild-eyed and quite grim, his jaw set and his steps more determined than usual - no lazy sauntering. That letter is squeezed tightly as he sniffs the air and listens; hearing the singing, he pauses midstride to appreciate the voice and the song, but then shakes his head and wanders over. "Tyla!" he calls. Or growls.

Bea drives up, going unusually fast and carelessly. Jerking to a halt and hopping out of her car, she pauses only a moment to get a bead on the sound of the singing before bee-lining (harhar!) toward the greenhouse. "Tyla! Don't make any stupid promises yet!" She is waving a letter in her hand, and is breathless with her effort to get to Tyla as quickly as possible. Even Audgrim barely gets a glance of notice.

Eddie pulls in following the icecream truck. Possibly he knew where it was going, or even who was driving it. He gets out and watches the other Lost head for the greenhouse and follows after them, finally, looking back regretfully at the now unguarded truck. "Next time," he promises.

Tyla is inside the greenhouse digging a pit, there are lights strung up now, and the mirror is down for now. The good part of having no one watch her is that she has a fairly sizeable hole dug, The bad part is she's short and may have literally dug herself into a hole. She's working busily and then all of a sudden she isn't, so she stops singing as well. Since this speed working thing is fairly new to her (so far as she remembers) she just ends up being confused when she isn't going all speedy anymore. "Huh?" She mumbles, confused as she looks around and, oh, up. "Oh hi." She mumbles, hair flattening.

Audgrim is beaten by Bea to the greenhouse but is hot on her tail, happy to see her. "Hi Bea," he says, but like the other beast he's more focused on Tyla. So he's just behind the bee-woman into the greenhouse, looking down at Tyla in the sizeable pit, pointing the letter accusingly at her. "No," he growls. "Du ska ikke lova nanting till spegeln!" He's so agitated he forgets English momentarily. "No promise. Damn, fuck ,shit." There, cursing some to emphasise. He needs some work on this.

Bea, out of breathe, looks down into the hole at Tyla with a scolding sort of frown, "Tyla, have you gone and made some stupid promise for all your memories?! That is, like, the /worst/ idea ever. Even I wouldn't do something like that, when there are really all sorts of people who could get rid of their memories that aren't even as important as yours." She shakes the letter toward the woman, and then, belatedly, looks back to Audgrim and nods, "Hi Audgrim. And see, Tyla?! Even Audgrim, who is barely of the boat, knows it isn't the best idea." She moves to start working out some of her energy on one of the garden beds as she continues, "Are you okay? I mean, have you already made that dumb promise? Do you even know who we are?"

Eddie is the last to arrive and the last to say anything. He looks down into the hole for a moment, just to make sure Tyla's down there, then kind of settles back to watch Bea. He seems to get a perverse kick out of watching her worry, which might be why he seems to be in the best mood out of anybody this morning. "We could bury her," he finally suggests, looking from Bea to Audgrim and back. "She's already did most of the work." He kicks a little dirt back into the hole, by way of demonstration.

There really isn't much for Bea to work on in here; all the plants have been moved to the other greenhouse, and all the windows have been covered up by a heavy black plastic. But if Bea wants to dig her own hole, Tyla isn't in any sort of position to stop her. She just gives both Audgrim and and Bea a small nod. "I did." She admits. Eddie… almost gets a tongue stuck out at him but Tyla stops herself. "Burying me would just mean that someone else would have to make the promise instead." She chews on her lower lip and holds a hand up. "Little help instead?"

"I break mirror," Audgrim says and points down at Tyla, eyes gleaming a hot yellow, tail whipping back and forth. "Eddie, Bea - they know more than I do, but I know too this is bad deal." He, nevertheless, crouches down and offers her a hand to help her out. "Not bury you today," he says ominously, like he's expecting her to not come out of this alive in the end.

Bea pauses for a moment in the effort to attack whatever weeds she can find, as she eyes Tyla, considering Eddie's suggestion to bury her with a little too much seriousness before shaking her head, "That would be too hard to feed her, Eddie, and still she could make some stupid deal from that hole." She points to Tyla, though, as she mentions someone else making the promise, "That's what we should do. Someone /else/ can make the promise. And I know a /lot/ of people who would probably be happy to forget their whole lives and start fresh, and especially if we sweetened the honey pot for them, with just some good deal to look after them. And that would be way better than you losing all your memories, for sure." It's almost a visible process, Bea going through her mental rolodex trying to decide who among her aquaintances is most likely to be willing to give up their memory without any questions asked. When Audgrim suggests breaking the mirror, she makes a face and shakes her head, "Oh no, probably that wouldn't be the best first idea, really, Audgrim, since then there would be like so many years of bad luck, and everybody knows that. But still, it is a good plan if we can't find someone's memories."

Tyla is about as athletic as a potato, and needs help opening pickle jars, so Audrim is pretty much doing all the work here pulling Tyla and her shovel out of the hole. "N-no! You can't break the mirror. Lucas said he was told specifically NOT to break the mirror." She explains as she struggles her way up. "Anyway it's done. Promise has already been made. Do you all want me to be an oathbreaker or something?"

"Don't break the mirror," Eddie says to Audgrim. Everyone else has already said it, so it's kind of half-hearted. Just throwing another log on the pile. He looks from Tyla to the mirror and back, when she says she's already done the deal. "That was stupid," he says. "How did you do it?"

Audgrim glares at everyone, like he is not happy with their objections. He's pulled Tyla up without much effort, and hovers over her, glowering like he's very unhappy. He points at her again, finger right in her face. "I will break mirror if I have to," he warns. He then lets go of her hand, takes a deep breath and steps away from her, less angry suddenly. "If you make promise, where is wind?"

Bea frowns and nods emphatically, "Yes. In this time, maybe it would be better to be a breaker. But still if it is done, it is done, and you are just stupid, but at least you won't be able to remember /how/ stupid, so that is one good thing, for sure. /We/ won't be able to forget, but we will all try to be nice about it and not remind you." She waves toward Audgrim, nodding, "Yeah, if the promise is done, why hasn't the mirror kept its end and made it windy again yet?"

"Speak for yourself," Eddie interjects, when Bea promises niceness in the face of amnesia.

"Sorry, your highness." Tyla says teasingly to Eddie. "I seem to have forgotten what I did. And I probably won't remember around any potential crown wearers either." She says, leaning in to Audgrim in a hug and trying to relax from all her effort she put into climbing. The questions about where the winds are gets a little shrug. "I just said I started it, it's not finished yet. If it was I wouldn't remember things now." She points out. "But I don't have a reflection now, so something has happened." She pauses and then giggles. "I promise I'm not a vampire though." Not knowing vampires are actually a thing.

Getting hugged, Audgrim visibly tenses up for a second, and then he gives in and gives Tyla a proper bear hug for a few seconds, even lifting her off the ground. But he lets her go and sidles away to pick up a shovel, eyeing the pit like he's considering working on it, tail swishing fast and a vein pulsating at his temple. "How did wind go away?" he asks of the three - he's never really understood that. "You need to put wind in mirror. And then promise is done?"

"Christ, I wonder they're up to," Eddie says, distracted for a moment by vampires. He shakes his head. That can wait, probably. "Everyone's a potential crown-wearer, these days. Or have you forgot? Anyway, none of this makes much sense to me. The last time I checked, there wasn't any way to make a pledge with anything, right now. Or any such thing as half a pledge. They're a sealed thing, or they're nothing." He scowls, over at the mirror, then at Tyla. "I didn't think 'Touched could even make them, on their own."

Bea frowns and shakes her head, "Well, if you have lost your reflection, then some deal is done, and at least it didn't knock you out I guess. But still, if still you have your memories, then there must be time or something else to do, right? And it sounds like you know what, so how can we help?" She looks to Eddie curiously and asks, "Did you give up and believe you are Winter king now, like you should be?" She frowns at Eddie's points, and nods, "Oh yeah…That is weird, that you could do that, even, Tyla. And maybe it is some trick with some bad Gentry or something."

Tyla gives a tiny squeak of surprise at the bearhug then slumps a little as Audgrim moves away, hair hardly moving. "When Denver broke the shell necklace around the ladybird's neck it… contained them or something?" Tyla tries to explain. "At least that's what I was told anyway." She nods to Bea and smiles. "Of course! If I was going to do this all myself I would have only sent out the letters once it was done. I need to harness the wind, bind it to the mirror, and then protect the mirror." She chews on her lower lip. "I have the feeling whatever we are dealing with… doesn't follow whatever rules there are for making pledges with the Wyrd."

Audgrim isn't a great thinker, but now he suddenly ponders - which makes sense in his own head, to his own surprise. "Maybe Windy Wendy was set free from necklace, and when we go see her, we can ask her to make wind again. Maybe she is wind." He points at Tyla again. "We talk to Wendy first." He puts the shovel down hard into the dirt, and then leans on it, because he's lazy.

Eddie looks like he could spit, and then he remembers it's a dirt floor, so he does. Right into the pit. "So what was the pledge, exactly? The words. Unless those aren't important anymore, either, and this was more of a handshake pledge." He gestures at the mirror. "Maybe that's all it wanted, the other night. A handshake. You send Scorse a letter? He knows more about pledges than anybody." He nods at Audgrim. "I had that thought when we met her."

Bea shrugs and says, "I think that Wendy is just gonna be, like, a new friend, or maybe try to push us off the mountains or something, but still, Audgrim is right and we should meet her for sure, and at least we know she has that last crown, unless she was lying, but I think maybe not, since I had a dream about it and everything." She pulls some candies out of her pocket, popping one into her mouth, then passing them out to any who want them, "But it is like a good idea, what Eddie said, for you to tell us the words you promised before you forget everything, Tyla. And anyway, it's usually better to ask for help /before/ you do something that stupid, just for something to think about for next time. But….What rules would it follow, if it doesn't follow the Wyrd rules?" This, of everything, seems to bother Bea a little. Wyrd she understands. If it's something else? That's something that seems to send a nervouz buzz through her wings.

"Yeah, he was here when it poofed in to place in the first place." Tyla says with a nod to Eddie. "Also sent one to Lucas, of course. And I thought of WindyWendy too right after breathing on it didn't work." She blushes a little, turning slightly purple as she accepts a candy. "But I don't think she has the other crown, exactly." Tyla looks over sadly at Eddie, her hair still flat and hardly moving. "I could go into a myth lesson, but I don't think it's the time. I talked it over with Eddie though."

She sucks on the candy and then pauses, closing her eyes and thinking before she repeats slowly and deliberately (and distractingly!) "You will give me your memories, and you will bind the winds into the mirrors. I will allow the world to use them, but they will be mine." She gives a little shrug Bea's way after Tyla is finished reciting. "And remember when I was talking about how we could pledge to things other than the Wyrd with the whole Freehold thing?" She explains. "That."

Everyone's in the greenhouse, standing near a large dug pit inside of it. It's early morning, air is stifled and moist, and there's no wind. There seem to be a bit of a debate going on, with somewhat loud voices drifting out.

Audgrim grins a smug smile, as he feels he was right about something again. He keeps his eyes on Tyla though, tail now lazily moving about again as he's leaning on a shovel in a rather boneless posture. As she explains her promise, he tilts his head and frowns. "Could be more clear promise," he mutters.

Shadows can be anywhere, and the one in the corner nearby changes slightly, to become the figure of a young woman, leaning against a wall. "You think people will speak clearly?" Her voice is light, lilting, and her head tilts in a questioning manner. Fie still seems almost monochrome, the slight glimmer of frost around her eyes highlighting them.

"Why bother teaching her any lessons?" Eddie asks Bea. "She's just going to forget them anyway." He listens to Tyla recite the pledge, pacing back and forth, then stops and looks at Audgrim. "I'm starting to come around to your point of view. Seven years bad luck wouldn't be any real change for me anyway." He startles a little when Fie does her reverse vanishing act, looking briefly between her and the mirror, like maybe it's responsible. She's not on fire, though, so he calms down. "Doubtful," he says, waving at the other window. "Don't ever teach me that trick. I can't be trusted with it."

Bea frowns as Tyla recites the pledge she's made, biting her lip and popping another candy into her mouth. Speaking around the sweet she says, "Oh Tyla, that…you…It wasn't like your place to give up all the wind like that. It belongs to everyone, and now you've just stolen it from everyone." She looks to Eddie for some back up on that one. "But that is okay, maybe, and we can just get them back some time. But…I don't like it at all." She shakes her head, "It'll be fine though," she says again, this time as if trying to convince herself. When Fie appears, she jumps a little and looks toward the source of the voice. "Oh. Hi there. Hi." She can't help but smile at Eddie's order to Fie, noting with a chuckle, "Oh, you would be really dangerous if you could turn inivisible, for sure."

Audgrim isn't too fond of surprises, so someone just appearing in the corner of his eye, and speaking, it startles him enough so he straightens up to his full height and he's tensed up. When Bea and Eddie immediaetly respond to her in a friendly fashion, he settles with shifting a bit closer to Tyla, as if to make sure she's protected, just in case. He looks Fie over curiously and offers a quick nod in greeting. "Hello." He finishes off with a broad, rascally, beastly grin. "Yes, I say - we break mirror. Who tell Lukas not to? Don't know that person. I know Tyla."

"You need three things for a contract." Tyla starts to explain and then she hear's Fie's voice. her hair starts to roll and flicker higher, trying to make her look bigger and doing the whole pufferfish thing, but then she stops and really looks at Fie, her hair going down slowly, recognizing her (for now anyway?) and she keeps going on, looking exasperated at both Eddie and Bea.

"I did not steal the wind." She's speaking extra carefully. "The wind is already gone. And without it all the plants are going to die. And when all the plants die, everything else dies. And besides, whatever we are dealing with seems to think it owns everything anyway." Tyla sighs, her hair clinging to her form again although Audgrim gets another smile until he talks about breaking the mirror, moving away from him even though she was moving a little closer. "I know Lucas, Audgrim. It doesn't matter who told him. Have you guys thought what it might do to me if you break it now, when I don't have a reflection? Who's to say it won't just kill me outright?"

Eddie's comment earns him an abrupt grin from Fie, her blue eyes glinting. "I never will, I like it too much for my own." Her grin takes in Bea, and the others, the glinting smile not entirely wholly friendly. She turns the blue eyed gaze on Audgrim, studying him, his actions widening her grin further. "I promise I don't bite, unless it is fun." She moves gracefully, moving towards Eddie, "Are we breaking mirrors to get us more bad luck?

"I'm with Bea," Eddie says, "it's a bad deal. I don't like it. It sounds too much like a leasing arrangement. We still don't even know what that thing is." He kicks a pile of dirt in the general direction of the mirror. "Or how it got here, or anything about it. It might not even be the right mirror. We found another one. Anyway, I didn't hear a sanction in any of that, so what are you worried about?" He looks at Fie, giving that question the appearance of serious thought. He shakes his head, after a moment. "Probably not. Not yet, anyway. I guess you heard about the laundromat? I tried to track you down, but," he trails off, grinning a complimentary grin.

"Is biting fun?" Audgrim murmurs to Bea, eyeing Fie out of the corner of his eye. He leans on his shovel again, deciding that All Is Good for now. "Tyla, you make promise, maybe forget all. We will help you, if it happens." He's done yelling at her, having decided to do the next best thing: accept her decision.

"I can't fight you all off." Tyla says calmly, controlling her voice very carefully now. "But I can stop you, if I have to. You guys won't ever speak to me again, probably. But if Lucas thinks it's important to not break the mirror, we don't break the mirror." She takes a deep breath, but not moving to intercept anyone just yet. "Hopefully though, all I should need is to remind you all that this is my home, and I do not like people coming to my home and threatening violent things. Please let that be enough." Because not breaking the mirror needs to be stressed more.

Fie returns Eddie's look, her grin widening, a touch of warmth glimmering in her changeable face. "I saw its tattered remains. I followed you a little here and there…" She wrinkles her nose, before adding lightly, "It seems interesting now." She finds a surface to perch on, tilting her head and considering Audgrim's question, before she replies, "Sometimes. Biting is more fun than being bitten, I think. Mostly." The answer is given seriously, and then she asks softly, "Why are we breaking it?" Curiousity is written loud in her voice there and she studies Tyla thoughtfully, adding softly, "I remember you."

Bea frowns and shakes her head, standing by Tyla on the not breaking the mirror argument, "We aren't going to break it, and even if we could, it seems too dangerous except unless we /know/ it'll do something better. Why just kick out the babies with the bath water, and everything, if we don't have to. But still…" She shakes her head and makes a face, "But…What about a contract?" She shrugs to Audgrim's question and smiles a little, "Sometimes it can be fun, if the time is right, but really, I wouldn't try it just right now to test it out."

Audgrim just gives the mirror a malevolent stare for a moment. It's lying face down and covered inside the greenhouse. "I can make wind," he declares. "I make wind five days ago. At least, it will be wind for a little time. Real wind not come back, but it is better than no wind at all. And then maybe Windy Wendy help us, or promise to mirror thing." It's rather clear he's a foreigner, by accent and rather shoddy English.

"I thought you might," Eddie says to Fie, a wistful tone in his voice. "I talked to you, sometimes, when I was lonely." He's joking. Probably. He listens to Tyla make her speech, then shakes his head, exasperated. "It's none of my business what you do with your memories. You're all grown up. As grown up as you're ever going to get, anyway. The rest of it, about putting it in charge of the weather, though? I don't care who's back yard it showed up in. That's not your call to make." He doesn't shoot the mirror or anything, though. He just turns and walks out.

Stubborn Tyla is stubborn and it final sets in what Audgrim asked. She looks over at him, turning slightly purple as she blushes. "It can sometimes be fun, if it's expected, and both people know what's going on." But then she shakes her head a bit and looks over at Bea. "A contract needs three things: A promise, a consideration, and an agreement." She explains, someone has been binging on Suits it seems like. "What I said was what the other side said… There was more to it but that's what we agreed on. When we met, it was expecting an offering right off. I knew Lucas' prophecy, but wasn't sure with the seven years if it was enough. Memories are all I had to offer." She nods to Fie and smiles, "I think I met you with Syd, right?" She offers. "Besides." She mumbles mostly to herself, "Doesn't matter which mirror I use. But Lucas was told not to break this one. Unless you found another smoking mirror?" She asks Eddie.

"Also it wasn't Denver's call to make that put us in this situation, but apparently that's okay." Tyla adds angrily. "This thing told me that not having the wind is good for it, makes it stronger. I don't think having it have control of the wind when it thinks it owns everything anyway is all that bad, if the planet gets to live." She adds.

Fie studies Eddie for a moment before she nods, a tiny gesture, that might be a reply or just an acknowledgement. She watches him go with an odd expression on her face, her blue eyes narrowed for an instant. Then she turns back, giving Tyla a brilliant smile, "Yes." She lapses into silence though, listening to the others, the turn of her head making the frost on her skin glimmer. The blue eyes are sharp, taking in everything, and the woman says nothing, almost fading into the shadows once more.

Bea shrugs and shakes her head, watching Eddie leave, then turning to look at Tyla, "It wasn't good of Denver to do whatever she did, and that is true, but still, Eddie is right, and you've made a promise that was too big of a thing, and not all yours to make. But still, you've made it, and now we /all/ have to figure out what to do about your stupid promise. So that is all there is to that." She offers Tyla another sweet, and then looks toward the mirror, "Just because something thinks it owns everything anyway, it doesn't mean you should believe them, or /let/ them, and everyone knows that's how the worst kinds of Gentry are anyway." She gives Tyla a sympathetic, pitying look. "Anyway, it is done, and now we have to do what we can to save you, /and/ the wind, and the world and get the freehold back on track and get the promises all fixed and this trap we made open and everything."

"Bye Eddie," Audgrim says grimly, understanding the other man all too well. He gives Tyla a bit of a hungry look, like he's considering taking a bite when she talks about it. She's an eggplant after all, maybe that's it? "What is your name?" he asks, slowly turning to look at Fie, as Tyla is distracting with her voice and presence. He scratches the side of his neck slowly and lazily with a claw. "I am Audgrim." His attention span is short on any given day, so he's kind of zoned out this whole promise and mirror thing.

Tyla gives Bea the same pitying look right back at her. She crosses her arms over her chest, hair starts rolling and flickering a little more. "Fuck the Freehold." Tyla says calmly. "It's important, but I don't think you understand how important it is to get the winds going again. We don't HAVE the wind right now. If it keeps up there will be no bees, no flowers, no plants, no food. No. Life. This isn't something you force on someone who doesn't know what's going on." She hasn't even really noticed Eddie has left yet. "So unless you think we can break into the police station or wherever those cops were from, steal all the bits of the necklace, assuming they even got them all, and put them back together somehow, this promise, stupid or not is going to make it so we can try and fix the Freehold, after."

Fie's lips twitch at the corners as Bea tells Tyla off, her eyes glinting, and then she replies lightly to Audgrim, "I am Fie." She returns the look steadily, adding lightly, "Fie, Fi, Fo, Fum and all that." Her voice is singsong then, the blue eyes glittering as the frost does, and then she speaks softly, "Who took the wind?" The question is soft, and then she adds softly, "I can be invisible, you know."

Bea looks at Tyla with wide eyes and stomps her foot, her voice raising in a rare moment of anger, "You are pretty dumb if you don't think /I/ understand how important the wind is Tyla! All my garden is having trouble, and every hive is worried. But that is not the point! The point is that it was only just…missing, but now you've given it away, and those are two different problems, and it wasn't /yours/ to give away!" She then stops abruptly and blinks, "All we need is to get a stupid necklace and fix it? But that seems like a pretty easy plan, and way better than the stupid one you did, if you ask me." She looks around and then points at Fie, "You! Can you invisible into the poilice station, like you did into here?"

Audgrim's eyes widen a little as he watches the anger take hold of Bea and Tyla. He's forced to stand up straight again; so much effort. "Wind was in necklace. Necklace was on big bird woman. Denver break necklace - wind gone," he explains to Fie, distracted. "Tyla make promise now, we help her," he says, raising a palm up in a sort of negotiating gesture. He is, after all, a Nightsinger - his voice is pleasant and calm, despite its raspy properties. "We do many things - we find Windy Wendy. We can try find necklace. Bea, Wind was trapped before, owned by something. Maybe it is the same now."

"It wasn't just missing, Bea, it was gone. And every day it's gone things just get worse and worse and maybe even to the point of not being fixable. Did you miss the point where it said the wind not being here is beneficial to it? It's a matter of preventing the sixth mass extinction." Tyla sighs, shaking her head and hugging herself. "You guys will never really understand why I did it." She says quietly, calming down a little. "They weren't plain clothes cops, I know they were cop types, but the were trying to hide it. I don't even know if they got all the pieces or not. I'll check the laundromat for any in case we can somehow use it to gather it again or… something. And like Audgrim said, I've already started it, there's not much point in arguing it now."

Audgrim's explanation earns him a nod, and a thoughtful look. Bea's pointing and question brings a merry grin to Fie's face, "I don't see why not." Her voice is calm, the lilting still there, and she adds softly, "I have never tried, not since I could. But I will try." She glances between the other woman, adding softly, "Far be it from me to be the calming one, but arguing gains us nothing." There is a grin then, merriment gleaming in her eyes, "The police station, you say?"

Bea harumphs and rolls her eyes, a petulant display of huffing and puffing to make it clear she's still mad, but letting it go…for now. She turns to Fie and gives her a little smile, "Well that's what she just said, that the police have the necklace, so that's where we'll have to look, I guess. And you seem pretty sneaky, so it's good you just showed up."

"Well…" Tyla says, to try and clear things up. "They weren't wearing the normal uniforms, they never identified themselves as cops, but they made sure I could hear that they were going to access the tapes from across the street and the traffic lights. So I don't even know where they would be stationed." She admits. "Or if they even kept the pieces here, or sent them off to be looked at."

"Or, you can fight. In big hole in ground," Audgrim offers dead pan, pointing down into that pit Tyla's dug. The funny part here is he doesn't even know he's making a "mud pit fighting"-joke, cause he's never heard of it. "We will do the right thing, and we will save everything," he says, sounding so absolutely sure of it. Though Tyla tends to be the center of attention when she's in that mood, he's not half bad when he wants to either - he's more formidable and more inspiring as he stands straight, tail swinging in confident sweeps behind him, a broad cocky grin. "I know this, becuse you are the best and the strongest." He might need to work on his vocabulary but it's the tone of his voice more than anything that inspires hope.

Fie's head tilt is thoughtful, Audgrim gaining a slightly appraising look, her blue eyes widening and then narrowing in an instant. "We will." She agrees softly, and then adds lightly, "Well I suppose the police station will be a change to following Eddie." She might be joking. Or not.

Bea smiles at Audgrim, seeming to relax a little at his words, and takes a deep breath, nodding. "You are right, Audgrim, and we will be fine, I am sure. I almost forgot for a minute, but you are right." She looks to Fie and laughs a little, "Oh, don't let Eddie hear you say that, or he will start getting even more nervous than ever, and that is a pretty hard thing to do."

"I can come too. I am best lookout - ask Eddie. If I see someone, I hit them. Then they don't see us," Audgrim says and grins a toothy grin, slouching over his make-shift leaning tool again. "And I am not bad at hiding in shadows. Maybe don't need to hit anyone."

Tyla just looks at Audgrim and raises a brow. She has a dirty mind, and it went there. "The pit is for protecting the mirror later." She says dryly even as she explains. "But please don't hit cops. That would be… pretty bad."

Fie's eyes glitter and she replies softly to Bea, "He knows, I think. He talks to me." She turns her gaze onto Audgrim and then nods slowly, "Yes then." She slants a look at Tyla, a faint touch of puzzlement in that expression, "Would it? If it got the necklace?" Morals, thy name is not Fie.

Bea waves a hand dismissively, "We will try not to hit any cops, but still, if any /do/ get hit, just make sure they don't see you or anything, and then that should be fine, I would bet. And anyway, I think that is a good plan." She nods firmly, then looks to the pit and frowns again, shaking her head and sighing, moving over toward Tyla and pulling a small jar of honey out of her outsized pocket, handing it over to the other woman and murmuring softly to her before heading toward the door with a little wave to the others. "It's a good plan, getting the necklace. If you guys need any help, just let me know, and I will be happy to do what I can, but it seems like maybe you know what to do with that sneaking better than I do, for sure."

"Rrrrrright," Audgrim rasps, eyes widening. "No talking to cops, no hitting cops if they see me, but hit them if they don't see me," he says, trying to make sense of all these rules about cops. He offers a lazy wave to Bea: "We go to restaurant soon! Look at fishy place. Bye, Bea."

"Well Audgrim lives here, and while his identity will hold up, I don't really want to have to pay his bail since he won't even let me pay for his help around here?" Tyla offers to Fie. "Before you guys go looking for the necklaces, maybe check out in front of the laundromat to see if there are any pieces there still?" The darkling suggests. "Preferably invisible so the birds don't get wise." Tyla takes the honey and nods to Bea, hair flicking lightly. "Only hit them inside if you have to and you can't get out." Tyla tries to amend. "And then hide as soon as you can and get out."

"Best yet, do not be seen." She hops from her perch, her eyes glittering, "I will look at the laundromat. The birds didn't see me before." The glee is there, in the curve of her lips and then glint of her eyes. "Bail? You won't need to…and I do not exist in the world." Her voice is low, the singsong back.

"Bail?" Audgrim asks - he has no idea what that is. He scratches his neck again. "So, we have plan. Find piece of necklace at laundromat. Find where necklace is. Steal necklace." He makes it sounds so easy, and if you cut it down like that, it kind of is. "Do we know where cops have necklace? What cop you talk to, Tyla?"

"The one I talked to gave me a card. Her name is Sydney. I had Eddie look into her. Might want to talk to him? He might have a better idea than I would. The card she gave me said she was a social worker, not a cop." Tyla tells them. "Eddie probably knows more by now.

"Sydney." Fie tilts her head, considering, "I'll find Eddie and talk to him, and then come back to tell you." She gives them a brilliantly bright smile, the blue eyes glittering. There is a moment where she almost glows, like ice in the sun, before she vanishes from sight. Just… gone.

"Good," Audgrim rasps, giving Fie and Tyla an appreciative nod both. He's about to say something to Fie, but then she's just suddenly gone - he blinks. "I need to learn that," he murmurs, shaking his head in amazement. With just him and Tyla left, he looks at her and gives her a lopsided grin. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Tyla says, hair rolling a little again as she starts to head for the door, flipping the lights off. "I mean, aside from everyone telling me how stupid I am, it's all good. I've made my peace with whatever might happen. It needed to be done." she touches herself lightly. "I don't feel any different." She holds out her arm to Audgrim for him to feel it.

"Not stupid," Audgrim protests, "you do what you think is best." He's moving closer to grip her arm lightly and squeeze it a little, since she offers it. Though he's confused as to why he should. "Why you think you feel different?" He reluctantly lets go of her arm, standing there a bit tense and awkward again, now that they're alone. He looks down into that pit. "Nice hole," he compliments. "You work hard."

Tyla smiles and reaches out to take his hand to lead him out of the greenhouse, coughing slightly. "Phrasing." She mumbles under her breath. "Lets go out in the slightly more fresh air?" She suggests. "It's an expression." She explains. "And also a bad joke."

Hand-holding is right below hugging, but not nearly as confusing, so he lets her take his hand, holding hers in a tight warm grip as he follows her outside. He looks up towards the sky, morning in full swing now; he squints at the brightness, never much of a day person. In daylight his grey skin seem more silvery - but he's not sparkling, thank the lords. "Don't understand," he admits, "but I understand what you do. It is… alright. It will be alright." He looks down at her, and smiles one rare honest normal smile.

Tyla squints at the sun as well, being a Darkling, so she leads them back towards the tent. "Don't worry, English is really weird. You'll probably come up with a few different things that don't make sense to you." She tries to explain. "Emotions are feelings, but when you touch someone you are feeling." She explains badly. "So when I said I don't feel any different, I meant emotionally, but then I had you touch me." And then she's down on all fours, crawling in to the tent.

Audgrim's expression becomes enlightened. And he snickers a little. "Bad joke," he agrees teasingly, giving her one of those broad grins again. He squeezes her arm again to emphasise that he gets it. He's distracted and follows her into the tent out of the sun, because it feels right - but once inside he gets a weird expression on his face and looks at her, at the tears in the fabric, and is quick to move way to the side. No hugging distance, as he sits in a semi-lotus position. "Maybe you will not lose all memories," he suggests. "A life can mean 1 year. Or 7… Life can be short."

Tyla notes how far he's sitting away and crawls into the sleeping bag, frowning as her hair flicks lightly. "Did I do something wrong?" She asks quietly as she tries to settle in, then louder, "Well the prophecy said a lifetime of memories, that's why I offered them, I didn't have anything other than the coronets and HOLY SHIT!" Tyla screams out of the blue and reaches for her laptop.

The question surprise the hell out of Audgrim and he just stares at her with mouth slightly open, yellow eyes once more gleaming once he's in dim lighting. "No, I-" he begins, then startles again as she screams and grabs her laptop. "What," he growls, and moves closer, as if suspecting she's suddenly hurt. Or saw something.

Tyla realizes she just got all shouty and excited, and that's not always the best thing to do around changelings, but it's been a long night. She calms down quickly. "You know how we have four crowns, right? Well they aren't actually crowns, they are coronets. There are some differences though." She explains. "A crown has arches, the king or queen wear a crown, and nobles wear a coronet. So Queen Elizabeth wears a crown, and Prince Phillip wears a coronet." She explains as she types and scans through pages. "And Oh." she slumps, her hair flattens and her voice falls. "A coronet encircles the whole head, and a tiara doesn't." She says with a sigh as she puts the laptop aside. "The voice, it called me princess. But Google says princesses wear tiara's, not crowns." She moves to lean against Audgrim but he's not right there, so she sits up again. "I thought for a second there maybe I really am supposed to wear the fifth coronet. Or a Fae-touched is supposed to anyway."

Audgrim is relieved to learn she's not being assaulted by an invisible enemy, or otherwise hurt. He makes a grunting noise, and relaxes again. An eyebrow shoots up as he considers what she is saying. "Yes," he agrees, nodding slowly. "King, queen, princess. Different crowns. But us, we don't follow rule of humans, maybe coronet is for princess." He has no idea and shrugs and grimaces slightly. As she moves to lean on him, he realises but he's sitting too far away; he looks relieved and disappointed at the same time, having mixed emotions. "You did not do something wrong," he says, remembering her earlier question. "I did wrong."

"What with the tent? Nah." She waves a hand dismissively as she looks up at the tears. "And you fixed it anyway. It's nothing to worry about." she adds gently.

It would be the perfect time to just explain everything to Tyla. But if he did, he'd have to adress the tragic fact that he's attracted, but she's not, and if he did bring it up, like he almost did, things could turn out so awkward. So, Audgrim nods and grins, touching one of those tears with a nail - carefully. "Okay," he just answers, and leaves it at that. Instead, in case she needs to be sure she honestly did nothing wrong, he adds: "I am dangerous. Maybe not hug me so often. A little, sometimes." He shows his hands, and the claws, trying to convince her of this - it sounds rather false though. Like it's not that, not really.

"If you don't want me to hug you." she says in a tiny voice. "You can just ask me. I know a lot of you don't really like contact. You just have to tell me. Sometimes I touch too much." She says quietly. "It won't hurt my feelings." she says honestly.

Audgrim isn't used to talking about feelings - especially not in a foreign language. And he's a beast, so that doesn't help matters. He's feeling trapped now, and the tent is too small for all these confusing emotions and frustration. "Don't," he says with a strained voice. "Don't hug me. We are friends, I will help you always, but don't hug me." He crawls to the opening and unzips the tent flaps with a frustrated hard motion. "I go to town, to play. I am back tonight. Be careful with mirror, okay?"

"Yeah, okay." Tyla agrees, her voice quiet as she nods. If only Eddie were still here though, the sad emotions coming off of Tyla right now would be a Winter buffet. Of course it's not a Winter exclusive thing, the shift would be noticeable. "I'll be careful." She agrees as she pulls up the sleeping bag up around her more and reaches for a teddy bear to cuddle to her chest. "But I don't have a reflection in it anymore, remember?" she reminds him. "I don't know what it could do to me now."

"Maybe it do nothing, but still, be careful," Audgrim says, having crawled out and crouching outside, looking in to her with eyes gleaming. He flashes her a grin, feeling more "safe" once outside. "Don't worry. Everything will be alright." He nods farewelll to her and then he's off, stalking to find that bicycle and get a ride into town.

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