(2018-02-24) The World's a Sad Place
The World's a Sad Place
Summary: Eddie goes to yell at Tyla, as is the current fashion.
Date: 2018-02-24
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Player Characters: Eddie, Tyla

--| Living Room - Farmhouse - The Flower Shop - East of PA |---

Most of the main floor of the farmhouse is taken up by the living room. Spacious and open, the ceiling soars overhead, giving the place an even bigger appearance. The walls is in the living room are a muted red, with artwork hanging in various places, adding points of interest. The hardwood floor sports a few throw rugs, the woven material warm, earthy tones. The long couch with a sturdy wood frame sits before an oak entertainment stand, the doors open to reveal the TV, DVD player and stereo system that are held within it. A pair of chairs that match the couch sit nearby, situated around a coffee table that's littered with remote controls and magazines.

A brick fireplace separates the living room from the dining room, the mantle dotted with knick knacks, the hearth opening to up to both rooms. The dining area holds a medium sized table with six chairs around it, then opens up to a spacious kitchen, where all the appliances look as though they're brand new. Copper pots are arranged on the counter, along with a rack of spices, a basket of fruit and several small pots of herbs that rest on the windowsill that overlooks the side yard.

French doors lead into the atrium, while another door opens up to the shop and a short hallway leads off toward the bedrooms. The windows throughout the house are large, with blinds along the inside of the frames and lace curtains that hang from the tops of the windows and drape along the floor, allowing sunlight to stream inside and brighten the place.

It is hot and stifling with no wind, Tyla has small fans going around the house. Birds surround the farmhouse, staring at it, but the greenhouse that was just covered in plastic? Eddie would have noticed that there is a wooden covering of sorts over it now, at least. It's late but the Darkling has a lot of energy, heading to the kitchen in either just a robe, or something really skimpy and a robe. She goes to the fridge and opens the freezer, just standing there enjoying the cold before she reaches in and pulls out a pint of ice cream.

|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "Ring, ring."

Tyla sets the ice cream down and and gets her phone out of the robe's pocket. She stares at the number calling and finally decides to answer it.

|+phone| Tyla says, "Hello?"
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "I'm here. Unlock the back door."
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "And cut the outdoor light, a second."
|+phone| Tyla says, "Do you give me your word that before you come into my home either all your weapons will be left outside, or you will will places your guns on the counter?"
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie snorts. "Of course not. But I promise not to shoot anything without feathers on it. I hardly ever shoot a client."
|+phone| Tyla says, "Well, there's other people here if you do shoot me."
|+phone to Tyla| Eddie says, "There's always other people here. Will you get the door? There's got to be owls out here, looking at me."

Tyla resigned Tyla moves to the back door and unlocks it, then flips the back light off, step back and away from the door and hovers back near one of those blocks that holds slasher movie sized knives.

Eddie slips inside, so quick and quiet she'd probably never know he was there, if she wasn't watching the door. He peeks out behind him for just a moment, then locks the door and turns around and sees Tyla over by the knives. "Relax, Wilson. If I was going to kill you I wouldn't have called ahead." He takes a step to the side, to get away from the door a little without getting any closer to the nervous girl with the stabbing instruments.

Tyla nods as she looks Eddie over, moving away from those stabby things and over to the ice cream on the counter. There's still stabby things around, it's a kitchen after all. She gets out a bowl then heads to the coffee machine and dumps the damp grounds into the bowl, fishes out a spoon, sticks the spoon in the bowl as she approaches Eddie, holding out the bowl as an offering. "Bea didn't call ahead, just showed up." She says quietly, but not at all confidently.
Eddie takes the bowl and raises it to his face and takes a deep breath. "You spend too much on coffee," he says, but he doesn't seem to mind. All the humor seems to drain out of him when she mentions Bea, though. He gets very still, and looks at her very intently. There's no expression on his face, and his voice is very quiet when he asks: "Has that got anything to do with the blood?"

"Huh?" It takes a moment for Tyla to register what blood Eddie is talking about and shakes her head, her hair very slowly rolling. She looks around the kitchen just to check as she moves over to the counter with her ice cream. "No that was Audgrim raiding the fridge and being a little too eager to wait for it to be cooked." She answers honestly as she gets a spoon for herself and after a pause decides to move to the living room and the comfy couch.

Eddie visibly relaxes, one corner of his mouth even quirking upward, briefly. He double checks that the back door is locked, then follows her to the living room, carrying his bowl of coffee grounds. "That's Audgrim," he says with a smirk. "Eager." He goes over to the couch, but doesn't sit down, leaning back against the wall beside it. "I guess we should talk about what happened on the mountain," he starts, talking around a mouthful of coffee grounds, "but that can wait. It looks like you've talked about it plenty, for today. What happened last night?"

Tyla takes the lid off the ice cream, and then the protective film and sets them both on the coffee table. She stabs at the ice cream a couple of times ad sighs. "Talked about that plenty yesterday." She admits quietly. "This whole weekend has been…" She shakes her head and sighs. "Even Finn yelled at me. You got my letter?" She asks as she checks to see if the ice cream has melted a little. "Anyway, bunch of birds and cars showed up, couple of bird people, some others like you but they were like zombies. Not the gross cool kind, but the original voodoo type. They had a hostage, claimed they would kill her if I didn't hand over my coronets." She explains and gets a nice spoonful if ice cream and leans back a little bit, relaxing herself.

"Did he?" Eddie asks, about Finn. He seems surprised, maybe a little impressed. "Well, at least the Doc hasn't stopped by, yet." He eats another spoonful of coffee grounds, frowning. They're not as good when you don't use your hands. "Loyalists? I'm surprised it took this long. I was kind of hoping they'd all retired." He snorts, disgusted at himself. "Who'd they have? Anybody good?"

"Well I sent him a letter too, so it's only a matter of time." Speaking of Lucas. "And Finn too, actually. Pretty sure it's the apocalypse or something when Finn is the responsible one." She says with a sigh as as gets another spoonful of ice cream. She pauses though, spoon hovering near her mouth. "Someone they said we forgot. With silver hair. And when I tried to remember her there was a bit of sadness that I felt and…" She looks at the spoonful of ice cream. "Someone they thought you would care more than I did if she died or not." She quickly shoves the spoon in her mouth.

Eddie barks a laugh at that. "They must have the wrong Brundle," he says, shaking his head, "I put a lot of work into not caring who lives or who dies. I tried it the other way and it was bad for my ulcer." He swallows a mouthful of grounds, to punctuate the point. He pushes himself away from the wall, goes over to the coffee table to inspect the icecream lid. A little light snooping, just to help him think. "Silver hair, you said? I don't guess you saw what color her eyes were."

"Oh I'm pretty sure it was the girl you and Scorse were trying to get me to draw." Tyla admits. The ice cream is half baked - vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate and brownies. "I was standing pretty firm on the not trading over the crowns thing, pointing out if they killed her they wouldn't have that leverage any more. And that we had no way to trust them not to kill her anyway once they got the crowns. But they said that we would have their word that they wouldn't kill her or me. And then Scorse told them it wasn't a good trade and he might trade one crown for it." Her hair flickers, annoyed. "But um… can we actually talk about something from the letter I sent?"

"Their word? Oh, well in that case," Eddie sneers. He sniffs the bottom side of the icecream lid, then sits it back down without even licking it clean or anything. Whatever other thoughts he has on the damsel in distress he keeps to himself, for now. "We can talk about whatever you want," he says, easy, "if I don't like it I'll bill you for the hour."

"Well I mean, I figured if you were going to yell at me about today, you might as well get it all out." She gets another spoonful of ice cream and thinks about what she wants to say. "So I didn;t even realize it until later, but the voice called me princess. Audgrim pointed out that sometimes people call the same thing different things. Like the distinction between crown, coronet, and tiara isn't there is Swedish, according to wikipedia. Anyway, I just wanted to get that out in case I am right about a fae-touched wearing the fifth one, before I forget." She eats more ice cream, sullenly.

Eddie chews that over a moment, then shrugs. "That's not news, really. We already knew we might need that head of yours to hold a crown up. That's one of the reasons that dumb thing you did was so dumb." He's not yelling. He doesn't even sound upset, much. Then he twists the knife, just a little. "You know we found another mirror? You might not even have the right one."

Tyla tilts her head to the side, blinking her large dark eyes slowly. "Another smoking mirror?" She asks calmly, not all that shocked though. "And I'm not going to die, I'm just going to forget. I mean, I would even be able to accept dying if it works out. I am one person. There's seven and a half billion people on the world, and I don't know how many living things. I can't even contemplate a number that big." She admits. "And I only did it because I remembered the prophecy of Lucas' you keep repeating." She chews on her lower lip, considering. "And to finish it off? I can use any mirror." She admits quietly. "I don't have a reflection in the one in the greenhouse, so I'm fairly sure I have the right one."

"No offense, but I don't care so much what happens to you," Eddie lies, "You're all grown up. You can make your own decisions. If you forget, or if you die, or if you go through the looking glass and start smoking dope with a caterpillar. It'd be sad," a brief admission, and he keeps going, "but the world's a sad place. It's not about that."

"The world is a sad place." Tyla agrees, smile creeping at the corners of her mouth which she tries to cover with a spoonful of ice cream. If Eddie wants to keep that secret, she's fine with that. Her hair though hasn't gotten the message though, rolling and flickering happily. "But it would be even more sad if everything was dead." she pauses, thinking about that a moment. "Or maybe it wouldn't be sad any more if no one was left to feel sad." Deep. "Look, I'm sorry I took your choice away today. I didn't really feel like I had a choice though. Bea said some serpent thing was eating your brain, and someone was after Lucas and Gwen. Knew where they were." She looks up at him. "Gwen was here, watching over things." She says quietly.

"I'm not mad about that," Eddie says, then stops and furrows his brow. Is he mad about that? He shakes his head. "Maybe I will be, later, when it comes back to bite us. I don't know that you did the right thing, but I don't know if I could have got everyone back down the mountain, if you hadn't." It's not exactly a 'thanks', but it's as close as one of the Lost is liable to get, when it comes to the Gentry tasting his name. "What did it owe you for?"

"Please don't be mad about this." She admits quietly. "But I don't know. Something that happened during that big time game we all have." She admits quietly. "Something that was important enough to leave myself a note about it, and what to do as a last resort sort of thing." She takes a deep breath and sets aside the ice cream. Time for another hard truth. "Before Bea called out." She takes a deep breath because it's not an easy thing for her to say. "Before she called out, I wasn't really thinking and was only going to ask to get you and I out." She chews on her lower lip. "You're the only one who knows where the winter coronet is."

"You don't know," Eddie repeats, flatly. He looks her in the eye, studying her face. "I believe you," he finally says, sounding annoyed that he does. He listens to the rest of it, frowning, and by the end he's not looking at her at all anymore. "I'm glad she called out, then." He seems to consider adding an 'or', but he decides against it. "We'll find out what happened. We'll deal with it when we do. In the meantime, quit making deals with things. It's bad for your social life." He pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket and scoops the rest of the coffee grounds out of the bowl. They go into his pocket, and the bowl goes onto the table. "The coronets can't stay here. Not after last night, not after the mountain. You probably shouldn't either, with all the birds around."

"Yeah, I know. Audgrim and I came home," and then she's turning a very particular shade of purple. "And pretty much went to sleep. He's still passed out. He was pretty tired from the walk down." She explains. "Anything happens tonight we're pretty much screwed, I don't think anything will be able to wake him up." She over-explains. "And I know. But I have to bury the mirror, because we don't know what will happen if it's broken, and Lucas was told very specifically not to break the mirror. And personally we don't know what will happen to me not having a reflection if it breaks. But since I can use any mirror to finish it I guess burying it safely is the best solution. Was the other mirror a smoking one too?" She sighs. "And I know I have to move them. I'm just not sure were. I'm running out of homes." That gets an angry flick of her hair.

"I'm sure that's all he was tired from," Eddie says, smirking. He shakes his head at her question about the mirror. No smoke, apparently. "Don't complain. Some of us haven't even got the one. Anyway, you've done good hanging onto them so far, but they don't belong with you. Not really. Scorse or Savoi or Bea or somebody can hang onto the antlers. Maybe stick it up in one of the hives. That's as good as any safe. I don't know about the other one, but a pawnshop safe beats leaving it here. Did Gwen get those measurements, while she was babysitting?"

"Well, I'm not going to give Buck's to someone right off the bat, I'm sure he's just been busy at work. Scorse tried to give one away last night in trade, even though he said later he wanted to give them a fake. And Bea well… Bea told me very plainly not to come to her places anymore. Here in my kitchen. With her axe. So…" Tyla shrugs a little bit. "Sparky is a Summer too. But like the laundromat I don't think they know they are here, otherwise they would have tried to get them already? They aren't anywhere they can see them though. And yes, she got all the measurements and everything, so far as I know."

"They know you've got them, and that thing on the mountain does, too." Eddie looks away, and is quiet for a moment. Regretful, maybe. "So the best answer is not to have them anymore. Buck can keep the thing if he wants to take it somewhere else, I don't care about that. But it's not his, get that out of your head. Mine's not mine. The one in iron wasn't Jack's. The belong to their Court, to whoever can keep them safe, and use them when we need them."
"I get that." Tyla agrees. "But they knew I had them since the laundromat. "I have been keeping them safe. I honestly don't know what's different about that now. I got lucky moving the one, once. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be able to move even one of them now. I'll find a place, I'll try anyway." She agrees.

"You got it out of the laundry, as soon as you knew you could," Eddie says, "this isn't any different. They aren't going to stop with the hostage routine. Whoever they send next might walk through walls, or just knock through them. Or do that thing that Fie can do, and just follow you in through the front door. We've been lucky so far." He makes a face at that. This isn't what luck is supposed to feel like. "Let the right people know where they're at, when you move them. In case of amnesia, or any other little thing. I've got one to take care of myself, in a minute, but I've got a little job for you before I go."

"I got the name of that thing, up on the mountain. Maybe its -real- name. Ka-hu," he seems to feel a little silly, saying it, "'the Feathered Serpent'. I don't know how you spell it, but I'd like you to hit the books. You've done pretty good with that, so far."

"Aw! So my whole guess about Cassiopeia and Windy and all that wasn't right?" She actually pouts, not realizing she's doing it, disappointed that she got it wrong. I mean, I'll look of course, sure. But I haven't seen Velvet in a long while, and she's the one that got me access to those books before. All I have to look at really is the internet and libraries. I can try but without access to some actual real occult books, I can't promise anything." She puts the lid back on the ice cream and sits back. "But I'll do my best. Thank you for asking. Oh!" She sits up again. "Did you ever check out that woman who came to the laundromat? Fie and Audgrim are going to talk to you at some point about her. They want to try and get back the pieces of the necklace that was broken. Maybe try to get the winds back in them, than me having to bind them to the mirror.

"We had a chat," Eddie says, then frowns. "She called me, actually. Must have found out I was staying at the laundry. I haven't got much, yet, but I ought to have more in a few days. I'll let you know, when I come back to yell at you some more. In the meantime, try calling somebody before you make any big moves, or people are going to stop telling you things. And try and cheer up. You're not going to remember any of this, anyway."

"Well I told you that you were on that tape." She reminds him as she stands up. The mention of being yelled at more causes her hair to droop a little and her shoulders slump. "I guess I deserve that, more yelling." She agrees quietly. "Thanks at least for not yelling tonight, I guess. I'll try to talk to people before I do things in the future though." She chews on her lower lip. "But sometimes things happen and you can't talk about them, and like you pointed out earlier, I'm a grown woman. I'm going to me thirty in May, after all." So. Old!

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