(2018-03-01) Just Folks
Just Folks
Summary: Just two normal humans having coffee.
Date: 2018-02-01
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Eddie

| Underground Cafe - Uppercase Books - Central PA |

Stealthed away underneath the creaking wood floors of the bookstore above is Port Angeles' most secret coffee house. The Underground has an exceptionally well stocked array of gadgets, ingredients and highly trained staff, the trifecta of which will serve you almost any coffee beverage known to man.

The concrete floors and plaster walls look tie-dyed in swirls of butter and cream, accenting the stronger yellow of the artistic brickwork exposed here and there. The latter is most noticable in three separate gas fireplaces taking up much of the wall facing the street, providing cozy ambiance in cold weather. The back wall, meanwhile, showcases one of the perks of this daylight basement: access via french glass doors to a tiny pergola patio.

Blond-wood and russet velveteen banquettes and booths provide seating, the tables sturdy specimens of driftwood with copper tops.

Audgrim roamed the city, and found this place. He loves it and calls Eddie to come over and have a coffee with him some day, and here they are. The Nightsinger isn't normally that interested in playing normal people, but he seem to see this as a challenge, and some excitement, like having a coffee amongst people is an adventure of its own. He's even dressed up for the occasion, in a fashion - he's wearing well-fitting jeans, a black tight hugging T-shirt, and of course that ever present trench coat. Clean and presentable. (Tyla probably sorted it out.)

He's chosen a seat and is ogling the coffee menu with a puzzled expression.

Winter is over and spring has arrived, at least if you listen to the meteorologists, and Eddie is taking the day off. Strangely enough, he was already here when Audgrim called. He sounded a little reluctant over the phone, but he got over it quickly enough, yeah-come-on-over. When the Norwegian arrived he was standing in the corner by the staircase, eyeballing a particular table. He'd been doing it a while, to judge from the nervous looks the occupants of the table kept tossing over their shoulder, and finally a particularly bug-eyed leer opened up a couple of seats. Now he's sitting there, across from the Nightsinger, a little stack of books on the table and his coffee already ordered. Well, it's got coffee in it, anyway. Mostly it's chocolate, chips and syrup and whipped cream, and a lot fancier than anything he usually goes in for.

He seems distracted, staring off into space, a little. He wakes up about half-way, looking up at the menu himself and shaking his head. "I don't get it, either. Coffee just used to be coffee."

Audgrim glances around, eyeing a young couple sitting further down, and a chic business woman with a latte at another table. Maybe he needs an idea on what to order, and he nods mutely at Eddie. When the waitress comes over, he just randomly points at one of them: Cocoa Deluxe. "And chocolate cake," he adds, giving the waitress a charming, mostly non-beastly grin. The waitress will take any orders from Eddie too if he wants something else, before wandering off.

Audgrim leans back, one arm hanging off the back, legs stretching out and crossing at the ankles. His tail is sweeping around lazily. "I have walked around town," he explains, "and there is so much. I found library. Cemetary. Hospital. And coffee places - everywhere. How much coffee can you drink?"

"I'll let you know if I ever find out," Eddie says, taking a drink of his coffee and considering for a moment. No, he can still drink more. He waves away the waitress, and wipes away a chocolate whipped cream mustache on the back of his sleeve. His eyes drift away again, lingering for a moment on the couple, and he forces his attention back toward his companion. "Things've changed some. It's bigger than it used to be. A little surprised this place is still around," he gestures with his cup around the room. "Glad, though." He doesn't sound glad, exactly. Wistful, maybe.

"This place, I like," Audgrim notes with a little smile. He notices that wistfulness, sometimes catching on to people's emotions. He leans over the table instead, trying out various positions while playing "normal man having coffee." "You thinking of before," he says quietly. "You forget things for seven years, but remember things from before. Like, jumping in time and then things are not as they were and people you know are gone." He tilts his head. "Not the same as me. I am someone else now, than from before. But you were Eddie like now, seven years ago." It's convoluted but hopefully Eddie gets what he's saying.

"Am I that obvious?" Eddie asks, annoyed with himself. He shakes his head and looks around and smiles a rueful smile. "I need to practice my poker face. Sorry, I wasn't expecting company today. Yeah. Yeah, I'm remembering." The waitress comes back around with Audgrim's order. The Cocoa Deluxe turns out to be the same thing the detective is drinking, and it seems like she's going to make a joke about it, until he shoots her a look that could freeze vodka and she goes away again. "I met somebody here, a long time ago. First one of us I ever met, in this town."

Audgrim perks up seeing that coffee and his cake. He lifts up the fork that comes with the cake and eyes it like he doesn't understand why he needs a fork, then glances around to see what others are doing. Ah right, eating with it. Stabbing the cake in the middle, he lifts the whole piece up and eats a chunk. Eyes widen and he looks like he's in chocolate heaven, before tasting the coffee. That makes him growl in pure pleasure. "This is not coffee," he says, "this is like candy." He points his speared baked goods at Eddie, nodding around another mouthful of it. "So this place, it has memories, good memories. And remembering good memories makes sad memories because the good memory is gone. It's alright. You make many more good memories again, never alone in Port Angeles." He shoots the other Lost a wry smile. "We can't leave, so you best make new friends."

Eddie curiously watches Audgrim and the fork, making a private bet with himself. When the other beast figures it out he seems a little disappointed. He must have been betting against. "You ought to go into psychology," he suggests, smirking. "You could be one of those therapy animals." He looks at the cake, then back over to the waitress, then finally decides against it. The coffee is close enough to being chocolate cake already. "I'm fine. Winters don't need cheering up, it's bad for our health." He starts to shuffle through his pile of books. There's a novel, 'The Immortalists'. There's a couple of slim technical manuals, on different security systems. There's a… book of poetry. He shuffles that to the bottom, quickly, like it was never there.

Audgrim munches cake, listening to Eddie. Most of his focus is on the other beast, but since he is part animal, he's also looking around with quick glances as someone who's always expecting trouble. He has to think a few before he gets what Eddie is saying, responding with an amused grin (with chocolate cake on his white teeth). "I try to make people feel like things will be alright," he admits. He leans over the table to sneak a peek in Eddie's bag, and he points at the books. "Tyla reads romance novels. I read one of them. I learn a lot… I mean, I learn many words in English," he says, dead pan. He's getting the subtleties of the language, more and more. "I will go to the library and read more. Don't like reading on computers."

Things will be alright. "Shame on you," Eddie snorts, "telling a deliberate lie like that." Joking, probably. He settles on one of the manuals, cracking it open and flipping absently through the pages. Not reading, just seeing what he's dealing with. "I'm sure that's all you learned from Tyla's smut collection," he smirks, like somebody who knows something he shouldn't know, squinting down at a diagram.

Finishing his cake (that didn't take long), Audgrim settles to sip that wonderful 'coffee'. He squints at Eddie, because that's a few times now he's made little hints. He grins slyly, shrugs and makes no comments. "What is that?" he asks, leaning close again to glance at the pages. Technical language - his face turns blank as he doesn't understand much, and reading upside down doesn't help. He pokes at his teeth with a claw, dislodging a piece of chocolate, and then licks it up. (The nearby coffee house visitors do glance that way every now and then, eyeing the odd behaviour.)

"Schematics," Eddie says, flipping a page. More squinting. He lets out a little growl of frustration, then reaches into his coat and comes out with a small case. He flips it open to reveal the one-armed reading glasses he had on in his office the other day, putting them on and holding them there with one hand. "Security's changed a little in the last seven years. I found that out the hard way. Haven't had time to catch up, yet." He looks up at one particularly curious patron, locking eyes until they look away, then returning to the manual with an air of satisfaction. He used to be Autumn, and he can still fake it, sometimes.

Audgrim doesn't even really notice that people look oddly at him, which is both good and bad. Probably not good for a Winter to hang around him cause he tends to draw attention in one way or another. Busking, if nothing else. "Aha, locks. And now there is locks with computer things," he says, shaking his head in amazement. "And alarms. I think I can not only break door, best leave locks to you." Least he's not shouting, he's keeping his voice very low. "Might need to know, for when we take the necklace. Fie can be not seen, but can she open locks?"

"Alarms," Eddie agrees, scowling. He traces a finger along the page, following the line of a wire on the diagram. "Now why would they…? Oh," he murmurs, nodding in sudden comprehension. At Fie's name he looks up, taking away the glasses for a moment and inspecting the empty seats to either side of them. When nobody materializes in either of them, he shrugs. "I'm not sure. Probably. It seems like something she could do, anyway." Looking back down at the manual, he holds the readers back up to his face. "If she can't, there's a girl around that can walk through walls. They don't make alarms for that."

Audgrim looks at the other seats too, following Eddie - he knows what he's looking for, having been there a few times when Fie just shows up out of thin air. He even pokes the air next to him to make sure nobody's standing there which earns a few more odd looks his way. This time he notices and he shoots a disarming, feral grin their way - or warning grin, perhaps. They hurriedly look back at their meal. "Walking through walls…" he says, dreamily, tail flicking a bit as he considers that sort of power. He gestures, dismissing it. "Can't know everything, that is why you work together." Yawning, he stretches out, and then finishes the last slurp of the coffee. "I must go, Eddie - nice to do normal things, but I need to go play and look for things on the streets."

"Relax," Eddie says, fixing another table of bystanders with a look, "he's Norwegian." Like that explains everything. He turns his attention back to the Nightsinger, grinning his crooked grin. "Speak for yourself. I already know all the good stuff. The rest is just," he waves a hand around, "trivia. Thanks for the company, I guess I needed it. I've got the coffee, don't worry." He watches and waits for the other man to leave, peeking back over his shoulder at the stairway. When he's sure he's alone again, he closes the manual, and digs out the poetry book.

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