(2018-03-03) Chaos at Frugal's
Chaos at Frugal's
Summary: Bea and Penny cause problems at a fast food joint.
Date: 2018-03-03
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Player Characters: Bea, Penny

Frugal's Drive-Thru - Baker Street

There's not much of an interior to speak of, when it comes to Frugal's. More accurately, it's not very large, nor is it designed to be overly comfortable. In many ways, it's more like a thematic shelter than a restaurant. The franchise is built on a reflection of the name, you see; it's all very frugal. The paper bags the food comes in, the wrappers for the burgers, even the cups the drinks are served in — none have any sort of logo or marking to speak of. Costs are cut in every way, keeping the price of the meals rock-bottom. For the longest time, the little burger shop was no more than two drive-through windows and a perpetually busy kitchen. The shelter where people can stop and eat is a new thing.

The little shelter provided for dining continues the motif of the original building; lots of steel with art deco sensibilities. There's almost a retro feel to the inside, the half-dozen booths and high stools by the counter all created with the same design: red plastic seats used as unconvincing faux leather upholstery, hollow steel legs, laminate table and countertops… and of course a black and white chequered floor. Tall, narrow windows are placed side by side to form a wall of glass from the waist up, completing the retro look. There are no salt and pepper shakers, no ketchup or mustard bottles. Any condiments are provided with the meals. It's cheaper that way.

Ah, Frugal's. When you want it tasty and cheap, with emphasis on the cheap. Penny is one of those so enamored by the concept, standing in line with a few other devotees. She seems a little antsy, rocking from side to side, nibbling on a hangnail, looking around at the other customers, whistling idly.

Bea also seems to be one of those who see the allure of cheap, greasy meat of a questionable origin. For Bea, it's that questionable nature that's the appeal. She skips in, humming a tune under her breathe, and heads to the end of the line. When she spots Penny though, she waves and moves into the line next to the clown lady, ignoring the grumbles about line etiquette that this causes. "Penny! Hi Penny! How are you doing today? It's good to see you,, and just I was a little worried maybe some birds ate your face or something, after that whole thing the other day."

Of course Penny allows Bea to cut in line, because it's Bea! She gives her a big smile. "Heya Bea. As you can see, I'm good. I just need to stay away from birds or somethin. And you're lookin good, too." She moves up in line as it goes, and then just *looks* at the woman behind them that is clearly unhappy that the line cutting occurred. Penny looks to be daring her to say something. Anything.

Bea just gives the woman a friendly smile, and digs out some candy from her bag, offering it to the woman and Penny before popping a piece into her mouth. "Oh, yeah, well, I've been keeping busy, and always that makes me feel a little better, even when things are a little crazy." She moves slowly with the line, eyeing the menu with an overly eager look. "Anyway, what have you been up to? It seems like just I haven't been able to really catch up with you since everyone started waking up and stuff."

The woman takes the candy because hey, she's already at Frugal's. She wants cheap food, and free candy is even better. Penny takes her piece with a big smile and a big "Thank you!" because she's being petty. And back to the conversation. "The usual. I'm working at the school. Getting in touch with my neighbors, which is nice. It's hard to make friends in an apartment complex, but we've been doin movie nights on a rotatin basis. So I got'm watchin horror flicks on my time. And this other lady's been showin sappy romcoms, which is pretty cool. This one dude's got us watchin old Hong Kong cop stuff, this other dude had us on some black history month stuff. It's been nice."

Bea llistens to the details of movie night, laughing a little, "Oh wow, that sounds pretty fun. We do just some game nights and stuff up at the farm, just so everyone has a chance to hang out together and stuff. It's pretty much like the same thing, only just board games instead of movies. I'm glad that you are making friends though, since always that is important. I've been super busy just getting everything back in order, since when I was asleep, just I let too many things go, it seems like. But that's okay, and gives me something to do." Without missing a beat or pausing for breathe she asks, "Are you a teacher now, or just helping out at the school? Maybe you know some of the kids I keep an eye on."

Penny can't help but laugh at the thought of being a teacher, which causes her to splutter a little with the candy in her mouth. She manages to recover without choking and really laughs. "Woo! Me, a teacher? Those kids would be a mess. Nah, I'm just a janitor. I keep the school clean, order cleanin supplies, stuff like that. The most I've ever taught is teachin a kid in detention how to mop. Lost skill, you know." The woman behind them stifles a laugh at Penny choking, figuring that the karma is now balanced. Penny ignores the woman. "I might know some of your kids, Bea. Especially if they've done detention."

Bea ahs and nods at that, "Oh, for sure, it is good to know how to clean up, and like you say, a lot of kids don't even know how to do that anymore, because their parents are just like helicopters, only less loud, usually. But still, like you say, maybe you know some of them. I have been doing the ice cream route just right past the schools these days, when they get out, so then the kids want to come and hang out at the candy shop too, so at least someone can keep an eye on them and make sure that there isn't any foxes taking them to The Man or anything like that, but I bet for you to be there watching them in the halls is even better, and keeps them super safe."

"There's a lot of that," Penny admits, as the line moves some more. The man at the head of the line makes a long and complicated order, which seems almost impossible for a place like Frugal's, but stranger things have happened. As he goes into detail about what burgers need pickles and which ones are without onions, Penny shakes her head and adds, "I just try to keep them safe. I had to get a locker removed because it, um, had *stuff* in it. Mold." And by "stuff", she's hinting at some Hedge shenanigans. "And I have to keep an eye on the area behind the bleachers, you know how kids are about that. Smokin, sex, alla that."

Bea gets somewhat distracted by the complicated order, licking her lips as if she's imaginging the flavor combination of each of those complicated burgers. But Penny's comment draws her attention back to her friend, "Mold? Do you have any of it left, or like…can you remember what it was like? I could add it to my book, if it was anything interesting." She laughs a little and adds with a conspiratorial wink, "I would make some good trades to know which kids were doing what with who behind those bleachers, for sure. It is like a good way to keep them busy, if you know that sort of thing."

Penny coughs. "Yeah, that got a little too crazy for a biology study. I had to burn it, get a nurse to keep an eye on the kid who had that locker. I was afraid he'd get pinkeye or somethin. I can talk more later about that one. But." She idly rubs the back of her neck as Mister Complex Order gets it together and waits for his food. "Ten to one they get one of his burgers wrong," she mutters with a sly grin. Then she looks back to Bea. "I don't know if you really want to hear about how the Pierson twins messed with Bobby Mandel. Poor boy's ego was in tatters for a while."

Bea laughs a little and shrugs, "Well, if they do get it wrong, then at least that could be good for us." An oh-so-subtle nod to the angry glamour that Frugal's workers so often create. She does, in fact, seem quite interested in the doings of the Pierson twins, making an almost visible mental note on that, and giving a little laugh, "Oh, it is good for kids to get their egos wrecked sometimes, otherwise they are just too cocky, and then just their expectations of the world are a little bit too high." She bounces a bit on her heels, starting to get eager as her own turn to order nears.

The room is full of varying levels of emotions, from the earlier anger of the woman behind them, to the joy of those who are getting their food, to the simmering frustration in the kitchen that matches the heat on the grills. "It's crazy. Teens are just all the emotions and the hormones and all that. We want them to grow up, and we don't trust them to act grown. They should all be explodin, ev-"

"Um. I asked for no onions on this Big Fruggie." Mister Complex Order has checked his food and has come up wanting. He gets back to the front of the line with his complaint, delaying the flow and causing the person who was just in the middle of her own order to sigh.

Bea bites her lip and then leans forward, noting helpfully, "Oh, I was just hoping to have /exactly/ that burger, with the onions. Can I take that one, since anyway you have to make his again and are just going to throw that one out?" She offers a friendly, innocent smile as she takes line-cutting to a whole new level. Hungry Bea needs food! She looks to Penny and notes, "Just for a snack, while we wait. We can split it, if you want." When the wrong-ordered burger is handed to her with a look of mixeed confusion, annoyance and disgust, she smiles even wider, and offers Mr. Complex Order a couple of pieces of candy in exchange. Then, the burger is opened, and a tiny bag with a dark powder is extracted from a pocket, and gets sprinkled on top. Bea whispers conspiratorially to Penny, "If I go nuts and start trying to kill people, just be sure to stop me, okay? But I am pretty sure I won't, and this bug spice is just going to add a little zing."

There is an interesting undercurrent of emotion when Bea injects her special brand of sweethearted chaos into the mix. The woman behind Penny just drops her jaw, spluttering. Penny can only offer her an exaggerated shrug. "Whatcha gonna do? They were just gonna toss the burger away," she says. Mister Complex Order seems mollified by the candy and a new correct burger. But now the person behind him has to wait longer for their burger. There is some muttered cursing, directed at MCO, at the manager, at the workers, at Bea.

Bea rips the burger in half, offering one piece (the smaller half, it may be noted) to Penny. She seems blithely unaware of the anger, or perhaps is just soaking it in as a sort of secondary 'meal'. "Anyway, if you ever want, since you were talking about friends and movie nights and stuff, then always there is a place for you to come and hang out up at the farm, you know. And just I am happy to have folks come and visit, just in case anything happens, like with the bugs that tried to eat Danny, who is one of my helpers. Or like, when The Man shows up, which you know he used to do sometimes, and was never even invited. But still, I know it is a far way away, so also, if you need friends to hang out with, I have a big van, and we can fit a lot of people into it, to come and visit you, you know. Plus there is ice cream in it, since it is my ice cream truck, and that is always a nice treat."

Penny takes the burger half with a grin. "Thanks, Bea." She then whispers back, "You know I got your back, even if we can't pinky swear. And sure I'll come over. I was just tryin to connect to folks who aren't in the club, if you know what I mean." She bites into the burger half, chews, swallows.

The manager comes out from the back to try and calm people down. She looks about as harried as expected, with a few strands of hair flying off here and there. "We are doing the best that we can. Please be patient as we deal with the increased volume."

"We gonna get free burgers like that hippie did?"

"Excuse me?"

Bea looks over at the person who just called her out, smiling sweetly and holding out her mostly eaten half of a burger, "If you want this, then just you are welcome to it, but then like…it is pretty much just eating out of the dumpster, which I don't mind, but you seem like someone who probably does." Hippy /and/ freegan, and proud of it, dang it. She leans in and whispers to Penny, "I think maybe we should get our burgers fast, since it seems like maybe they are planning to burn the place down or something, if they get any madder."

The person who called Bea out recoils from the offer of the rest of the partially eaten burger. "I don't want your half eaten trash, I want my own freshly made burger. Free."

Penny giggles and murmurs to Bea, "There's some irony in alla that," but puts on a completely straight face when that person glares at her with comic quickness.

The regular ordering seems to be almost back to normal, and Bea and Penny are next in line! But there is still an undercurrent of…"Free burger. Free burger. Free burger." People are chanting, and the chant is growing.

Bea rolls her eyes and points out, somewhat petualantly, "This one /was/ trash from the start, so just you wait your turn and don't bug these poor chefs." Yeah, Bea is generous, when it comes to giving titles to fellow food-workers. Looking up at the menu, she hmms and haws for…really, longer than necessary, given the current state of affairs, before finally beginning her order. It isn't as complex as the no-onions guy, but it is lengthy, given that she's just one Bea. Did you know Frugals had a secret menu, like In-n-Out? Neither does the staff, apparently, but Bea is insistent that she wants her half a dozen burgers 'Frugal-fied', and her two orders of fries, one order of onion rings, and two friend chicken wings all to be 'monster-style', all the sweetly-delivered demands made with a conspiratorial wink. Once she's done ordering enough for a football team, she looks to Penny, "What about you?"

The young man at the register blinks a few times as he gets Bea's order, which makes Mister Complex's order look like simple math to Bea's advanced calculus. He does his level best, then looks at Penny in confusion. "She's eating for three," Penny says to him in an exaggerated whisper to try and cover for her seemingly immense appetite. Then she says, "I'll just have a Big Fruggie, Fruggie fries, and a Fruggie shake. Vanilla." She's keeping it simple, because if she decided to troll an order, this place would explode.

"Free Burger, free burger, free burger…"

"She cut in front of me in line!"

Bea continues to ignore the chaos, paying for her order, and Penny's, and waiting at the counter like it's any ol' day. "Oh, for sure I am eating for three, or at least, this is the first meal I've had all day, and that is like…5 meals I've missed." Bea is possibly the closest thing the real world has to a hobbit. To Penny, she asks casually, "Wanna eat outside? It is like a pretty nice day, I think, even if it is a little cold."

The crowd calms down a little as Bea and Penny are out of the way. And that poor, poor woman who was insulted by Bea cutting in line is at the front. Finally. And making her order. Finally. And…

"I'm sorry, but we're out of chicken wings."

And here comes a staffer to hand Bea and Penny their food, clearly wanting them out of the place with the quickness. "You should check that," Penny advises Bea. "Make sure your wings are monster-style."

"What do you mean, you're out of chicken wings? She just ordered wings!" The woman points at Bea, J'accuse-style.

Bea gives Penny a sly little smile, clearly pleased at Penny playing the instegator. Bea does take a rather lengthy amount of time checking her order, finally saying, almost apologetically, "Looks about right." She turns to hurry toward the door and the outdoor seating, guarding her chicken wings like they are national treasures. "I've just been /craving/ the chicken here, even though I know it's totally the worst, and I can barely eat a half an order."

Penny watches Bea. Watches the room. Checks her own order. Waits patiently as Bea checks her food. She even checks her manicure while Bea makes sure she has her order. And walks alongside Bea as they leave the store, food in hand. When Bea makes her final comments, Penny opens the door for her, and whispers one word.


And the place explodes.




With a laugh, clearly finding the whole affair exilerating and fun, Bea follows orders and bolts through the door, bee-lining to her ice cream van, throwing open the back and clambering to the drivers seat, yelling, "Get in, quick!" If someone came by at just this moment, they'd probably assume Frugals had just been robbed. As soon as Penny is in the van, Bea steps on the gas, peeling out and racing, rather dangerously if truth be told, down the street, yelling out the window, "We're gonna eat every bird wing in this town!"

As Frugal's erupts in a near riot, Penny scrambles into the passenger's seat, giggling like a crazy clown. Ahem. She laughs and laughs and almost spills her shake in her lap, but manages to keep it upright, with a smear of vanilla on her shirt. "Woo! Woman, I don't know if I need to hang out more with you, or less!"

Once a fairly safe distance away, far enough at least that no one is likely to come and try to shank Bea for her wings, Bea pulls to a halt and takes a breathe, beaming at Penny. "Oh, for sure we should hang out more." This statement underlined with a big bite of chicken. "Just those guys need to remember not to take themselves so seriously, anyway. And besides, who is better than a Spring to remind everyone just how /much/ they want some good Frugal's, right?" Sighing happily, Bea looks to Penny and adds, "I am just glad that lady didn't hit us, since really, she looked like she wanted to, even after I gave her candy. But I think she was afraid of you, just a little, because you are Autumn, and super good at that."

Penny is almost breathless with laughter by the time the van comes to a halt. "Whew! Well, candy is good for calmin babies down, so it worked there too." She leans back in her seat and sips on her shake, basking in the moment and the glamour she managed to snag before they had to leave. "Aww, I just stared at her. A lot. That's Autumn 101. Make'm wonder if you're gonna do somethin, and *what* you might do. That'll scare anyone."

Bea giggles, and turns in her seat to /stare/ at Penny, her eyes bulging a bit at the effort. She even manages to (mostly) stay quiet for a whole minute, if only because she's got a mouth full of food. "Did I look scary?" The entirely un-frightening Beast asks hopefully, "Maybe Audgrim is right, and I could learn to be scary like an Autumn, if only it takes just staring at people."

Penny busts out laughing again. "Dangit Bea, that isn't fair! I know you so you don't scare me. But, I do think it would have worked on the people in that store. Especially after you gave them the candy. Because then they are wondering what you put in the candy."

Bea laughs along with Penny, hardly able to catch her breathe as she responds, "Oh, well if I /really/ wanted them to worry about that, then I would give them just a candy that'd turn them into a stone or something." This offered innocently, as if such a thing is perfectly normal to hand out. "But just people already wonder if I put, like, pot or something in my candy, and so maybe I will try that, and see what happens." This seems to be a novel idea to her, that such a thing could be used to frighten people. With a deep gasp for breathe, she tries to get control of her giggles, the laughter rendering her momentarily speechless.

Penny snorts. "Why waste your edibles on people who won't even appreciate them?" She then pauses. "But. The rumor of pot in candy is good. Nice and scary."

Bea nods, seeming pleased that Penny approves of her plan to scare people with a little Reefer Madness. "I will try it then, and just maybe give you some, and Quiet, and whoever else in Autumn is around still and awake, so you can scare people with it too." A beat and she asks, mumbling around the tail end of burger number one, "So…I hear you have some ring, that is like the mirrors and the crowns, only just….a ring." Subtle, Bea is not.

Penny shrugs. "I have a ring that I found in the Hedge," she says, speaking openly since they are in an ice cream van and not in the middle of a fast food restaurant. "I don't know if the ring is related to all this other stuff, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is. So." She gets back to eating her burger.

Bea looks interested, and pouts a little at the lack of details. "Well, that is pretty cool. Eddie thinks they are, just like all related, like you said. But I think just we got a little too complicated with this trap we set, if you ask me." She digs in to burger number two, chipmunking a couple of fries into her mouth along with the big bite to console herself.

Penny tilts her head in confusion. "What trap are you talkin about? I know I'm Autumn, but I'm not the brainy type." She chomps her burger, and realizes that Bea has eaten way more than she has already. "You are an eatin machine."

Bea stifles a burp and notes cheerfully, "Oh, well just I am always working, and on the run, and that takes a lot of fuel, you know." It probably /is/ a good thing she leads such an active life, or she'd be obscenely overweight, if her ability to pound back the burgers is any indication. "Anyway, just this trap, with the sleeping, and the sickness, and the mirrors and the crowns and the promises not working, and all of that. Just, it for sure is something we did to ourselves, I am pretty sure."

Penny sighs. "It's funny, if we find out what we were trying to hide from or protect by going through all this, we'll probably be provin ourselves right for goin through the Big Sleep in the first place. But we're not gonna be satisfied until we find out, are we?"

Bea shakes her head emphatically, "Oh, for /sure/ we aren't going to be happy until we find out. At least I won't, and I know Eddie will just go nuts if it is like some unsolved mystery. So probably it is gonna get pretty crazy around here. But still, I had some goblin bugs show up at my place, and /maybe/ I am hoping to turn them into like a little army, sort of, and maybe that will help against the birds."

"What." Penny's demeanor goes serious. "Goblin. Bugs. Goblin bugs." She slowly shakes her head. "Oh why not? Goblin bugs! Yeah, send them to fight the birds. At the very best, they'll take'm out, and the worst, they'll be a delayin tactic."

Bea nods, smiling a little, "Exactly! And just, they are like a freehold themselves, or at least that is what I have heard, so then maybe they will fight for us, like we are one. But I am going to go talk to them, and at least tell them they can't attack my workers. If you want to come along, just me and Audgrim are probably gonna go tomorrow or the next day, to see if we can find their hive."

"I'll see what I can do. I have to check on some stuff at the school that doesn't look right." Penny finishes her food, then jams all her trash into the bag. "Thanks for the lunch and the entertainment, Bea. And good luck with those bugs." She opens her door, hops out, closes it, and walks down the side of the road.

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