(2018-03-04) The Deal of the Art, Part 2
The Deal of the Art, Part 2
Summary: Negotiations continue, and Audgrim brings help.
Date: 2018-03-04
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Tyla, Veronica

Main Floor - Harrington Estate - South of Town

A sense of openness can be found within the main room of the lodge. The rustic appearance of rough wood walls, polished golden oak floors, and the tall cathedral ceilings that boast rough hewn beams only highlight the beauty of the dark river rock fireplace and the views of the foothills and mountains that can be taken in from the windows that grace the front of the lodge.

Comfortable seating is arranged in several groupings in this room. One is centered around the fireplace, for cozy conversation when warmth can be gained from the fire lit within the deep hearth. Another is centered around the expansive entertainment center that boasts all the latest electronics and a flat screen TV. The seating is all comfortable in dark green. Pillows are tossed here and there, along with a stack of larger ones to be used for lounging on the floor. Several area rugs are laid out on the floor, the dark jewel tones picking up the shades used in other places.

Several doors can be found here opening to other areas to be used by those that come here that include a generous guest bath. Along the wall opposite the fireplace is the stairs that lead to the second floor, a partial balcony overlooking the main room from it's small library alcove.

The infamous Harrington Estate. The infamous Veronica Lambert. If all the rumors are true, one expects an atmosphere that brings to mind a cross between Eyes Wide Shut and Rosemary's Baby, all dark shadows, cultish menace, and lots of leather. But even though the place is clearly for the well-to-do, it's not scary. The outside and inside are tasteful and colorful and well lit. And the person who greets the group at the door is not a bodyguard or functionary, but Veronica Lambert herself, wearing a pink sweater, khaki pants, and light brown heels. "Oh my! Hello there! Welcome! Oh, I see you've brought a friend! Come in, come in!"

Audgrim has fancied himself up slightly, with a pair of clean jeans, black T-shirt and his boots have been polished. That old grey trench coat is still worn however, because it's a good coat. And of course, he's got his violin. Entering with Tyla, he's curious about the house, only knowing what a few rumors has given him. "Hello Veronica, nice to see you again. This is Tyla, she will help me. She is my girlfriend," he explains matter of fact, "but also good at things like papers." He lets out a little whistle, looking around.

Tyla smiles in greeting and idly looks around. It's not so much gawking as glancing around to see what has changed; she's been here before. In fact she was going to buy the place until she went in the basement. In the end though it just didn't have the vibe she was going go. "Hello." She says to Veronica, smiling as she extends a hand. "It's very nice to meet you." Her voice is musical and downright distracting. She's also blushing slightly, probably from Audgrim's proclamation. Probably. She doesn't quite look towards the door to the basement.

"So, is she your River Queen?" Veronica laughs at her own joke, then takes Tyla's hand for a handshake. "It is a pleasure to meet you Tyla. It is good to know that he has such a charming young woman as his support. Support is so important in this business, you know." Veronica tone is warm and friendly, her clothes are expensive yet tasteful, she's fully made up, not a hair is out of place, and she smells of an expensive perfume that would probably be placed behind the counter. "So, would anyone like a drink? I have sparkling water if you don't care to indulge."

Audgrim tilts his head, listening to the two getting acquainted with one ear as he's already wandering further into the house, gawking at the size of it. "Water thanks," he answers distractedly. "Tyla will read contract too. Need to be contract that is good for us both, and bad for none."

Tyla smiles and follows with Audgrim. "Water too please. Bottled though, if you have it. I never understood the whole sparkling water bit." Tyla admits. "I'm sure it will be fine." Tyla tries to assure Audgrim, slipping her hand into his. "Although I admit I am curious about it, Audgrim didn't say too much about how everything led up to a contract." She explains to Veronica.

"Water it is, then." Veronica walks away, and is gone for a moment; the house is rather large, and she clearly doesn't have any staff. But she quickly returns with a tray. On the tray is three cold glass bottles of fancy spring water (not sparkling), three glasses, a container full of ice, and a small bowl with lemon slices. The woman can't even get water without a presentation. "Ice? Lemon?" As she prepares the drinks, she says, "Oh, Audgrim was busking and I was just enraptured by his style and skill. It's a very raw sound."

Audgrim has found himself a seat and sprawled out lazily, with the violin leaning up against the chair. He nods to what Veronica is saying, adding to Tyla: "I play on street, Veronica buy me burger, we talk about my music. Record it, put it on the internet - but not with my name. Using the name River King. And never leaving Port Angeles, and my face not seen." He glances at the water, "Lemon please," and stands up briefly to accept a glass.

Tyla shakes her head, still smiling and just takes a bottle of water for herself. "No thanks." She says pleasantly and sits down next to where Audrgim was sitting as she cracks open the bottle. "That's odd?" She offers as she takes a little sip of the water and tips the bottle in Veronica's direction to say thank you. "I mean, didn't you used to be on television?" She asks carefully. "I know it's not unheard of to change from one form of entertainment to something else. That guy from Sha Na Na became a forensic linguist." She offers. "But I don't know what you would need a contract for to put something on the internet. Unless you were offering to pay for a studio and sound engineers and all that?" she asks as she takes another little sip.

"Used to. There are a lot of 'used to be on television' people in the world. Many of them are former child actors like myself," Veronica explains. There is still a little regret in her voice, even though she's clearly talked about this many, many times. "Cute can only get you so far, and puberty can be a monster. No one wants that gawky kid. Many of us go into other careers. Some of us stay in the industry as writers, directors, producers, or…talent managers like myself." She smiles warmly, capping her little speech. "You are correct, Tyla. I am trying to provide Audgrim with a wider platform for his work. Anyone can grab their guitar, go into their bedroom, record an acoustic cover of "Bad and Boujee", and put it on YouTube. I'm trying to give Audgrim something better."

Audgrim seem to think this is all part of an adventure, so it's probably a good thing Tyla is along. "Internet. TV. Many people can listen to me play. When I was younger, I wanted to play - but couldn't. Now, I can," he explains, sipping the water carefully, remembering mostly how to behave around humans. Though if Veronica could see it, she'd see his tail dancing around behind him in wide arcs. "Will be lot of work. But, not leaving Port Angeles."

"Well, people have been discovered on Youtube, like Justin Beiber, those girls on Nashville, and I'm pretty sure that one guy on Glee too, or at least got their start on Youtube, the sheer amount of content that is uploaded even in an hour, it's something stupid like four days with of content is uploaded every hour or something like that just getting out there isn't going to do much to get noticed." Tyla explains, to the room. "So what can you offer Audgrim that he can't do by himself?" She still has that smile while she talks to Veronica, but like Audgrim's tail her hair flickers and swirls restlessly, unseen. "If you just want to rent a studio and get recorded and out on the net," Tyla offers Audgrim, "I can pay for that, and no need for a contract, or you leaving. Plus, I'll sing with you." She offers.

Audgrim always has something to eat, and he digs out a chocolate bar that he now munches on, while sipping water. "Good questions," he notes to Veronica, and he gives Tyla a thoughtful look. "I think maybe Veronica knows the right people so it would be more easy?" He lofts an eyebrow at the talent hunter.

Veronica hands Audgrim his water with lemon. There is a tight little smile on her face as she listens to Tyla. She's nodding, carefully. "Oh my. If I'd known you had such an amazing support network, I might have walked on by, Audgrim. Clearly, Tyla can rent the studio. And provide vocals." There might be the faintest hint of sarcasm or frustration in her words. "What I am offering is connections. There will be concerts here in Port Angeles over the spring and summer and into the fall. I know the people running them." Or she will know them. "But this is your decision."

"I think we can do this," Audgrim suggests. "Tyla can work with us. And we write a /short/ contract. If not working - we lose little, both of us." He's willing to give Veronica a chance, but also conceding the fact Tyla has a good point. "Let say - record three songs? I realise you need to make money. I can take little first three songs, if they sell good, we can make new contract." He gestures with his glass at Tyla. "What you think?"

"I think I would want to know what other musicians you have already under contract, and see how well they are doing." Tyla admits, not changing her tone. "And what sort of social media presence they have." She chews on her bottom lip, hair flicking restlessly. "What experience you have with this and what exactly your plan would entail. Because I'm failing to see how a concerts in one city would do in the long run to get him world-wide attention." Maybe a little sarcastic herself.

"I have Creepwell Then Sleepwell under contract. They are performing at Coachella. I have Funk-a-Dunk under contract and they have just finished a US tour promoting their second album." Veronica speaks calmly, but her emotions are clearly simmering. She mutters under her breath, "Should have known the girlfriend would get in the way." She clears her throat in an attempt at gathering herself together. "Ahem. As you can see, I have bonafides. Not many, but I have them. Perhaps Audgrim is right and we can work together, which would mean that you'd get a greater share of the profits."

Audgrim scratches the side of his head, staring between the two women. He gives Tyla a hopeful look, then stands up so he can pace around restlessly, picking the violin up and taking it out - he plucks at it and just makes some nice sounds on it, to accentuate this hard bargaining.

Tyla smiles sweetly and shakes her head, though her hair flickers a bit more. "Oh I don't give a rats ass about the profits." She takes a sip of the water. "I just care that Audgrim isn't taken advantage of. I mean it's kinda of skeevy trying to get someone to sign a contract without any lawyers around, isn't it? I mean, I can certainly go look up the bands. Just saying a thing doesn't make it so, right? And you having people on tour still doesn't explain how you plan on getting Audgrim world wide exposure without ever having to leave the area?" She gives a little shrug. "I don't think you should, Audgrim, not even a short contract without that contract being looked at by a lawyer who knows these things. But i will support whatever you choose." She takes another small sip with a shrug. "But like I said, if you wait, I'll sing with you like you keep asking."

"If it would make you more comfortable with the arrangement," Veronica offers to Audgrim, "please contact your legal assistance and have them look over the contract. Clearly there will need to be adjustments. I was going to ask for ten percent, which is standard, but with the addition of your vocalist," she nods to Tyla, "I am willing to bump down to five." She walks over to a table and hands them a copy of the contract. It gives Veronica the responsibility for booking, studio time, promotion, and any further business deals. Audgrim would get 90 percent of any profits. The all important rider states that Audgrim would never leave Port Angeles and that he would wear a mask for any visual performances. There are other parts of the contract that would probably concern Tyla since they deal with how much money Audgrim would be in the hole for various charges. It's almost like a venture capitalist investing in a company and expecting a profit.

"Take this to your lawyer. It isn't that much different from the usual, but I'm open to changes," Veronica says, a tad brittle but trying to hide it.

It was a damn good thing he asked Tyla for help, probably. "We show it to lawyer, we come back. Tyla, you don't have to do all the work - she can. We make a good contract, everyone happy. It will be alright," Audgrim says, packing up his violin and letting Tyla take the paperwork. If he takes it, it'll be all grubby and wrinkly before it ends up in any lawyer hands.

Tyla takes the paperwork, as she stands up and looks over it briefly. "Oh, you mis-understand." Tyla says to Veronica. "I'm not part of the deal. If he wants Audgrim wants me to sing with him, it won't be under contract with someone else." Tyla explains.

"Thank you for the clarification, Tyla." Veronica puts on that tight smile again. "I look forward to speaking with you again, along with your lawyer. Thank you for stopping by, it has been a pleasure."

"Thank you!" Audgrim says, giving Veronica a broad, charming grin. He's not worried about the tension. He gives a wave and heads out with Tyla.

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