(2018-03-09) Scrawny Little Coat Rack
Scrawny Little Coat Rack
Summary: A certain sleuth attracts very strong feelings about his person.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-09)
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Player Characters: Ida, Gwen, Audgrim

| Brundle Investigations |
A room of hazy lights and lots of shadows. A trio of windows would offer a spectacular view of the bay, but they are hung with nicotine yellow blinds that seem permanently glued in the 'closed' position judging by how speckled they are with flyshit and the permanent bends and tears in the old plastic where someone has roughly bent them apart. Over and over and over again.

There are shapes in the half-dark. An uncomfortable looking loveseat and rickety side-table faces a bulky oak desk with a large armchair behind it. On top of the desk is a crossword collection. In a corner is a cheap office chair and a smaller rolltop bearing a beige computer that looks to be from the 80s, along with a matching elder coffee maker. Next to the door is a coat rack, and numerous boxes line the walls, several seemingly permanently employed as makeshift filing systems. Yellowed photos adorn the walls. The magazines on the side table are years out of date and contribute to the musty smell of the place. Somewhere a hidden radio plays jazz made sibilant with white noise.

A Gibson Girl lookalike just over six feet tall, Ida's considerable endowments only accentuate her curvaceousness, with legs to fire the fevered imaginations of artists everywhere. The still shapely hands sport thin, long, curious fingers terminating in sharp points like the limbs of some carnivorous insect. Shimmering, darkly gemstone iridescent hair has been gathered into a high french braid with the thigh-length excess left loose, silky ringlets dangling to frame her face and play off her metallic gold skin.

Slightly oversized, her eyes have black compound spheres in lieu of iris and pupil, the sclera still white but opalescent, caught in a mesh of laugh lines as fine as gossamer. Severe cheekbones hollow her cheeks, faint dimples by the corners of sumptuously full lips. Her teeth are shockingly white and flawless, albeit sharper and more numerous than the human norm.

She wears a perfectly tailored 1940s walking suit in pearl grey virgin wool with black silk lining, its pencil skirt pleated strategically for beautiful movement. A white silk blouse shows some ruffle at the cuffs and collar, tiny mother-of-pearl buttons glimmering. The sturdy block heels of her shiny black little leather shoes adds a few inches yet to her height, while still allowing quick movement. When out in the rain a distressed crimson leather trench with a profusion of pockets helps keep her both warm and purseless. Her only jewelry is an cut-rate chain around her neck with a double pair of viciously bent and twisted gold rings as ghoulish pendant.

Tall at around 6' 2", muscular without being bulky, the most striking features of this man is the thin curved horns on his head, the golden semiglowing eyes, gray and weathered skin, the tail that ends with an arrowhead-shaped sharp point and the clawed fingertips with webbing between the fingers, suggesting an aquatic background as well as something darker. His dark hair is shoulderlength and unkempt and intertwined with a few strands of dark green seaweed. His eyes are deeply set, cheekbones are high, nose is straight and chin is well defined. Whiter lines at the eyes and mouth suggest somone older than 30. A thick stubble suggests he shaves very irregularly.
He wears a flannel shirt in grey and green that looks fairly new, a pair of black well-used cargo pants with plenty of pockets and a hole in the back to accomodate his tail, and black gloves on his hands that he's cut off the fingers on. A pair of sturdy black boots must have been old ten years ago. On top of this is an old grey trench-coat that fits him well. He carries a violin case on his back.

Around 5'4" with strands of golden-red ribbons and strips of bronze metal for hair. This woman is some sort of automaton. Her skin is some sort of pale blue metal. Her joints are all affixed with balls, that same metal but a little darker. Her eyes are bright blue gems that never seems to blink or blink too much and too fast. They tend to stare off unfocused as well.

She wears a pair of dark blue jeans that have holes in the knees, and a heavy black sweater. The arms of the sweater are just a little too long, and swallow most of her hands. Only her fingertips can be seen. Over the top of the sweater is a leather jacket that is equally, just a little too long. Her shoes are scuffed work boots.

It's a lovely Friday afternoon outside. The sky is a hazy shade of blue, the sun is out, the air is as dead still as ever. There's a tentative few rays of light trying to make it through the crooked old blinds, but not with much success. The hidden radio is playing a faint moody piano and saxophone jazz number. The armchair behind the big desk is noticeably empty, no sleuth in sight. Rather it is Ida in office, seated on a new looking Ikea office chair while poking away at the ancient computer. Every now and then she picks up the phone, pushes a digit, holds it up to her ear - "the number you are trying to reach is" - frowns and puts it back down again.

Audgrim hasn't tried to be quiet reaching Eddie's office, so Ida can probably hear footsteps outside heralding someone's arrival before there's a quick knock. He doesn't wait for an answer however, but pushes the door open and wanders inside when he hears some sounds from inside, assuming Eddie is in there. "Eddie, hi, I-." Audgrim stops dead in his track, his tail high up in the air behind him also pausing as he stares at Ida, like someone who isn't sure if he even went though the right door. Like most Lost would, he reacts with suspicious, eyes narrowing a tad.

"Eddie Brundle, I swear to god." comes the vexed voice of Gwen as she storms through the doors. "You scrawny little coat rack pretending to be a-" She cuts off when she comes through the doors to find not only Audgrim but Ida, and no Eddie. She huffs a moment and smiles pleasantly to the Fairest. "Ida. Hello. Is Eddie here?"

"I am sorry, Mr. Brun—" Ida is about to greet Audgrim when yon blueskinned woman makes her entry, and she almost laughs. Stifling it, with one hand, she mutely shakes her head to Gwen, strange eyes crinkling at the corners. "I am sorry. Eddie is currently out of office, as you can see. Ah. Is there something I may assist you both with?" She attempts an innocent expression, though her lips quirk upwards at the corners. Adding to the tailed fellow's benefit, "You might think of me as his assistant."

Audgrim's beastly brain tries to makes sense of this new development. There's now two new presences in the office, and he shuffles to the side so he can give Gwen an equally suspicious stare, flexing his clawed fingers. Then he remembers something - something about being polite; he shoots the two women a broad, toothy and oddly charming grin before he slouches down on the love seat. Sprawling out with long legs crossed at the ankles. "I think I needed to ask Eddie something. I will remember soon. I am Audgrim. Nice to meet you both."

"Gwen." says the blue-skinned doll to Audgrim, she eyes him with a hint of suspicion shot right back at him. Her gaze shifts toward Ida and she says, "I got to have words with Mr. Brundle, but they aren't suitable for mixed company, so I'll wait until I pin that little—" She shoots a glance at Audrim, "Until I can catch him for a meeting."

"I am Ida Redd. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Audgrim, and to see you again, Gwen. You are welcome to wait, I am sure Eddie will not mind." The tall Fairest tilts her head a little to the side, smiling pleasantly. "May I offer you something to drink or a snack? I am afraid the coffee is of a particular quality that is something of an acquired taste," she gestures towards the elder coffee pot with its black sluggish tarlike contents, "but there is mineral water, soda, and I believe some beer. And chips."

"Gwen, Ida," Audgrim repeats, giving both of them a nod. He at first seem reluctant to stand up - he's lazy - but the offer of beer and chips is too tempting; he shoots to his feet languidly and goes to help himself, as he knows this office fairly well by now. "I have beer, and chips," he explains, "but no coffee. Eddie likes coffee, but his coffee is not very good. I think maybe we should get him a nice coffee machine." His accent is obvious, and for those that know it, it's clearly Scandinavian. Not hard to understand however, and his voice is pleasantly raspy. "Wanted to see Eddie about birds. And lighthouse. And mirrors. So many things in this town, hurts my brain."

Audgrim's phone buzzes, that text message thing - he quickly looks at it, and types a response.
|+phone| Audgrim says, "OK! I come home in maybe 1 hour. We can drink together."

Gwen finds herself a place to perch and eyes Audgrim for a moment. To Ida she says, "Yes, lets get Eddie a fancy coffee maker, and make certain we throw out his old pot." There's a vicious gleam in her eyes. A little shake of her head is given and she looks at Audgrim once more, "Birds and mirrors?"

"I believe the contents are reaching a vintage he has been looking forwards to," Ida explains mildly, nudging the coffee pot to hide behind a stack of manila folders tied together with string. "I have considered investing in a fancier machine for my own benefit, but I fear it would just be used to make more of the…" she searches for words. "More of the *Brew*." She tilts her head at Audgrim, unintentionally birdlike in gesture. Or insectoid. "Birds and lighthouses and mirrors… Yes, I have been informed something of what is going on. Did something new happen?" She opens a can of mineral water and pours herself a glass.

Audgrim gives Gwen a farewell wave as the woman bolts out as quickly as she came - some emergency on the phone or something - and then leans half-sitting on Eddie's desk, tail lazily swinging back and forth behind him, having gotten himself a beer and a bag of chips. He eyes the coffee machine, messily munching the treats; in fact, him and Eddie probably get along very well when it comes to eating. Not much of good table manners. "Best leave his machine," he agrees, not wanting Eddie's wrath. "We go see lighthouse tonight, because there are many birds watching it, and we think the birds watch houses that mean something. Maybe there is other mirror there." He stares curiously at Ida, realising something: "Did you come here now or did you live here a long time? I am new. I came from the Ship a… not too long ago."

"Both," Ida replies as she sips her sparkling water. "I was here several years ago-" she pauses, considering her words before continuing with a simple, "- and then just recently I returned. You were pulled in just like the rest of us, you felt the draw of the place?" She is quite comfortable in her seat, apparently having adjusted its many little levers and things to fit just so.

Audgrim nods his understanding - he's heard similar stories from others. But her question surprises him a little. "You are first to ask. I escape Duke's ship, and I swam here - but it was like I know where to swim. I follow… a feeling. Something. So maybe the call help me escape. Or maybe I just swim on the right paths from instinct." He finishes his beer and leaves half the bag of chips on Eddie's desk. "Have go go home, I live with Tyla, she needed some things. But tell Eddie I came by? And I hope to see you soon again. Friend of Eddie - friend of mine." He shoots her another broad grin, and then he's just wandering out, not big on long farewells.

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