(2018-03-10) You Will Suffer
You Will Suffer
Summary: Denver is an incredible badass. Eddie… helps.
Date: 2018-03-10
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Player Characters: Denver, Eddie, Cobalt as ST

Taking a mystical crown of eldritch power, no matter whose possession it is in, is a bad idea. It's an incredibly bad idea. So, Denver went off to the local Stalmart Neighborhood Market, the grocery store version of the megachain Stalmart, to get herself some food.

It's been raining all day, of course. Pouring buckets.

The trip through the store is uneventful, even if she gets stuck behind an old woman using two year old coupons, and shouting about how she isn't getting good service.

There's a cart full of food in front of Denver. It will probably last her a good day or two, but it's something! Rainy days mean a lot of snacking, of course. In the cart, next to the food, is a large metal case, almost as big as she is. Those that know her probably already know the beast of a weapon that lies inside, but she can't very well walk around with a sword strapped to her back, so it's as discreet as she can manage. Red eyes roll into the back of her skull as the woman shouts about bad service. "It's taking literally all of my self control not to plow this cart into your ankles, you old biddy. Your dumbass didn't use the coupons in time, and it's not the cashier's fault. If you don't shut up and pay, I'm going to see how long it takes me to shove this entire cart up your backside."

Eddie doesn't do much grocery shopping, between the bounteous dumpsters of Port Angeles and the fact that people keep making the mistake of feeding him. Still, you can save almost fifteen cents a pack on cigarettes here, if you buy three packs at once, so here he is. He's waiting two lanes over, in the 15 items or less lane, waiting impatiently with a can of coffee under one arm. He hasn't noticed Denver, yet. He's too caught up in the Archie Digest they've got over the magazine racks. "Reggie, you piece of shit," he mutters, waiting for his turn at the register.

The old woman turns toward Denver, shaking just a little bit. "Why! Are you jsut going to-! This neighborhood has gone to hell!" She snatches up her purse from her cart and goes straight for the doors, leaving all her food behind.

Outside the rain pours even harder.

Denver is small, but still intimidating, glowering at the woman as she turns to her. "Not so good when you're the one being treated like shit is it, you old bat?" she calls after the woman with a huff. She turns to the cashier, nudging a chin up in greeting. "Sorry about that. I can empty this cart out so you can put her stuff in here?" she offers. An ear twitches as she hears a familiar voice, peeking up around the shelving that separated the registers. "Hey Eddie."

Eddie startles a little to hear his name, all absorbed in Jughead and a little out of it after the ordeal of the past couple of days. He moves to take cover behind the soda fridge, then recognizes who's talking. "Oh," he says, "Denver." He peeks around, himself, and lets out a whistle when he spots her cart. Impressed. "You know they're running two-for-one on those shitty little frozen pizzas."

The cashier just smiles at Denver, the smile of someone who REALLY just wants to get this over with and go home.

"Oh yeah, I got four of 'em," Denver says with a grin. She gets the woman's smile, hurrying through her own order and helping her bag everything up. She pays and then just gives a nod and a quick thanks. "Might be good for a midnight snack. I don't have an oven or anything, but that doesn't stop me. They're just as good frozen." She grabs her weapon case and slings it over a shoulder before grabbing her bags as well. "What are you getting? Anything good?" She peeks.

"A woman after my own heart," Eddie says, holding up his can of coffee and waggling it around over the top of the aisles. His turn in line, so he sets it dwon on the conveyer belt and steps forward. The comic goes on there too, but he doesn't show that off. "Three packs," he tells his cashier, pointing up at the little glass case full of cigarettes, "the shorts." He pays and he's through the line in a minute, and he goes to wait at the end of Denver's aisle for her to finish. The bagger's a little annoyed, but he doesn't care.
And so the two changelings manage to escape the grocery store and go about their business with nothing happening…


….When Denver makes it outside with her groceries she finds that there is is a man perched upon her car. And birds perched upon all the cars sitting next to her.

"Those things'll kill ya," Denver says of the cigarettes as they meander out of the store together. The rain dances down over her licking flames. They don't extinguish, of course, but there's little hissing sounds as the water and fire blend together. She's starting to fish for her keys when she notices the man on top of her car, an arm jerking out to try to keep Eddie from moving any closer. Putting a piece of her own body in front of him. The bags are dropped a moment later. "Eddie, I'm going to need you to grab the sword out of the case on my back," she murmurs, eying the man, then the birds, then the man again. She's coming to really hate birds.

"Worse things have tried, lately," Eddie says, pulling the plastic off a pack and starting to tear the foil as they step outside, before he remembers that it's raining. He looks up hatefully, and pockets the smokes. He hasn't even got his coat to keep the water off him, tonight. He walks right into Denver's arm and stops and looks ahead. "For instance," he murmurs, and he goes to do as he's told with the sword.

The man perched upon Denver's car leaps up off of it, and flings his hands into the air. As he does this he throws … something up into it … and the world around them goes dark. Street lights, signs, everything flickers and goes out..

All electronics going dark.

The shit is hitting the fan, again, but at least Eddie has a Summer to hide behind this time. He goes to work doing the squire act, like she instructed, getting the sword out of the case and handing it over as quick as he's able. He's never actually held a sword before, and it shows.

"So what? Bird-bitch too afraid to come do her own dirty work?" Denver growls as the volcanic rock begins to harden and crack along her flesh. Lava curls through the cracks, warm and toasty even in the pouring rain. She reaches a hand out from the sword, taking it up in her hands. "Stay behind me," she tells Eddie as the birds begins to plink and flop off of her stoned skin. She lets out a ferocious roar as she launches towards the man, leaving a streak of light as she slams the massive blade into his side.

The man catches a sword strike that /surely hurts/. It seems to cleave the "man's" body in half… He's thrown back away from Denver, skidding on the ground… Only for his body to merge back together as if he were made from slime or jello. The man draws from his jacket a shining, shining pistol.. And aims it right at Denver and pulls the trigger over and over, shooting what is clearly not normal bullets at her.

Meanwhile, another swarm of birds takes flight and divebombs at Eddie.

"Eddie! Get ready!" Denver's voice is pure gravel as she takes the bullets, even through all of that volcanic stone. "Shit," she mutters in pain, but it only seems to make her a little more angry, which probably isn't the best thing to do what it comes to Summers. The roar from before is nothing compared to the noise that comes trembling out of the tinyOgre as she launches forward again. This time is a more careful shot, aiming for his arm. The sword makes a terrible slicing noise, cleaving cleanly into the birdman again. It might be dark, but those red eyes are glowing with pure magma and a purer rage.

Eddie's pretty busy slapping at birds and getting pecked at, but he hears the ogre's command and he trusts her to know what she's doing. He sure as hell doesn't. When that hand comes off he sort of gets the idea, running forward as fast as he can ducking low and diving for the gun. He doesn't seem to expect the hand to fight back, though, and the ensuing wrestling match is as intense as it is pathetic. "Oh, get FUCKED!" he shouts, finally dislodging the hand and stomping it to goo against the pavement.

It's like pulling something from a very, very adhesive glue. Eddie pulls, and pulls, and it comes free… And the hand snaps backward, and smacks hard into the man's own body … and this seems to be the final straw… For the body just … melts…

Bursting a part, and melting like sugar in rain.

There's a blink of surprise as the hand launches back towards the body, slapping itself in the face. Rocky brows arch as the body begins to melt and ooze. "That's gross," she mutters as she starts to take a few steps back, still hovering protectively in front of Eddie in case those birds get any ideas. She holds the sword in one hand, point to her eyes with the other, and then back at the birds. "Tell that bitch I'm coming for her soon," she snarls, lava-like blood melting out of the gaping rend in her stone armor.

"Yeah," Eddie says, lamely, "what she said." The new gun hangs kind of limply at the end of his arm as he watches what's left of the guy who had it melt away in the rain. He could really use a 72 hour nap right about now. He wobbles there for a minute, then looks over at Denver, slowly taking stock of her injuries. "Shit, that's got to hurt. Can you do the Ogre Buffet, or should we get you out to Forks?"

The street lights start to flicker on… is that sirens in the distance?

The bird swarms coalesce together nearby, forming into a person. Soft, trilling laughter fills the air. "You will suffer."

"I suffer anytime I think of that ugly mug of yours. Get plucked, feather bitch." Denver keeps Eddie behind her, whispering back. "What's a little pain?" That looks like it's a lot more than just a little pain, the way the lava is just oozing out of her. Her free hand comes up to push over one of the wounds, trying to get keep her insides where they belong.

The bird-thing lifts its hand, and slashes out toward Denver. A sudden burst of wind slams into the woman, propelling her backward, before the bird-thing pronounces, "I could end you now… but you. will. suffer." Then they burst back into the birds and explode up into the sky.

Skidding backwards, Denver lets out a sharp noise as the wind slams into her. She slams the blade into the cement, using the drag to help stop her backwards momentum. "Oh, I'm going to need an Ogre Buffet," she tells Eddie, answering his question belatedly. "You think there's a place open right now, because I'm going to need it served by a stranger." She shifts the sword, yanking it from the ground and stumbling a couple of feet towards the Winter. "Heeeeey," she offers with a vaguely delirious grin. "You got a new toy out of it, yeah?"

Eddie steps out of the way just in time to avoid being pulverized by flying ogre. So much for hiding behind the Summer. He watches back over his shoulder as Denver comes to her skidding stop, then forward to watch the bird lady dissolve into her constituent fowl. He heaves a sigh, and tucks his new gun somewhere up under his soaking suit jacket. "Yeah, c'mon. There's this Chinese place around the street where the owners owe me favor. Try not to catch my car on fire."

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