(2018-03-11) Lavender Field of Dreams
Lavender Field of Dreams
Summary: Tyla finds some things she's lost - something sparkly, and a memory
Date: IC Date (2018-03-11)
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Player Characters: Tyla, Cobalt as ST

It takes Tyla several, several hours to find anything. Well anything more than bits and bobs, coins, and other detris. She finally finds a dirt encrusted bracelet. She manages to get it cleaned off some with water from a waterbottle.
It appears to be a diamond bracelet; with the pales, clearest diamonds she's ever seen. Little diamond icles dangling down from the silver of the bracelet's band.

It tinkles ever so slightly when she shakes it.

Tyla turns it over, holds it up to the sun to have a look at it, and pulls it close to have a look. She's not usually a big fan of jewelry, she doesn't really actually know diamonds and get the appeal. Sure, they sparkle, and lots of things do, but she usually finds them rather plain. The big thing she looks for is to see if the clasp is broken; because if it is, maybe it's the thing she had and lost? Money isn't an issue to her, but even if it isn't the thing she lost she's not normally so careless as to just loose something like this.

The clasp is, indeed, broken… But when sheet turns it over she sees an enscription on it. There on it reads: "To S- from T-"… And it's almost as if the bracelet has shocked her.

The world spins around her for a moment, and she finds herself standing before a silver haired woman, with beautiful lavender eyes. They're walking in this very, very field. Talking quietly.
"It'll be okay, Tee." She says, only she calls her that "Tee", not "Ty". "I don't mind doing it."

Tyla blinks a bit and nods as she looks around frowning slightly. Her hair rolls and flickers worriedly.

"It's not so much that you don't mind but, it's not something you just mind doing or not. It's not a little thing. You aren't just baking cookies. Why do you have to be the one to do it?" Tyla finally asks, hair drooping a little.

The lavender eyed woman smiles at Tyla a little bit more, leaning forward to brush her fingers tenderly over that drooping hair. Petting it like one would their favorite cat. As they walk she splays the fingers of her other than through the fragrant lavender stalks. "Because I'm the oldest in town." A twinkle of her lavender eyes. "I know it seems like I'm young." She waves at herself. "A perk of being so close to the Wyrd. I have the most memories, the most knowledge to give."

"So?" Tyla mumbles quietly. "You could look at it another way too! There is so much going on in science, who knows how long people will live now?" She argues. "It could go the other way too, right? Memories that haven't happened will still be memories." She picks a bit of lavender as they walk, picking it apart lightly as they walk. "And aren't some of those memories from when you were there? So do they even count as memories, if you can't remember them?"

"I remember more from my durance than most do." says S…asha? Sarenia… Her name is right there, but it's gone again, so quickly. She gives a little shrug of her shoulders and says, "Because we need Lucas to do his hoodoo. We need Eddie to latch on like he does, and find things. We need you to remind everyone to keep looking. We need Penny, and Thomas, and all the others to do their parts. My part is to give up my memories." She bumps her shoulder against Tyla's. "It'll be okay. You'll still remember me."

Tyla grins at the woman, hair rolling a little happier, but still disturbed and annoyed. "Well yeah, I remember nearly everything though. That's nothing new." She agrees. "But you won't remember me, or us, or any of it." Tyla chews on her lower lip, picking at the lavender. "And why can't we just do the crown thing like we have been? It works. That's why we do it. Even when they went off to Forks they were able to do it. So why give up your memories at all?"

"Because what's coming for us isn't a Kind Folk, Tee." says the woman, a sad expression on her face. "That's why we're making a deal with another of its kind. They aren't gentry. They're…" Her hand lifts, that diamond bracelet sparkling across her wrist. As bright and shining as her silver hair. "They're something else, something older… And the bird-god wants to destroy everything. That's why we have to stop it."

Tyla sighs, shoulder and hair drooping again as she picks apart the lavender in her hands though the calming scent doesn't really calm her like it normally does. "I am so done with birds." Tyla mumbles. "Is this a new bird-god or the same one?" She sighs and breaks off another stalk. "Why does it have to be you though? Why can't be like… all of us give up a memory or two? There's enough of us that should make up a lifetime." She chews on her lower lip. "And you won't remember any of us."

"It is not the Guardian." says the lavender eyed woman, shaking her head. She leans down and picks up a stalk of lavender, turning toward Tyla and tucking it behind her ear. Placing her hands on the other woman's shoulders. "It's alright. It will be okay. You'll all watch over me. And it can't be all of us, because there aren't enough of us. One life for the lives of all. It's okay."

"Then we can all loose a year!" Tyla exclaims, hair rolling up and flickering more. "It's perfect. I'm sure there are things everyone wants to forget, like exes and stuff like that. A lifetime is only a hundred years right now, right? I'm sure there is enough of us to all be able to add some shitty memories. World saved, everybody is happy!" She argues, just staring at the lavender, rather than the other woman, so she doesn't burst in to tears.

"It has to be a meaningful sacrifice, Tee." says the woman, squeezing Tyla's shoulder, before stepping to the side. She takes Tyla's hand and starts to walk again. "C'mon now, cheer up. We'll do something fun before the ceremony. And maybe… once the bird-god is defeated you guys can help me regain my memories…"

Tyla sighs and reluctantly takes the other woman's hand and goes off with her. "I could get all philosophical and say that all memories were meaningful at the time, even if people want to forget them." She points out. "Are we at least going to be allowed to tell you that it happened? What exactly do you have to do for the ritual? What if it goes wrong or someone forgets a step? Remind me again how we do defeat the bird-god again? It can't be just killing it." She moves along with the other woman, hair still rolling slowly, sadly. "It's not going to be that much fun knowing you are going to do this." She adds, going along anyway.

"It must be a meanginful sacrifice, giving up a shitty ex is not a meaningful sacrifce." says the lavender eyed woman as she walks. A little shake of her head is given and she says, "Oh, I don't know. Lucas is supposed to be working on that. He told me something about five elemental crowns. Link to the elements and the courts. The fifth one is…"

The memory breaks there.

The woman's voice echoes in Tyla's ears, but she can't quite remember what she was saying…

And in the distance in the sky, Tyla can see a very, very big bird… swooping high above.

"Dammit." Tyla mumbles in frustration as her head clears and she blinks up at the sky. The bracelet gets put in her pocket as she pulls out her phone, just in case. She starts to run to her car. Sure, she lives pretty close to the field, but metal detectors are heavy when you need help opening jars all the time, so she drove her. As for the metal detector - that gets left behind. She can always come back for it later if she needs it.

The bird seems more interested in doing acrobatics in the sky. Seeming as if it were invigorated by something. …Tyla's memory is already starting to fade. Some of the finer details becoming fuzzy and distant. What color were that woman's eyes again?

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