(2018-03-12) Roommates
Summary: Brunch and discussions of public nudity at the farm house.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-12)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Sparky, Tyla

It's morning going on to noon, although you wouldn't be able to tell with the all the curtains drawn tight. Tyla is a Darkling, so she likes it dark, but she also has flowers, can't make that part dark, and a little light spills in through the door from the atrium. The curtains are closed to keep out the prying eyes of all the birds, but, being a Darkling, Tyla hasn't bothered to turn all the lights on either; just the one over the stove. The table has plates of sausages and bacon, lots of toast, bowls of fruit salad while Tyla is working on a lot of scrambled eggs. As always there is more than enough food for one person. Tyla always over-does it. Fresh pit of coffee too, of which Tyla takes a drink from her mug.

Sparky shuffles into the kitchen wearing nothing but a shirt, albeit one long enough to cover all of her inappropriate bits. It's a button-down, at least four sizes too large, with the sleeves cuffed up. She says nothing as she goes to get herself a cup of coffee. "You cook too much," she says when she's swallowed half the cup. Of course, there are approximately three untouched cakes lying around, should someone decide they need an overly fancy dessert.

Tyla laughs as she takes a sip from her own coffee, then turns off the stove and starts scooping the eggs into a bowl to take to the table. "I know I do." she admits, her hair rolling and flickering happily. "But I get so hungry, I can't help it. And with so many people coming and going it all goes away eventually. " She sets the bowl on the table and gestures for the other woman to join her. "Besides, I promised Audgrim I wouldn't drink so much, so I guess now I'll just have to sit and eat one of your cakes at a time." She grins again, that's still something likely to happen.

"The one that's decorated like a giant bird is red velvet, and there's cream cheese icing between the layers and under the fondant," Sparky replies somewhat dryly as she collects herself some bacon and sits down with her coffee.

"Well, that would be fitting." Tyla agrees, eyeing the cake, but deciding to go with bacon for now. "Although I am getting really tired of birds around here." She admits as she loads up her plate. "Before you came here, and before all of this bird stuff, there was a giant Bird called the Guardian. And now it seems like an Aztec god. Yay? Oh! And apparently on top of wanting to end the world it can eat brains? It was eating Eddie's brains anyway." Tyla is relaxed and comfortable in her home, so she's not stuttering as much as when she met Sparky - her voice is quite pretty and distracting when she isn't stuttering.

"Yay," Sparky says dryly, sounding unamused. "So is Eddie okay, or did it eat his brains? Or was that more metaphorical than literal? I don't really know how this stuff works."

"Eddie was okay." Tyla admits. "I haven't seen him in a couple of days though, so I couldn't say. But that lighthouse that was on fire? That was us. Haven't seen him since then. And I… don't really know what happened there either." Tyla answers honestly. "Bea said it was eating his brains, but his head was whole though so…" She shrugs and starts in on a slice of bacon.

"How reliable is Bea?" Sparky wonders, munching on bacon and looking quite serious for a moment. "I could light things on fire for you. If you need something burned with fire, I am an excellent arsonist."

Tyla finishes her bacon slice and rubs her face. She reaches for her coffee and takes a drink out of it like she's expecting something stronger, makes a face when it's not booze. "Bea is great. I knew her from way before we all lost our memories." Tyla chews on her lower lip. "She's a bit mad at me right now though, because of the deal with whatever in the mirror that I made. She thinks I gave away the wind. But if I'm right and it's against the bird we're good. And well, if I'm wrong and the thing is the bird we're fucked anyway. But…" Tyla stops and chews on her lower lip, hair going a little flat and still. "I also did something when we wre on the mountain that she has every right to be mad at me about. But last time I saw her she came in with her big fuck off axe and told me not to go to her territory." Tyla pauses again, then adds. "Forks."

"Sounds rude," Sparky replies mildly, shoving some more bacon in her face carelessly. "You do have to be careful with making deals with things, mirrors or otherwise. It's hard to know a good deal from a bad one, and that's the way they like it. Everyone around here is always cranky with someone else. How do we not have more Summers?"

Tyla nods a little at the contract talk. "I know. You need three things for a contract, and I was careful about all of them. But it's the wind, you know? I had to take the chance. Because either I'm right and it's good, or we're all fucked anyway." Tyla is sitting at the table with the typical amount of Tyla food on the table. It's nearly noon, but the curtains are drawn to keep out prying bird's eyes, with only the light on over the stove and some light spilling threw the door from the Atrium. Tyla is wearing a housecoat and pajamas, and Sparky is wearing an over-sized button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Tyla shrugs and gets another piece of bacon. "We don't have a lot of anything around." Tyla tries to explain. "We had Jack, but I haven't seen him since he gave me the crown, maybe he really did make it out of town, and doesn't care how sick he is. And we have Denver, and you already know why i don't trust her. I mean it's one thing to say you aren't a Loyalist, but since no one can make any pledges right now, it's kinda hard to prove. We have a few Springs around, a couple of Autumns. Only one Winter that I know about, but… Winter so… And then we have a courtless. Not many who are awake and know what's going on though." Tyla admits, her hair drooping a little less as she munches on bacon.

Audgrim has slept until now, which is not that uncommon. In fact, he's up early for being him; maybe he heard them talking or smelled the food, but he's lazily making his way into the room, tail swinging in wide loops behind him. He yawns widely and stretches, wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. Scratching his belly, he squints at the two women and rasps out: "Morning." This is almost a pyjama party, by now.
He sweeps by the two, homing in on coffee to begin with, running clawed fingers through Tyla's hair in passing, an affectionate gesture.

"Cake or bacon?" Sparky inquires dryly of Audgrim, utterly nonchalant. "There's plenty of both, depending on your preference for sweet or salty today." She shrugs once at something Tyla has said. "I don't really like people all that much, I'll be honest. Can't trust 'em. Not supposed to light 'em on fire."

Tyla smiles and leans back a little as he passes, hair flickering and rolling happily. "I've already called dibs on the bird one for later tonight." Tyla points at it, just in case Audgrim chooses cake over bacon. "Since you said no drinking, I'm going to eat a whole cake myself!"
"I get not trusting others." the darkling admits quietly. "A freehold would make things so much easier. Apparently there is one… but I think we made a deal with something… the thing in the mirror." She admits quietly. "To help get rid of the bird. Starting to remember some things."

Audgrim pours himself a large mug of coffee, black, then joins the two at the table, slouching on a chair next to Tyla. "Bacon," he says, maybe cause Tyla wants the cake. He helps himself with a big pile of it, and proceeds to eat it with his hands. Table manners, not so much. "No drinking. Later, we go running," he even says. "Or I can run. You can watch me run if you don't want to run. Maybe you can walk."
"You can't hit people either," he says gravely to Sparky. "No setting on fire, no hitting. Unless they set you on fire first, maybe." He totally gets her, here.

"Look, it's generally that they're objecting to the building around them being on fire," Sparky retorts, rolling her eyes and shoving more bacon in her face. "Which I could see, maybe, but I like being in burning buildings. I am somewhat uniquely equipped for that sort of thing."

"Well the mirror in the greenhouse reflects everything as if it was on fire." Tyla offers. "Even your own reflection, if you have it. Just don't get close enough for it the reflection to reach out and grab you and pull you in." she half jokes. "Didn't burn me, but I went in in a dream so I'm not sure. I don't suggest checking for yourself though." She shudders a bit, hair rippling. "Saw myself come out of it and she literally went poof into a puff of smoke. That was interesting." In regards to running, all Audgrim gets is an arch of the eyebrow and she stuffs a piece of bacon in her face.

"Don't like being in burning buildings much, but I like setting them on fire. We burn down lighthouse," Audgrim says, grinning. "Sorry you missed it. We ask you next time." He spears a piece of bacon on a claw and nibbles on it. "We go look for other mirror soon, just need to find where it is. We have film of it, but not sure what house. Somewhere around docks."

He squints at Tyla. "We could go swimming?"

"Oh swimming would be wonderful!" Tyla agrees, hair flickering happily. "The air is so hot and stagnant when the wind isn't blowing, I expect lots of people will be out, even though it's early. Maybe we could find a lake somewhere, go at night?" She suggests. "Unless you bought a bathing suit yesterday too?" She looks over at Sparky, "Mind-controlling mould. You didn't miss much."

"Sounds gross," Sparky replies, wrinkling her nose at that. "I don't have a bathing suit, but that never bothered me before. I'm sure I could find something — or nothing — that would suffice."

Audgrim's tail whips around in excitement. He is after all more or less an aquatic person. "Swim at night," he agrees, looking like the cat that ate the canary at the mere idea. Finishing his bacon, he leans back to sip his coffee, waving a hand dismissively. "Don't need bathing clothes." He remembers something, scratching the side of his neck. "No wait. No naked. We wear clothes. Do I have bathing clothes? If not, I must buy some. I find this nice store at the mall. They have everything. I now have 15 flannel shirts."

Tyla's hair falls flat against her head and hardly moves as she gives a small little smile as suddenly she's really interested in eating bacon. Eventually though she smiles sadly to Sparky. "I would over t-to let you wear one of m-mine b-but I d-don't think anything I have w-would fit you." She says solemnly. "Short w-would w-work." She adds to Audgrim. "That's a lot of shirts. Are they all the same c-color?" She tries to put on a happy smile for him, totally interested in flannel, really!

"Wait? Why no naked? What's wrong with naked? Is it a public pool or something?" Sparky wonders, sounding puzzled at this.

Audgrim remembers something, pulling out a small roll of cash that he slides over to Tyla, pulling it out from his sweat pant pocket together with a bunch of store receipts. Money that is left from his shopping spree. "It's what people do, they wear clothes," he says sadly to Sparky. "And we must try to be people." He leans in to give Tyla's cheek a quick kiss. "No, different colors. And find new coat, too. Better than old one."

"No one ever objects too strenuously to my not wearing clothes," Sparky grumbles. "Usually they're staring at my tits and mumbling about how I'm indecent." She reaches into the breast pocket to her shirt and pulls out some crumpled bills. "Can you acquire for me an appropriate bathing garment? I'm pretty sure you shouldn't trust my taste," she says to Tyla, also passing over money.

Tyla smiles and relaxes a bit at the kiss. She pockets the money and the receipts without looking too see how much is left, or what the totals are. "Did you at least try one on and get the same size, so you don't have to take anything back?" he asks him before taking a sip of coffee. Audgrim's coffee gets a nod. "Fitting is important for you guys. Tyla agrees, eyeing Sparky's money. "Maybe we could go looking together?" She offers. "Bathing suits aren't really something you can return easily once they've been tried on." She explains. "As for taste? You can never try to make everyone happy, all you will do is make yourself unhappy. And people get offended too easily nowadays." She says, genuinely once talk of being naked is off the table, anyway.

"They don't?" Audgrim asks, jealous. "I take clothes off, people yell at me all the time," he says, looking faintly angry about this. "Got the same size. Also 5 pants, same size. All fit. Three boots, two running shoes - well, I get 6 boots as I get one for every foot, and 4 running shoes. And 2 sandals." He tries to remember a phrase, struggling. "Pairs. Pairs of shoes and boots." Maybe this is why he wanted to go running, he's bought shoes for it.

Oh boy, how to explain this to a Lost originally from a country that doesn't find skin as taboo as the one he's in now? That's what's going through Tyla's head right now. Maybe with a shit or two thrown in. "It's because Sparky is a woman." she tries to explain. "Here in the States people in general aren't as comfortable with nudity in general but because she has breasts it's not decent." She tries to explain it as best she can, since she doesn't really believe it herself. "Women's breasts are over-sexualized here. But if you went topless, no one would say anything because… well, because the people who came over here and formed the country were actual puritans. You can have all sorts of violence on the tv, but boobs are bad." Tyla gives a little shrug and sips her coffee. "Why though? I don't know, honestly. It doesn't make sense to me. I'd probably want to go naked all the time if I had a body like Sparky's" She admits quietly, blushing.

Audgrim stares at Sparky, tail moving slowly as he considers this. Maybe it's not only the foreign part, but also the fact he's no longer strictly human, and has a beast mind, he finds nudity not much of a big deal. "I see you naked. Later," he tells Tyla, because he can't really think of what else to say to all this. In the end, he finds it largely unimportant, instead reaching slowly out a hand towards the cake Tyla tagged for herself, hoping she won't notice.

Tyla does not in fact notice. She's gone a certain shade of purple as her hair slowly wraps around her as if to hide her. It's one thing talking about nudity, it's a whole other thing to talk about her nudity in front of other people though! "Okay." She agrees as she grabs her coffee mug and flees to her room. "I think I left the water on in the bathroom!" She proclaims before taking off.

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