(2018-03-14) Bonfire at Bea's
Bonfire at Bea's
Summary: A close call with cordyceps leads to nudity, smores, and some surprisingly bleak campfire conversation.
Date: 2018-03-14
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Eddie, Gwen, Ida

---—-| Kitchen - Hippy Homestead - Rural Forks |

In the center of the maze of hallways is a huge, round kitchen that is clearly the center of this home. Rustic in design, it's all dark wood furniture and whitewashed stucco walls. A hybrid gas-wood cooking stove chugs away almost constantly, baking or simmering something. An old fashioned ice box squats next to a newer high-efficiency model refrigerator, both seeming to be in use. In the center of the room, a long wood butcherblock makes an island, around which a number of high-backed barstools have been placed. An abundance of fresh fruit, veggies, baked goods, dried meats, and sweets are left out constantly for anyone who might be feeling peckish.

The walls are lined with counters and cupboards, covered with an esoteric mix of kitchen tools, spices, and things in the process of being peserved or fermenting. Smelling of good home cooking, and full of constant work, even when unoccupied, the kitchen breathes a warm life through the hallways that lead away from it.

It's been a long couple days for Bea. Outside, the farm activity continues as normal, though there are some strange whispers being bandied about and most of the volunteers seem to be gone, leaving only the long term workers around. Inside, Bea is shooing a Mexican woman outside, speaking to her in rapid Spanish as she shoos her away from the basement door, having just emerged from said door with a tray full of the remains of enough food for a half a dozen grown men. Finally, she seems to be convincing the woman, Mercedes for those familiar with the homestead, to leave well enough alone and go attend to the work outside. As her employee heads out, Bea lets out a heavy sigh, and rubs the dark bruise that's still showing on her forehead.

"Well if you had warned me that you sleep with you eyes open-" Gwen's voice is full of derision at the moment, sharp and accusing. "-I wouldn't have been surprised, and I wouldn't have woken you up from your "nap"."

She's glaring daggers at Eddie as she gets out of his car. Yes, it is possible she's been arguing with him the entire drive from PA to Forks.

Audgrim is supposedly here to help, which he does sporadically - but he's planted himself in the kitchen at least, so he can help keep an eye on what people come and go. He's drinking a beer and eating something sweet that he found in the kitchen, a cake or cookies. "They still alive?" he asks of Bea after she's shood Mercedes out. He sits up straight and peers out hearing the car and the voice.

Things ended on kind of a chilly note between Eddie and Ida the other night, and maybe he felt a little about it the next morning. Or more than a little, knowing him. Whatever the case, he rang her up this morning and invited her along for a morning of sunshine and interrogation out in Forks, calling ahead to let Bea know he was coming and he'd heard about the thing in the diner. He's in pretty rough shape himself, with a bunch of scabbed over beak wounds and little claw marks all over his face, bandaged with more expertise than he's ever displayed. "Don't know what you're talking about," he says to Gwen as he climbs out of his car, "I never sleep." He spies on Bea's conversation for a little while from afar, then gives a wave and a holler.

Judging by the amusement visible on Ida's face, yes, Gwen vs Eddie (FIGHT!) has indeed been ongoing the whole drive. She pulls out a pack of smokes and offers the sleuth one, patting her pockets for fire. "As we are now on I believe round four of this, I will throw myself at your mutual mercies. If I had returned to the office Gwen would have seen me sleeping," she pauses, dimpling at Eddie, "in a normal fashion," back to Gwen, "and there would have been a more restful awakening for you both. So please, will you both not forgive me the error of my ways." She puts on a convincingly wide-eyed expression, that goes away just as swiftly at the sight of Bea. Because Ida is beaming a smile at her.

"Listen here, Eddie Brundle, I'm wise to your non-" Gwen hisses at Eddie, only to quiet down when Ida starts speaking. She looks briefly petulant at the fairest's words, but then breathes it allllll out and tilts her head toward Ida, giving her a cherubic smile. "Of course, Ida, you know I'd forgive you even if you /did/ do something wrong, which you /did not/." She reaches out, even, to reassuringly pat Ida's arm.

"Never," Eddie scowls at Ida, terribly wounded.

Bea has moved to see who's arrived with a certain level of suspicion, but smiles and waves enthusiastically when she sees the gang from Port Angeles arriving. "Oh! Hi Eddie! Hi Gwen! IDA! Hi! I heard you were back in town, and boy is it good to see you! And you too, of course Gwen, since we haven't seen each other just yet. Come on in, and just I was gonna come and talk to you guys, or well Eddie at least, pretty soon anyway." As she babbles, she's attacking Ida, then Eddie with enthusiastic hugs. She even, with much more hesitation and expecation of refusal, aims for Gwen with arms wide open and a hug ready to be released. "Gosh its good to see you guys! Come in. Is anyone hungry? Thirsty? Eddie, you look like you could use some berries." Once she's ushered everyone through the kitchen doors, she shuts it behind her, closing out the curious ears of her workers.

Audgrim's greeting is more muted, but that's just cause he's too comfortable there on his chair, resting it on the back legs and rocking it back and forth as he munches cookies, crumbs everywhere. He just waves at the others. Even he sports the signs of a recent struggle, as there's a gash at the side of his head that's going to heal fully in just a few hours probably. "Hi all." A broad, friendly grin is offered.

Ida is everybody's favorite! She's all smiles, leaning into the patting and the hugging. "Thank you, Gwen, I very much appreciate you as well. Bea, it is good to see you, you look wonderful as always. How have you been? I heard you might be having some special guests." She glances over at Audgrim, nodding her head to him. "Good morning, it is good to see you in good spirits. Was your mystery from the other night solved?" There was a cigarette before, it is now gone, poof, magic trick.

Oh god, hugs. Gwen tolerates the hug but clearly does not enjoy it. "Good to see you too, Bea." says the blue woman, patting the beast on the back gently. She steps away and glances around. She squints at Audgrim, "Aah, you. Hello." She probably doesn't remember his name.
Eddie returns a pretty good hug, this time. It's been one of those weekends for him, too. He makes a note of that bruise on Bea's forehead, scowling his predictable scowl, but he doesn't say anything. He follows Bea inside, and nods a greeting to Audgrim. "Thanks for the call," he says to the Nightsinger, "sorry I couldn't be there. Sort of." He looks around a moment, making sure none of Bea's pet humans are lousing up the room, then goes into his coat for something. "Speaking of fruit," he sets a jar down on the counter, "I got you something. Happy birthday, whenever that is." In the jar there's a bag, and in the bag's another bag, and in that bag there's a goblin fruit. Something even Bea has never seen before.

Audgrim stares blankly at Ida at her question, like he has no idea what she's talking about. He scratches his neck, thinking hard. "Lighthouse! Yes, we burned it down and found a book," he explains, and then points at Eddie's "gift" "and we found that. And a dead woman." He waves a hand at Eddie, adding; "You needed rest. We investigated Lee's. We found things and we got guests."

Bea is a hugger, but she isn't cruel, so Gwen's hug is very brief, and she mostly contents herself with a big smile nad sort of bouncing around the woman. When Eddie gives her her 'present' she opens the various bags with excitement, and then peers at the fruit, opening the final bag and giving it a sniff, picking it up and rolling it around in her hand. "Hmmm. Well, my birthday isn't for just a whole 'nother two years, but that's really nice of you to give me this. And I don't think I've ever seen it before, but just…I will see what I can find out. It is like the best gift ever." She sticks out her tongue, touching it to the fruit just enough to get a taste, then sets it aside with a longing look. Clearly, she'd like to start getting to the bottom of that mystery right now, but she's got guests! And so, in typical Bea fashion, food and drinks begin to appear, cheases and breads, fruit and honey, drinks that are fizzy, flat, alcoholic and non. Bea agrees with Audgrim, "For sure, it sounds like you've been busy, and…you didn't bring me the body too, did you? Since that is always a nice gift, and good for my garden. But still, I can understand why you wouldn't want to cart it around all over town and up here and everything. And like Audgrim says, we just ended up with some guests from visiting Lee's, and I have been trying to have a chat with their daughter, since she is in trouble and I am pretty sure knows something, at least, since she is a bird girl, and that seems like too much coincidence for just one restaurant. But they didn't have any rings or mirrors or crowns or anything." Is that disappointment in Bea's voice?

"Ah, that was your mystery. Yes, Eddie told me somewhat of what happened." Ida nods her head to Audgrim, satisfied. She falls quiet then, listening to Bea (and quietly attempting to assist with setting out the food and drinks if the other bug lady so allows) before the mention of a bird lady seems to give her pause. "What does their daughter look like, Bea? Any unusual coloration that you saw?"

"Careful with that!" Eddie's wing buzz in panic when Bea sticks her tongue to the fruit, "We found it growing out of a corpse's belly in a lighthouse full of dead bugs. You're liable to have mushrooms growing out of you, tomorrow." He watches her intently for a while, just to see if she doesn't start climbing up on the roof, and when she doesn't he relaxes. A little. "Didn't find too much at the lighthouse, either, aside from what Audgrim mentioned, and a bunch of cordyceps. I did find another mirror, some place else, but that went away. Sorry about the bloodstains."

Audgrim's reaction is not quite as calm; when he realises Bea is taking that fruit out, he shoots to his feet. He's not fast enough to stop her /licking at it/. But he litterally jumps up on the table and dives for her. "PUT IT BACK!"
There is a little 'poof' from the fruit when it comes free, and right around the time that Bea sticks her tongue on it. Little dusty particulates floating up into the air…

Bea startles when Audgrim moves so fast, and Eddie hollers at her, frowning at him, and then observing the poof of spore-dust curiously. "Hmm, well, so it is like a puffball or something then. That will be a good one for my book." And then, because it's odd enough to see Audgrim so excitable, she carefully re-wraps the goblin fruit in its many layers. "I bet it would be good in like a soup or something," she muses. As an afterthougth she asks, "What kinda bugs? And it doesn't matter really, about the mess, but just I was wondering about that, and at least you could have told me so I could have cleaned it up before Mercedes went in to take a shower, and everything."

"Everyone go out and everyone take clothes off!" Audgrim says, flailing around. He holds his breath suddenly, then realises he can't talk if he does that, but solves it by gesturing frantically and making a sort of pantomime that makes no sense. Something about flying or climbing and he points upwards.

Ida has put a handkerchief over her face. She moves slowly over to the table and using gloved hands and a spoon picked up from the table assists Bea in getting the bundled up fruit back into the jar. She's not breathing. She hauls a bundle of alcoholic wipes out and drops half in Eddie's lap, half in Gwen's lap, then goes about opening windows.

Gwen picks up an alcohol wipe and scrubs down her own face, holding her breath, and then starts scrubbing down the table.
Oh, Christ. So much for relaxation. Eddie looks from face to face to make sure nobody's got that look on theirs like he and Tyla got. "I hope you've got some fungicide around here. Or good fire insurance. If that stuff gets to your hives, you're going to be awfully lonely." He dutifully scrubs down, not quite so panicked as Audgrim. "We maybe better get some fresh air."

Bea looks around and frowns slightly at everyone's worried reactions, seeming not nearly as bothered…Until Eddie mentions her hives, and then she's into gear. A basket of cleaning products is hauled out of a closet, and she's scrubbing down surfaces. "Oh, well, if it is that bad, then just you guys should go take a quick shower or something, and Eddie knows where the bathroom is, so can show you, Ida and Gwen. And then I will keep an eye on everything to make sure none is left, but really, I don't even like this table, so if you want to make a bonfire, then I am okay with that."

Audgrim does throw the door open and dares to take a breath while he's right outside. "It was not fun leaving you in there, could not grab you both. Did not know what it was," he reminds Eddie. He's not usually this agitated, his tail flicking fast. But it might be because this is so out of his control. He can't punch or claw dust. He looks down at his clothes. They're brand new - he ruined the first outfit yesterday out of the 5 he just bought. "Do I need to burn clothes?"

Gwen dutifully clean clean clean scrubs. She has no opinion on what is happening. Burning something? Okay! Taking a shower? Sure. She'll go along with what everyone wants.

"You did the right thing," Eddie reassures Audgrim, headed over to the door himself. He shrugs off his coat and dumps it on the ground outside, to bake in the sun a while until he can think of some chemicals to bathe it in, then comes back in. "C'mon, you heard the lady. Let's get that table out. Where do you keep the gas cans, Bea?"

Ida follows Eddie's idea, spreading her crimson trench out to soak in the rays. She takes a moment to take a few deep breaths of clean air, then back inside to help with the table.

Audgrim throws his coat and his shirt out on the grass too, then goes inside to help carry the table out. Holding his breath while doing so. Ah, just another wednesday.

Bea considers, and says, "If we are going to be stripping down, then at least we need some fresh clothes. I'll have Mercedes get some from the shed, and I'll grab the gas." She heads outside, calling the request for clothing to her staff and going into the barn, returning shortly with gas cans and her axe. She starts stripping off layers and tossing them into the well-used bonfire pit, calling out, "Bring that table here, guys, and just I'll chop it up."

"Is there perhaps a more private area where we can change?" Ida inquires this of Bea and, being provided with this information, goes to trade out her bespored outfit for something non-potentially-invasive. Once everyone has changed outfits in the privacy of their choice, the bonfire is most likely going at a roar as the group's hostess is a most efficient creature.

Gwen shuffle off to do as needed, changing in as private an area as possible, and then returning to the bonfire to plop down. A tilt of her head is given toward Audgrim and Eddie and she asks, "Okay so… what happened with the fruit thing that made you freak out? What happened at the lighthouse?"

Audgrim is reminded about the nudity thing and changes his clothes behind the house, throwing them on the pile to burn when he comes back. Now dressed in a pair of long, azure blue shorts with palmtrees on them, and a too small red T-shirt. "I need to buy new coat again," he says, tail swishing sadly behind him. "Lighthouse had some sort of fung… fungus. It made Eddie and Tyla want to go up and jump out. Eddie jump, but he can fly. I grab Tyla and go out, so we did not have to jump. We would fall down and be very flat."

Bea is less shy about changing, and just hoses down and changes as quickly as possible so she can go about lighting the fire. Oddly, this doesn't seem /too/ unusual around here, at least not enough that any of the staff comment on it out loud. They just give the gang a wide berth and go about their business. All the clothing looks like it was either just delivered from, or headed to, the thrift store. Weird sizes, outdated styles, and a musty smell is pretty much standard. Once Bea is sorted, she lenas against a pitchfork, tending the fire, and echoes Gwen, "Yeah, just what happened? And you could have warned me /before/ I opened it, if it was such trouble."

Eddie comes out from the impromptu changing area wearing a tye-die t-shirt and some ill-fitting jeans and seeming a little disgruntled over the whole enterprise. "Like I said. Cordyceps. That mushroom from the nature documentaries, that makes ants climb up high places and explode. Just, you know, for people." He dumps his old clothes onto the fire with a sigh. He loses more jackets, these days, and there's only so much polyester to go around. "We were fine with a little fresh air and a change of clothes. No new mushrooms growing anywhere, anyway." He watches the blaze a while, and humms a few bars from Auld Lang Syne, then shoots Bea a look. "I thought maybe having it triple bagged would get the idea across, sorry."

Ida is in the latest fashion - if the year was 1990. She was not made to wear grunge, grunge was not made to be worn by her, the clothes and model are clearly at odds. Ripped black jeans, an enormous mustard-and-spinach colored flannel … thing… that can't decide if it wants to be a shirt or a jacket, a slouchy white t-shirt with "Fairytales are dangerous" on the front in blood red dripping font, rainbow striped socks. Her boots are drying in the sun next to the trench.

Audgrim's mood changes to the better as the fire is getting quite big. He finds a long stick to poke at it, moving bits of clothing so it will burn quicker. "I don't understand. What are we fighting? Aztec god? Bird monster? Mirrors?" He glares into the fire and throws the stick in. "My brain hurts."

Bea sighs and rolls her eys at Eddie, "You said it was a /present/ of course it would be wrapped. But now I know,a nd at least can do some proper tests on it." She suddenly says, "Oh!" And runs into the house, returning shortly with marshmellows, chocolate and graham crackers, handing them out for smore-making. "Anyway, Audgrim is right, and it is just all a mess and who knows what is happening anymore."

Gwen flops over onto her side, and closes her eyes. She gives a little yawn and says, mildly, "Maybe we should decide what quest we want to do first."

"You and me both, brother," Eddie says to Audgrim, in complete solidarity. He cracks a wide crooked grin when he sees what Ida's wearing, and opens his mouth to make some smart remark, then looks down at his own outfit and frowns. He shuts his mouth again and goes back to watching the fire. "I'm hoping the book we found will shed some light on things, once I get a chance to decontaminate it, and I plan to have a little chat with Nora some time soon." You know, the dead girl he found full of mushrooms. "We saw the bird again, the other night. It sent one of its people after Denver. They've been sniffing around Tyla's, too. Same gang that were at the diner, I think."
"I always assume my presents are booby-trapped," he adds to Bea, off-handed.

Audgrim gives Gwen an appreciative nod. He proceeds to make a smore, once Bea has showed him how to - he's never had that before but enthusiastically gets to it, soon melting some marshmallows over the fire. "Then, bird monster - is not same as aztec god. We should talk to one of the guests." He pulls the marshmallow out and tries to put it on a cracker, but ends getting most of it on his fingers and on the shirt.

Bea ahs and nods, "Oh, well those guys said they were, like…umm, shaking the Lee's down, like in some movie or something, but we put an end to that, and just since they said they wanted to talk, then I brought them home so we could do that, but still they need a little more honey before they are sweetened up enough to talk to." Is Bea suggesting she's force-feeding the gang members in her basement honey, like some twisted form of waterboarding? Maybe…probably not…But Bea definitely doesn't seem pleased about the 'guests' attitudes.

Bea adds to Gwen, "It is hard to know, which 'quest' like you call it, is which, and where to start, when so much is going on. But probably you are right.

Ida catches Eddie's look and almost-comment and makes little threatening gestures at him with the sleeves of the flannel thing. Like she's going to grunge up his 60s fashion statement. She pokes a marshmallow on a stick into the fire as well, watching the sudden change from white to golden to blue-flames-on-black. That's when she pulls it out, extinguishing the flames on the treat before it goes from crunchy skin to crunchy everything, and spreads the treat on a cracker along with some melting chocolate. "I thought the idea was that we made a deal with the mirror thing to protect against the bird monster. Or do you believe it is the same creature playing mind games on us?" She looks over at Bea, listening. "Was there a leader in the group you caught?"

"We've all got our grails to look after already. Bea's got her houseguests, Audgrim's still looking for that mirror. I'm spinning as many plates as I can." Eddie sighs and rubs at his temple, then goes to collect marshmallows, since everyone else is doing it. He spears as many as he can fit on a pole, apparently hewing to the Dagwood philosophy of food preparation. "We've checked the diner and the lighthouse. That's two down, and two to go. Leaves the hospital and the museum, for anyone who wants to ride along. In the meantime we need to think about moving the crowns, again. These assholes know where they're at, and if they'd sent that guy from the other night there's nothing we could have done to stop him. How would like a new hat, Bea?"

Gwen waves her hand a little bit and says, "Way I see it there's three issues…" She lifts her hand up and counts off on her fingers, "One, we can't make pledges, right? Two, we need a fifth crown. Three, there's a bird monster trying to eat us. Four, what's up with the wind? Five, the hedge is all fucked up…" That's more than three Gwen, gosh. She rolls over onto her back and says, "Pick something and work on that."

Bea gives Eddie a sympathetic smile as she puts a marshmellow into the fire. "Don't worry Eddie, we will all help with those plates, and just be sure you don't let them all crash because of too many. And ifyou want me to hold onto one of those crowns,then for sure I will." Ida's question gets a little shrug and she looks to Audgrim, "I guess maybe one of the guys was the leader, since he was talking and everything." She pulls the marshmellow out of the fire and eats it straight off the stick, then starts drawing in the dust, writing out each of the different things Eddie mentioned in childish writing." Gwen's list is added to her dusty scribbles, and she wonders, "But don't you think probably some of those things are all just connecteed? Like, the mirror made Tyla give them the wind," Tyla's name spoken with a petulant level of snark that is rare in Bea. "And then there is like…the bird monster was friends with Windy Wendy, and at least I think they were the same. And then…Well, for sure the problem with the hedge is just trouble, and the pledges too, but always I have thought they are all tied with the other stuff. But I am not really very smart, so probably I have it all wrong." She looks between Eddie, Ida and Gwen, clearly expecting them to come to some 'smart people' solutions.

"Not sure what is worse, bird or god," Audgrim ponders, managing to eat a smore without fail. "We think the birds watch Lee's because of Lee daughter - she is a bird woman, Lost like us. Feather gang - work for bird monster." He looks at Gwen, impressed - he also tends to list things in as simple a manner as possible. "Why can we make pledges? Because we use .. thing from the Faerie, that power, to make them. But if you make promise to thing not from the Other place, then we can't make pledges now - maybe." He rubs his temple and looks down to the scribbles Bea has made. He's with Bea here on the 'smart people' solutions.

"Bea would look marvellous with a fancy new chapeau. Something with a bit of sparkle to it, bring out your eyes." Ida is nibbling away at her treat, idly pushing a whole bundle of chocolate and crackers Eddie's way. Apparently foreseeing the monstrosity being wrought. "Seems like these monsters are very fond of playing pretend."

Eddie assembles a great proud tower of a s'more, and goes to work immediately destroying it. He probably burns his mouth a little in the process, but he doesn't seem to notice. "Don't know much about pledges," he says, sending out a cloud of crumbs, "never did. Hedge, either. Wish I could get ahold of the Doc. Last lead on the crown nearly got us all killed up on a mountain, don't have anything new, there. Need the crown to fight the bird." He's talking himself into a pretty bleak mood as he goes down the list. "Maybe I knew more, last week, but something's been dipping into my head again, and I don't know what to do about that, either. I might have to talk to the mirror again."
Gwen shrugs a little bit, "If they're connected, but you pick one, you'll follow that thread until you find another?" She rolls onto her stomach now, fingers dancing dangerously close to the flames.

Bea smiles at Gwen, "Oh, well that is true, and probably a good idea." Ida's comment about a sparkly hat gets a wide grin, but…When Eddie talks of something 'dipping into his brain' she frowns and moves in closer, touching his arm in a worried gesture, "What do you mean, something in your head?"

"We try to do that," Audgrim says to Gwen, now just eating the marshmallows cold and sitting down in the grass in a lotus position. "We look at places birds go. And for mirrors." He looks with a squint at Eddie, also a tad worried.

Eddie looks at Gwen, and then the fire. He lifts his foot and wiggles it around, kind of testing. It would be so easy. He shakes the idea out of his head. "That's all I've been doing, following threads. I'm going to end up with one around my neck, the way things are going." He can feel those worried eyes on him, but he's reluctant to explain. Self-conscious, maybe. "I'm forgetting things again. I don't know what, but I guess that's kind of the point. I thought at first it was something to do with the deal Tyla made, after what the mirror told me— that's something else to worry about, by the way, you give it one set of memories and it helps itself to everyone else's— but I'm not so sure, anymore. I'm not sure about a lot of things."

"You said something about that the other night," Ida tilts her head at Gwen, and offers a s'mores fresh from the fire, alongside a simple pair of graham crackers without the marshmallow or chocolates. "About threads, but you were speaking of memories then. That memories are all connected, as I recall. It is an interesting theory. And when you said false memories… Do you think we have false memories in our heads, mixed in with the missing ones?"

"I just think that you can't erase someone from themselves without erasing them from other people…" says Gwen, sadly. She rolls up to sit on her butt once more, wrapping her arms about her knees as they press to her chest. "We're all connected. It's like how suicide is infectious. How one person thinks they remember something and so everyone else thinks they do too. It's like… someone dies and you can't accept so your memories get all warped and fucked up."

Gwen presses her forehead to her knees, metal filament hair hiding her face. Under her breath she whispers, "Mirror, mirror on the wall…"

Bea furrows her brow and gives Eddie a quick hug hug, "We'll help you remember, Eddie, and even if I have to go to the goblin market and trade my whole garden, we'll get all of them back, I can promise you that. But still, probably you should start writing things down, or taping them or something, since that will help save some time, just in case." Gwen gets a worried frown, and Bea gives a sad little smile as she tries to tease gently, "Eddie told me you went and joined up with Winter, and now I see why, since for sure you are a little mopey." She considers, then says, "Probably we would have to have some fake memories, since it is like…if you forget something, then sometimes you just make something up to explain what happened, since for sure you know /something/ did, and probably it is like that, I would guess."
Audgrim stares out into space with a marshmallow in his hand. He's spaced out and doesn't get it at all, or have lost focus entirely. He slowly puts the marshmallow in his mouth and then stands up. "I go look at guests," he declares and starts towards the basement in question. "Anyone want something from house?"

Eddie watches Gwen, solemn and concerned. After a while his eyes shift sidelong over to Ida, and then he's getting another hug from Bea, and he comes out of the funk he's been so busy assembling. Things could definitely be worse. "I'll write things down, but it's on you to figure out my handwriting." He lets Bea handle the consolation, since he hasn't learned that trick yet, and holds one hand up at Audgrim, wait-a-minute. "One more thing. I need you to talk to Wilson, about the crowns. I already tried and didn't get anywhere. Maybe she'll listen to you, before we have to do anything drastic."

Gwen stands up and just … walks off. Seeming unconcerned with the fact that she rode here in Eddie's car.

Audgrim stops in his track and wanders back, more alert now as he's given an actual task. "I say we hide the crowns bottom of a lake," he says as a sidenote. "What you want me to talk to her about?" He watches Gwen wander off but thinks nothing of it. He understands.

"They've got to go to someone who can use them. To the Court they belong with," Eddie says. "Bea can stow the antlers under a hive. Denver's pretty much bird proof. Better with them than in some safe any ogre can just pull of the wall and carry home with them. It's going to happen one way or the other, but I'd rather be nice about it."

Ida gives Gwen a little wave, watching her walk off as if she's already gotten used to the blue-skinned lady's habit of vanishing and appearing as she feels like. She turns back to listen to Eddie, Audgrim and Bea's conversation.

Bea makes a face and grumps, as she grabs another marshmellow, "Tyla is just stubborn, and it is just a waste of time to try to talk to her, if you ask me. And she was real sure she wasn't gonna give me any Spring crown, even though if you ask me that is practically stealing, since she isn't even Spring or…/anything/." When Gwen wanders off, Bea is distracted, frowning a little, but doesn't stop her, sighing a little, "I hope she is okay someday."

"I'll talk to Tyla. I say, 'I am River King, I want the crown - what king without crown?'" Audgrim suggests with a grin. "Just hope she is quiet. I can't think straight when she talks sometimes." This is said with a small lopsided smile. He looks after Gwen too, squinting thoughtfully but says nothing else.

Eddie watches Gwen head off down the road, apparently unconcerned. "She's Winter now. She'll figure it out. We'll pick her up on our way back." He manages a little smile back at Audgrim, but there's not much humor in it, and he nods a grim little nod at Bea. "One way or the other. But we'll play it the one way, first."

"Perhaps we should all invest in earplugs. If she wants to communicate she can use the written word." The tall Fairest sounds half-serious, if a little absent minded as she sets another squishy white sweet on fire. "Any word on that fifth crown, by the way?"

Bea laughs a little at Audgrim's plan, nodding and agreeing, "That is just a good plan, Audgrim, and I bet she will give it to you." Eddie's comment gets a more serious nod, and a little smile, "Oh, for sure, you do things just one then the other." She frowns a little, then says, "I need to get going, since I have some work to do and need to give those troublemakers some honey, but you guys stay as long as you like. And just, if you need anything, then just grab it, since my home is like your home, and all that."

I think we should just get those small radios in the ear, and she can talk in microphone. Cause it doesn't work then," Audgrim notes - he must've noticed it does nothing on the phone, Tyla's voice. "I go home too, talk to Tyla if she is home. Can I get lift with you Eddie?" He moves to give Bea a hug. "Thanks for food, glad you feeling better."

Ida smiles up at Bea, "It was very good to see you again, in good health and spirit as always. I was going to ask, I would like to come back again, perhaps tomorrow. I believe I may be of assistance in having a… dynamic conversation with your guests that propels them more towards cooperation." Somewhere along her careful word choice her facial expression has become serene. And she rises back up to her own feet, dusting off her clothes with a small grimace.

"Sorry about the table," Eddie says, giving Bea a wave as she heads back to the actual work of farming. "Careful with those guests of yours. Let me know if you need any help, showing them around town or anything. The bottom of the bay is lovely this time of year." He's the last one to stand, sitting and watching the fire for a little while longer, but he finally gets the idea and gets to his feet. "Sure thing," he says to Audgrim, "just let me get my coat, and we'll go."

Bea returns Audgrim's hug, and nods to Ida, "Oh sure, you can come by any time, and always you are welcome, Ida. You can definitely talk to those troublemakers, too, since they are just, like, mad at me for stabbing them and everything, even though I gave them fruit to fix that, and the burns too and the claw marks too, so I don't think it is a real big problem."

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