(2018-03-14) Halfway
Summary: Tyla tries to work things out with Bea, both women are still stubborn.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-14)
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Player Characters: Bea, Tyla

So Tyla called Bea and worked things out with the other woman to meet and talk it out, or be mildly socially awkward if not. Come alone, Tyla would too. No weapons though, at least no giant fuck off axe's anyway. Lots of people around, middle of the day means lots of people around, no matter how annoying that might be for the darkling. So what secret and out of the way place did Tyla pick for the most important of meetings? A Chuck E. Cheese knock off place that has at least four birthday parties going on at the time. So many kids! So many flashing lights and bells and such that even though the two women are off in a corner, they are pretty much alone.

Tyla, not knowing which Bea would prefer has as many pizzas as could be fit on the table, so that each woman can just pick what she wants, a couple of pitchers filled with various kinds of pop, and a wait staff generously tipped allow them to be alone, but if Tyla raises her hand she gets instant service.

"Uh that one is coke." Tyla says pointing to a pitcher. "And this one is root beer, I think?" Tyla offers pointing at another one close by.

Bea arrives, as promised with no axe and no company, but she does have her big ol' backpack, as if she's planning a foraging trip right after, and a fairly notable bruise on her head. A few of the kids at one of the parties seem to recognize her, waving and telling their parents about 'the candy lady'. The presence of those little eyes definitely keeps her on her best behaviour as she takes a seat and eyes the pizza and sodas with a discerning eye. Her plate is soon filled with one of each of the slices on offer, and her cup filled with root beer. "Thanks," she says with a curt sort of politeness. After taking a couple of bites, she asks, "What did you want to talk about then?"

Tyla picks at her slice of pizza. She's not a picky eater, she just actually eats pizza weird; she picks off the cheese and pepperoni, then scoops out off the rest of the toppings with the sauce, and finally she eats the crust. Her hair flickers, annoyed and she rolls her eyes at Bea. "What do you think I want to talk about? The couple of people you have prisoner right now? How you got that bump on your head?" Of yes, Audgrim already filled Tyla in on the night's previous activities. "This is when I should be asking how you are, and if you need anything because you're my friend, Bea. You know, rather than seeing if you're still angry and all that."

Bea watches Tyla eat her pizza with a sort od horrified fascination, almost mesmerised by the process. At the mention of the events of the last night, she stiffens and says curtly, "They are not prisoners, they are just /guests/ who are staying until they have enough honey to sweeten them up, or until they decide they want to be useful as fertilizer. But either way, Forks is safe, and so I am fine." Is Bea still angry? Certainly she's holding onto that grudge, though the few weeks seems to have at least toned down her rage to a low ember.

"Right, I'm not going to judge." Tyla says gently, her hair rolling slowly. "Just… be careful with that, okay? That can be a touchy thing for you guys." She reminds the other woman, as she takes a drink of her coke. She looks a little surprised and shakes her head. Nope, not coke. "Just… I hope you resolve things with them before too long. And uh… don't tell Gwen about it." she adds, thoughtfully. Tyla stares at her plate, hair churning slowly and restlessly. "Look, I'm sorry I took away your choice, it was shitty. But I couldn't let anything happen to Eddie or Lucas. If we had a list of things we should be trying to fix rather than being mad at each other, fixing our memories and the Freehold would probably be the second thing we need to do. Should be the first, honestly." She's talking slowly and deliberately so her voice is as musical and distracting as possible.

Bea can't help but be lured in by Tyla's voice listening, nodding in dopy agreement, and seeming about to just go along with her, when she suddenly shakes her head and scowls,"Stop that! If you just want to be friends again, then just…using that dumb voice of yours is like the worst way to do it." She leans back and crosses her arms over her chest, just glaring at Tyla for a long moment before taking a deep breath and saying, voice still tight, "You are right, we should be paying attention to figuring out about this trap and everything. But this does not mean I am not mad anymore, Tyla. You just keep acting like you have the right to make all the decisions for /everyone/ and that is just like the Man thinks, and all those others, who are taking us away. So if we are calling some truce, then it is only if you know that you don't speak for me. You don't give away the…the sun or whatever else you think is yours to give to any dumb face that shows up in a mirror, and you don't give away my name to any Gentry, /ever/." This last is said with Bea leaning in close, voice a whisper, an extra buzz in her wings.

"And that's what I'm apologizing for." Tyla agrees after a deep breath. She still consciously tries to not stutter though. "And we both know it isn't your real name. It was a fake. And actually since that night I've been working to make you another fake one. All of you, really. Probably won't stand up to legal, human scrutiny if you murder someone or something, but it will help hiding you from Them." Tyla offers her hair slowly rolling calmly. "I know it's inexcusable what I did, on a personal level. But if anything had happened to Eddie, or Lucas because of that trip the whole Freehold would have been endangered. All I need form you is a name, if you want it. But I can just pick that as well if you don't want it."

Tyla sighs and takes another sip of her drink, no face this time as she is expecting the root beer. "And about the wind, a couple of things… first, I mean the mirror poofed itself on to my property. If it had poofed itself there for Finn, it would have poofed away and followed him. But I didn't give away the wind, Bea. Have you talked to Eddie lately? I mean really talked to him about who the big bad bird is? The wind was already taken when the necklace was destroyed. Destroying the world is what it's after. Not fixing the wind is actively helping it destroy not only the freehold, but the world."

Bea looks annoyed, "It's as real a name as I have, Tyla, and the one everyone knows." She takes a moment to stop herself from launching into the rant she was clearly gearing up for, looking over to the playing children, and eating a slice and a half of pizza quickly as a way of calming herself. Finally looking back to Tyla she says, "It is nice of you to offer that, a new name, but I am Spring, and our job is to not hide, like some Winter. And I am like a May Spring, so I am not afraid to fight, if the Man or whoever comes looking for me." She considers a long moment, then says, "And if it is about fixing the wind, then even though it was a little scary, then maybe it would not be the worst thing, to make some deal with Windy Wendy's flock. Or getting your stupid memories out of your head, since you already made that bad deal."

"Oh no, Bea, no. You can't trust Wendy." The fae-touched just stares at the woman across the way. "You so need to talk to Eddie, because obviously won't believe me, but the fact that you would trust someone who lured a friend to a thing that… ate it's head. I really don't know what to say." Tyla says honestly. "Just… wow. Clearly you don't care about any lost, or the Freehold if you actually think making a deal with Wendy is a good thing after everything that happened." Tyla wipes her hands off and starts to pack up her things, phone going in her bag. "I had hoped we could work things out, that I could talk to you about taking care of the Spring coronet and work on fixing the Freehold. But not if you are going to talk about making deals with the enemy."

Bea rolls her eyes a little and shakes her head, "I would not do that, Tyla, and I am not the smart one, to be making deals, one way or another. But if you just want to make a big leap when just I am…" she pauses, considering the right word, "Brainstorming, then that is your choice, and probably you are right, and we have nothing more to talk about."

"The fact that you are even brainstorming about making a deal with something that was eating your friend's head, as you put it, doesn't really put you in the smart category, no." Tyla agrees, putting her phone into her bag as she gets her keys. "The fact that you don't seem to care about the Freehold, or your own personal safety is troubling. You hide all the time from them, that's the whole point to the changing of the crown's every season in the first place. Being brave isn't being ready for a fight at any time, it's being scared shitless and fighting anyway." Tyla mis-quotes. "Food is paid for, eat it or don't." She says as she zips up her bag and slides out of the booth. "Your new ID will be in the mail. Use it or don't, I don't care." She starts to head off, hair flickering madly behind her.

Bea sighs and shakes her head, "Tyla, you are just making stuff up now, and all I care about is the freehold, and even you should know that. And for someone who's done so many stupid things, /including/ making a deal with some Gentry, you sure do have a lot of judgements, which maybe is something you should look at. And even the birds and the bees know, when you are hiding something, then to have some distraction away from the hidden thing is a good plan, and even if you are a…a pussy," this said in a loud whisper, with furtive glances to make sure the kids don't hear, "I am not, and don't mind being some distraction so that /you/ stay safe, and so does the freehold, or where the freehold was and someday will be again. And you can say a lot of things about me, Tyla, but just because I don't act like some Winter, always cowering and crying, doesn't mean that my way is wrong."

"I don't know what deal I made." Tyla admits. "That happened in the time we can't remember. And if I had to do it again, which I can't, I still would have at least gotten Eddie out of there. For the Freehold. Because that thing that was eating Eddie's head, your words, wants to not only destroy the Freehold, but the world. Even thinking about making a deal with a thing that again, ate Eddie's head is actually anathema to protecting the freehold." She shrugs the bag into place. "It's not about being scared or not. It's not just Winters that hide. It's not even about friendships, really. Though knowing you'd even consider making a deal with something that ate your friends head says a lot to me. I've apologized." She starts to head off, stops, and pauses. "Take it or leave it. I'll go to Forks if I want to or not. I honestly don't care if you like it or not." She admits, and heads past a pack of kids.

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