(2018-03-15) House Hunters: Port Angeles Edition
House Hunters: Port Angeles Edition
Summary: Bea, Eddie and Audgrim go apartment hunting.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-15)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Eddie

Lobby - Old Tenement - Baker St
This old tenement building is just barely kept up, the smell of dust and mildew almost overwhelming. The walls are covered in a peeling back blue-on-gold ornament print wallpaper. Underneath one's feet the creaking floor is covered with a varnished wooden floor, there are patches where the gloss has worn away and the planks are starting to come up. It's dirty, too. Dust bunnies and tumble weeds make their home in the corners, and maybe even a dead mouse.

The entry hall is a long corridor, each apartment set onto this hallway. At the end of it is a large door that reads 'Supars Ofice, aply with in'.

Audgrim asked to meet Bea and Eddie here, after having done some work over at Bea's in the early morning, then headed to town to 'do some business'. He's been a bit more focused than usual today - in fact, he's been acting oddly grown up and human.

Once on Ennis street, he wanders over to the old tenament and steps inside, taking a deep breath of the mouldy air.

Bea meets up with Audgrim, approaching slowly in the ice cream truck, music blaring, and stopping regularly to hand out treats to the few children who think winter ice cream is a good thing. Once she's to the apartment though, she looks worried as she approachs her friend, asking, "What is up, Audgrim? I hope just there is nothing bad going on here? Because I didn't think to bring my axe or anything."

Eddie feels a little responsible for Audgrim needing a place to stay, it sounded like over the phone, so he's waiting outside the tenement when the Nightsinger shows up. He's been here before a few tines, in a professional capacity, and he suggested it as a likely option. Stepping inside, he gestures around and smiles. "There's always something going on in here. That's what makes it great. That, and the price, and all the roaches you can eat."

"Don't worry Bea, nothing happening here. Maybe only what Eddie says, cockroaches and dust and some rats, but no rings, crowns or birds," Audgrim says with a slow grin at the two, gesturing for the hallway. "I rented my own place." He straightens up, and looks serious. "I never liked to take things serious. I rather do things tomorrow. But I guess tomorrow will come to everyone." He starts down the hall with energetic steps, tail swinging. "So, I rent apartment here."

Apt. 1 - Old Tenement - Baker St.
This apartment is in poor condition. Underneath whatever smells the tenant might fill the dwelling with is the scent of mildew and dust. The walls are covered with peeling and broken red-on-blue ornament paper, the floor is a varnished hardwood that is swollen and distorted in places. This studio apartment leaves little room for the small kitchenette and half bath that it sports. The kitchenette cabinets are a drab brown color, the fridge several decades old, and the prospects of a dishwasher is doubtful.

Bea looks…a little sad for just a moment as she follows Audgrim into the apartment, but by the time she's through the door, her sunny smile is back in place. "Oh, just I thought you were gonna stay at my place for a while. But that's really good that you are getting your own place and just thinking ahead a little. And if I had known this is the thing we were meeting for, then for sure I would have brought you some housewarming gift. But I will do that later, and if you need any help with filling it up wiht furniture and stuff, then just you say so, since for sure you need more than just cockroaches and dust."

"Moving up in the world," Eddie grins proudly at Audgrim, slapping him on the back on his way through the door. He steps into the middle of the room, floorboards creaking, and does a 360 degree turn looking around. He sniffs the air and closes his eyes and sighs. "Almost jealous. Don't go overboard with the furniture. Somebody's just going to steal it, in a little while." He drifts away from the center of the studio to start snooping around, picking at the peeling wallpaper, opening all the cabinets, and generally showing no respect for somebody elses's living space.

"Bea - I will stay with you anyway, quite often. But this is /my/ place." Audgrim looks quite proud, stepping over a pile of debris that has fallen down from the ceiling. "And they not ask for papers either, when I rent. Just paying every week." He gives Eddie a big grin and a thumbs up; he's always hopeful about most things, this is no different. "Bea, you can help me buy some things? At that place where they sell old things. I don't need much, as Eddie say, don't think it is safe to have much things here. I will be closer to go playing on streets living here sometimes, so it is good." The state of this little hole in the wall doesn't bother him much.

Bea grins and nods, "Oh, for sure I will help you, Audgrim, and I know how it is, to have a plce of your very own, and it is really good. But always you are welcome to come up and hang out at the farm." She considers, then says, "Oh! Wait a minute!" Rushing out of the apartment, she returns a few minutes later, proudly carrying a very small, but fruiting, orange bush in an ice cream container, with a hastily tied bow around the rim. She presents this gift to Audgrim like it's a treasure and him a king, "A good luck present, to make sure your home can grow all the best things."

Eddie watches a couple of those roaches they've been talking about scramble out of the cabinet he just opened, up the wall and through a crack in the ceiling. He twiddles a couple of fingers at them in a little wave as they disappear. "You might try Scorse's place. He's got a lot of terrific junk, I'm sure you could find something to suit the decor." He looks back out of the kitchenette, at Bea and her miracle tree, and shakes his head. Of course. "Just don't water it out of the sink. Or drink out of it, for that matter, if you can help it."

Audgrim was looking under the sink himself, while Bea ran out. He found a dead rat and is sniffing at it, as if considering if he can eat it. In the end, he dumps it on the pile of debris - it needs to be thrown out. When Bea returns he looks momentarily stunned; he accepts the planted tree and hugs it close for a few seconds, sniffing it too. "Thank you. I love it." He sets it on the window sill (after sweeping away some dust and dead bugs). "I will water it with good water and take care of it." He frowns, adding; "If they try to steal it, I will hurt them."

He gestures at Eddie, agreeing; "I need to see Scorse. Will go to his place and look for things."
And then, since it has to be brought up, he says, "What do we do with the coronets? Now we know they are… bad for us."

Bea eyes the rat and asks, "Can I just have that? It is a little old, but still I think it'll grow a good blushberry or two." She's already picking it up by the tail and looking around for something to wrap it in. Eddie's comment gets a laugh and a nod, "Oh yeah, probably the pipes here are pretty bad, and just we will getyou some water filter or something. But like Eddie says, for some fun stuff, Scorse is probably a good bet, and Freecycle for sure, and then some other shops maybe." The talk of the coronets gets a face from Bea, and she says with a sigh, "Maybe…Maybe we can just find some way around the whole dying part. Hopefully. But if not, then for sure, I will wear the spring one, and like Ida said, I would look good in a sparkly hat, even if it is just the last thing." She seems resolute about this, though not exactly happy. Though she quickly reiterates, "But for sure I think we can probably find some way around the dying part."

Eddie eyes that dead rat, temptation written clear across his face, but Bea calls dibs so he lets it go. Audgrim's question troubles him, Bea's answer moreso. He goes back to examining the room, keeping his face turned studiously away, finding things to look at while he talks. "They're only bad for whoever's dumb enough to wear them," he says, shifting his weight around and following a promising squeak in the floorboards, "they're good for everybody else. I hope Bea's right, about finding a loophole, but it doesn't really matter either way. Someone's going to have to wear the stupid things." Aha! A floorboard in the corner with no nails in it, held down entirely by gravity. He crouches down to pull it up, and rummages around down in the empty space beneath, coming up with a burnt spoon and a needle and a little plastic baggy full of something.
"I guess the previous tenant left in a hurry."

"You try to put it on your head, I maybe tackle you and try to hold you down," Audgrim mock-threatens Bea, but it's half-serious. He wouldn't want that, not at all. So, he gives Bea's shoulder a fond squeeze. "It'll be alright. We will know what to do."

When Audgrim was human in Norway, drugs didn't even exist in that manner. At the most, people were alcoholics - plenty of that, in fact. He has joined Eddie, leaning down to look excitedly at what treasures might be found, tail flicking. But what comes out of the hole in the floor makes him look dubious. "Was he a secret doctor?"

Bea wrinkles her nose at Eddie's find, shaking her head, "Oh, just you get rid of that, and throw it away in a fire or something, so no one can use it." Audgrim's reassurances get a little smile and a nod, but Bea has that resolute look once more, tinged with sadness, "Oh, for sure we will know what to do, when it is time." When the question of the previous tenent's occupation is asked, she just giggles, shaking her head. "Some kind of doctor, maybe. But just…" She looks around suspiciously, "Be sure to look out for dead people, around here, and shoo them away if they are here."

"You've got stuff in your garden that makes this look like Flintstone's Vitamins," Eddie laughs off Bea's reaction. He holds the bag up to the light a moment, then makes a face and sticks it in his pocket. The spoon he tosses onto the pile of debris, and the needle he holds on to for later disposal. He hasn't got much to fear from needles, but somebody else might get sick. "He was treating his disease, anyway. You don't want it around you apartment, anyway, the cops turn this whole block over once in a while just for practice. Let me know if it turns out to be haunted, though. I found this thing…"

He explains about the little mirror, which Audgrim's already seen, that night at Everbright's apartment. The part about what it does is new, though.

"I think he who live here before was found dead here," Audgrim says, still a bit puzzled but figuring that Eddie can handle the items. He looks around, a bit paranoid at Bea's warning; there is a very big darker spot on the floor near where the bed is. Like maybe a corpse laid there for too long.

He idly throws things on the pile on the floor in a not so efficient manner as Eddie explains what he found, trying to clean up a bit. He might not mind a bit of roughness, but even Audgrim prefers some cleanliness. "That is a good thing to have," he says, "but I don't think one should talk too much to the dead. Maybe they come back and keep talking to you, later."

Bea sticks her tongue out at Eddie, "Oh sure, but just the stuff in my garden is /natural/." The talk of deathly mirrors gets a shudder and a shake of her head, "For sure, I wouldn't want to look into a mirror like that, and I am not a fan of dead people." She nods at Audgrim's assessment, looking properly spooked at the thought, "Oh, that would be the worst, to always have dead people bugging you, and rattling their chains and stuff."

"Nothing in your garden is natural," Eddie teases, "they've even got a word for it. Starts with 'super', if I'm not misremembering." He leans back into the corner, carelessly twiddling with the needle and watching Audgrim clean. That's not his department, apparently. "It could be," he nods at the speculation on the mirror, "these things always have a downside. S'why I haven't used it, yet. I could use a little company, when I do, just in case." Asking the Nightsinger, primarily. He knows Bea's thing about ghosts.

Audgrim perks up. "I can do that," he promises Eddie. He might not be a fan of ghosts either, but he's curious enough to try it. "Don't worry Bea - if ghost start following Eddie, am sure Eddie will soon make it so sad and miserable it will go back home." Dead pan joking, he can do it every now and then. He's rattling one of the windows now, which seems to have been painted shut by someone who tried to improve the place at some point. There's a bang and he manages to open it without breaking it. Fresh air floods the place, finally.

Bea makes a face at Eddie's comments about her garden, warning in a teasing voice, "Just you be careful, or you'll get to see just how 'super' my garden is." Audgrim's assertion gets a laugh and a nod, "Oh, for sure even a ghost would probably get sick of a Winter moping around all the time." The fresh air sets her wings abuzz, and she seems to perk up a bit, beginning to move around the place, tidying here and there as much as she can without any tools.

"I've been swallowed by enough plants for one lifetime," Eddie says, holding up his empty hand in mock surrender. The fresh air seems to have the opposite effect on him that it does on Bea, maybe proving their point about Winters and misery. That doesn't keep him from taking a moment to sulk about it, a little theatrically. "What have ghosts got to feel sad about, anyway? All their problems are over with already."

Audgrim finally has somewhere to sit - he sits on the open window, staring right into the brick wall of the adjoining house. Still, he likes it. "Good place to run out if need to run," he points out, gesturing to the alley outside. "Or climb in if wanting to break in," he adds dryly. He grins in good humor at the other two, enjoying the banter. He hops down and goes over to the tiny bathroom; that one needs a thorough cleaning, it does. "I think I need to shower while sitting on the toilet," he says, scratching his head.

Bea laughs a little at Eddie's comment, shrugging and saying, "Well, they don't just get to go off to heaven or obvl..obb..into nothing, or whatever happens, and for sure being stuck around some old boring place forever would be pretty sad, if you ask me." Bea blows off a thick layer of dust from a shelf, coughing a little and waving her hand in front of her face before heading over toward the bathroom, looking thoroughly disgusted, "Oh, that is small. But just you can make it work, I am pretty sure. But for sure, Audgrim, you should just leave me alone in here with a mop and an hour, and no stupid eyes around, and then I would get this place into some nice shape for you, so it's not just so gross."

"Not right now, I hope," Eddie jokes. He wanders over to the vacated window and sticks his head out, looking this way and that, then nods a little private agreement to himself at Audgrim's assessment. That would be a good way to break in. He lingers a little while, watching a dog throw up out there, then pulls his head back in. "Terrific view, anyway. I should think about renting a place. Not as nice as sleeping in my car, maybe, but it'd be nice having neighbors."

"Would you?" Adgrim says, relief painted all over his face. He's not terribly messy, but he's finding this whole thing a bit daunting on his own, despite the pride of having his own place. "You do that, I will play a concert for you - maybe at a party at the farm. Or if you need help with anything." He wants to do something in return.

He turns to Eddie, tail whipping excitedly. "You should do that. I can not think of better neighbor."

Bea frowns a little and agrees, "For sure, Eddie, you should get a real place to live, and it would be good for you, especially if Ida is going to be coming to visit more and everything." There is a hint of teasing there, though she tries to reign it in, really she does! She seems pleased at Audgrim's response to her offer, nodding and looking around as she calculates just what needs to be done, "Oh, that is nice of you to offer, Audgrim, and always I am happy to have a song from you, but for sure I will do this just because you are my friend, and you need a nice place to just be comfortable, without junkie needles and just so much dust and everything, and even I will ask the cockroaches to stay in the next apartment, unless you really like them."

"Keep trying. I'm sure something will come to you," Eddie says. He had been joking, but he gives it some serious thought, now. When Bea puts the image of Ida coming -here- into his head, that puts him over the edge, and he nods, laughing. "I think I'll talk with the super. I ought to be able to get a pretty good rate. Anybody that owns a place like this has to susceptible to blackmail. Just," he points a stern finger at Bea, "keep your cleaning fingers away from my place. Can't have you spoiling the ambience."

"Thank you, Bea," Audgrim says with heartfelt genuity and he gives her a proper bear-hug, even lifting her up a bit. "Just call me when you want to come. And maybe if one cockroach wants to live here, that is alright. But not more than one, and it might want to not run around the floor if I walk around, I don't want to step on it." He doesn't mind bugs that much, but accepts that offer thankfully anyway. "There is apartment free here, think number three. I think the police come and arrest a young woman there - the supar said so. I also think he was a bit nervous about it, maybe you can find he did something and get good price. Maybe ask for me too."

Bea nods to Eddie, agreeing solemnly, "If you get a real place to live, then for sure I will not clean anything, and can even tell Audgrim's cockroaches to come to your place, if you want." She accepts the hug from Audgrim, returning it effusively and seeming quite happy at the response. "That would be so nice, to have you both here, and maybe we can get rid of the other tenents too, and fill it up with just all the best people."

"What are friends for?" Eddie grins a sly grin at Audgrim. He sets the needle he's been carrying around on the windowsill, so he can rub his hands together, that way that flies do. He seems genuinely excited at the prospect of doing a little blackmail. He hasn't got up to anything properly shady in a while, and he's been worried people are getting the wrong ideas about him. "Would you?" he looks to Bea, hopeful and appreciative. "I could use the company. Roaches are good people."

"I said, everything will be alright. See? I got place, Bea cleans, Eddie you get a place, roaches move to your place, Ida can visit - wait, Ida and you?" He finally starts to get an understanding of something, not having paid that much attention. "I like Ida." He gives Eddie a thumbs up and a big grin.

Bea laughs a little at Eddie's excitement, and nods, "Roaches are nice, and at least have the best stories about what people are up to, so that is always fun." Audgrim gets a grin and a nod, "Oh, or sure this will be really nice, and I like Ida too. She's so pretty and nice, and everything."

"No," Eddie says, immediately weirdly defensive. "Not anymore. Or, not yet. Or," he trails off, rubbing at the back of his neck. "It's complicated." He produces a cigarette and lights up without waiting for permission, maybe figuring this place already smells about as much as it's going to. He does go over to the window, to blow his smoke outside, though. "It will be nice," he finally concedes, "sleeping in a bed again. One that's not over a laundrymat, even. I still wake up in cold sweats, sometimes, smelling detergent."
Audgrim doesn't mind him smoking, in fact he inhales the smoke deeply. He's been known to have a cigarette from time to time, but doesn't ask for one now. "I think," he says gravelly, "it is complicated." His mood swings fast around to cheerful again. "I can play violin for the neighbors."

Bea grins at Eddie, but refrains from teasing him further about Ida. "It will be good to see you after sleeping in a bed, for sure, since I bet you will end up as happy as a Spring if you do for a few nights, I think." Audgrim's suggestion to play for the neighbors gets a dubious nod and a grin, "Oh, you could…But just maybe be sure your door is locked tight, and it is not near the window, just in case they are just jerks who don't like good music. But I bet they will all like it and want to just dance and sing every time you play."

"You might want to rent a locker somewhere, to keep that fiddle in," Eddie says, frowning as the thought occurs to him. "Those things are pretty expensive, not to mention portable. That, or pry up a few more floorboards to stick it under." He ducks his head out the window, and tries for a smoke ring. He gets it on the second try, this time.

The violin isn't even here right now, he's left it at Bea's place - maybe he had the same thought. Audgrim looks around contemplatingly. "Think I just never leave it out of eyes," he notes to the other two, very protective of his instrument. He squints at Bea, not sure what she means, then realises that playing is noisy. "Ah maybe they want to sleep at night, maybe I go out to a park and play." He gestures at the door. "Go talk to supar now, Eddie, I think he is in?" And to Bea; "Can use your ice cream car to get some things here? Bed, table, chairs."

Bea nods at Eddie's suggestions, "Those are good thoughts, and maybe just set up some traps or something." She looks around speculatively, debating where best a trap could be set. "Anyway, that is what I was thinking, Audgrim, is probably you would be better of being careful about when you are playing, even if it is nice." She moves to the wall and puts her ear against it, like she's trying to listen to what the neighbors might be up to. "For sure we can use the van, and I could call some friends too, if you need more things, or some help moving things."

Eddie blows another smoke ring out the window, then tries to throw the butt through it before it disintegrates. He misses, by a little, and it bounces off that dog that was puking earlier. "I think I'll do that," he nods at Audgrim, picking up the needle again, "after I get rid of this. Let's just hope Bea isn't right, about this whole arrangement setting flowers blooming in my heart. Gwen would look awful in a crown." He looks around the room again, thinking maybe this could work out, and he heads for the door.

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