(2018-03-16) Mazes
Summary: The Lost of Port Angeles attempt to navigate a conversation with a new arrival, some more adeptly than others.
Date: 2018-03-16
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Eddie, Ida, Penny, Cobalt as Lillian

----——| Grimhart Park - Cherry Oak |

Four acres in size, the Grimhart Park mainly consists of several inter-connected Edwardian style knot gardens. They come in squares, overlapping each other so that here a thyme border breaches one of box, there a neatly clipped row of marjoram rams right through one of lavender. The paths are made from recycled stones from the old Grimhart mansion, many still scorched from its pyre.

In the back of the garden is a gargantuan hedge maze resembling a tangled green ribbon. Known as the Hart Knot, it covers the north acre in fanciful loops. Surrounding it is a virtual zoo of tidily kept and cropped topiary beasts.

The southern and front-most acre holds artificial brooks and ponds, numerous bridges and islands filled with willows and rhododendrons grown to rainforest size. Many local waterfowl make their homes here, and the largest island offers a cozy little cafe along with a tiny, upscale vegetarian restaurant.

To the west, behind a line of cedars lies the communal gardens of Port Angeles.

"I'm flying home tonight… I've got a ticket bound for my shore, I'll leave this town behind…" Comes the soft, reedy voice of a dark haired woman as she walks through the hedgemaze of Grimhart park. "And ooowwoooaaaah, I'm with the angels."

Lillian Whitley does not have much mantle at a first glance. Little icicles drip off of the tentacles that writhe in her hair. The tips of her long her fingertips are slightly blue tinged despite the fact that it isn't /that cold/ at 51 degrees.

She's dress in a pair of blue scrub pants, and a pink top that's got little hippos on it.

Audgrim has never heard that song before, but hearing someone singing, he switches his music and tries to play along. He's further down the path, having set up his busking business but having a slow time of it today; he doesn't mind much, just enjoying the weather.
Eddie likes to come here when he has some really serious thinking to do, to walk the hedge maze. All the best features of a puzzle and pacing, all in one. What's not to love? He's got a lot to think about these days, so he's been here all morning, navigating the twists and turns and coming out and turning back around to do it all over again. He's reached the point in his meditations where he's a little dead to the world, and he doesn't even notice the singing until he rounds the corner and nearly bumps right into Lillian. "Whoa," he says, stepping back, "'scuse me." He's about to go around her and keep going, when his eyes catch up with his brain and he notices the whole icsicle motif. "Oh. Hello," eyes narrowing, a little suspicious, of course.

Average height, dark hair that has a smattering of black tentacles writhing within it. The tips of them are often graced by a hint of icicle or frost, no matter the temperature around her. The fingertips of her overly long fingers are often blue or purple as if she had been out in the cold often. She dressed in scrubs and comfortable shoes most of the time.

Bea is poking around the hedgemaze, rooting around under the bushes. She lets out a crow of delight, holding up a half-melted marble like she's just won a prize. "I knew there would be something here!" She pauses, looking around to get a bead on who's singing, heading that way, waggle-hop-skip dancing in her weird little way. Could be she's actually been spying on/looking after Eddie, but maybe she really just did happen to be here at the same time. Whatever the case, she heads toward Lillian, watching her over one of the hedgerows as she calls out, "Hi! Hi there! That's a real nice song."

"And I'm ooooo wit-oof!" Lillian hops backward when Eddie nearly walks into her. One of the tentacles in her hair lifts and writhes a little bit. Her eyebrows draw together and she studies him for a long, silent moment. Her lips purse together thoughtfully as she looks him over from head to toe.

Audgrim's music stops and he stares over at the entrance of the mace, squinting. He packs up his violin and tucks his coins into a pocket, wandering that away too. His shadow is in front of him and gives a claw-fingered wave to Bea and Eddie, then turns normal again. "Hi," he greets with his raspy voice, eyeing Lillian with curiosity and some wariness.

It's like looking into a real hell of a funhouse mirror— Eddie's doing the same thing as she is, looking her up and down, quietly studying. Winters, right? Finally their eyes meet back up, and after an awkward moment he introduces himself. "Eddie Brundle," he gives a nod, "You new in town?"

Bea remains where she is, one hedge-path over, watching the Winters like some weird, red-headed Mr. Wilson…Or perhaps a hunter, spying on her prey in the wild. Soon, she will pounce, overwhelming them with her Spring cheer. But for the moment, she just observes.
Lillian gives a small purse of her lips and a non-committal, "Mm." To Eddie's question. She tugs one of her hands from the pocket of her hippo scrubs, holding those long long fingers out to Eddie. "Lillian Whitley." Her eyes shift past behind him and she says, "Oh, well, Bea. And … you I don't know. Hello horned man."

Audgrim's tail lazily swings, but he's alertly watching the wintery lady. "Audgrim," he introduces himself, offering a toothy but not unfriendly grin. "Nice to meet you." He's learnt the proper phrases when meeting people. He can't quite hide his beastly nature though, starting to prowl around her and Eddie in a circle, restlessly.

Eddie looks down at the offered hand and hesitates. Hell, why not? He gives it a shake, kind of a light one, keeping his distance. Then she says Bea's name, and he looks up and notices his fellow windwing. "You two have met?" he asks, addressing Bea more than Lillian. Audgrim he gives an absent minded little wave, but he's keeping most of his attention on their new acquaintance.

Bea wwaggles her fingers at Lillian with a grin, "Oh hi there." And then she's scurrying around the hedge, finding her way to the others as quickly as possible. To Eddie she shrugs, "Oh, probably, except I meet a lot of people, and always don't remember everyone exactly. But anyway, I am sure she is nice," and no she focuses on Lillian again, "It is good to see you, and especially when you're singing such a nice song for everyone." Audgrin gets a grin and a wave as she chatters away.

Lillian's fingers do, indeed, stick just a little bit to Eddie's hand. The suction cups rather unpleasant, but she pulls her hand away. Her hands slip back into her pockets and she beams a lovely, serene smile Bea's way. "Thank you, Bea. How's the farm doing?" A tilt of her gaze is given toward Eddie and she sighs, ever so softly. "Oh, Edddie." It's a full, heavy sigh. Sad and patient at all once.

"You know them. From before," Audgrim says helpfully, "but they forget, maybe. I wasn't here, before. So I don't know you, I don't think. Unless you were on ship, too." He's stopped prowling, instead standing next to Bea and looking hopefully at her pockets, in case she has some treats.

Eddie examines the stiff skin of his hand for any little toothmarks or anything, then lets it fall to his side. He doesn't seem exactly reassured by Bea's response, and he's downright annoyed with Lillian's, his wings trembling it an infrasonic buzz that could set your teeth to itching. "Wait. Don't tell me, let me guess," he says, scowling, "We've met before, and I've forgot all about it. Have I got it? Do I win a goldfish?"

Bea looks apologetic at Lillian, agreeing with Audgrim, "Oh, for sure probably we forgot when we all set this dumb trap and everything." All it takes is the look from Audgrim, and the need for some gesture of apology, for the hoped-for treats to appear, a handful of candies and chocolates, individually wrapped, and offered all around before she pops one into her own mouth. "The farm is good, and so far I haven't seen the man anywhere, but still, there are some feather-heads who just were making trouble in Forks, so they are going to be staying with me until they get enough honey in them to sweeten them up. How are you doing, Lillian?" She caught the name, and she uses it as if the two women are old friends. She gives Eddie a worried, sympathetic look and says softly, "Just don't worry, Eddie, and we all forget a face now and then, especially if they are a Winter like you guys, and hiding and sneaking all the time."

"Oh, Eddie." says Lillian, again, a wealth of sympathy in her words. She lifts her hand back from her pocket and sketches it through the air briefly. Little frosty trails following it. "You weren't meant to be carrying the coronet for so long. You must feel so strained." Another soft sigh, "Sofia would be so worried for you…"

To (Bea, Eddie), Lillian pages: It /hurts/. It hurts a lot. Hearing the name "Sofia" is like having an icepick jabbed right into your brain. But for one shining, clear moment you remember her. The silver haired, violet eyed "magical girl" fairest. She flashes in her your mind. You've seen her _so much_. The night that Eddie saved Sparky from being hit by a delivery truck. The night Eddie flew away while Ka-Hu was attacking. Bea has seen her in Forks on occasion, but not recently. But there's memories there. Glimpses of her, of a sense of familiarity and then its gone.

But with it comes another memory. From seven years ago. A gathering of the freehold, discussing things. Lucas is there, Eddie, Bea, Sofia, Lillian, Tyla, others. All gathered up discussing.

"Why does it have to be you?" Tyla demands, clearly upset with Sofia.

"Because, as far as we can tell, I'm the one that can wield the coronet of memory. And link all of the others to…"

The memory shatters, the rest of the conversation gone.

Annoyance and suspicion, that's the theme of the day. Eddie's annoyed by the sympathy, suspicious at the mention of the coronet, a healthy mix of both at just stumbling onto somebody who clearly knows more than he does after two long months and some change of trying desperately to put it all together. He looks like he wants to spit, or to kick a pebble, or something, but he settles for screwing his mouth into a petulant little frown. He's about to make some nasty remark, when Lillian says that name, and he rocks backward on his feet gripping his head in both hands. He lets out a strangled noise, but after a moment he seems to recover, looking up at the Leechfinger from his doubled over position. "Alright, lady. Spill. Who the hell are you, and why haven't you been around up to now?"

Bea breathes in sharply, face contorting in…is that a tear welling in her eyes? It lasts only a moment before she shakes her head and laughs roughly, smacking Eddie on the arm playfully. "I just /told/ you you guys should be giving those crowns to other people." She shoves another piece of chocolate into her mouth, munching on it with an overly enthusiastic show of enjoying it. She lets Eddie do the interrogating, whispering to Audgrim, "Sofia's real pretty," as a helpful explanation of who that might be.
Lillian says, plainly, "It's called not making a target of myself, sweetie."

Audgrim eats popcorn. No wait, chocolate. His eyes are wide and gleam yellow, tail flicking fast in excitement. He can feel the tension, knowing something is going on but not sure what. He frowns in concern over Eddie's reaction, and sets his face into a grimly faintly disapproving look. He leans in to whisper back to Bea; "Prettier than Ida?"

"I guess that's my job?" Eddie snarls, turning away to stomp around in an anxious little circle. "Well, you've made a real hash of it, today, because you're the best target I've had in a while. Maybe you don't know," he sneers a little extra, there, because obviously, "but I've been having a real bad day, two months in a row, now. I'm not some slow kid, you're not my disappointed teacher, nix that routine and start talking, unless you really want to find out just how bad."

Lillian watches Eddie with dark eyes, silent and smiling serenely. Her hands still in her pockets. Apparently she's planning on waiting Eddie out.

Bea gives Lillian a sympathetic look as she whispers sidelong to Audgrim, "Yes, even prettier." The wrath of Eddie isn't something she enjoys, and she can't imagine anyone else does either. "Eddie, just…" she shakes her head, but does say, somewhat reluctantly to Lillian, "It would help maybe, if you remember more than we do, about this dumb trap we set. Like, for sure why the promises aren't working, and why the hedge is like too dangerous even for me, and why it is like everyone put their whole jewelry box into some treasure hunt just around town and everything. But if you dn't know, then that is okay too, and we all are having ahard time remembering. But still…I think I remember that pretty Sophia saying something about the memories."

Audgrim's reaction confuses Audgrim, not used to seeing him so agitated. He even pockets his treats, so he can cross his arms and scowl at the world in agreement of Eddie. He murmurs to Bea; "We don't hit anyone now, right?" He seem somewhat intimidated by Lillian so makes his question a bit vague.

He, Eddie, Bea and Lillian are all gathered at the entrance to the hedge maze.

Eddie's reaction confuses Audgrim, not used to seeing him so agitated. He even pockets his treats, so he can cross his arms and scowl at the world in agreement of Eddie. He murmurs to Bea; "We don't hit anyone now, right?" He seem somewhat intimidated by Lillian so makes his question a bit vague.

He, Eddie, Bea and Lillian are all gathered at the entrance to the hedge maze.

"I could shoot you, you know," Eddie says, looking down at where he keeps his shoulder holster. He can't sell that, though, and even he seems to know it. He makes a disgusted noise and turns his back on all of this, stomping off in a fit, swiping his hand at at hedgerow and sending up a shower of leaves on his way. He disappears around the corner a little while, but not very far. Everyone can still hear him, kicking and muttering. It quiets up after a minute, and he returns, a little more composed. Still not happy, but he's worn himself out.

Lillian is impassive in the face of Eddie's threat. Her head tilted only to the side. "I've built a bridge all of my strength cannot cross over." Lillian sings softly as Eddie stomps off. Low and sweet, "I stand at the edge, the end of a road that I have followed…"

She trails off, smiling toward Bea briefly as she waits for Eddie to return. Dark eyes shifting back to the P.I. Gently she says, "I'm sorry, Eddie. I didn't realize that you were having such a hard time. But if I did…" She lifts her hand back from her pocket, spreading suction-cupped fingers. "It is my job to stay hidden. I was waiting for Nora to bring me the coronet, so I can wield it against the bird-asshole."

Bea shakes her head at Audgrim, eyes going a little wide, "Oh no, no hitting just yet." Then Eddie starts talking of shooting, and she adds, "Except maybe grab Eddie if he gets that gun out." She frowns a little as Lillian speaks of wielding the coronet. "Oh…But…we don't want you to die, when we've just met you again, and you seem so nice."

Audgrim flexes his right hand, nodding grimly at Bea, watching Eddie disappear and come back. He'll be ready. His eyes widen as Lillian talks about the coronet, staring at her with a sudden new respect. "Give it to her. She wants it, we don't."

Despite the angry little storm cloud that's physically manifested in fly shape by the hedge, today is a beautiful day. The temperature is in the mid 50s, the sun is out, the sky is a deep shade of blue you don't usually get until June in these here parts. There's no wind. In the distant street outside the park the merry chimes of an ice cream truck can be heard. A happy dog is barking, little kids giggle-shrieking in play. It is so beautiful that most people have their windows open. The sound of a vacuum adds a domestic touch to a televised baseball game and the faint tinny sound of some bittersweet old love song.

The delicate sound of high heels on burnt old mansion rocks heralds Ida before she enters, gracefully sidestepping the curved tusks of a nearby topiary rhino. She pauses, there, taking in the scene, head tilted slightly. "Well. This is such a small city in some ways. Good afternoon." She smiles, looking pleased to see everyone, including Ms. Frostopus.

The gaggle of Lost are hanging around near the entrance of the hedge maze.

"Speak for yourself," Eddie says to Bea, an immediate reflex. He seems to regret it, after the fact, but at least it seems to finally exorcise all the nastiness that's been boiling up out of him. He eyes Lillian warily, but without anger, now. "Well, Nora must have got confused. Maybe on account of we look so much alike. Or maybe it was the mushrooms growing in my brain. Either way, I had to sign for the delivery, and I'm going to need to see some ID before it changes hands." He looks at Ida as she arrives and frowns and calls out: "You're late. I'm docking your pay." She was supposed to be here? Trivialities.

Penny hurries in to join the group, running pell mell towards the entrance. She comes up and stops abruptly making a "eeeeet!" screeching noise, as if she were a car. "Sup, wacky funsters," she quips, then goes silent.

Bea gives Eddie a reproachful look, even as she hurries over to give Ida and Penny a friendly hug and slip a piece of candy into each of their hands. "Ida! Penny! This is Lillian, and she is like a good friend, except we forgot, and she wants Eddie's hat, which Audgrim thinks we should give her, except I think probably not, because of the dying part, which is not great, and for sure not something we want Eddie to do, but not her either, or anyone else. And I am asking around and trying some stuff out to help with that, but still it takes a little time sometimes to figure out a way to stop dying."

Lillian's eyes lift over the group, glancing over Ida but not seeming to recognize her and then shifting over to Penny. A hand lifts, frozen fingertips wiggling at the other woman. "Penny. Lovely to see you." Her gaze turns back toward Bea and she makes a small patient noise, "I'm sorry… I'm a little confused. We went over this already." She squints a little bit at Eddie and asks, "Are you— Did you forget me?"

"Penny, Ida - hi," Audgrim says, his big-toothed shadow reaching out a hand to poke a finger at their shadows, before it just shifts back to normal again. They can't mistake that Autumn mantle, although still faint. His own grin is welcoming and not so creepy. "They don't remember anything for the last 7 years," he says. "Not sure they missed much."

"I am sorry darling, I had to sign for the delivery of your new computer. I know how much you wanted one of those new iMacs, and getting rid of the old one and selling your car just took so long." Ida offers Eddie a second smile, this one dimpled and slower and sweeter yet as she makes her way over. Abruptly paused by Penny's entrance, and waving to the Scandinavian "Oh, it is a good day. It is good to see you, how are you? Aud, you look very refreshed and dressed for fall, I do approve," and then there's a Bea and candy and introductions. "Lillian." Tasting the name. Trying it. Frowning slightly. "My apologies. You are not known to me from before. Eddie, Bea, Penny, is she familiar to you?"

"Lillian oh Lillian oh have you seen Lillian, Lillian the Tentacled Ladyyyy," Penny sings lightly, because of course she would. "Hmm, doesn't ring a bell, but that don't mean much with the seven year fog in my brain. Also, I'm not the smartest clown in the car." She thanks Bea for the candy and the hug, and waves at Audgrim.

Eddie perks up at Lillian's question. He watches her, to make sure she's serious. "What, you hadn't picked up on that?" His face splits into a crooked grin, genuine if not exactly pleasant, his spirits suddenly lifted. Even the horrors Ida is proposing seem to bounce right off him, in the moment. "I don't know that I should tell you. Maybe I ought to stand here and look at you and cluck my tongue a while, first. Oh, Lillian." He makes big sad eyes at her, but he can't keep it up for long. "Yes. We did."

Bea seems relieved that none of the others remember Lillian either, backing up Eddie's statement with a shake of her head, "Oh, we don't remember just anything, and like…even this whole trap we set and everything, it's all just us guessing at what we did to ourselves and stuff. But…you /do/ remember? And how come you didn't forget? Was it the hiding?" She seems horrified at the thought that /hiding/ might be the solution to anything, but is clearly resolute in her effort to entertain the idea.

Even Eddie's big sad eyes, and little bit of revenge bounces off of Lillian. The woman seeming to have endless patience. Though when he finally answer her question, her eyebrows draw together. A little shake of her head is given and she says, "That is… unexpected, and troubling. But probably also explains why the coronets haven't been delivered. Have all five of them been retrieved?"

Audgrim straightens up from his lousy slouch at Ida's praise, tail dancing a bit more vigorously. He gives her a respectful nod, and then starts slouching again, in fact - he leans up against a young tree, arms crossed. "Just can't understand why make a trap, then make yourself forget all about trap, so that when you wake up you don't know what the trap was or if it is a trap. And what to do about it." He scratches his cheek. "Sounds like someone else make trap, to me."

Penny gives Audgrim the gun fingers of agreement. "I know, right? Sounds like we outthunk ourselves or somethin." Then she peers at Lillian, partially to see if she can cut through her brain fog and remember the woman, and partially out of confusion at her words. "Delivered? To who? When? Why?"

"I would agree," Ida nods her head to Audgrim's words. Making her way over to the insectoid sleuth, she looks between him and Lillian. "If you want us to tell you about the coronets, you need to tell us what you remember. Information for information." Her tone is pleasantly courteous, as if merely reminding the newcomer of a simple slip of etiquette, or that she left her boots untied.

"Sister, I've been troubled by it every day," Eddie says. He jerks his thumb back at Ida, what-she-said, and settles into silence. His turn to try out that routine.

Bea does seem relieved, when it seems that hiding has nothing to do with the memories. "Oh, well it's good to know we just botched the job, and it wasn't on purpose we decided to make this trap and then forget where we put the key. But still, we have one crown missing, but Windy Wendy had it, I think, and then she died, Eddie said, so probably that's a problem. But still, maybe it was somewhere else, or we could go back to that mountain and find it." Bea would clearly keep running her mouth, but at Ida's statement of 'info for info' she pauses for a few moments, at least, to fill it with more sweets.

Ida turns her head to Bea, smiling while putting her finger to her mouth. "Shh."

Lillian turns her eyes onto Ida, endlessly dark, and stares at her. Unblinking.

"So, what we need to do?" Audgrim asks straightforwardly of Lillian. "Five crowns, five people. And nobody remembers anything. I wasn't even here." He makes a frustrated gesture with his hand. "I end up on other side of world because of this call, what is this call to Port Angeles. I want to find it and kick it."

Ida works for a guy who doesn't even close his eyes even while sleeping. The ten thousand yard (into the deep sea) stare does not seem to particularly phase her. She continues to smile, head a little tilted to the side in an inquiring fashion. Waiting, politely, alongside Eddie. Like they are at a fancy dinner party and she is waiting for Lillian to pick up the soup spoon she just accidentally dropped. No pressure. All the time in the world.

Up in that blue sky a plane glimmers, flying southwards to more exotic places. A tiny red balloon can be seen rising from somewhere more downtown. The music is still playing, something faint and sweet and old.

Lillian does not budge an inch, do not blink, in fact she might not even be breathing. A serene smile upon her face, but otherwise staring at Ida with an utter unblinking, and unending focus.

Penny is distracted momentarily by the red balloon. But then she comes back to the staring contest. "Whoah. This is some Olympic level staring. Better than curling. Bea, do you have any popcorn in your truck?"

Bea is shushed, and she tries so hard. She bounces up and down with the /pressure/ of all those words being bottled up. And then, they explode. "Who're the other ones, who are supposed to be getting those crowns? Since you remember, and we don't, then if we're supposed to deliver them, then at least you should tell us that, even if you are trying to hide all the rest, which I think maybe you could tell Eddie at least, when we aren't around, and it's just you Winters." Penny's request gets her distracted, but she shakes her head, "No, but back at the shop. I have some butter creams, though." She pulls one of the individually wrapped chocolates out of her pocket and offers it to Penny with a grin.

"Well, this has been fun," Eddie finally says, putting on a genial smile. He dips into his pocket, and comes out with a business card, flipping it onto the ground at Lillian's feet. "Give me a ring, some time, if you decide you've got something to say. Do me a favor, and try not to die holding on to it." He looks over to Ida, and cocks out an arm, for linking. "Coffee? I could use some."

Audgrim slowly raises a hand and is moving it to between the women, to wave it. To see if they're going to react. But in the end, he doesn't dare and pulls it back sharply. Maybe he'll hurt himself. "One for each court. And a coronet of light," he says thoughtfully, eyeing the tentacled Winter courtier. He hovers around still, giving Eddie and Ida a nod. "Popcorn? I want popcorn."

Lillian continues to stare at Ida even as Eddie speaks to her. Staring unblinking at the fairest she says, "I do not treat with the rude. Bea, if you would like to speak, I would be glad to. Mr. Brundle and his girlfriend, I will not speak with." Her eyes do not waver from Ida.

Ida pouts a little at Eddie. She could've won. She could've been somebody. The staring olympic gold could've been hers. Still, there is a promise of coffee, and she gracefully as always accepts the offered arm. "Please. That sounds like just the thing." She pauses. "Bea? Audgrim? Penny? Come with us, please. Let us leave the lady to be, speak no more with her. I do not believe she is out to have a fair trade, and I am rather tired of being short shifted on information." She gestures towards them, including them with her and Eddie's duo.

Eddie shakes his head a little at Bea, but he doesn't start barking orders, or anything. He twiddles his fingers toodle-oo at Lillian, and off he goes.

Bea looks between Ida and Lillian, clearly torn between loyalty to the friends she remembers, and the lure of information that Lillian offers. "Oh, well…maybe I'll just catch up with you guys. But if you want to go to the ice cream shop, then there is popcorn and coffee and everything, and is on the house. But just maybe we should give Lillian a little break, since for her it is probably just as confusing as for us, just the other way around, since she remembers and didn't expect us to forget, and we forgot, and didn't know she remembered." She sighs, trailing off as Eddie turns away, then looks back to Lillian and says, "And you are Winter, Lillian, and should understand at least a little how hard it is for all of us, and everything handles being sad and scared just a different way. So maybe just…They are trying to stay safe, like we all are, and it's hard to know who to trust, when even your own memories are just such a mess."

Penny seems to be just as torn as Bea is, hesitating at leaving or staying and looking like the sad clowns on those awful paintings at the moment. "But…you…aw fudge. What Bea said."

Audgrim is as torn as Bea on this, shifting his feet like he isn't sure what to do. In the end, he says; "Bea, you talk to lady Lillian, I go get popcorn. It was nice meeting you Lillian - if it was me, you can have the coronets." He tromps off after Eddie and Ida, waving at the remaining.

"Are either of you hungry? Would you like to go to a nearby Indian cafe for some curry?" asks Lillian, smiling a little bit. Her hands slide down into her pockets once more and she says to, "While I'm sympathetic that it appears to have been a rough time for them, I do not countenance people who jump on me and insinuate that I am being rude. I was just about to offer to go somewhere more private when she started acting as if I was purposefully withholding information."

Bea looks deeply troubled as Eddie, Ida and Audgrim tromp off, and moves in closer to Penny, not quite leaning on her, but leaning /toward/ her, clearly glad she's stayed. "Oh, curry sounds nice." She considers then nods slowly, "Oh…I can see why you would think that, but just…she's protective, is all, and like I said, scared like we all are. And it is a little different for you, since you remember, but for us…It has been hard, and even for me it has been, to remember that everything will just work out fine, if we just remember to be sure it will. But she is just suspicious, and Eddie too, and if you know Eddie, then for sure you know that already." She waits for Lillian to lead the way, sticking close to Penny as they go.

"Oooo! Curry! Great baller, great food!" Penny is interested, and puts her hands in her pockets as well. "I think I understand and all, Lillian. But we're all a little paranoid right now, so you know our Winters are even more paranoid," she quips with a grin at Bea. "We've been jumped by some pretty bad characters, had to fight some more, and everybody's kinda antsy. No offense, Bea."

Lillian leads them out of the park and around until they find themselves in a small, cozy little Indian place. Lillian gets them a corner booth in the back, away from all the other patrons. She scoots on in, and waits for all the ordering and stuff. Once the food has all arrived and they won't be bothered she starts, "I'm not really sure where I should start… I don't know what you guys have forgotten, and how I can help. How can I help?"

Bea shoots Penny a confused look, wondering, "Why would I be offenced? I am not an ant." Once in the restaurant, Bea orders enough food for three, clearly planning to eat her feelings. The question from Lillian gets a little smile, "Oh, for sure you can help a lot, just if you tell us what we did, and what's with all the crowns and the mirrors and the rings and everything, and why the pledges are broken, and the hedge gone wild, and why the bird person is taking over, and the wind person too, and just…Everything, since really, no one remembers anything, except what we've just been able to figure out, but Eddie would be the best one to ask, since for sure he's the best detective. But Penny is smart too, and so probably can be a better person to ask about where to start with helping and getting everything fixed and all that."

Penny gawks like a tourist as they walk through the restaurant. "This is so way cooler than Frugal's," she quips, winking at Bea. She's not here to break the bank, ordering something simple and probably a little bland. "What, me smart? I'm not about this quid pro quo tit for tat, something something infodump. But yeah, crowns, coronets, whatever you wanna call it. And you said we need five of them and to deliver them. I'd do it myself if it would make things right, but people tend to get a little crazy with responsibility and going solo around here."

Lillian picks up her fork, suction cups sticking to it. She frowns a little bit and says, "Well.. Lucas unearthed a prophecy about a thing. A thing that is like a gentry but is not, is more… Like a proto-gentry, I guess? Whatever created the Gentry, maybe." She shrugs a little bit, taking a bit of her yellow curry. "And then shortly after we started seeing signs of this, well, god for lack of a better word. Birds started during against us, avian changelings started going mad… And we realized it was true and we started researching ways to /fight it/. And that let to the coronets, five of them. One for each court and one for memories. We think… maybe they were linked to the smoking mirror, since he is also the god of memory."

Bea ohs and nods, pulling up her phone and flipping through some photos until she comes to a picture of a page of a notepad. "Oh sure, and then that is dumb Tyla's stupid promise with that mirror that showed up at her place, the Smoking mirror thing…" Even in the midst of a serious conversation, she can't help but sound a little petulant when Tyla's name is brought up, "And she's just…hogging all those crowns anyway, and probably is just going nuts from them." She considers the image on her phone, showing it to Penny in case she hasn't heard the Lucas prophecy, then says, "But we haven't had any horses around, that I can tell." She takes a bite of food, barely taking the time to chew properly before adding, "And that doesn't make sense with all the rest, except maybe its some /other/ problems. But still, if that was the problem, and the memory promise we made or whatever, then why do /you/ remember?"

Penny's jaw slowly drops. "Our birdy people went crazy?" She looks quite sad for their fates. "No wonder we did the thing. And no wonder I haven't seen any of them yet." Yet. She leans over and looks at the image on Bea's phone. "Yeah, that's the ol'Lord of the Rings stuff right there. So, who's the stalkin horse? And why's a horse gotta stalk?"

Lillian blinks a moment and says, "A … stalking horse is usually a term for someone who pretends to be the ruler, but is actually just a puppet. It's not a literal horse." A small tilt of her head is given and she says, "Tyla made a promise to the Smoking Mirror?" She looks a little confused.

Lillian continues a little bit and says, "And I think that… I can remember things because I'm one of those determined to be able to wield the coronets without suffering from their curse." A frown is given and she says, "Because my fate is already set in stone. I will be ice and snow in the future very soon."

Bea leans over, showing Lillian the photo of Lucas' prophecy, considering that and wondering, "But then, who was the fake ruler?" She frowns, something brewing, something turning, "Not Windy Wendy, I hope, and she was always saying she was some night queen, and now is dead." She shakes her head, drawing herself back into the conversation at hand, nodding, "Oh, for sure she did, or something else maybe, but it wanted the wind and her memories and everything, and she's so dumb she just took that deal without even waiting to talk to anyone about it, or get some help, because she's just so stubborn…" The wings start to buzz and she starts to ramble, but then stops and takes a deep breath. "But…The fifth crown, we can't find it, but just Mercedes said I told her something about it was hidden better than the others, so maybe you remeber where we put it, and then we can get that and be done with this whole mess, and especially if you won't die from it and everything."

Penny narrows her gaze. "You'll be ice and snow. Which means dead or…" In any case, she shudders. "We'll need to talk some more about all this, Lillian. You know so much that we've forgotten."

Lillian frowns a moment and considers, a hand lifts and she says to Penny and Bea both, "Well.. The fifth crown is the crown of memories. Maybe it's hidden in … memory?" Her eyebrows pinch together…

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